"Hunter! They're going to be here any minute!" Sarah called to Hunter. It was Christmas, and for the first time in years Sarah actually had someone to share it with. Hunter was a little miffed by the fact that he wasn't with Blake on Christmas morning. He remembered waking up when they were little and their mom had hot chocolate waiting for them the second they got up. They would then rip through heir gifts and then their whole family would sit down and watch "Santa Clause is coming to Town." After their parents were killed, Hunter tried his best to keep up with this tradition, but this year he knew would be very different- as would the years to come. They each had their own lives now.
"Hunter? Did you hear me?" she said a little softer seeing the look of sadness in his eyes. She kissed him lightly on the lips.
"Yea. I was just thinking about how this is me and Blake's first Christmas morning without each other." She gave him a sweet smile and kissed him again.
"I know how hard it must be for you guys, but he'll be here in a few. I can't wait to se Tori's ring! It took all the will power I had not to tell her about it." That was one thing Hunter loved about her- she acted all cool and collected, but inside she was like a little kid.
Hunter got a devilish look in his eyes. "Funny you should mention that. I was with Blake when he picked it out, and-" he pulled a small box out of his pocket and handed it to her. "I saw this." She opened the box and found a ruby pendant on a silver chain.
"Oh my god- Hunter. It's beautiful." She said. Hunter took it out of the box and put it on her. He kissed her neck and turned her around.
"I love you Sarah," he kissed her lips. "Merry Christmas." She crushed her lips into his.
"I love you too Hunter." They heard a soft tapping on the door and released each other. Sarah opened the door to find Tori and Blake. They came in and the girls immediately were gushing over their jewelry. Hunter looked around, and saw Blake in the kitchen doing something. The younger of the Bradley's came out with four mugs. He set them down on the table and handed one to Hunter.
"Merry Christmas bro," Blake said handing him a mug. Hunter looked- it was hot chocolate. Hunter had small smile on his face. He hugged his little brother.
"Thanks Blake." The girls were enjoying the happy scene. Tori got up from her seat and handed Hunter a gift.
"Open it," she said. Hunter opened the package and found a DVD.
"You guys didn't have to do this," Hunter said as he showed Sarah- 'Santa Clause is Coming to Town.'
"Sure we did- we're family right?" Tori asked smiling. Hunter reached over and gave her a hug. They heard knocking again and soon Marah and Dustin, and Laura and Cam were all there. The majority of the morning was spent talking about weddings and what not, until they heard another knock on the door.
"Who could that be?" Sarah asked getting up.
"I'll get it Sar," Tori said going to the door. She opened the door and saw a figure clad in red. "Shane!" she screamed jumping into his arms. Shane let his bags fall to the ground and wrapped his arms around her.
"Merry Christmas everybody!" he said as they made their way into the house.
"Dude! This is like the best gift ever!" Dustin said as he embraced his best friend. "How long are you home for?"
Shane sat down next to Hunter. "Until New Year's Day. My scout said that I'm looking good for a sponsorship when I get back."
"Shane that's great!" Laura said to her old classmate. Shane caught the sparkling gem on her finger. Upon closer investigation, he saw that Tori and Marah had rings too.
"Alright- so who's getting hitched first?" he said laughing. Once again the girls were all talking about weddings, causing the guys to shrug and laugh.
"Blake man, I was wondering when you'd come to your senses and ask her," Shane said hitting his knee. Blake smiled and looked at Tori. She really wasn't much of a 'girly girl' but she enjoyed talking about the dresses and stuff. She gave him a smile that made Blake's stomach flutter.
"I know right?" he said laughing.
"Well, you have to tell me when the big day is. Tori's like my sister and I'd hate to miss it." Tori's ears perked up. She excused herself from the other girls and sat on Blake's lap. He kissed her cheek.
"Tor- I'm so happy for you," Shane said sweetly. "I was just telling your fiancé here that you better invite me." Tori looked at Blake and somehow they knew what the other was thinking. With a slow nod Tori revealed their plan.
"Oh you'll be here," she said.
"What do you mean?" he asked. By now everyone was drawn to the happy couple in blue.
"Well, all of our family's here, so why wait?" Blake said to the surprise of everyone.
"Sensei can perform the ceremony," Tori said.
"And you all will be here," Blake finished for her. The room was silent for a few seconds before it erupted with happiness. Blake looked up at her and they met for a slow gentle kiss.


Four days later everything was set. It was a whirlwind experience, but it was just what they had always wanted. Their friends and family only in a small ceremony on the beach.
Sarah, Marah, and Laura all stood on Sensei's right. They all were wearing different sundresses, but they were all in sky blue. Blake, Hunter, Cam, and Dustin stood on Sensei's left- all waiting for Tori and Shane to make their way towards them.
"You ready Tor?" Shane asked. She simply nodded her head. It was amazing that in four days she and the other girls had managed to find a wedding dress. Tori's gown was a two-piece. It was an off white strapless number that hugged her every asset perfectly. Blake felt his heart increase in speed when he saw her walking towards him with Shane. She held a bouquet of white and blue roses all tied with a navy ribbon. Her hair was half up, with her wavy locks falling over her shoulders.
Tori saw Blake standing there in his navy suit. She had never seen him like that before, and she fought the urge to cry for joy when they finally met. Shane handed her hand to Blake and kissed her on the cheek before taking his place next to Dustin. Sensei began.
"Do you both come here freely of your own will?"
"We do," they said in unison.
"Please face each other and join left hands." He said. They turned to each other and Blake saw that a tear had escaped Tori's eye. He reached up and gently brushed it aside causing Tori to laugh slightly.
"Do you Blake Bradley take Victoria Hanson to be your wife?"
"I do."
"Do you Victoria Hanson take Blake Bradley to be your husband?"
"I do." Sensei then called for the rings. Hunter handed Blake Tori's, and Sarah handed Tori Blake's.
"Rings are a symbol of a never ending journey." At this Tori and Blake slipped the rings on one another. "May your love prove like these rings- a never ending bond that cannot be broken," Sensei said. In keeping with the ninja traditions Sensei then called for them to clasp left arms. Sensei placed his hand over where their arms met and said a silent blessing. He opened his eyes and looked at his students.
"By the power given to me by the ancient ninjas of this world, I am pleased to announce that you are wed."
Tori looked at Blake and their faces lit up with joy. He pulled her for a heated kiss to which everyone cheered.

Later that night Tori and Blake found them selves in their same apartment, but it was somehow different. They were married now, and knew that they would be together forever. Sarah and Hunter made sure that everything was perfect for them when they arrived home. There were candles lit in their bedroom as well as a few other goodies from their friends.
They made quick work of their clothing and laid down on the bed. They had made love innumerable times, but this time was special. This was their first time as husband and wife. Tori took her time driving him mad with her touch. She traced every inch of him with her fingers and then her mouth. Blake knew her weaknesses and worked on her neck, causing her to let out sweet sounds of pleasure. His hands were roaming her body, lingering on her breasts and inner thighs. Tori could feel the desire building up inside of her, until she couldn't take it anymore.
He entered her with one quick thrust that was met by her hips moving up to accept him. They continued on at a fevered pace until Tori felt her release which was soon followed by Blake's.
Tori rested her head on his chest and could hear his steady heartbeat. He ran his hand up and down her back, almost lulling her to sleep. He kissed the crown of her head.
"Goodnight Mrs. Bradley."


"This is great!" Dustin cried. It was late spring when Dustin got the news from Kelly. She was putting together her own racing team and she wanted Blake, Hunter, and Dustin to be riders. They wouldn't be traveling far, and they would be able to keep their jobs at the store as well. Everything was perfect in Blue Bay Harbor. Shane had been signed to a sponsor, Tori and Blake bought a house, Cam and Laura were married, and Dustin and Marah were preparing for their wedding.
Hunter found out about his new racing job and immediately went to find Sarah. He knew it was the right time to ask her. He had decided shortly after Cam's wedding that he would ask Sarah to be his wife. He went home that night to the house they shared and found her asleep on the couch.

He made his way over to her and sat on the floor so he was eye level with her. A stray piece of her auburn hair was hanging down in her face and he brushed it away. "Sarah," he whispered. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled sleepily at him. Hunter took out a ruby ring set in white gold and presented it to her.
"Will you marry me?" he whispered. Her eyes shot open and she sat upright.
"Wh- what did you just say?" she asked in disbelief.
"I said," he grabbed her left hand. "Will you marry me?" Sarah sat there in shock for a few seconds before she answered.
"Of course I will!" she cried throwing her arms around him sending him to the floor. They met in a passionate kiss as Hunter slid the ring onto her finger.


Blake opened the door to his house and heard music coming from the den. He rounded the corner and saw Tori seated at their piano that had been a gift from Sensei. The sun shone brightly on her as her fingers gently flew across the keys. He heard her humming softly. Blake entered the room and sat next to her on the bench. She stopped and turned her head to him. He placed his hand on her face and felt her velvet lips on his.
They pulled away, but he kept his hand on her cheek, running his thumb along her jaw line. Her eyes closed and she smiled as she felt his hand on her skin.
"I am so incredibly happy," she breathed out opening her eyes. Blake smiled at her. He took her hand in his and placed them over his heart. Tori began to laugh slightly.
"It's beating so fast." He kissed her again on the lips.
"It beats only for you. You have my heart Tor and you always will." Their lips met in a long, tender kiss that caused both their hearts to beat at the same pace- two hearts that once were lost, now were found.



AN: there will be another part, maybe two, that will continue this story if there are enough requests for it. Thanks!!!