Title: Tarnished Gold

Author: Radiant Sea Serpent

Rating: Pg-13

Genre: Angst/Drama

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone, not even Jeirdon who belongs to a friend.

Summery: Jander Sunstar learns the price of disobeying his master, Cassiar.

Author's Note: ok well I have to say this, this takes place when Jander had just barely become a vamp so he's not nearly as jaded as he was in all his stories...yet anyway.

Be warned this is the last chapter!

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"Jander Catch!" Jeirdon cried.

Jander turned towards him just in time to catch the sword thrown to him. He spun back around, bringing the sword across to take Gideon's head.

Jander gasped and fell to his knees beside the body of his former friend, the sword falling from his hand. He shut his eyes and swallowed the tears that threatened to fall, "Farewell, my friend." He whispered.

"Jander? Are you alright?" Jeirdon asked, coming up behind him.

Jander sighed and stood, "yes, yes I'm fine." He looked at Jeirdon curiously, "Why did you help me?"

Jeirdon smiled reassuringly, "because you're my friend, Jander."

Jander was startled, "Friend? But, I am." he looked at Gideon's body.

"You could have killed me Jander, you could have left me to die in that cave, but you didn't. You could have sat by and let your friend have me, but you defended me. I owe you my life many times over, what more do I have to say." Jeridon stated, "You're my friend Jander, whether you like it or not." He continued, grinning.

Jander smiled, relaxing, "Thank you, Jeirdon."

"Oh how sweet." Cassiar's voice interrupted.

Jander gasped in horror, spinning around.

Cassiar stepped out from the surrounding woods, "No really, I'm feeling it, right here." He sneered, tapping a hand over his heart. He stopped by Gideon's body and nudged it with one foot, "You surprise me Jander, I didn't know you had it in you."

Jander didn't know if Cassiar actually expected him to reply or not.

Cassiar raised an eyebrow as he looked back up at Jander, "Well?"

Jander blinked not quite sure what the other Vampire was expecting, ".he was asking for it."

Cassiar just stared for a second before bursting out in laughter, "That he was I suppose." He agreed as his laughter died out, "But then, what about you.Jander." he continued, his voice taking on a hostile tone.

Jander glared at him but on the inside he was quaking.

Cassiar sensed his fear and shook his head, "Oh no Jander I'm not going to punish you, in fact I plan on rewarding you."

Jander took a step back, completely confused. What was he up to?

"You see I was planning on starving you, but after the recent events I've changed my mind." Cassiar's eyes flashed, "You're very hungry, aren't you Jander?" he said matter of factly his eyes glancing at Jeirdon as he did.

As if on cue, or more likely responding to the other master's will, Jander's blood thirst made it's self known. Hunger clawed at his stomach, so demanding that Jander moaned from the intensity of it. He felt a hand touch his shoulder.

"Jander what's wrong?" he dimly heard Jeirdon ask.

The smell of Jeirdon's blood was overwhelming and it took all of Jander's will to push Jeirdon away.

Jeirdon stumbled but refused to back down, "What has he done to you?" he asked with concern, taking a step forward, "Let me help you."

Jander's eyes widened, "No! Stay away from me!" he cried stumbling back and tripping over his own feet in his hurry.

Jeirdon saw Jander fall and reached out to grab him.

Jeirdon's hand grasp his arm, keeping him upright, but all Jander was aware of was Jeirdon's pulse, the scent of his blood. "no." he whimpered but he no longer had the strength to pull away anymore. Jeirdon was so warm.and Jander felt so cold.

With a final moan Jander pulled Jeirdon into a fatal embrace.

If Jeirdon ever struggled Jander was not aware of it. There was only the blood, and the warmth it imparted to him. Then there was only the ashy emptiness when there was no more to take.

Stunned Jander pulled away, staring at Jeirdon's crumpled body with disbelief. He felt Cassiar's presence at his back, "What have you made me do." Jander managed to whisper brokenly.

"Me?" The other vampire said with a chuckle, "I didn't make you do anything. You did this yourself." He finished.

And with a heavy heart Jander knew it was true. The master vampire had initiated no mental control, gave no orders, he had done nothing.

With a despairing cry Jander let his head fall forward to rest against Jeirdon's chest. Blood stained tears making paths down his face.

Jander had killed his only friend.

And he had done it of his own free will.


A few hours later Jander found himself back at the cave, staring out of the entrance at the brightening horizon.

Just a few more moments and it would be over, he could end it. He could do it.

Only he couldn't. He couldn't bring himself to stay and watch the sun come over the hills.

Just as the first hint of gold came into view Jander turned and retreated back into the darkness.

You were right Jeirdon, he thought, I am a coward.



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