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I sit on the thick woolen cloth and gaze out to the clear blue seas. Surrounded by sounds of all sorts, I sit, relaxed and listen. There is nothing on my mind, save for the nagging reminder that it is nearly time to go.

The ocean crashes gently upon our Caribbean shores and the birds of the air call.

Just as I lose my mind to the allure of the sea, I feel a soft tug on my finger and bend my head down.

Emmeline is pulling for my attention; I have neglected her too long. Picking her up from her little basket, I rock her gently in my arms.

Emmeline has grown bigger now, as with the steady pace of my middle. I talk to her, telling her she is about to become a big sister.

Our baby is almost due now and Will worries for me. He remembers about the birth of our first child and the long painful hours. My father has been advising me not to stay out, but the call of the sea is too strong.

Sometimes Emmeline and I pay a surprise visit to her father and on other days, her grandfather.

Those days with Will are the best, when we are just as one family. I love the way he picks Emmeline up and spins her around, the sound of her giggles and laughter ringing in the air.

Then he comes over to me and presses his ear to my middle, his warm breath and prickly chin tickling through my dress. We constantly talk to the baby and think up of remarkable names.

Now we have come up with two names; for a boy, Jack, of course, and for a girl, Estee.

The smithy is bigger now, and with much more space to breathe. Will has become the proud owner with apprentices littered here and there. Thus, I am worried no more, for I know his load is less.

I peer down at Emmeline, and dangle my pendants for her. She sees the gold and tries to catch them, throwing her round hands up in the air. Finally, Emmeline catches them and grasps stubbornly at them.

Laughing out loud at her twisted expression, I place her back in the basket. I brush my long hair aside and unclasp the chains. Then picking Emmeline up again, I place the pendants in her palm. She stares at them contentedly, not knowing a similar one hangs around her neck.

With Emmeline on my lap, and one arm around her, I make to clear up all her toys and food that I had brought.

I always take Emmeline here, for it is part of my father's property. It is a small private beach, out of the eye of Port Royal. And here I can dress without the elegance, though with my state right now, it is impossible to fit into my gowns, much less a tight corset.

I've accustomed to wearing these long, loose flowing dresses. Though plain, they are pretty; my father and Will ordered the flowered silk from France. Thankfully it arrived before my fourth month, or I would have been forced to wear my nightgowns daily.

As I finish packing up, I stand up slowly, for the weight of Emmeline and my middle is nearly unbearable for my back.

Emmeline pulls painfully at my fallen locks, tired of the medallions, and I struggle to calm her down and fold the heavy blanket.

Then, a tanned bronze hand reaches out from behind me, and carefully takes Emmeline from me. I do not turn around to see who it is, for I knew when I saw the plain band of gold on his finger, identical to the one on mine.

Smiling to myself, I bent down once more and started shaking out the cloth.

I see Will bend down next to me and he kisses me lightly on my cheek.

"Let me do it."

Nodding to him, we share a short kiss before I take Emmeline, and we sit down on the grass patch and wait.

Just when I hear the faint ringing of a bell coming from my father's house, Will walks over to me.

We take a few steps up the path before a dreadful, familiar pain sets in my middle. I shout out to Will as I sink to the ground, clutching my middle, a sheen of sweat growing on my brow.

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