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I stir in bed, murmuring wordlessly, reveling in the softness of the blankets and how wonderful they feel on my tired body.

I murmur out to Will, but there is no reply. I call out to him again, waiting for a reply but, again, I hear none.

With my eyes still sealed shut, I run my hand across the space beside me, expecting to feel him but he is not there.

I crack my eye open and the sunlight pierces painfully at them, forcing me to blink away the tears and sting.

Rubbing the sleepiness from my eyes, I prop myself up on my elbows and peer around curiously.

Instinctively, I peer to Estee's bassinette to see if she is well. She is not there but I remember that her nanny will change her if I awake late.

Will's clothes are gone and his nightclothes are scattered on the bed. I run my hand over the empty space on the bed once more and it is cool to my touch.

I know then that he has been up for long and I wonder how late it is.

Brushing my locks out of my hair and smoothing the lumpy curls down, I place my feet in my slippers and slide slowly out of bed.

Shuffling lightly to the clothes stand, I pull on my flowered robe and hug it tight to me.

Looking behind the screen, I check for Will at the wash area and he is nowhere to be seen. But there is fresh cool water in the basin, and I wash my face clean.

I walk back to our bed and pick up his clothes, arranging them properly on the stand, fingering the material fondly as I go.

Making my way out of our room and I step gently down the winding stairs.

My cloth slippers make no sound as they glide on the polished flooring.

I arrive at the dining hall and the chairs are empty. On the dark table lies no food, only a fresh assortment of flowers standing proudly in a pretty vase at my place.

Removing the flowers from the vase, I take a deep breath as I raise it up. The flowers smell wonderful, like a spring day mixed the sharp tang of berries and mint.

With vibrant colors and a splash of steady green, it is beautiful, as always.

I always wonder how Will can always create something new for me each day; it seems impossible that our hillside and greenery can hide so much lush growth.

But I have not been allowed out for a while and have not been near the sea or our gardens.

I miss the lulling sounds of the sea, the fresh green smells and the open scenery. But my father and Will, much less the doctor, will not stand for an afternoon out.

They say that two weeks into confinement is not good enough for me to regain my strength.

To my dismay, they are making me wait another five weeks or so, but such is to be expected.

My silent thoughts are disrupted when I hear the cook's friendly voice.

" If you're a lookin' for the young master, he's to be upstairs. With the children, I'm to guess.And be careful dear, you ain't too well yet.Would you like me to call Mary? She doesn't know yer up yet.Beautiful flowers eh'? He got up early this mornin'.."

I shake my head and smile to her. I don't quite feel like assistance now.

I stroke the dewy petals and tell her to inform my nurse later. She's to help me when I'm washing.

Nodding her head vigorously, the cook smiles and disappears into the kitchen once more.

Water drips from the wet stems and I dab dry them with my robe.

Taking gentle hold of my flowers in one round hand, I climb back up the flight of stairs.

Even two weeks into my confinement, my hands and arms have not slimmed down much. They feel squashy and fat to me.

But Will says he prefers my hands like these more so. He says they are more motherly and softer to his touch.

He likes to bring my hand to his face and kiss it. I too, am beginning to like it.

It makes having hands like these not as unsatisfactory.

By the time I reach the top of the stairs, I have to pause for a breath of air. I stand at the top stair with my free hand supporting me.

Once I feel better, I take slow steps to the nursery door.

As the open door comes to closer view, the melodious tones of high laughter and gurgling float out the door.

I lean against the doorframe and look on at my husband and children adoringly.

With Estee all clean and dressed, Will carries her in his arms and coos to her and Emmeline.

Emmeline, too, is dressed in her pretty frocks and she teeters unsteadily about, grabbing onto her playthings.

Toddling to pick up a plaything, she trips on her frock and she begins to fall forward.

I am about to fly in and catch her, when a large brown hand whisks her up and sits her on his lap.

Relieved, I smile and pull my robe around me. The windows are open and the cream curtains fluttering softly in the breeze.

The pale yellow sunlight casts its light on the room. The soft sunset pink hues of the walls stand out while the ribbons and frills on Emmeline's cot blow about leisurely.

I am reminded of how much fun Will and I had doing up the room. Before I gave birth, it was our favorite place to be in.

And it remains ever so.

Emmeline is beginning to walk now and we have put her in the nursery to sleep. She is growing well, with a head full of silky mixed curls, deeper cocoa eyes, long lashes and rosier cheeks.

Just then, Estee starts to cry. A frown forms on my brow but relaxes quickly.

I realize it is only because she is hungry; I have not fed her yet.

I step into the room, and my robe billows around me as I take Estee from Will. Her crying escalates and the maid rushes in.

I wave her away; I can handle it.

I sit myself comfortably the big armchair and feed her. Her screaming ceases as she gazes silently at me, her eyes huge and staring.

Having had her fill, I rest her head on my shoulder and smooth my hand down her back, murmuring sweet nothings to her.

I pace around the room while Will watches over Emmeline. He comes over to place a cloth on my shoulder, kissing Estee on her cheek.

I do not need to pace long for I soon feel a cool liquid on my shoulder. Carefully, I shift Estee onto my hip as I remove the dirtied cloth.

Estee is playing with my curls now and her eager little hands grab and twist. Laughing, I pull her fingers away and place kisses all over her soft face.

She smells so sweet, of mild lavender and milk. Amusing her, I take a deep breath before kissing her golden head.

I love her so much, and I tell her so. She shrieks gaily in return.

Will comes over with Emmeline and she squeals and sticks out her hands for me, fidgeting out of Will's hold.

Emmeline makes me laugh and I give a big morning kiss. She kicks her legs resolutely still when I don't carry her.

Will raises his eyebrow and puts a hand on her legs.

"You want your mother don't you? Go on then love. Walk to your mother."

He brings her to the ground and I kneel down, careful not to make any quick sharp movements. It will only tire me out faster.

"I'll take Estee, love. You watch and see."

I call out to my Emmeline to come to me, and gradually, with tiny, tottering steps, she makes her way to me side before tumbling over.

But I catch her and smother her face with butterfly kisses.

I am so happy that Emmeline's beginning to walk now. Soon, she will be able to talk.

Together, Will and I lean against the cot with our beautiful daughters. The two start to play with each other, causing their screams and laughter to fill the room.

"Good morning love. We went for a walk this morning, after I changed and washed them. We went to pick you flowers, didn't we angel?"

He turns and asks child-like to Estee, swinging their hooked fingers.

I remember the flowers and pick them up from where I put them. I bury my face in them and thank him.

Leaving the mark of a kiss on my nose, he squeezes my hand and kisses our babies on the head.

He has to go to the smithy now.

I manage to carry both Emmeline and Estee on my hip and we wave him off.

Then, all three of us go back to the nursery where I leave my precious gems with their nannies.

The nurse helps me to wash and change and I look forward to another wonderful day with just Emmeline and Estee and me.

And when the sun sets, we will look out at the door for Will's silhouette climbing up the pathway.

Coming home to his three angels.

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