The Real Chapter 2

Chapter summary: Buffy is introduced to her new work colleagues and . . . well you'll just have to read and see won't you. I will say that you will be surprised as I am surprised by what I wrote and I don't know where I come up with some of this stuff.

Please enjoy!

The Real chapter 2

Later on while the students were all back in their Houses, Buffy followed her grandfather into the Staff Lounge.

Like the rest of the castle was a room whose walls, floor and ceiling were made from stone. However unlike the other rooms, the staff room was originally created to be a place that the teachers could socialize together away from their students and had been designed and added to over the many centuries to suit each new generation of staff. As a result the decor, although eclectic, was well worn and welcoming for the busy professors.

Albus explained all of this to his granddaughter as he guided her into said room. Buffy took a moment to take in her surroundings before deciding that she did like the room as well. Then she headed straight to the person she needed to talk to first.

"Sybill Trelawney," she spoke gently so as not to grate on the already distraught woman's frayed nerves "would you mind if we could talk to each other privately for a moment?"

Nodding shakily Sybill stood and directed Buffy to one of the study nooks that were set up for professors who had to do some work but wanted the company of their peers at the same time. They both sat across from each other.

"Now I know that Grandfather hired me as a precaution for if that . . . woman . . . from the ministry was to cause trouble for you and I understand that you might prefer to continue on here in your teaching profession but may I please offer an alternative?"

Sybill looked stunned yet curious, "What alternative?"

Buffy just handed her an envelope that seemed to be bulging with its contents, "here's the details, read through them and let me know what you think." she paused for a moment to decide what to say next, "I will say that if you do except the offer we will really appreciate it."

Sybill looked seriously at the envelope and then back to Buffy, she had recognized the symbol emblazoned on the envelope, "I will."

Buffy smiled gratefully, "thank you."

Leaving Sybill to her reading Buffy rejoined her grandfather and the others in around the table that was large enough to seat all of the staff. Only the headmaster was still standing.

"Everyone I would like to introduce you to my granddaughter, Buffy Elizabeth Ann Summers," he then gestured to each teacher in a clockwise motion, "Buffy this is Charms Professor and Head of Ravenclaw Filius Flitwick," the short man with intelligent eyes and who felt as if he wasn't entirely human to Buffy's slaying senses gave a pleasant smile of greeting, "Pleased to meet you."

"You too professor," Buffy couldn't help but smile back in response, "I hear that you are a professional duelist."

"I am indeed," he looked as if he was sizing her up as a potential combatant.

"Perhaps we could have a duel of our sometime," Buffy challenged with good humor, returning the look.

"I'll look forward to it," he agreed with equally good humor.

Once they had finished her grandfather continued on with the introductions.

"And these are Bathsheda Babbling Professor of Ancient Runes and Charity Burbage Muggle Studies Professor," Buffy exchanged polite nods with both of them. She had never been flash hot with Ancient Runes and having lived for most of her life in the muggle world she had to admit that she wasn't that interested in the subject.

"Cuthbert Binns, History of Magic Professor." Said Professor warily eyed Buffy, and she did the same in return. She had never had the best experiences with ghosts and knew that it would take some getting used to dealing with the ghosts that freely wandered the Castle grounds. She was curious to know just how good a teacher he possibly could be.

Her grandfather moved on, ignoring the tension.

"Rolanda Hooch, Flying Instructor."

Buffy smiled at the sharp eyed woman. "I hear that you used to play Quidditch professionally Professor."

"I did Miss Summers," before she could continue Buffy interrupted.

"Please call me Buffy"

"Buffy, you can call me Rolanda," Rolanda agreed, "I've played with the Harpies, the Wanderers and the English team."

Buffy was impressed; they were some of the best teams in the league. "I've never played Quidditch myself, in fact most of my flying experiences have very little to do with brooms."

"What type of flying?" Both Rolanda and the other Professors found themselves curious about this.

"I have licenses to fly various flying creatures such as Thestrals with attached coaches, magic carpets with passengers, and other flying vehicles capable of taking passengers that are native to different continents and even countries." In fact Buffy presumed that the reason she found it so hard learning how to drive normal cars was because they didn't have any magic imbued in them, that and her heightened reflexes.

"Interesting," Rolanda looked at her thoughtfully for a moment, "we should get together at another time so we can continue this discussion."

"Definitely," Buffy promised.

Her grandfather continued gesturing to the large bearded man that dwarfed the furniture around him, "Rubeus Hagrid Care of Magical Creatures Professor, games keeper and keeper of the keys."

"Pleased to meet you Buffy," Hagrid greeted her. "Just call me Hagrid."

"I'm pleased to meet you too Hagrid," he had the gentle giant look about him and Buffy smiled.

"Pamona Sprout Herbology Professor and Head of Hufflepuff," she seemed to be bubbly yet have a strength about her that somehow reminded Buffy off an old oak tree.

"Welcome to Hogwarts Buffy, please call me Pamona."

"Thank you Pamona."

"Is it true that you are a descendant of Helga Hufflepuff," the bubbly teacher burst out with.

"I am," Buffy admitted almost sheepishly before pointing out, "actually there are still at least a dozen lines of Helga's descendants spread all over the world, we've always been a prolific family." Buffy paused for another moment before adding, "If you like we can get together sometime and I'll show you my version of the book that holds the family tree and biographies of the various members lives."

"I'd love to," Pamona smiled gleefully.

Her grandfather spoke again, "Librarian Irma Prince."

"I look forward to exploring what your library has to offer," she said to the Librarian completely honestly. Buffy may not be the most bookish of people but she did like the atmosphere of a good library with old books.

The stern features seemed to soften slightly at this, "I'll show you around myself, and please call me Irma."

"Thank you Irma."

"Matron Poppy Pomphrey," another no nonsense woman, Buffy gave her a respectful nod.

"Aurora Sinistra Astronomy Professor, and Septima Vector Arithmancy Professor," more polite greetings, the two women had that slightly eccentric intellectual looks around them. Again she wasn't the best with Arithmancy and wasn't the best at Astronomy but Buffy liked looking at the stars and had spent many a night while on patrol looking at them and finding what stars she could remember from her classes.

"Severus Snape, Potions Master, and Head of Slytherin," The tall man nodded his head slightly in greeting.

Buffy smirks at him knowingly, "Professor, Sensei Caine wants to know whether you are keeping up with your exercises." To his colleagues surprise Snape gulped and actually looked a bit guilty. Kwai Chang Caine was a master of the Shaolin arts and was one of the senior instructors of the Academy and for him to teach you, you personally had to be chosen by him as a student. Buffy had also been one of his students over the years but could not devote as much time to the ancient discipline as she would have liked. The fact that he had taken an interest in Snape as well was intriguing. "Don't worry," she promised him, "I'll drag you out to join me when I do my exercises." For some strange reason he didn't look all that reassured by her words and he didn't reply.

Buffy then faced the last person who was sitting at her grandfathers other side as he introduced her. "Finally last, but by no means least, Minerva McGonagall Professor of Transfiguration Head of Gryffindor and Deputy Headmistress."

"Professor," Buffy nodded in greeting, "I'm happy to finally meet the woman who has so enchanted my grandfather for so many years." To her amusement the pair blushed like a pair of teens.

"Ms Summers," Minerva regally nodded, quickly regaining her composure, "Welcome to Hogwarts."

"Thank you, Professor."

"Yes well," the Headmaster began again, "I think it's time we began this meeting don't you, first item on the agenda, the accusations Dolores Umbridge."

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became darker with the tension of the staff visible to all.

Buffy revealed then, "When I first got here the portraits in the Headmaster's office began telling me about what a horrible woman she was and how she was abusing her position. The Portraits along with the ghosts and the House Elves were able to give me a good idea of what has been going on. One of the elves, an excitable little being by the name of Dobby was the one to tell me that he was abusing the students during their detentions with her," she took a breath before continuing, she knew this next bit would be hard for them all and especially her grandfather to hear, "I'm sorry to say that she has been using a blood quill," the name of it the distasteful instrument left a bad taste in her mouth, "on the students."

They all looked horrified by this and Buffy waited for the news sink in before, "Madam Pomphrey, I'm going to need you to examine each of the students who had detention with that horrible woman and create a record of who, when, what happened and any damage caused at that time for our case against Umbridge."

"I will," she promised with a deadly glare in her eyes, one that was shared by most of her colleagues.

Before anyone else could say anything else, Sybill Trelawney rejoined her colleagues.

"Headmaster . . . Albus . . . I want to thank you for giving me a job and a home for the 15 years but I feel now that it is time for me to move on."

"Sybill . . .," Albus didn't look as surprised as the others did, Buffy had told him of the offer she was going to make. Sybill continued.

"I have received an offer for a new job from the Phoenix Knights Albus," very excitably. There were astonished gasps from the others. "I can't . . . I don't want to refuse . . . and with Buffy here to take the Divination post, I can leave without leaving you in the lurch."

Albus' eyes twinkled irrepressibly as he responded genuinely with, "Congratulations Sybill, I'm truly going to miss having you around but I know that this will be a great opportunity for you."

"Thank you, Albus."

Soon the others were also offering her congratulations.

While they were doing this Albus took Buffy of to the side. Before he could say anything though Buffy said, "I don't know if you have anyone in mind for the DADA position but I know of a Knight who would love to take the position and they would be great at it too."

"You don't want it?" Albus asked puzzled.

She shook her head in the negative, "I have other duties I need to do also Granddad. I can work around the Divination classes as there aren't many of them, but I wouldn't be able to devote the necessary time and energy that the DADA position will require and my duties to the Knights would take precedence."

He thought about it, and nodded, "then yes I would like to meet this Knight that you recommend."

"Can I borrow Fawkes so that they can get the message ASAP?"

"Yes, will you fill in for the DADA position until then?"

"I will."

They rejoined the others as they were all settling back around the table and Albus told them about Buffy's offer of inviting another Knight to take the DADA position.

"And where have the Knights been since the Dark Lords return," Snape demanded.

Buffy wasn't offended, "I can't say much as it is mostly classified, but I will say that we have been busy dealing with world ending threats all over the world, and have been unaware of the growing threat in the UK magical world simply due to the fact that we have been busy elsewhere, until now that is."

The next morning when Buffy had just gone to her seat at the teachers table, after having just talked with Hermione and the others at the Gryffindor table, her grandfather stood up to make some announcements.

"Students I know you have questions but please be patient for a moment. First yes Professor Umbridge really is gone and will not be returning . . ." the students cheered at this. More somberly he asked "can the students who had had the misfortune to endure one of the former professors detentions please go to the Hospital Wing after breakfast so that they can be properly cared for and the details of their PUNISHMENTS taken and recorded for evidence of her wrongdoings, classes would be cancelled for the day to deal with it." The students were equally as sombre at that.

He then gestured to Sybill who stood up and the children couldn't help but pay attention due to this unusual happenstance, and those who had, had her class were somewhat surprised by the differences they could see in her. She looked happier then they had ever seen her before. She was also wearing a royal purple that had mysterious symbols embroidered in silver and gold and shimmered in the light.

"I've gotten a job offer elsewhere that offers me new challenges and so after 15 years I will be leaving, but before I go I just want to say one last thing to those who thought of me as nothing but a fraud." she smiled and a moment and a twitch of her hand later and the bags that so many of the students had seen the night before were now resting on the table next to her. Another hand twist and then she was pulling a periwinkle, with black lining, cloak seemingly out of nowhere and draped it over her shoulders. One last twitch, this time of her nose, and then her matching hat was sitting on her head at a jaunty angle. "Fooled you!" she picked up the bags then and with a smirk and a twirl she disappeared in a shower of silver sparks.

Buffy laughed and clapped along with her new colleagues, at the spectacle and the stunned students. Sybill would fit in well with the Knights; she had the perfect amount of cheekiness, eccentricity and power that would meld well with the others.

Once Albus got his chuckling under control he finished what he was announcing, "and with Professor Trelawney's leaving, I want you to welcome Professor Summers who will still be your new Divination teacher." Buffy stood up and curtsied in the old fashioned way that had stuck around after that costume chaos that Ethan had caused.

"Thank you Headmaster." Looking over the students with amusement and then suddenly donning a stern look, "I will also be filling in as a DADA professor until a new one arrives so you will all behave or I will have you running around the Quidditch pitch at 5 in the morning for detention."

She was completely serious about it too. The students were looking a bit flabby around the edges and could probably use the exercise.

(Word Count so far 2640)

Someone mentioned how they think that I made Buffy to powerful and to unlike herself compared to the Series version, and some other differences. For those interested I have explained away some of them . . .

[The name situation]

I couldn't think of how to put this information into the story and I known that people are curious about the Buffy Summers vs Elizabeth Summers name difference so the following is the best explanation I could come up with for it.

In my verse Elizabeth was her first name originally but she was quickly nicknamed Buffy. When she was old enough she talked her mother into letting her officially legally changing it to Buffy Ann Summers and her father reluctantly agreed as long as she kept the Elizabeth in her name as well, which is how she ended up as Buffy Ann Elizabeth Summers!

Her Grandfather still thought of her as Elizabeth and as the name Buffy was getting quite well known all over the world she didn't mind being introduced to those in the castle as Elizabeth and did indeed introduce herself to the former Headmistresses Portrait as Elizabeth for that very same reason.

[So here are some need to knows about her teaching Qualifications]

- Divination (Uniquely experienced due to her slayer experiences)

- Flying (Not a truly complicated course of study but one that had taught her how to teach others with a variety of items not just Brooms, some of which are big enough to take passengers and therefore required the proper training for the safety of all of the travelers. In other words like a Drivers License in the muggle world. Although with Cars and other muggle vehicles having no magic Buffy found it difficult to use them, they felt wrong to her.)

- Dueling (again another qualification that wasn't too hard to get for someone as experienced in fighting as she was although sticking to the rules of tournament Dueling was a sticking point at one stage! And she knows that Flitwick was an experienced Duelist as well from her own Dueling interest.)

- DADA (She studied this out of necessity due to her Slayer duties and her wish to survive, but this was also different in that she the demons she faced weren't really covered in her magical education that well! So although she was actually qualified to teach it her experiences although similar she felt didn't actually give her the experience in dealing with DADA!)

- Weaponry, (again with the weaponry it is mostly due to her Slayer instincts and skills.)

- Art (I've read some great stories with Buffy as a wonderful artist and I felt that my version of Buffy should also have that wonderful skill, especially with Sketching.)

Disclaimer: I don't own Kwai Chang Caine, he was from the old TV series Kung Fu