::Note from MeteorSummoner... You've read the Beginning of the End, right? The one where everything went random at the end? That was my first attempt at a serious story, but I failed. Now.HERE'S THE REAL BEGINNING OF THE END!!!! It'll be more serious too.::

PREVIEW (the beginning is the same as the world with changes here and there)

It all started when Mag Launcher has a really strange dream. Something bad had happened and he was lost in a world of light. When he awakens that morning, he thought no more of that dream. Later that day, while going to leave for an Adventure in a ruin, he realizes that Linear Cannon was nowhere to be seen. While he, Gre Nade, Chain Gun, Bomberman, and Pepper look for her, monsters start attacking around Pannam Port. After checking out the scene, they see a huge dragon fly overhead. Not good. After returning to the Launcher household, they try to figure out what in the world is going on. When one finally attacked the town, Mag, Gre, Chain, Pepper, and a soldier from the 8th Empire quickly evacuates. When the team arrives at Museville, they find that the problem was more widespread than previously calculated. The MISSION: If they want to survive, they first have to find Linear, then find who and what is responsible for the monsters attacking, and put a stop to it before the whole world is devastated and everyone is killed!!

::Note from MeteorSummoner. If I don't put this up, I'll forget the storyline, like the first one.::sweat drop:: Ahem, anyway, enjoy this one. I'll do my best to keep it interesting, not absurd. Expect an update soon.that is, if I don't get stuck playing Advance Wars 2.::