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It was a bright, clear day in Pannam Town. When the townspeople awoke and stepped outside, they noticed no one missing. But there were four missing: Mag Launcher, Gre Nade, Linear Cannon, and Chain Gun.

"I wonder where that Chain gone off too?" said Easter.

"Maybe she visited the ruins; that means peace and quiet for us!!!" said Kashim.

"PARTY TIME!!!" they both exclaimed.

They went to the bar.

No one knew the truth of what actually happened. No one even remembered yesterday's events. Life just continued on.

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Mag woke up. At first, he didn't know where he was, than it was clear he was in a dark dungeons. He jumped up, head started hurting and sat down quickly. He looked around but it was too dark to see his surroundings clearly.

"Ugh..." said the voice of Gre Nade. He sat up. "What in the name of...What's this place?" he said.

"You're okay?" Mag said.

"Young Master Mag! There you are!!" Gre said. "Where's Chain? Linear?"

"Who said my name!?" said Chain's voice, which sounded angry. Chain appeared from the darkness. "It took you this long to wake up, Mag? I was awake hours ago!!!"

Mag ignored her and looked around again, his eyes used to the darkness. He could now tell that they were in a cell of some sorts; the bars stood out against the inky blackness. He stretched for no reason and finally got up. Then the Crown Prince appeared.

"What's this place?" Eugene said, disgusted. "What am I, the Crown Prince of the 8th Empire doing in this place anyway? It's a dump!?"

Mag ignored him too. "Gre," he said. "What happened??"

"I don't know, Master Mag," Gre responded. "I don't even remember how we got here..."

"This can't be good," said Pepper, also appearing. "I don't know about you all, but I have a bad feeling about this place..."

"Me too!" said Eugene. "My stomache hurts."

"THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!" Pepper exclaimed.

"But it's a bad feeling..."

"Never mind you," Pepper said. "Anyways, I think we have to get out of here. WHO'S WITH ME!?"

"Me-me-me!!!" exclaimed Bomberman, jumping up and down.

Mag looked at him, surprised. Who was that and where did he come from?

Bomberman sees him looking at him. "Oh, I'm Bomberman, everyone!!"

"Mag Launcher."

"Gre Nade."

"Chain Gun, foo!"

"Pepper....I forgot my last name..." Pepper said, looking extremely disappointed.

"Heh!" Eugene said. "I'm Eugene Leopold of the -"

"Yes, I've heard already," Bomberman said. "Now, how are we going to get out of here?"

"Look for a door, guys!" Mag said. He began to look for one.

Everyone was helping, except Eugene, of course. Gre looked at him.

"I would be grateful if you assist us," he said.

"Meh." Eugene pretended to look but that satisfied Gre as he returned to what he was doing.

"Here! A door!" Chain exclaimed. "Now to use my Cyframe to get out of here!!" She ran to it. "OW!!!" she cried, falling down. "What!? My Cyframe doesn't work here!?"

"Let me try!" Mag said, thinking he'll have better luck. He ran to the door and tried using the giant hand parts but nothing happened. Surprised, he stumbled, fell and banged head on the bars. Another headache. "Ouch!" he said, rubbing his head as he got up. He hears someone laughing at him. He looked up angrily, but that person stopped laughing and he couldn't tell who it was. "...."

"Out of the way, Mag!" Pepper said. When he got out of the way, Pepper pressed a button to fire a laser. Nothing happened. She tried again. Still nothing. "Goodness! I do think that our Cyframes will be useless in getting us out of here..."

"Doggone it!" Gre cursed. "If I only have my rifle..."

"Who took my sword!?" Eugene said, angrily.

"No one here did," Mag said.


"Don't call Mag a liar, liar!" Chain retorted angrily.

"Don't defend liars, you bigger liar!" Eugene responded.

They punch and fight each other and the others had to break up the fight.

"That's enough from both of you!" Gre snapped at them. "We are trying to get out of here and all you want to do is fight."

"I don't work well with commoners," Eugene only said.

"What!? How dare you!!?" Gre said, mad.

Now they fighting!!

"This is going to take a while to get out of here," Mag sighed before jumping in and pulling them apart.

The six of them sat down and rested a bit. They then realized how quiet it was done here. Mag suddenly thought, "Linear!? Where are you!?"

"She's not here," Chain said.

"Huh?" Mag said, realizing that he said that aloud. Looking down, he spotted two wires twisted together. That gave him an idea. He picked it up and approached the door, looking for a lock. Finally, he spotted it and he used the wires to try to unlock the door. Chain watched with mild interest. Gre watched too. Pepper was reading a book about zombies. Eugene had fallen asleep and Bomberman was standing on his head.


"I did it!!!" Mag said, as he pushed the door open.

Bomberman fell flat on his face. "That's MY line!?" he said, annoyed.

Eugene woke up and was on his feet, gun in hand. "No, that's MY pie!!" he exclaimed. He looked around, fully awake. "What?" he said, when he saw everyone looking at him. He put the gun away.

"C'mon! Let's get out of here!!" Chain said, running out.

"And not a moment too soon!!" Gre added, hearing approaching footsteps. "This way!!"

They ran out into the hallway outside of the cell and through a nearby door, as the footsteps got closer. Gre seized a torch that was stuck to the wall and the hurried down the long, dark hallway, without stopping.

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"OMG!!! D00ders!!! WTH! BBQ!!!!" exclaimed Guard #1.

Leik teh prisoners are so gone!!" added Guard #2.

"For goodness sake!! Learn to speak English!!" shouted Guard #3. "Anyways, we better report to the BOSS."

"Leik OMG! He won't be happy after hearing this here anti-W00t news..."

They shuddered at the thought, then hurried away past the second cell, where the boy with white hair still lay.


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Hope this chapter doesn't disappoint!!! I tried to add a little humore here and there, but sucks because I'm not too good with humor...but maybe it's okay. This chapter is replacing Chapter 4 of The Battle Against Py the Evil Pyramid to keep true to dungeon exploring. And I haven't updated since sometime last year....