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Rating: PG 
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Summary: SG-1 travels to a world said to be free of the Goa'uld, and encounter a legend from the past…

Spoilers: None, but its Daniel, not Jonas.

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Hail to the King Part 1: Brave new world

The wormhole disengaged with its customary thud, leaving SG-1 looking at a slightly bewildered young man dressed in a plain blue tunic, a longbow and quiver full of arrows on his back. He looked at them intently for a second, then shrugged and walked of. O'Neill watched him go, "Ok, that's never happened before: normally they either try to kill us, or they think we're gods. Daniel, go do your 'we come in peace' bit." He motioned after the man.

Daniel shook his head, but ran after the man, "Excuse me!" The man stopped and turned to face the archaeologist, leaning on his bow. Daniel smiled, "Yes, hi. We just came through the Chaapa'ai over there. We come from a place called 'Earth', but we are often referred to as the 'Tauri'."

That caught the man's attention, "So you'd be the infamous SG-1 I've heard so much about then?" His accent seemed to be a strange mix of Welsh and Irish, "To tell you the truth Dr Jackson, I always figured you to be taller. I suppose you'll be wanting to go to the castle then?" He pointed to a large stone structure on a nearby hillside.

Daniel nodded, "Yes, that would probably be good: you see, we're trying to find out why this planet is free from the System Lords…"

The man smiled, "Then it's defiantly the castle you'll be wanting. This way." He continued on down the forest track, leaving SG-1 to follow.

O'Neill caught up with the stranger, "So, what's your name, and how do you know about us?"

The man smiled, "Well, people call me Arthur. And as for how I know about you: Let's just say an old friend told me."


O'Neill slowed till he was at the back of the position with Teal'c, "So, T, how much do you know about this planet?"

The Jaffa raised his eyebrow, "It is said that any Goa'uld or Jaffa who comes here will die. It is not part of the Asgard's Protected Planets Treaty, yet no one attempts to take it."

O'Neill shook his head, "Fool's rush in where Angles fear to tread." He saw a look of utter confusion on his friends face, "Old human expression: It means we're doing something incredibly dumb."


SG-1 where surprised when the guards at the castles gates simply let them through, not even blinking at the sight of their weapons. O'Neill looked at the guards: they where dressed in long red tunics, with broadswords attached to their belts. Two had longbows similar to Arthur's.

Daniel looked around, his eyes wide, "Wow! This is amazing: it's like an early 5th century Celtic castle." He turned to Arthur, "What do you call this place, this area?"

Arthur looked over his shoulder as he led the way through the main courtyard, "This area in known as Logres. To the north is Lothain, and to the west are Tintagel and Lyonesse. The east is a wiled, unsettled land." They reached a tall door, "Go through there, the heralds will take you before the King." With a short bow, Arthur turned and walked away.

O'Neill looked at the door, "Oh well: nothing ventured, nothing gained." With that, he stepped through the door.


Two men in brightly coloured livery lead SG-1 into a large chamber, a simple wooden throne sitting at the far end. Their escorts stopped tem halfway down. A large set man in a guard's uniform stepped forward, "Presenting His Majesty, King Arthur!"

SG-1's jaws dropped as Arthur stepped out before the throne, his simple tunic changed for a regal looking outfit, complete with broadsword.

To Be Continued…