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Hail to the King

Part 11: Power-games

"[The Tribunal has reached a verdict.]" The head of the Tok'ra council stood, "[Arthur, you are found innocent or braking the Tok'ra code of conduct, but guilty of insubordination for failing to follow the directives of this very council. Your punishment will be decided later. ]" He looked at Neftu, "[Neftu, it is the decision of this counsel that you be placed on probation for a time of 10-standard years to ascertain your true intentions.]"

"I object!" O'Neill jumped to his feet, "You can't call Arthur insubordinate for doing the right thing."

"[Colonel O'Neill, may I remind you that you are here only as a witness.]" The Prosecutor looked amused, "[This Tribunal was conducted under our rules, rules that Arthur knew when he decided to break them.]"

"That's no excuse…" O'Neill slammed his fist down on the table.

"[It is all right O'Neill.]" Arthur smiled, "[Yes, I was fully aware of the consequences of my actions, and accept the finding of the council.]" He crossed his arms, "[If the council has it in them to pass sentence?]" This coursed some commotion among the council members.

"What's he talking about?" Carter asked her farther.

"The punishment for insubordination leading to the endangerment of the Tok'ra is death," Jacob explained, "But the council want Neftu to produce more symbiote's, to increase the Tok'ra ranks and replace those in the free Jaffa that mature."

"But if they kill her mate, and she's not going to be inclined to help them." Carter nodded, "It's a dangerous game Arthur's playing."

"[He get's it from his farther.]" Selmak cut in, "[Uther was the last Pendragon, supreme commander of the System Lords army's, and was well known for using politics to end disputes without needing to use force. Many think that is when he defected to the Tok'ra.]"

"What happened to him?" Daniel asked.

"[He was killed.]" Selmak looked sad, "[He was captured by Ra and executed for treason. After Uther, the System Lords kept their troops under their personal command.]"

"[Very well.]" The Tok'ra council finished their discussion, and that head of the Tribunal stood, "[Arthur, son of Uther the Pendragon, we commute your sentence to ten-years probation, under the strict supervision of this council. You will not travel off-world without escort, and you are bard from returning to Avalon until such time as you have proven yourself trustworthy.]"

"[Very well.]" Arthur smiled, "[Very well.]"


"I still can't believe you're taking this so calmly." O'Neill shook his head, "They've basically told you that you can't go home again."

"[Home is where the heart is.]" Arthur explained, putting an arm around Neftu, "[I love Avalon, both the place and the people, and I will return there someday.]" He shrugged, "[To a human, 10-years is a long time, but to a Tok'ra, it's nothing.]"

"[Cassiopeia is more than ready for the throne.]" Neftu smiled, "[But with the two of us there, she'd always be in our shadow. And we trust you and Teal'c to keep an eye on her for us.]"

"But not being aloud to go anywhere without permission?" O'Neill was still confused, "How can you stand that?"

"Because it will be a hard order for the Tok'ra council to enforce." Merlin stepped from behind a tree, "And what they don't know, can't hurt them."

"[The System Lords must be defeated,]" Arthur smiled, "[But in doing so, the Tok'ra must not become like them: you look into the abyss for too long, the abyss looks into you. We will follow the council's orders, but only as far as our consciences allow.]"

"You know what?" O'Neill grinned, "I think I' in danger of changing my mind about the Tok'ra…"

The End…