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Summary: Harry Potter was sent to Azkaban for the murder of Dean Thomas. Five years later the wizarding world realized that he was innocent. How will they be able to make it up to him? Will Harry ever forgive them? (powerful harry :) )

Dark Betrayal

Chp. 1 Drifting away from Hell

Sirius Black and Professor Albus Dumbledore , followed by a guard who was holding a huge ring of keys, were walking silently side by side, passing rows and rows of prison cells containing either screaming, yelling, laughing, muttering or just silent people. All of them are crazy. All the joy they had ever felt, all the happiness, had been drained from them. After awhile they forget their own names. This is Azkaban Prison.

Sirius Black and Albus Dumbledore were here to try and rectify a monstrous mistake that they had made five years ago. They had sentenced an innocent boy, who was only 15 at the time, to a lifetime in this living hell. The boy they had sent here was none other than Harry Potter. He had been charged for the murder of Dean Thomas, one of his classmates at Hogwarts. There had even been a witness, her name was Parvati Patil.

Parvati's story was that she had gone into the Gryffindor Common room to fix up her hair and get ready for dinner when she heard a scream from the boy's fifth year dormitory. She said she went up the stairs and saw Harry standing over Dean's body with a bloody knife in hand , smiling.

She then said that she panicked and ran as fast as she could to the nearest teacher who happened to be Professor McGonagall. Parvarti told her what she had seen .Parvati and McGonagall went back to the common room, and when they arrived they found Harry getting ready to leave and go to dinner. Professor McGonagall told Parvati to go check the dormitory and see if Dean was still there while she watched Harry. Parvati came back down and told her that there was no sign of him. Harry, all the while, was asking what was going on.

They went down to the Great Hall and used the Sonorus charm to call all the students to the Great Hall. Dean Thomas was missing. They questioned Harry and he had said that he had been very tired after lunch and had gone up to the dormitory before falling straight asleep.There was nothing else,Harry and Dean had been the only students missing after lunch and none of the teachers were missing either. So there was a witness, no alibi, no other person who didn't have an alibi and a dead body (which was found under Harry's bed in the dormitory, after a search of Gryffindor tower).

The Ministry of Magic gave Harry a trial and he had pleaded innocence, but nobody believed him, as he had been emotionally unstable since he had seen Cedric's death the year before and Dean had thought Harry to be the one to kill Cedric and said so on multiple occasions. Even Ron and Hermione believed that Harry was guilty, and hated him for it.

Now, five years later, the Order of the Phoenix had captured Peter Pettigrew, also known as Wormtail. He had been given Veritaserum and had confessed to being James and Lily potter's secret keeper, faking his own murder while framing Sirius Black and murdering a whole street of muggles, murdering Cedric Diggory, sneaking into Hogwarts through a secret passage from Honeydukes cellar and framing Harry Potter for the murder of Dean Thomas and being the Dark Lord's servant. He was given the Dementor's kiss.

Now, finally, Harry Potter was free of all charges against him. That's why Albus Dumbledore and Sirius Black are at Azkaban Prison standing in front of a locked cell that held an extremely skinny, dirty, 20 year old Harry with long black matted hair and filthy rags that were supposed to be robes.

"Harry, Harry its me Sirius. Professor Dumbledore is here, too. We've come to take you out of this horrible place and back home." Sirius said this in a shaking voice and at the end of his sentence, a few tears fell from his eyes. Harry who had been sitting in the corner staring at the wall vacantly now turned his head toward the pair not saying anything. Sirius jumped back, as though burned, when his saw his godsons eyes.

They had always been a shining emerald green, so full of life, but now, now they were a much darker green and had a look of intense sadness and betrayal in them, other than those two emotions his eyes were blank and so was his face.

"Harry, I'm so sorry." Dumbledore said sadly, after looking into those eyes he knew that sorry would definitely not be enough for this young man who had gone through so much, from his enemies, friends and family.

Dumbledore turned to the guard, who had been standing there with a thoroughly bored look on his face, and said "Open the door, please, we need to get going." The guard stepped around Sirius who was still staring at his godson with guilt and sadness on his face and unlocked the cell door, pulling it open. Sirius and Dumbledore walked and pulled Harry up from the ground as gently as they could.

As, they started to slowly walk towards the entrance of the fortress, they heard a cold scratchy voice.

"I can walk on my own." Sirius and Dumbledore let go of Harry in surprise and looked at him.

"H-H-Harry!!! I thought you had gone insane." Sirius sputtered out, looking surprised but a bit happier. Harry just glared at him, and that glare was most likely colder than the North Pole, then walked as quickly as he could towards the entrance.

" I take it that Harry doesn't want our help." Dumbledore said while turning to Sirius, who's reply, "Glad you picked up on that." was full of bitterness.

"I suggest we follow him before he gets too far away." So, Sirius Black and Albus Dumbledore walked out of Azkaban Prison following the newly freed, and hopefully completely sane, Harry Potter.

They stopped at the little dock on the edge of the island where Harry was already waiting to get into a boat that would bring them back to land. When Harry saw that Dumbledore and Sirius had arrived he got into the little boat, followed by the other two. The three of them drifted back toward a little almost all-wizarding village called Backsmear next to Dorchester in Dorset.


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