Dark Betrayal

Of Things and Future

Ron and Harry stood facing each other, Ginny standing a bit behind the couple with her mother. The two men were staring at the other, Ron with guilt, shame and pain in his eyes, Harry with betrayal, pain and accusation. Ron stepped forward, and Harry stepped back. Ron turned his face towards the ground and closed his eyes, then looked up at Harry, who appeared to be made of stone, his face set in somber lines.

" I am sorry, Harry." Ron whispered, anguish racing through his voice. Ginny, in the background, grabbed her mother's hand, both of their faces the same shade of pale.

" I know Ron, but this time, that's not enough." Harry shook his head in resignation, pivoted and left the room. Ron sighed and turned towards his mother and sister.

"After he's done so much for all of us, he's still not happy." Ron's voice was thick and a few tears ran down his freckled cheeks. Ginny came over and hugged him, followed closely by their mother.

"It will be ok, Ron. Eventually, it will all be ok." Ginny spoke soothingly, but Ron couldn't help the bitter words from escaping his lips next.

" Will it?" And with that, he to left the room. Molly sobbed into her daughter's shoulder.

-- -- -- -- -- -- - -- - -- -- - -- - -- - - - --

Dumbledore stepped off the stage and walked away, leaving the stunned witches and wizards behind him. What a way to break the news, he thought. Call all the wizarding reporters from around the world to one small place in England and tell them. He snorted quietly as he heard the questions start up again, Fudge must have stepped up. With a swirl of his deep purple and gold velvet dress robe, Dumbledore was gone.

-- - -- - -- - -- - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - -


By: Trenna Mori

Harry Potter, a.k.a the Boy-Who-Lived, so named because of his survival of the Killing curse and his supposed defeat of You-Know-Who as a one-year-old child 25 years ago, has shocked us all again. After being freed from Azkaban Prison, Potter disappeared from view, only rumours and hints letting us know he still lived. Now Headmaster Albus Dumbledore held a press conference for international reporters to inform us of the defeat of You-Know-Who by our hero, Mr.Potter. We do not know how he did it, or when, but the recent lack of Dark Activity has shown the Headmaster's statement to be true.

Also, we have found several known Deatheaters insane and without Magic wandering around London. This is very strange. Might it have something to do with the spell Mr. Potter used?

Maybe we will never know, but we all hope Mr. Potter is in the best of health, and we owe him all our lives.

(For more in-dept article, read pg.5.)

-- - --- -- -- - --- - -- - -- - - - -- -- -- -

Hermione read the article over again, jumped up and flooed to the Burrow, falling into George Weasley. She looked up at him, and he smiled lopsidedly.

"He's not here, Hermione, mum's in the kitchen though." Hermione nodded her thanks and ran to the kitchen. George muttered about crazy wild haired girls and flooed to his joke shop.

"Mrs. Weasley! Is it true?" Hermione asked breathlessly, leaning on the kitchen table.

"Oh, the article, dear? Yes, very true." She bustled around, waving her wand, instructing a yellow sponge to clean the counters. There was a long silence, while Hermione waited impatiently for more news until she couldn't hold herself in.

"Well? Where IS he?" She fairly shrieked at the short woman, who turned and stared at her.

" Oh, well dear, he's off talking to Sirius somewhere." She brushed her grey streaked red hair off her forehead distractedly. Hermione sat down at the table and laid her cheek on the sanded surface, closing her eyes.

"He hasn't forgiven us, has he, Mrs. Weasley?" She heard Molly fall into a chair next to her and place her hand on Hermione's bushy hair.

"No, my dear, he needs time. Time to heal. Maybe he will never forgive us, but maybe he will, all we can do is wait." Hermione heard Molly sigh and withdraw her hand. Hermione spoke then, and in her heart made a vow.

"Then we will wait." Mrs. Weasley just nodded and continued cleaning.

-- -- - -- -- - -- - - - - -- - - -- - - --


Hermione moved to France and lived in a small apartment in Magical Paris. She lives alone and grew famous writing books about her time at Hogwarts and about Voldemort. Her books are used for the 6th year classes at Hogwarts in History of Magics class. She also published several Arithmancy how-to-do guides. She is still one of the most brilliant witches to ever live.

Ron stayed living at the Burrow until his father died, then he moved out into a small house in Hogsmeade and works at one of his brothers multiple shops. He met a girl from America and they both thought they hated each other, in the end they got married and still live in Hogsmeade, their neighbors claim you can hear them fighting all the way across town.

Snape stayed as Potions Master at Hogwarts, and he is still as greasy and as biased as before. The only difference is he rolls up his sleeves to work on potions now.

Pansy lived alone in Australia for ten years before moving back to England. Once there she didn't regain her family fortune nor her family's houses. She moved to France and now works at a Pub there.

Tom Riddle had his memory erased again and a story was fabricated for him. He became Edward Thomson. He was moved to a small city in America where he opened a Hardware store. He married a plain muggle woman and they had one child, named Brian, who took up his father's store when he died. Brian's child received a letter from the American Institute of Magic when he was eleven.

Draco ran away and hid in Magical Switzerland. He lived as a peasant in a tiny village for awhile, milking cows and taking care of chickens. He got lost one day in winter and was never seen again, rumor has it that he was eaten by a Yeti.

Lucius was released from his little cell by Harry shortly after Voldie's defeat. He was very dirty and slightly insane. His magic was gone like all the other deatheaters who were evil. Harry didn't think this was good enough. One spell and Malfoy was missing two parts of his autonomy. Harry dropped him off somewhere in the middle of the Sahara desert. He was never seen again. ( Though rumor has it that he met up with a crooked quidditch referee, they found an oasis and now live together in relative peace, both being slightly insane...of course this is only a rumor)

Sirius was forgiven by Harry, and he lives happily with Remus in a small cottage near Phoenix Manor.

Harry never healed from defeating Voldemort, he was still powerful, but had lost his phoenix Animagus form and most of his wandless magic. He eventually semi-forgave his friends and Dumbledore, but they never got as close as before and they rarely saw each other . He and Ginny went through a soul-binding ritual in a small ceremony, only Sirius was invited.

Ginny Potter had a baby a year after the ritual. It was a girl, with dark messy red hair and shining emerald eyes named Lina . Two years later they had a boy with light brownish-red curly hair and the same eyes as his sister. They named him Heron

Lina grew up to become the French Minister of Magic, the first lady Minister in over 3 centuries and the youngest one in 2 centuries. She married a French wizard at twenty and they had 5 children together. They live happily in a small French wizarding village. She is good friends with Hermione.

Aaron traveled the world and lives in India. He is known to be a great wizard, and Muggles sometimes go to see him for their problems. He adopted three children, one a Muggle child, and taught them magic. The Muggle child eventually became telepathic and gained some Magic under his adoptive father's skillful teaching.

Dumbledore stayed on as Headmaster of Hogwarts, but eventually resigned and became Minister. McGonagall became Headmistress after him. When he died, thousand of witches and wizards from around the world came to his funeral. He is still regarded as the most Powerful Wizard there was, right next to Harry Potter. ( by his wish he was buried in coffin full of Lemon Drops)


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