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-Leena P.O.V.-

I woke up to a large banging noise this morning, and I felt something holding me down. I tried to sit up straight, but it was impossible. Finally, I opened my eyes, only to see "it" holding me in his arms. "Bit, what the HELL do you think you're doing to me?" I asked as soon as I had regained my sanity.
"Eh?" was all that had come from his snoring, yet lifeless body.

-REG.P.O.V. -

"Urgh! What do you think you're DOING??!!" Leena screamed, even though she knew that he couldn't hear her. She then began to pound his head to wake him up, but it obviously wasn't working. She decided to look around to find something to beat him with, but everything was out of reach.
"Eh, oww, my head! What the-AHHHHH!!!" he yelled into Leena's ear when he had finally woken up and realized what was going on. "What the HELL do you think YOU'RE doing to ME?!!!" he asked.
"What am I doing to YOU, YOU'RE the one who has his filthy little hands all over ME!!!" she replied, amazed that he could suspect her of such a thing. "GET OFF OF ME!!" she fumed.
Bit and Leena quickly pulled away from one another, once again realizing that they were holding each other. They had immediately looked away from each other and each was now considering looking back. First Leena looked at Bit, and told him to turn around, so that he was looking at her.
"All right," she started. "I know that even YOU aren't STUPID enough to do something like THIS. And I sure as HELL know that I didn't do it, so we have to figure out who did and get them back sooo bad, they're gonna wish they never messed with me!!"
"Uh, Leena, I do think we should find out who did it an' get 'em back, but you're starting to sound like you're going to kill someone" Bit told her, a little afraid.
"Hey wait a sec, this is the back room that only my dad has access to", she told him, not listening to his earlier comment. "I think that the gang must have done it, I mean seriously, they have all been acting so weird the past few days, and my dad is the only one who can get in here. We've been gang pranked! Bit, we have to get them back, make them act like total idiots or something!"
"Are you sure it was all of them, Leena?" Bit asked still a little unsure of her behavior.
"Yeah! I got the perfect idea; they will make themselves look like total morons! All we have to do is pretend like we're going out or in love or something, get them to believe it, and they will make THEMSELVES look stupid!!" Leena said just a little too obsessed with the idea of revenge.
"WHAT?!!, YOU EXPECT ME TO PRETEND TO BE IN LOVE WITH YOU?!!" Bit yelled in shock and confusion. "What the hell is wrong with you?!!"
"Bit, calm down, it's not like we really have to or anything, we don't even have to be alright with the fact that YOU exist- -"HEY!!"- -"All we have to do is thank them for bringing us together, and say that we found love from within a childish prank. And believe me Bit, pretending isn't too hard." Leena said trying to sound innocent while also trying to trick Bit into going along with her psychotic plan. "Leena, I really don't know if I agree with the direction that this is going," said Bit, now even more afraid then ever. "Well who asked you anyway, you're doing it and that's all there is to it!!" Leena the control freak stated simply.

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