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Chapter 1: Inu's Choice and Kagome's Transformation

Inuyasha was by a river close to Kaede's village where Kagome stayed waiting for Inuyasha to make his decision. Sango, Miroku, and Shippo were in the nearby woods having a picnic, to let Inuyasha and Kagome have some space.

Sango, Miroku, and Shippo found a nice spot to set up for their picnic. As they started to eat, Sango and Miroku started talking, while Shippo decided to stuff his face.

"Sango, what do you think Inuyasha would choose to do now that jewel is fully recovered? We know that Inuyasha always talked about become a full demon, but now he might not want to 'cause he wouldn't want to hurt any of us especially Kagome. And we both know those two have something for each other." Miroku said wondering what Sango would answer.

"I don't know, but my guess would be not. Well, we will probably know before night fall. Lets just eat for now."



Kagome was sitting on the futon lost in thought. 'I wonder what Inuyasha would choose. If he decides to become full youkai he might not remember me or any of us. What if he might end up turning on us? I would miss the way he is. I know I have feelings for him, but I'm not sure of what type of feelings. I think I might even love him. What am I thinking? I don't love him like that or do I?'



Inuyasha was laying on a rock listening to the running water thinking of his choices. 'If I choose to become youkai I don't know what would happen. Would I end up turning against my friends? I don't want to end up hurting them especially Kagome. If I choose not to, I won't get any stronger or anything. I have a strange feeling about Kagome as if I love her. I don't know. Part of me doesn't want to change, but I want to become a full demon. Damn it! I don't know what want to do. I wonder what if Kagome became a hanyou? We could be together forever. What the hell am I thinking?' He started to get very frustrated.



Inuyasha returned to the hut to Kagome. He had made his choice, but he was very unsure of the out come. When he walked in, Kagome jumped up from the futon. She looked into his amber orbs for eyes and she knew right there he had made his choice. Inuyasha walked over to where Kagome was sitting and he sat down on the futon. They were ready to get done and over with. Inuyasha held the Shikon Jewel in his hands and Kagome's hands covering his.

"Okay Inuyasha, repeat after me and then say which you decided to become."

"Alright. I. I'm re...ready." he said unsure. They both were scared.

"All the power of the Shikon No Tama," Kagome started to say.

"All the power of the Shikon No Tama," Inuyasha repeated.

"Make Inuyasha a..." Kagome finished saying her part of the ordeal. 'Well the rest is up to Inuyasha.' She thought to herself.

"Make, I, Inuyasha a youkai/ningen." He said fast enough where Kagome was able to catch what he said.

At that split second, the power from the Shikon No Tama started to give off an enormous amount of power that could be felt for at least two miles began glowing a bright green around the hut. Kagome and Inuyasha were blinded by the bright light that surrounded them.

At that moment, Sango, Miroku, and Shippo was on their way back from their little picnic. Then all of a sudden they felt a strange blast of energy coming form the village. They knew he had made his choice.

"Miroku, should we hurry up to see what happened or should we take our time?" Sango asked.

"I think we should really take our time." He said with having a perverted smirk on his face.

"You better get back, you pervert. You get any closer and grope me I'll hit you." she said threatening him.

Miroku ended up groping Sango anyways.

"Hentai. Now what did I tell you! Do you want anymore? Then get back."

Miroku cowardly moved away.

After a few minutes, the energy began to face off, Kagome started becoming weaker and weaker. As soon as all of the energy faded, the Shikon No Tama disappeared, and Kagome fainted. Inuyasha was regaining his sight from the strong glow. He found Kagome faint in his arms and she didn't smell normal to him. He smelt that she had a demon scent to her. Then he has seen that she was no longer a human, but a hanyou. He was shocked at what has happened.

'Wow! I like her new scent and she looks more beautiful than ever. She is going to be pissed off at me big time.' He thought as he held her into his chest.

Five minutes later, Kagome finally woke up. She didn't see any change to Inuyasha. She then scratched her head in a puzzled look and felt she had inu ears.

"What the hell happened to me? Did I just turned into a bitch or what?" She yelled.

Inuyasha snapped out of his daze and replied. "Yeah wench; you're now officially a bitch."

"Inuyasha! Don't call me that you bastard and help me to my bag."

"But you are bitch."

Inuyasha helped Kagome across the room to her bag. She then pulled out a mirror, she always carries around, to look at herself.

She saw two black inu ears with a sliver outlining the ridge of her ears. She still had her raven black hair, but with sliver streaks. On her face, she had a baby blue streak outlining both of her cheeks, eye lids, and lips. She also had fangs and long nails like Inuyasha's. This change made her muck more beautiful than before.

Kagome was able to move on her own now she noticed she was taller than before. She walked up to Inuyasha and hugged him.

I love this, this change!"

" I... I thought you would be really pissed of at me!"

Kagome began to giggle lightly and saying, "Yeah, I am pissed off, but ever since I met you, I always wandered how it would be if I was a hanyou. Now I know why they say be careful what you wish for it just might happen."

Inuyasha began to embrace her into his chest, stroking her hair. Kagome was taking in deep breaths to take in Inuyasha's scent.

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