High School Hell.

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Kagome stifled a giggle as she glanced over at her best friend Yumi. Every possible inch of the poor girl was covered in tanning lotion. And judging by the way her breathing had evened out, she was asleep. Not exactly the best idea in the world, judging as it was one of the hottest days she had ever witnessed. When she had flipped on her television that morning, the weather man had predicted a high of 98 degress fahrenheit. Meaning it was going to get damn hot.

Kagome gently reached over and took the 'men in black' sunglasses off of Yumi's face and immediately burst into a fit of laughter.

"Yumi! Wake up!! Y-You s-seriously n-need a mirror." Kagome could barely supress the urge to say 'Ya know, you do a great impression of a raccoon!'

Yumi just swatted at her and flipped over onto her back, jamming her headphones deeper into her ears.

Kagome sighed, smiling at her best friend's antics. They been friends longer than she could remember. Every time she needed her for anything, Yumi was right by her side; through thick and thin. Her dad had once told her that she would be lucky if she ever met a true friend in her entire life. Well, seeing as how her dad was wrong about ninety-nine percent of the time, naturally he was wrong about this.

She let out long sigh as she stood up, brushing the sand from her clothes and gazing out along the edge of the beach. She really would miss it here. Her dad had given her the news that they would be moving, again.. She thought that maybe they had found their permanent home. Guess not.

A sudden breeze from the ocean ruffled her long raven locks playfully, and she tucked the loose strands behind her ear before closing her eyes to the gentle stream of wind. Everything was peaceful, exactly how she liked it.

As a matter of fact.. it was a little too peaceful. Her eyes snapped open at once, and immediately she wished she had kept them closed. The beach was completely deserted. No Yumi, no nothing.

The silence was deafening. She looked around and screamed, but she had no voice, just silence. The clouds didn't move, the ocean current was motionless; it was like she was the only one alive. She didn't understand. Yumi was there just a second ago, asleep in the sand with raccoon eyes. How did she..?

Kagome shook her head and steadied her beating heart. She remembered this dream now, it wasn't the first time she had had it. 'Just calm down, girl. It'll be over soon.'

Taking a deep breath, she walked forward until wet sand met her bare feet, causing her to recoil at the coldness. A boom of loud noise blared out from beside her and she started. Her instincts acted before she had time to think and she turned, meeting instant blackness.

((A/N: o.o...Man, that was suspenseful. oO' Don't worry..nothing happened to her. Come on..Why would I kill my plot before it begun?))


Kagome heard a thump, and was immediately introduced to the floor of her new house. Floor, Kagome. Kagome, Floor. Pleased to meet you.

She drowsily opened an eye, sitting up and instantly glaring daggers at her alarm clock. Rubbing some sleepy from her eyes, she plopped back down into the soft carpet. Her glory was short lived, however.

'Good morning! The time currently readys 4:45 on the dot, and I'm your D.J. of the day, Ray!'

"Good god, he must not get paid enough," Kagome yawned into the floor, reaching a hand up to brush along her covers until she found the object she was looking for. Her pillow. Snatching it quickly off the bed she plopped it over her ears, attempting to drown out the noise. No such luck.

'Get ready all you Sister Hazel fans!'

Kagome immediately perked up, listening intently.

'Here comes your song of the day, 'Champagne High.' '

"Yes! Today might be a good day, afterall." She chirped brightly as the D.J.'s voice faded and the song came on. Throwing her pillow back onto her bed, she used her nightstand as a support she lifted herself off the floor and onto her wobbly legs. It was definately too early.

She leaned down and opened the second drawer of her make-shift prop, taking out her very useful portable radio. Her friends always thought she was weird for listening to music in the shower. Her composure left her momentarily as she thought of the dreams she had been having. They were all the same, she was by herself; lost in time. It was sad when she really thought about it..she would never find friends that she never left. But the saddest part of all was that she would never find a boyfriend, either. She mentally shrugged the dreams off. It didn't matter, they weren't real or anything. Well, she couldn't miss her favourite song, could she? Today was the first day of school, and she was definately going to start it off right, even if it was 5:00 in the morning.

She had made it half way to the bathroom before realizing she had yet to turn off the alarm clock. And It just so happened that her favourite stuffed animal was lying extremely close to her feet.

"Sorry Snow," she apologized before aiming it at the alarm clock and chunking it. Figures it would miss. She visibly winced as the teddy bear missed the clock and went sailing out of the open window, right onto her new neighbor's roof. Well, she was going to have a time of getting THAT one back...

"Three points, Kagome!" She cheered, puching her arm into the air and grinning. Ah well, she'd turn the mechanical nuisance off after her shower.

Little did she know that the innocent teddy bear had just awoken a very grumpy hanyou.


"Kagome?" Mr. Higurashi gently knocked on his daughter's door before gently turning the knob and allowing himself in. He was instantly bombarded by noise coming both the bathroom and the new alarm clock he had bought her yesterday. That child was going to be the death of him.

He crossed the room and reached over to push the snooze button, not having quite figured out how to turn off the darn thing. A slight breeze instantly alerted him of the open window in front of him.


His only response was a crash and couple of colorful curses coming from the bathroom. He had a feeling that wasn't the radio.

He sighed and started to close the window before noticing a familiar white teddy bear lying on the roof of their neighbor's house. As Kagome exited the bathroom she didn't have to glance twice to know what he was looking at.

"Dad, I can expl-' She started, before getting interrupted with a slight sigh and a muffled sound.

"Dad? You okay?" For some reason, she didn't like that sound.

Mr. Higurashi slowly turned around. Uh-Oh. He was gonna blow a gasket, she knew it.

"You..."...Here it comes.."Have the suckiest aim ever!" He grinned at the look on her face.

"Dad!!!" She smiled and reached to throw the pillow at him, but decided not to. "So you aren't mad at me?"

The smile had disappeared before she could blink. "Actually, since I'm such a forgiving father...I won't ground you, but I think Snow would like to be back in the house with you."


"Meaning that since you have to introduce yourselves to the neighbors anyway, you might as well add that you threw your teddy bear onto their roof."

She sighed in defeat and nodded. It was only fair afterall. She would have begged him not to punish her like that, but at the moment a particular alarm clock decided to let itself be known. She was starting to love this morning more and more. And besides, it was probably just a friendly old couple that lived in that house. (A/N: That's what she thinks o.o;)

"Now, get dressed and meet me downstairs for breakfast. You are leaving the house at 6:00 on the dot."

She merely nodded in response, walking over to her dresser and flicking the off switch on the offending machine. The door quietly shut behind her and she retreated to her closet, rubbing her sore thigh. Damn that hurt, she'd be lucky if it didn't bruise.

The monthly 'new school routine' had rubbed off on her a while ago; she had even gone so far as to pick out the outfits to wear for the first couple of weeks in her new school. It might be a week, might be a month, she never knew when they would get reassigned. Her dad was a presidential agent, he worked on special cases. Murders, shootings, etc. People thought that that was the coolest job ever..but it had destroyed her trust. After six years of lost promises, she had learned never to depend on him for anything. She loved him with all her heart, but he was usually too busy with work to pay attention to her. She didn't blame him, it wasn't his fault. One time, when she was sixteen, he had even had the gall to send her to a psychiatrist because he thought she was mentally 'unstable'. Truthfully, he just hadn't seen her in a while and thought she had holed herself up in her room.

She picked up her bright red t-shirt hanging from the knob of her walk-in closet. It had the faded word 'Angelic' written across the chest with devil horns protruding from each side and a devil tail sticking out of the c to underline the word. She loved that shirt, it was one of her favourites. The classical look had always intrigued her. Loud colors, sparkles, and glitter just didn't interest her. And the color pink....She visibly shivered as she remembered the hot pink shirt her dad had bought her for Christmas. Lets just say it was going to take about another five years for him to make it up to her.

She opened her closet door and scanned the row of shirts and random belts, trying to find her white undershirt.

"Ah-Hah! There you are!" She snatched it triumphantly off of the plastic blue hanger, quickly flipping it over her semi-dry hair. White made the red in her shirt contrast her eyes perfectly. Not to sound conceited, but she loved the shade of her eyes. They were a slate-gray blue color; the color of a storm cloud when the lightning had just begun to rumble. The doctor told her it was very odd, considering the fact that her mother had brown eyes. Guess miracles happen, right? Not.

Slipping on the red shirt, she curled up the white undershirt sleeves simply. Turning to face the other wall of her oversized closet, she began running her finger down the neatly arranged pants until she got to a particular pair. She gently unhooked them from the hanger and slipped them on underneath her towel. They were a simple pair of Levi's, a little too tight in her dad's opinion. But then again..everything was too tight in her dad's opinion. The bottoms collected on the floor and she had an extremely hard time trying to not walk on them. She spared a look at the clock, stopping dead in her tracks. That couldn't be right! It said 5:30!

"Shit! I'm going to be late!" She cursed at herself, almost ripping her belt holder out of the wall as she grabbed the red one that looked almost like a seat belt and hurridly slipped it through all the holes, running it through the latch at the front. She made sure that it was securely on as she raced over to her bed, tripping on her pants as she did so. Perfect.

"Ack!" She crashed against the floor and immediately her father took to yelling at her and banging on the roof of the kitchen with a broom. Why did she have to be right above the kitchen? Oi. 'Ah well, better than to be over the bathroom,' she snickered to herself. Not bothering to lift her head, she reached underneath the bed, groping for her nike tennis shoes before finally brushing against them. She would have proceeded to put them on except for that the most annoying person in her life right now burst through the doors.

"Kag? Why are you making out with the floor?" Her brother Souta asked innocently, stifling a yawn while at the same time trying to rake a comb through his hair.

"Hm? Souta, I'm not making out with the floor..I'm putting on my shoes." She sighed into the carpet pulling out her Nike's and slipping them over her feet, double knotting them to make sure of no more slip-ups. She thanked the gods that no one had seen that brilliant display of gracefulness.

"Whatever." Souta yawned loudly again, shrugging and looking at her with a half dead expression.

"Cheeky little bugger this morning, aren't you?" She quirked an eyebrow at him, standing up and brushing off her pants. Obviously Souta had just woken up, and now would be the perfect chance to get him. She smiled inwardly, hoping that she would make it through this glorious day alive. Walking to her nightstand, she picked up her watch and clipped it onto her wrist; afterwards picking up her keys from the little tray she used to put all of her little knick knacks and things she knew she would lose.

"Hey Souta?"




Kagome literally had to cover her ears as he took of screeching down the hallway, down the stairs, out the door, and halfway down the block.

"Damn. I think he just broke a record." She giggled softly, knowing that in a few moments a red faced father would be pacing up the stairs and into her room. Somehow she didn't think that he would like the joke she just pulled. Taking a sparing glance into the full-body mirror stationed next to her door she scanned her appearance critically. Her hair was dry now, and it cascaded down her shoulder to the middle of her back where there was permanant wave. Her friends had always loved her hair for some reason. She liked it..sure, but she didn't think it was the best hair in the world. She dropped her gaze down to her wrist where a small scar resided. It hurt to think about it, what happened such a long time ago...

"KAGOME! TIME TO LEAVE!" Her father shattered her thoughts completely and she started, peering down at her shaking hands.

"I'm coming dad!" She barely spoke above her normal level as she slowly walked through her doorway. As she turned to close her door she managed to snag a peek out of her window and what she saw made her jaw drop.

The hottest guy she had ever seen in her life was flipping a shirt over his bare chest. His long silvery white hair fell over his shoulders, giving him a godly surreal appearance. She couldn't be sure, but she thought she saw two dog ears set atop his head. Kagome had a feeling she was going to like this school afterall. The boy lifted his head up momentarily and caught her stare through the window, causing her to rip her eyes away from him and shut door hastily. A ferocious blush creeped into her cheeks as she descended the stairs, and she desperately tried to push it down. There was no use in getting a crush now, she would be leaving in a few weeks anyway. That sobering thought made her heart ache, but the blush completely dispersed as if it were never there.

"I hate this.." Her voice was barely a whisper. As she got to the last step she saw her father waiting with a few twenty dollar bills in his hand. Just to put on a show, she jumped off the last step and hugged him around his neck, smiling brilliantly.

"Well, I see you're ready to go to school!" He brightly laughed, seemingly forgetting to punish her for the incident with her younger brother. She nodded and continued to flash him that award winning smile. "That's my girl! Now, here's about a hundred and sixty dollars. I want you to eat some breakfast and after school go exploring, shopping, whatever you want. I heard there was a great mall about forty-five minutes away from here. You might want to go check that out."

She stared at the money in his hand quietly before excepting it, stuffing it deep into her pocket. She knew he only did that so that she would forgive him for moving so much. Well, that was a tough chance. Ah well, she was going to go exploring anyway.

"Good girl. Don't worry about coming home early, today is a friday anyway. Oh! I'll be taking Souta to school as soon as I can find him. I think we really should have put a tracking system on that kid."

Her smile wavered slightly at this, and she thought about adding 'Well, I thought it was a good idea to sell him to the zoo when they offered.' She knew she was in trouble, might as well not make things worse by adding her opinion.

"Oh, and Kagome?" Mr. Higurashi added as he ushered his daughter out of the front door.


"You are still introducing yourself as soon as you get home. " He chuckled quietly.

"Huh?" She blinked thoughtfully as she walked over to her truck. He was sure being awfully lenient towards her. Maybe he was beginning to warm up to the fact that maybe moving every month was starting to effect her? Nah..She kept her thoughts on her father until reality struck her like a bolt of lightning. She was having to be introduced to that boy. Her face once again turned crimson red as she stopped by the door of her truck.

She slowly turned to wave at her father as she opened the door to her new F-250 ford truck, only to find that the front door was already closed. Her smile dropped, her spirits dropped. All of the fire that was in her eyes evaporated as soon as she found out he wasn't looking. She let out a long, collected sigh and took a moment to look at the boy's window again. He was gone, so either she had freaked him out or he had finished getting dressed. She figured it was the latter. Now she knew why her father had given her that bedroom. Because it faced that boy's window. Well, she wasn't doing his dirty work for him. The police had assigned him the case to watch that house very carefully. They apparently had some leads that a major drug deal was going on with a guy named Naraku. Personally, it was hard to believe that a junior in high school and a freshmen in college were behind the biggest drug deal up to date.

Her truck shimmered in the morning dew as she climbed inside and started the engine. A few months ago she had had her father paint the truck with iridescent color paint, so that it looked blue but in the sunlight shimmered with iridescent colors. She reached over and pushed the button on her armrest to roll down the windows so that she could see clearly.

Her mechanical clock read 5:51. This new school supposedly started at 6:30 and it would take her about fifteen minutes to get there. She lowered her sun visor and looked in the mirror momentarily before popping it back up again. The engine roar lowered to a low rumbling, meaning it had finally warmed up. Flipping her radio on she pushed the seek button until she found some good alternative music. Leaning back into the seat, she started humming to the music. Ahhh..Perfect.

She was once again knocked back into reality as the door of the brothers' house slammed shut with a bang. She started, searching for the noise when her eyes rested upon the youngest (she supposed) brother. The same one she had been caught staring at earlier. He cast a wary glance in her direction and she once again found herself being caught in the act. That was twice in one day, she was on a roll.

"Hey, sweetie. Take a picture, it'll last longer." He chirped over at her, winking at her and grinning as she turned away to hide her blush. It figures, the cute ones usually turn out to be jerks.

"Asshole," she mumbled under her breath, switching the gears to reverse as she looked over her shoulder at the road.

"Bitch!" He called out, causing her to jump instinctively and crane her neck to look at him. He had heard her? He was obviously aware of her curious look as he smiled at her, showing his perfect, white, even teeth. One of his ears twitched on his head, and she couldn't help but think of a lost little puppy. Yeah, he was a dumbass..be he was just so cute! She shook her head, backing up out of the driveway as he got into his new silver Mitsubishi Eclipse. Well, they had money..that's for sure. That for one was particularly interesting, considering the fact that most half-demons didn't make much money. His brother was probably full-blooded. She took that into consideration for a moment as she switched gears to drive.

She had gone halfway down the road when a silver Mitsubishi Eclipse with tinted windows came flying past.

"You really are a dumb fuck!!" She screamed at him as the wind from the motion racked against her truck. If he did anything at all to her truck she would rip his ears off and make him eat them. Well, maybe not that far, but she would definately make him sorry. Her truck was the only thing that had been with her and not been taken away or moved. As she watched the car speed off into the distance, an overwhelming sense of dèjà vù surrounded her. Her mother had done the same thing. Just sped off.

She arrived in the parking lot at around 6:15, and she thanked her lucky stars that that jerk hadn't caused her to be late. She could see it now, 'Congratulations, Higurashi! You're officially late for your first day of school!."

She wished she had that jerk's name, though. 'Argh! Kag, what are you thinking?! You don't care.' she mentally chided herself before pulling into a visitor's parking spot and finally getting a chance to look up at the building. It took her breath away. That thing was a school?! It must have been four stories tall, and look like more of a stadium or castle than a school. It was completely set in stained brick, giving it an ancient appearance. Four stone pillars and five sets of steps rose in front to greet the students. It looked like the giant mouth of a shark, opening up to eat the students like tuna. Well, she wasn't about to get compared to a tuna, and she had seen more impressive schools. Well, actually they were colleges, but still! She sighed momentarily before flipping the switch to her radio and rolling up both of the windows. She took the key from the ignition, reaching behind her to grab the new backpack she had bought yesterday. Ripping the tags off, she stuck her keys in the front most pocket.

The bag itself was baby blue, her favourite color. It had 'Kagome' written in black italics across the front, and on one of the straps that hung from the back. It didn't exactly match, but it was cute either way. She opened the door slightly, sliding off the seat and pivoting on her foot to push the auto lock before slamming the door. She was determined not to be afraid of this new school. She didn't need to be, the routine had been etched in her head a long time ago. Go get her schedule, give the principal the forms from her last school, get her parking location, and head off in the direction she thought she should be going. This one was just like all the others, nothing to get worked up about.

She put on her stoic 'I don't give a damn, so don't you dare talk to me' face as she started off across the parking lot and towards the stone steps. If she looked as unfriendly as possible, then no one would mess with her..hopefully.

Slinging her backpack over her left shoulder she made her way up to the steps, the shapes of students hanging off the stone posts on either side of each set of steps beginning to materialize. She stopped at the beginning of the steps and looked up, the sunlight dancing on her features. She was definately not going to let this nice summer day get her in a bad mood. She mentally noted to check out the beach she had heard about on the t.v. as soon as school let out.

She began ascending the steps with a few whistles and remarks coming from a few of the guys. Quite a few, actually. She just stared them down with an icy expression reflected in her gray eyes. It had happened before, and she just stopped caring. It used to make her embarrassed to be whistled at like a dog, but now she was just indifferent about the whole situation.

She had made it to the very last step, finally.

'Whew, I made it...that was like climbing a mountain,' she thought to herself.

A blow from the side knocked her backwards and she seriously thought she was going to fall down all the stairs and lie in a broken puddle of blood and bones on the ground, when two strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her up.

"You can open your eyes now, sweetie." Oh great, him. She slowly opened her eyes and peered into two violet ones. O..kay...Maybe not.. She heard snickering off to her left, where the blow had come from and turned her head to see the devil himself sitting on one of the brick walls. Well, mabye not the devil, but close enough. His silver hair was blowing in the wind and she thought seriously of yanking half of it out. There was a group of people she had guessed to be the 'popular group'sitting on the wall and ground beside him, and they were all laughing. She turned her head back to her rescuer and blinked at the intent look he was giving her.

"You can let go now." Ouch, that one must have hurt his ego. She gave him a frosty glare before he finally released his grip.

"The name's Kouga." He stuck out his hand and she looked at it like it was the black plague.

"Charmed." She picked up her bag from the ground and dusted it off before slinging it over her shoulder and walking past him.

"Hey, wait! I didn't get your name." He turned to look at her while she walked away.

"That's because I didn't give it." She turned to hear giggling and laughing in the background, in her direction she had guessed. The boy with the silvery white hair from earlier was making faces behind her back. How childish.

"Yo! Inuyasha, cut it out. Do you have to be an asshole to all the new girls? Especially the pretty ones?" Kouga innocently asked, throwing the football that had hit her back at the boy.

Inuyasha. So that was his name. She was beginning to get an evil idea, but pushed it away when a very skankily ((A/N: New word? oO)) clad girl walked straight into her.

"Watch where you're going, bitch!" The girl gave Kagome a very cold look, turning around to completely look at her.

This school was pissing her off already, and she had only been there for fifteen minutes.

"Pardonnez-moi, vous porc." (Pardon me, you pig.) Kagome retorted, flashing a brilliant smile at the girl. She didn't show it, but she was kind of shocked. The two girls looked way too much alike for her comfort. Except for the fact that she knew you didn't wear a minnie skirt and pumps together without getting some sort of reputation.

The silence continued until the french students nearby burst into laughter and started rolling on the ground and off of the brick wall. And gauging his reaction, Inuyasha had understood too. 'Hah! Take that you bastard,' she thought to herself.

"Kikyo." The name startled both of them out of the glare competiton, and the girl gave Kagome one last icy look before turning and flouncing away to the person that had called her name. Inuyasha. When she reached him she threw her arms around his neck, giving him a deep passionate kiss. Kagome almost gagged at the sight. Not only was that bitch a fashion victim, she was a whore too. Peachy.

She noticed the group was still staring at her..Including Kouga. She put on the brightest smile she could muster before lifting up a hand and giving them all the birdie. Well, there went that new start. Turning to open the glass door, she heard a whistling sound behind her and ducked just as the football slammed into the glass door. Shrugging, she kicked it out of the way and continued to open the door, noting Inuyasha's stare as she closed it quietly behind her.

"Holy Cow." Her eyes were fixed on the four odd hallways running in opposite directions around her. The students were flying by like a pack of animals that had just been scared out their minds, and Kagome had the distinct feeling that she had just been lead into an endless maze.

Now, which way to the principals office?


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