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Kin: Hey. Welcome to my fic!

Kashaku: *ahem*

Kin: Ano, I mean OUR fic.

Leiko: that's better.

Kin: This is really a lot like a joint fic; I am just the one who wrote it. All three of us came up with the ideas. If you want to read some other fics, go and read YuYu Yasha by TenshiNoKoori. That fic is also kind of a joint fic.

Kashaku: Each of us plays a character in this story.

Leiko: Mizuna represents me.

Kin: Kin represents me. Duh.

Kashaku: and I'm Kashaku.

Kin: So, anyway, on with the fic!

Kashaku: You mean the prologue?

Kin: Arrgh! Whatever!

"blah" speaking

'blah' thinking

/blah/ conscience

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Falling Into Fiction


"Miss Raikatuji would you like to join us?"

Kin snapped to attention. Her intelligent response was "huh?" She heard one of her best friends Kashaku giggle from the desk on her left.

Kin bit back a sharp retort and settled for glaring and saying "hmpf." It wasn't her fault that Sarusu-sensai was so boring he could talk a rabid dog to sleep. The teacher continued to drone on about Japanese pronouns and was oblivious to the remark.

As soon as the teacher turned to the board, Kin turned to her left and glared daggers at Kashaku. Kashaku, as if she could feel her stare, looked at her and grinned showing off her silver braces. She then stuck her tongue out and turned back to the board.

Kin stared at her. Kashaku Hitomi was one of Kin's best friends and never ceased to surprise her with her random acts of strangeness. She was by far the strangest girl she had ever met. She was the normal Japanese girl if not a little odd. You could never tell what she was thinking or would do next.

Mizuna Arishima, Kin's other best friend, wasn't in this class. In fact, she didn't have any of the same classes as Kin or Kashaku. Super smart and super sarcastic, Mizuna was the epitome of calm, logic and emotional control. Most people would consider her emotionless, aloof and cold, but in reality she was a loyal and steadfast friend. She was sixteen, a year younger than Kin and Kashaku, but she had been moved up a grade and placed in all the gifted classes as soon as she had enrolled to the boarding school.

Kin was the extrovert of the group. She is what you would call "quick to anger." She never missed a chance to argue and was very stubborn, impatient, and irrational at times. She tended to jump into situations without thinking first and complain about the consequences later as well as being highly competitive. Not exactly the easiest person to get along with, but she had a good heart and was very honorable.

Mizuna, Kin and Kashaku had been best friends ever since they had met. All three of them had parents that had just shipped them off to the boarding school just to get them out of the way. They were also being forced to learn Japanese from the beginning because they had been born in Japan and moved to America when they were little.

They were all pretty fluent in Japanese, but Mizuna knew the most. She also knew French, Japanese slang, English, and was currently working on her Spanish.

Kashaku glanced at Kin as Sarusu-sensai droned on and on about Japanese pronouns. She wondered what Kin was thinking about. Kashaku had gotten bored somewhere around the third sentence of the lesson and was currently trying hard not to fall asleep. She looked around and noticed that aside from her, Kin, and three other students, all the rest of the class was asleep.

Kashaku decided that it was time to get the hell out of there. Kin turned around as she saw the signal. Kashaku grinned and watched as Kin smirked back. This would be fun.


Mizuna walked with her lunch out to the sakura tree to meet her friends. When she sat down and completed their circle she immediately noticed Kin's attempt at a straight face and Kashaku's wicked grin. She raised an eyebrow.

"So how did you get out of class this time?"

Kin smirked. "Well. did you know that Sarusu-sensai wears a toupee?" she asked. Mizuna stared at her and waited for her to continue. "Let's just say that the janitors will have a hard time scraping it off the ceiling..."

Kin started snorting and Kashaku started to laugh hysterically. Mizuna couldn't help but grin and giggle along with them.

That was what was good about her friends. Mizuna had been more of a loner before she had met them, but they had accepted her and treated her like a sister. They could always make her laugh and she really appreciated it. She wouldn't trade them for anything.

"Ano, what is that?" Kin asked Kashaku warily.

"It's my own creation," said Kashaku seriously.

"I don't want to know." Mizuna said forcefully.

Last time they had tried one of Kashaku's "creations" for lunch Mizuna had almost thrown up and been sick for a week even though Kin had been fine if not completely disgusted. They had both swore off Kashaku's cooking for life after that. Last time it had been some kind of mustard casserole. This time it was an indescribable green blob.

After a while, talk turned towards anime. Kin, Kashaku and Mizuna were all big anime fanatics. They especially liked YuYu Hakusho.

"So, did you see that episode last night?" Kin asked.

"Hai, it was really good." Mizuna replied.

"I wish I could handcuff myself to Kurama." Kashaku suddenly said.

Mizuna raised both eyebrows. "That was random." she commented.

Kin looked away from where she had been glaring at some fifth graders who were a little too cheerful in her opinion. As soon as she looked away, the fifth graders made a break for it and ran away as fast as they could.

"What were we talking about?" she asked.

This time it was Mizuna and Kashaku's turn to sweatdrop.

Kashaku suddenly started to dance around and spout poetry about how wonderful it would be to go to the YuYu Hakusho world. Mizuna watched this with what could be considered boredom.

"Did you giver her any coke?" she asked calmly.

"Of course not! I'm not that stupid!" Kin replied angrily.

Mizuna sweatdropped as Kashaku started to do the Macarena. "Just wondering."

Kin watched in amazement as Kashaku started doing cartwheels. "I see your point."

Kashaku finally calmed down enough to sit back down. She grinned and didn't look the least bit embarrassed about doing all that in front of the whole school.

"You know what I wish?" she asked.

They were all silent as they stared at one another. Kin was smirking, Kashaku was grinning wildly, and the corners of Mizuna's mouth were twitching.

"I wish we could all go to the YuYu Hakusho world!" they all yelled at the same time.


They all laughed.

"I don't feel so well." Kashaku said suddenly. Just then Kin and Mizuna started to feel a little dizzy. "Me either." Mizuna said with a little bit of edge in her voice.

An intense bright light suddenly surrounded them and the girls knew no more.

To be continued.

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