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Falling Into Fiction

Chapter 9: Dreams

Dark misty shadows slipped between the branches of twisting trees and the raucous cawing of what sounded like large birds echoed in the dull silence. In fact, everything was dull here, deep in the silence, in the silvery forest of shades, and wisps of phantom smoke. The forest was strange, the trees so tall and bare, warped branches grown together to block out the light and soft dead leaves slowly decaying into the undisturbed soil. It was a place that had been undisturbed for what could even be centuries; it was a place of silence and twisted darkness rotting in its own oppressive decay….

"I'm hungry! Feed me Mi-chan!"

The cheerful voice cut through the harsh silence like a knife and a flock of crows let out a series of startled shrieks before taking off in a flurry of ruffled ebony wings. A group of three people was slowly trudging its way through the woods, taking their time to step over the protruding roots of gnarled trees with circumspection. One of these people was a short man with pale blue hair wearing what was almost unidentifiably a ripped-up tuxedo, one a water demoness with a sapphire skirt and shirt, and the last was the young sorceress with a happy appearance that had first spoken.

Although Kashaku was unable to run around due to the still fresh wound on her stomach, that didn't make her incessant whining any more bearable. It had almost been three hours since the group had been separated, and Mizuna was almost ready to kill the still bouncing girl. If they didn't stop for the night soon she would finally be forced to….

Thankfully her thoughts and cracking knuckles were interrupted at this point by Hiei, returning from his scouting position up ahead. He stared at her unblinkingly with his almost glowing red eyes and she felt an interesting sort of heat creep up her neck for some unfathomable reason. He seemed to notice too because he stared at the once pearly white column of her throat for a few seconds before looking back up to her face and raising an eyebrow with a slight smirk. She simply returned the favor with a frosty glare, the heat receding with his arrogance.

"We will camp here for the night," he said simply, bored.

No one replied to his statement, just settled down for the night trying to get as comfortable as possible without any kind of protection against the cold, especially in their ripped clothes… except for Mizuna who had fresh clothes. Although it was almost impossible to tell time in the frozen lethargy of the shadow forest, Hiei had driven them into the dusk, and just into the night. They were tired and dropped off to sleep immediately, Kashaku mumbling, wrapped around Touya, and Mizuna propped herself against the trunk of a tree while Hiei sat atop another.

Shadows darkened until there were no shadows, no distinctions from the light and dark, for there was no light anymore at all. It was the dead of night, black as pitch due to the canopy of branches, twisting and writhing together like worms until it was impossible to tell where one tree's branches ended and another's began. It was at this time that something began to move, something deep within the lidded and gloomy heart of the forest, something alive... something hungry.

Hiei's glowing crimson eyes suddenly snapped open as he felt something wrapping around his leg and slowly snaking its way up his body. The only indication that he had moved at all was the swish of a blade and the sound of something almost silently hitting the decayed leaf-carpeted ground. He narrowed his eyes. This wasn't good.

For some reason, the village full of singing munchkins seemed wrong to Mizuna. The fact that her house had just landed on the wicked witch from the East and she had just gained a pair of magical ruby slippers also seemed wrong. Adding to the oddness, a girl with long, flaming red hair and bright yellow eyes was following behind her in a large dog costume saying her name was Toto. She decided not to comment.

Walking down the street that wound between small cottages and buildings also of the same miniature caliber, surrounded by munchkins, Mizuna eventually made her way to what seemed to be the center of the town. Here the annoying singing and dancing was finally put to a stop by the mayor of the munchkins. She didn't need to ask why they were waiting. They had only been singing about it for the last twenty minutes… meeting the good witch Glinda of the North.

A glimmering bubble of the most delicate pink came floating down from the sky and fluttered its way over to where the blue-haired girl stood waiting, bored. 'Toto' gave a short yip from behind her as the good witch appeared and Mizuna winced. Looking at the bubble she could see the beautiful face of a young woman, with long curling golden hair and molten gold eyes, a tall pink, sparkling crown upon her brow. As the demoness watched, the bubble came floating down and the girl was suddenly standing before her looking in all her sparkly pink glory like Barbie on her way to the prom.

"Who the hell are you?" Mizuna asked, well… it was more of a statement really.

The girl before her smiled kindly and waved her wand elegantly, releasing a shower of sparks. "Why, I am the good witch Glinda. I'm here to help you-"

A loud rip tore through the air and the good witch before her fell over on her butt, the extremely huge and pink, glittery skirt flying everywhere as she waved her arms around. "Shit! Damn this god-forsaken dress! I'm calling my agent about this, it's just unreasonable!" She continued to flail around uselessly.

Blue eyes regarded the tangle of limbs and fluffy dress with little interest. Mizuna watched her struggle for a while before turning around and beginning to walk away. She didn't have time for this. However, she was stopped when the girl suddenly appeared in front of her, all signs of crossness gone, and minus a tall glittery hat. Two golden fox ears were twitching on top of her head.

"Ahem," the witch said as she plastered on a sugar-sweet and rather sickening smile. "As I was saying, follow the yellow brick road. It will lead you to what you desire."

As Mizuna began to walk down the pointlessly spiraling yellow brick road with Toto closely on her heels, she could hear the good witch behind her yelling at someone on a cell phone. Munchkins were singing and the high heels on her feet were starting to pinch her toes. She'd had about enough of this…

Flash Forward

"I am the great Wizard of Oz! What is it that you seek!"

("I seek the magical underwear of Fujimababa!" Everyone gasped in shock at her bold statement.

"Do you understand the chickeny consequence of your actions?"

She nodded solemnly. –This moment brought to you by Mi-chan)

The sapphire-haired demoness stared at the giant floating head with glowing red eyes warily. The last thing she remembered was talking to some girl in a Barbie prom dress, how had she gotten here? She looked around, surprised to find that in addition to the mean-looking floating head there were four people standing just behind her. Well, people might be too strong a word.

In addition to the red-haired girl in the dog costume there was also a boy with straw sticking out his shirt cuffs and the bottom of his pants, an ugly red-headed boy looking scared in a lion costume, and a man with pale blue hair clanging in a suit of tin with no expression whatsoever. Okay, this was just getting stranger by the moment. However things just got weirder when the giant head disappeared and a man with tall black hair, red eyes and a katana at his side came out from behind a curtain.

"I asked you what you wanted," he said calmly, as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on. He was dressed in an ugly orange costume complete with puffy sleeves and long purple flowing cape. For some reason Mizuna felt a snicker rise up in her throat, but by supreme effort managed to simply cough.

He continued. "I'm assuming you need some courage," he said looking at the ugly red-headed boy in the lion costume. "Well, too bad. I don't care." The lion burst into tears at this statement and ran from the room bawling his eyes out. The short man crossed his arms in annoyance.

"I see nothing wrong with you," he said looking at the tin man. "Except your choice of wardrobe. A heart is inconsequential in the long run and frankly I still don't care." The blue-haired man didn't seem to care that this statement had been directed at him and continued to ignore the situation in favor of shoving Toto away from him as she tried to jump onto his back.

Mizuna was about to interrupt the 'wizard' before he moved on to the scarecrow but he continued to plow on despite her. "And you," he said looking at the green-eyed, black-haired scarecrow, "are definitely in need of a brain." He smirked

"Why the hell does everyone keep saying that!" the straw-stuffed youth practically yelled. "I already have a brain! How the hell can I be talking to you if I don't have a brain!"

The orange-clad wizard had no expression. "That is something that I'm sure we're all wondering," he said emotionlessly. He turned towards Mizuna, finally recognizing her presence. However, he seemed puzzled all of a sudden. "And what do you want?"

The water demoness was quite ready to leave this insane situation behind her and forget about the whole experience. "I want to get the hell out of here."

"Ah, why didn't you say so in the first place!" a female voice suddenly sounded, quickly followed by a tinkling laugh.

'Oh Kami, not the Barbie…' Mizuna thought to herself, mentally smacking her head against a wall.

But lo and behold, it was the Barbie… or Glinda if you wanted to get technical. She landed on the ground gracefully, her tall glittery hat back in place and cell phone nowhere in sight. She waved her wand around, accidentally hitting Toto in the face, but didn't seem to notice. Her sappy, fake smile was back in place.

"Just tap your heels together three times and say, 'there's no place like home' after each tap. You've had the way to get home all along, the ruby slippers hold the power!" she said, smiling and strangely holding on to the wall… but that might have been because otherwise she would have fallen on her butt again without the support to hold her up. Man that dress must have been heavy with all that pink glitter layered on it.

Mizuna thought for a second. "Ruby slippers… you mean the ruby slippers I got from the dead witch under the house." When she saw the good golden-haired girl's nod she coughed. "They were pinching my toes. So, I ditched them."

And that was when the monkeys arrived. Yes, you heard me correctly; I said that's when the monkeys arrived. But these weren't normal monkey's, oh no. These monkeys were blue… and they had wings… and they were actually kind of hot. Both monkeys blinked in surprise as everyone stared at them.

"Um… argh?" the first one said. Both monkeys had red hair and bright green eyes.

Okay, what happened next was not totally unexpected, but let's just say… that it was rather surprising.

"Oh my Kami! You complete idiots! What the hell are you doing! You're in the wrong scene!" Glinda exploded. "I try and I try, and what do I get! This shitty Barbie prom dress that weighs more than I do and a pair of monkeys that can't even come in during the right scene! That is it! I quit!"

The first monkey blinked and his ears wiggled. He spoke up, and his voice had a distinct Irish lilt to it. "So does this mean you'll be free later?" For his efforts he received a free cell phone… lobbed at his face courtesy of Glinda.

In the chaos that ensued Mizuna backed up and tried to figure out what the hell was going on. This was a totally random and for some reason it didn't feel right. Where was the forest? Wait, what forest…? Something was blocking her memories and her thoughts were sliding around uselessly like loose change in her head. She reached for some kind of explanation and found nothing. Her mind just kept drawing a blank.

A hand on her shoulder caused her to jump and she turned around to find a mirror image of the 'Great Oz' standing before her. However, this man wore a long black coat as well as a katana, no ridiculous orange robes in sight. His intense ruby-colored eyes caused something in her mind to stir and she suddenly remembered everything. This caused her to wonder once again what the hell was going on and how she got here. She opened her mouth to question him but he cut her off.

"Let's go wench. We don't have time for questions." He grabbed her arm and dragged her through what seemed to be a door standing in the middle of the floor. She questioned the fact that she hadn't noticed this before, but soon forgot about it after being dragged through it and blacking out.

Blinking, Mizuna's large azure eyes took in the dark forest around her, the decaying leaves and twisted trees. She wondered if all that had just happened had been a vision or dream of some kind. "What was that?" she asked, her voice emotionless but for a hint of annoyance. She noticed the withered vines that surrounded her and stood up carefully, avoiding them in distaste.

Hiei looked at her from the corner of his eye. "They are the vines of the tamashii no shokubutsu ­. They live in the heart of certain forests in the Reikai." He paused for a moment to chop a vine in half that was slithering towards his foot. "They are relatively weak, so they strike in the dead of night, wrapping their victims tight as they sleep, sucking out their soul to feed. A side effect of the process is that the victim is trapped in whatever dream they happen to be having as it becomes more vivid and real the longer they remain constrained."

Mizuna, having finished brushing off the now dead vines, asked him one more question… or three. "Why did you go into my dream, and how did you do it? Why not simply cut the vines free of me and be done with it?"

With a disdainful snort, the fire apparition before her answered reluctantly, apparently not fond of saying more than a few sentences between caustic remarks. Kurama was usually the one to inform others of the situation, not him. "If I were to simply cut you free you would be trapped in your mind, a driveling idiot for the rest of your life. To save a person from the grasp of their soul-sucking dream they must be drawn back out of their mind. Free from sleep, the vines will have then lost their power over the victim and will shrivel and die, overpowered."

"That still doesn't explain the how of it all," the water demoness said icily, not liking the tone he was using with her. She wasn't some moron that couldn't figure things out. Being ignorant made her frustrated and irritated her to no end, it was amazing that she had even asked him anything in the first place, letting him know of her lack of knowledge. She fingered the edge of one of her fans in aggravation and gave Hiei a level look.

He didn't even glance at her, only serving to make her more annoyed. "I used my Jigan eye to synchronize with your spirit energy and simply opened up a door into your mind. Simple and effective" He paused and started for a dark, vine-covered lump on the ground. "Stay here, I will retrieve the ice demon. Guard my back."

Before Mizuna could protest he was kneeling on the ground and had pulled the headband from his forehead, baring his third eye. Looking to the lump of vines on the ground that was almost completely indiscernible as a man, Hiei's eye began to glow and Mizuna could sense what might have been his consciousness slip into Touya's mind. She shuddered at the thought of being trapped in another person's psyche and was impressed with the fire apparition's bravery… or perhaps it was just the fact that he didn't care.

Slowly, almost sulkily, vines began to creep up on the immobilized Hiei. The blue-haired water demoness held her fan aloft and it slid open soundlessly, blades invisible in the complete blackness that surrounded them like a prison. The vines were dead in seconds; she was after all getting a feel for fighting. After a while, becoming tired of standing in the middle of a clearing and feeling like an idiot, the demoness sat with her back to Hiei's, keeping her fan drawn and ready.

The fact that the sarcastic apparition had trusted her to guard his back was strange enough to warrant contemplation. A sigh escaped her lips and she leaned against him, enjoying the contact. It was so confusing. Sometimes she felt herself becoming lost in his crimson eyes, glaring at her with unidentifiable, swirling emotion. She wasn't sure what she felt, but something tugged her in the direction of the cold, indifferent demon. However, although her attraction was undeniable, feeling such emotion was foreign to her. Hell, she practically knew the guy! But she felt it, something that she didn't want to recognize for what it was just yet…

Well, at least like this he couldn't glare at her with his angry crimson eyes and make some scathing comment, keeping his distance. The arrogant jerk was completely vulnerable…. Mizuna smiled slightly, slicing through green rotting flesh as another vine approached. So… she would guard his back.

Holding onto Hiei's black coat sleeve, Mizuna peered around his shoulder to see where they had come out. The trip into Kashaku's mind had been strange and rather disorienting; whether this was due to the fact that she had come as an extra passenger or that it was just like that in general she didn't know. Hiei had successfully freed Touya and she had of course wanted to go along for the ride into her red-haired friend's mind… she was extremely curious as to what it was like inside the mind of a human mind, dream or no.

They were in an office of some kind, extremely expensive from the look of the large bay windows, glass paperweights, ornate ballpoint pens in cases, and a large mahogany desk in the center of the room. A large, black tall-backed chair sat behind the desk, the back facing them. The entire atmosphere had a feel about it of dark and moodiness, uncharacteristic of Kashaku to say the least.

Hiei detached his sleeve from her grasp and she looked at him expressionlessly, seeming for the entire world like she had been standing this way the whole time. He frowned slightly and was about to open his mouth when the squeak of wheels distracted them.

Slowly, dramatically, like in almost every movie ever made, the black chair before them turned. Swiveling on wheels apparently in need of some oil, it made its circle to reveal…Kashaku in a purple and yellow pinstriped suit. She held a duck in her arms, stroking it lightly, and an extremely strange look on her face, like she was trying to act tough… or something. A cigar drooped heavily from her lips, unlit and looking strange, like she didn't know what she was doing with it.

Mizuna stared at her friend for a second and it was only her natural, frozen poise that allowed her to keep her face from twitching spastically at the sight. Hiei coughed in a rather strangled manner.

"What have you come for?" the red-haired girl asked. She steepled her fingers, leaning forward in the chair and over the rich colored desk. "The Godmother doesn't see just anyone you know."

The pair simply stared at her, both feeling the urge to laugh, both ignoring it. Mizuna coughed. "Kashaku, this isn't real. It's just a dr-"

"Touya. My coffee!"

Instantly, almost as if he'd been waiting right at the door, a young blue-haired man in a black business suit ran into the room with a cup of coffee balanced in the palm of his hand. He set it in front of the 'Godmother' before fading back quietly to the shadows behind her right shoulder as a silent and statuesque guard of ice.

Kashaku sipped her coffee slowly for a moment before dumping it into a nearby plant. "So I understand that this 'Mr. Popper' is bothering your daughter. Is that correct? I can have some boys 'take care of him' as a favor if you want. After all, we're all one big family." She waggled her eyebrows like this was important.

The two stoic demons standing in front of the desk stared. This was messed up, even for Kashaku. I mean, seriously… Mr. Popper? Wasn't that a book about penguins or something? This was going a little too far, and time was running out.

The blue-haired water demoness took it upon herself to speak. "Kashaku, this is a dream. It's not real," she said slowly as if speaking to a child or an idiot.

"Have you met my little friend?" Kashaku asked, plowing on. "He squeaks," she said and squeezed the duck in her lap. It let out the same kind of noise you would expect a rubber dog toy to make as it was being ripped apart by an overenthusiastic dog. It was rather unpleasant to say the least.

Mizuna sighed in exasperation and her eyebrow seemed to have a permanent tick in it. "Kashaku, just shut up and let's leave."

The red-haired 'godmother' in front of them slammed her fist down on the table. "How dare you speak to your godmother like that! Guards, seize them and do something really mean and unpleasant to them!"

Two figures emerged from the shadows where Touya had just dematerialized: one with long golden hair and the other with shaggy red hair. Both were dressed in extremely ridiculous pink and red pinstripe suites and green ties, also wearing large pairs of dark sunglasses. Both also held large super soakers in each hand.

"Oh for Kami's-" Mizuna slapped her forehead with one hand in annoyance. "This is just becoming insane." And with that, the extremely irritated water demoness dodged the two bodyguards, which wasn't too hard due to the fact that they seemed to be having difficulty seeing through the dark sunglasses, and grabbed Kashaku by the arm. "We're getting the hell out of here."

The red-haired sorceress pouted as she was dragged towards the door now standing alone in the center of the room, but didn't struggle. She grinned happily at the glaring Hiei as she was shoved through said door and finally opened her eyes in the real world.

The first thing she noticed was all the ugly, writhing vines covering her. She furrowed her eyebrows and quickly ripped them off her. Looking up, she saw a still annoyed looking Hiei and an emotionless Mizuna talking to each other in quiet voices. With some further inspection she located her favorite 'boyfriend.'


Said ice demon sighed as he felt the familiar passenger grab his arm. He wondered if she would still be latched on to him if Kurama was around and glared at a tree for no reason that he could fathom when this thought occurred to him. Deciding that it would be best to figure out what their next move would be and distract himself from these uncomfortable thoughts, he walked over to Mizuna and Hiei, dragging Kashaku with him.

Mizuna was speaking. "I think it would be best if we try to locate the others through meditation. As soon as we get a lock on their Spirit Energy we'll need to hurry as fast as we can to release them from the vines."

"Hn," was Hiei's response. He didn't seem to agree or disagree.

Eyebrow slightly twitching, the water demoness replied sarcastically to his noncommittal response. "Well, unless you have a better idea?"

To this comment she received no response at all and she glared at the fire demon standing so haughtily with arms crossed over chest. He seemed to be ignoring her completely now, and it was really starting to get to her. She drummed her fingers on her leg in annoyance before opening her mouth for a scathing remark.

"I agree with Mi-chan!" Kashaku yelled extremely loud all of a sudden. Her voice echoed through the forest making a flock of birds wheel off suddenly, screaming. She also served to startle the rest of the group and divert their attention from what would probably have become a dangerous and very sarcastic fight.

The sorceress blinked her exotic yellow eyes. "What? Why are you all staring at me? Aaah! I can't take it!" She fell on the ground dramatically and pretended to die.

With a twitch, Mizuna shook her head. "No reason Ka-chan, none at all. Let's just try to locate Kin and the others okay?"

Yellow eyes shone from the ground as the other girl nodded her assent. Touya seemed to already be in his form of meditation, having become bored with the conversation a while ago. Turning around, Mizuna saw that Hiei had disappeared into the treetops again and she rolled her eyes before sitting down to begin her own meditation. Hoping that Kashaku didn't become too bored and draw things on her face again with marker, she slipped off into the spiritual awareness plane and followed threads of energy, searching for her friends before it was too late.

"Hm… who to draw on first…decisions, decisions…"

To Be Continued….

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