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Chapter 21: Living in a Crack House

Once the officer had left, muttering something about how 'horny the kids are these days,' Harry and I finally found a way to untangle ourselves. He then forcefully took the keys from my hand and drove the rest of the way to the hotel.

"What's the hotel called again?" Harry asked. It had long since grown dark, making it that much harder to see.

I pulled a small piece of paper out of my purse that gave the directions and the way to our hotel.

"Mel's Motel." I said, concentrating more on the surroundings around us then on the name of where we were staying. "Are you sure we're on the right road?"

"Why wouldn't we be?" Harry asked.

"Because I don't remember Hermione saying that our hotel was located in the ghetto."

Harry rolled his eyes, but I'd bet anything that he was thinking the same thing. We were surrounded by graffiti, tattoo shops, and big groups of people looking menacingly. Not to mention the occasional woman with barely- there clothing standing on a corner.

"Here it is." Harry said, turning into what looked like a deserted crack house.

"This is our hotel?" I asked with disgust, taking in the trash- covered ground and building that looked like it was falling apart in front of our eyes.

"Maybe it's better on the inside." Harry said, parking the car.

We went inside and paid a creepy little man for our room. He was skinny with translucent skin and his beady little eyes never left my breasts. Harry and I quickly left the lobby and carried our bags up the rickety steps, looking for rooms 11 and 12.

Harry and I said goodnight, and I walked into my room, trying desperately to ignore what looked like the mark of a knife on my door. Thankfully, the room that I walked into quickly drove that out of my mind. My carpet, which I suppose use to be white, was now a dirty brown with splashes of dark red on it.

"Please don't be blood, please don't be blood." I pleaded, closing my eyes tight as I tip-toed across it. I shivered as I opened my eyes to inspect the rest of the room. What was probably rust from the pipes stained my walls. I threw my bags on the moth-eaten bed, and I heard something break as the bed sagged deeply.

Suddenly, I heard shouting from outside. I went to go close the window, but found that it was already closed, silver duct tape decorating the broken parts. I had to use my sleeve to clean off the grim enough to see outside. I could just barely make out two men fighting.

Rolling my eyes, I closed the curtains, which, I might add, had numerous holes in them. Just as I was turning to see where would be the cleanest place to sleep, I heard what sounded like the bang of a shotgun. I screamed and, feeling very unsafe, went to go lock the door.

When I got to the door, I noticed that there was no lock. There was, however, a rope that was nailed onto the doorframe. Using my imagination, I wrapped the rope around the doorknob and tied it tight.

Mel's Motel, my ass. More like Hell's Motel.

I went to go unpack my bag, telling myself over and over again that I'd only have to brave this hellhole for a night. I was just about to pull out my pajamas when I heard a loud crack of wood and Harry's voice. I turned around to see what had happened, and found Harry standing in the doorway and my 'lock' dangling off of the doorknob.

"Hey, your room's nicer then mine." Harry said, looking around my room with less disgust then I had.

"How is that even possible?" I asked.

"There was a dead opossum on my bed." Harry said, making me cringe. "Well, I thought it was dead, until I poked it and it nearly attacked me."

"That's it, we're leaving." I said, grabbing my bags and telling Harry to do the same. We walked down to the lobby, and the same disgusting man was there. I asked him for our money back, but he told my breasts that there weren't any refunds.

"Anyplace is better then this. I'm sure we have enough money left." Harry said as we walked out to the car. He turned on the car... or, at least *tried* to turn on the car.

"I'm no expert on cars," I said, making Harry mutter 'you don't say,' as he was reminded about the beginning of the trip, when I asked him which pedal was the gas and which was the break. "but isn't it suppose to make a noise when you turn it on?"

Harry got out of the car and lifted up the hood, letting loose a few swear words once he took a quick look inside.

"The engine isn't there." He said angrily as I walked up beside him. "Someone must have stolen it."

"I didn't know you could do that." I said with amazement. Harry glared at me. "So what do we do?"

"Walk, I suppose." He said, grabbing his bags out of the car.

"But the next hotel could be miles from here!" I said, reluctantly retrieving my own bags.

"Then we better start walking." Harry said.

So we walked for what felt like hours, trying to avoid everyone who looked like they were concealing a weapon. The sun had disappeared hours ago, and we were left with nothing but the dim street lights. I talked nonstop, trying to calm my nerves as I feared that every dark alley we passed was filled with murderers.

"...so then I was like, "that's pink, Hermione, not red." And she was like, "no, it's red." So then I pulled out a red dress and showed her the difference and *finally* got her to admit that she was wrong. But that was just the beginning. It took me hours to convince her that there was a major difference between green and forest green." I rambled, looking around nervously as words continued to pour out of my mouth.

"What time is it?" Harry asked, obviously trying to get me to talk about something else.

"Around midnight." I said, looking at my watch.

"Oh, thank God, there's a hotel." Harry said pointing at a huge, glowing sign. We both practically ran inside, and saw an immediate difference from the previous place we'd been. Everything looked clean! And there wasn't an animal carcass in sight.

Harry asked a women behind the front desk how much a room was, and it was much more then we expected. Both of our money combined could only get one room.

"Why don't we just go look for a cheaper place?" I asked Harry.

"The next hotel isn't for a few more miles." Harry said. "We can share a room, right?"

I tried not to look as excited as I actually was. Would I like to share a bed with the man I'm in love with? Does Hermione like pop quizzes? But I decided to play that cool-card.

"Would Kate be okay with us sleeping together?" I asked, making his eyes widen. "In the same bed, I mean."

Harry nodded, seeming to have lost his voice as his face reddened a little. We grabbed our bags and headed to our room.

"No blood stains," I observed as we walked in. "I think I could get use to this place."

I went into the bathroom to change into my pajamas. I also made sure that my hair was perfect, and that my makeup was as well. I didn't want to look like hell when I woke up in the morning, so makeup was essential.

When I came out, Harry was already lying in bed, with his shirt off. This was going to be harder then I thought. How was I going to be able to control myself? So, taking a deep breath and ignoring that small tingling between my legs, I climbed into bed and prayed that I'd fall asleep before I did anything I'd regret.

But Harry seemed to have other plans. Just as I was closing my eyes, I felt the bed shift as he rolled over to face me.

"Can I ask you something?" He asked casually, propping himself up on his elbows.

"Sure." I said, opening my eyes and turning slightly to look at him.

"Is it possible to be in love with more then one person?" He asked as he laid back down on his pillow and turned his face toward mine. I couldn't help but notice that our faces were inches apart.

"I don't think so." I said thoughtfully. "I think that there's only one true love for everyone."

"But how do you know which is love and which is just a crush?" Harry asked.

"There's a big difference." I said, knowing from experience. "When you're in love, you might not know it right away. But you'll start to notice that your feelings for that person are different then your feelings for other people." I felt like I was rambling, but Harry seemed to be hanging on my every word, so I continued. "You feel so close to them, it's like you can never stay mad at them. If you're in love with someone, then you always want to be with them, because that's the only time that you're truly happy. I can't really explain how it feels to be in love, because it's so indescribable. But you'll know when you are, believe me."

"Who were you in love with?" Harry asked.

"You." I whispered, without thinking. I was shocked at the word that had past my lips, but there was no way I could take it back. The strange thing was, I didn't feel the embarrassment I thought I would. So, dizzy with the relief of no longer having to keep that secret, I whispered, "And... I still am."

Harry smiled and moved his face a little closer to mine.

"Goodnight, Ginny." He whispered, placing a kiss on my lips.

I laid there long after Harry had gone to sleep, my lips still tingling from his kiss. Finally, I got over my excitement and surprise, and fell asleep to dreams filled with Harry and his wonderful lips.


When I woke up around eleven o'clock, the first thing I noticed was that Harry wasn't there. I tried to convince myself that he'd just left early, but I couldn't help wonder if he'd left because I was there. What if last night's kiss was just a pity kiss?

I cursed my big mouth as I got dressed and Apparated to the wedding with my bridesmaid dress in hand. When I got there, I went straight to the place where the bride-to-be was getting dressed. As soon as I arrived at the door, Luna came bursting out with a worried look on her face.

"Ginny, you better get in there quick." She said. "Hermione's nearly in tears and is thinking about calling off the wedding."

"Holy shit." I sighed, knowing I'd have my work cut out for me. I entered the room cautiously, and the first thing I noticed was Hermione standing on a stood in front of a huge mirror with her wedding dress on. Also, it was kind of hard to miss the disaster area that was on Hermione's head.

"Hermione, what's up with your hair?" I asked, forgetting to be positive for a second.

"I'm afraid it's the Granger curse." Mrs. Granger said as she tried desperately to tame her daughter's locks.

"It's a sign! I should just call off the wedding right now!" Hermione wailed.

"Because of a bad-hair-day?" I said with a smile, pulling out my wand and trying to think of a charm to fix this mess.

"Try bad-hair-life." Hermione pouted.

I tried at least ten hair-calming spells before Hermione stopped looking like she'd been electrocuted. I twisted it up into a nice bun that sat on top of her head.

"There, problem solved." I said with a smile. But Hermione didn't seem satisfied.

"God, I look horrible," She said, wiping her eyes. "My mascara's running, and my eyeliners all messed up."

"I'll re-do your makeup." I said, telling her to sit on a chair so I could reach her better.

"You're wasting your time, you know." Hermione sobbed as Tonks handed her a tissue.

"Well, I've got lots of it." I shrugged.

"And I look so fat." Hermione complained, obviously determined to be ugly in some way or another.

"No you're not." I said, patting her small pregnant stomach. "You can barely even see the bump."

After a few moments where the only sound was of Hermione's sniffling, she declared, "That's it, I'm calling off the wedding."

"Why?" I asked, continuing to apply her blush.

"How could I be in love with someone who hated me for years?" Hermione asked desperately. "He called me a bookworm and makes fun of me and is so possessive!"

"Oh, stop it." I said. "You know you love him."

"And he's so lazy!" She continued, ignoring me completely. "I mean, he's never on top—"

"There's something I don't want to know about my brother." I said as I heard Mrs. Granger gasp.

"We fight constantly." Hermione continued. "Why would I want to marry someone I can never agree with?"

"Because you guys are perfect for each other." I said. Hermione opened her mouth to disagree, but I cut her off. "Just think of how you feel when you're around Ron, when you're not fighting."

"That's a limited amount of times." Hermione muttered. But, once I glared at her, she seemed to change her tone. "Although I kind of enjoy our arguments. He looks so cute when he's angry. And making up is always fun." She said suggestively.

"Stop," I said, trying to get the picture of Hermione and Ron 'making up' out of my head. "before you kill both me and your mother."

After sending Tonks to go get some water for Mrs. Granger, who had fainted suddenly after Hermione coolly mentioned how good the sex was, I quickly got dressed. After handing Hermione her extravagant red rose bouquet and grabbing my simple white one, we were ready.

Finally, the time had come for Hermione to walk down the aisle. We were all waiting behind the closed doors of the church, listening for the music to start so we could begin the ceremony. We were in line with me in the front, then Tonks, Luna, and finally Hermione with her father ready to give her away. That's when I remembered something.

"Oh, Hermione, before I forget," I said, turning around to look at her. "you're cheap."

"Excuse me?" Hermione said with a little laugh.

"The hotel you picked for Harry and me was horrible. I would have been better off sleeping in a dumpster." I said, trying not to smile as I said this.

"Well, who's fault is that?" Hermione asked in a motherly tone.

"Yours?" I asked, unsure.

"You said you weren't coming, so I canceled your reservation at the good hotel. When you finally decided to come, it'd already been filled, so I just picked the next best thing." She said stubbornly.

"The next best thing would have been a landfill." I said, turning my back to her. "Anyways, Harry and I ended up staying in another hotel. In the same room. In the same bed."

My lips curled into a smile as I heard her gasp and then giggle with excitement. Her happy sounds were quickly followed by the sounds of an organ playing our entrance music.

"What happened?" Hermione whispered with excitement.

"I'll tell you later." I said as the doors opened. "Now go get married."

Without another word, I straightened up and started down the aisle, being careful to avoid Harry's eyes as he stood next to Ron at the front of the church. I couldn't help the small nagging voice that told me that he didn't love me, and that I had made things that much more uncomfortable by telling him my feelings.

For some strange reason, the more I tried not to look at Harry, the more my eyes wanted to wander over toward him. I had to use all of my strength to look anywhere but at him, and I only became aware of my surroundings again when the music changed to the wedding march and Hermione began down the aisle.

I was the closest to Ron, and could just barely hear him whispering to Harry. But I did hear Harry say something like, "Are you ready?"

"I suppose." Ron said in a hoarse voice.

"At least you had a bachelor party to calm your nerves." Harry said positively. He paused before saying, "Although, it would have been better if the stripper hadn't turned out to be Fleur."

Stunned by what I thought I'd overheard, I quickly glanced at Ron. He was looking at Hermione walk toward him with love in his eyes, his mind obviously far from the bachelor party. Without even knowing it, my eyes went from Ron's face to Harry's. But I quickly noticed my mistake and looked away when I noticed he was looking at me.

Throughout the entire ceremony, I made a point not to look in Harry's general direction, no matter what. If lighting struck that exact part and chaos ensued, I still wouldn't let my eyes wander. I looked at Ron and Hermione and *only* at Ron and Hermione.

"Do we have the rings?" The minister asked. Harry handed both of them to him, and the minister said, "Ronald, place the ring on Hermione's finger and repeat after me,"

Ron grabbed the ring and Hermione gave him her left hand.

The minister continued, saying, "I Ronald, take thee Hermione—"

"Hold on a sec." Ron said, desperately trying to get the ring over Hermione's knuckle.

After a few seconds, Hermione sighed with annoyance and hissed, "Hurry up Ron."

"Well if you didn't have such big ass fingers—" Ron growled. A few people nearby, who could hear him, gasped.

I shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other, as many other people did. I quickly glanced back at Tonks and was greeted by raised eyebrows and a nervous smile.

"Oh, honestly!" Hermione said loudly, grabbing her hand back and forcing the ring on herself.

"No need to be dramatic, Hermione." Ron said.

"You can't do a *simple* thing!" She said loudly. The minister cleared his throat quietly and I begged that Hermione wouldn't begin to rant. "I mean, how am I suppose to expect you to even eat by yourself if you can't—"

The minister cleared his throat more loudly this time, causing both Hermione and Ron to blush.

"Now, Ronald, repeat after me," the minister continued. "I Ronald, take thee Hermione,"

"I Ronald, take thee—"

But Ron quickly stopped as his best man walked past them, grabbed a single rose out of Hermione's bouquet, and walked straight up to me.

Well, this was going to make avoiding eye contact a lot harder.

"Harry, what are you doing?" I asked in a hushed voice as he handed me the rose and bent down on one knee.

"Ginny, we need to talk." He said seriously.

"Could you try doing that after the wedding?" Hermione said to him, looking very pissed.

"No, I have to do it now," Harry said, his eyes never leaving mine. "or else I'm afraid it'll never happen."

There was a silence as I noticed that everyone's eyes, some angry but most curious, were on me.

"Ginny, I love you." Harry said, causing everyone, including me, to gasp. I was so taken aback that I dropped the flowers in my hand.

"What?" I whispered, kneeling down as well so we could be face to face. "What about Kate?"

"That was my pathetic way of trying to get over you." Harry laughed dismissively. "But obviously it didn't work, because I broke up with her. That's why she didn't come to the wedding."

"But she was perfect." I said, knowing that this was completely true. It taken forever for me to admit it, but Kate was as perfect as they came.

"You're perfect." Harry said with a sincere smile. "I know everything about you, so believe me."

I scoffed, thinking that he couldn't possible know everything about me. We'd only been on speaking terms (thanks to me) since my fourth year. And he only really got to know me during those wonderful nine months of my pregnancy.

"I can prove it." Harry said. "Your favorite color is green, your favorite fruit is chocolate covered strawberries," Despite myself, I laughed silently at this part. "You love Quidditch, you read Shakespeare at night because it puts you to sleep, and, no matter how much you'll deny and complain, you wouldn't trade your childhood for anything."

I was completely stunned. Nobody knew that much about me, especially the Shakespeare part. I smiled warmly at Harry, using one hand to softly touch his face.

Harry gently grabbed my hand and kept it in his as his other hand went into his pocket and pulled out a small, very familiar silver ring with a square ruby.

"Where did you find that?" I asked with surprise. Harry was holding the ring he'd given to me at Christina's baby shower. There were so many memories in that ring that, when I went against my heart's wishes and moved to Dublin with Devon, I hid it in my jewelry box. I thought that if I didn't see it, then all memories of Harry and how happy I was with him would vanish. But that obviously wasn't what I really wanted, because, every night, I'd peak into the box to make sure it was still there, never having the nerve to put it back on. But in the chaos of the wedding, I got out of my routine and didn't notice that it was gone.

"Christina told me to give it to you." Harry said with a little laugh. "She said that she sees you looking at it all the time."

I blushed, wishing that my daughter would stop running her mouth. But, in the back of my mind, I was silently thanking Christina.

"I love you Ginny," Harry said, holding up the ring. "Will you marry me?"

Everyone gasped, but it was as if I couldn't hear them. I smiled, knowing before I even opened my mouth what the words would be. I looked into his eyes and quietly whispered, "No."

"...what?" Harry said, a little taken aback. "I thought you loved me."

I grabbed onto his arm and pulled him up off of the ground with me. I smiled at him and said, "I do love you, you twit." Harry looked relieved and chuckled a little. "If you really knew everything about me, you'd know that I'm a total commitment phobic." I joked.

I took the ruby ring and slipped it on my left hand ring finger.

"Why don't we make this a promise ring." I said with a smile as Harry leaned in and kissed me. I pulled back just long enough to tease, "Silly Harry, you think I'll accept one ring for a baby shower present *and* an engagement ring? You don't know me at all." Harry pulled me into another kiss, and I could feel his lips smiling against mine.


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