"James," Lily whispered, not bothering to look at him, feeling guilt begin to pool in the pit of her stomach.

She was still grasping at the wall, clutching it, pressing her body against it, trying to hold herself up. James stood in the doorway with Peter; his eyes were large and full of pain. She couldn't see him, but she could feel his pain course through the room, chilling it. The coldness of his pain seeped through her dressing robe and her chest where it settled in her heart. "What the hell is going on?" James roared. Sirius still stood before Lily, his lips still pink from their kiss, his dark hair falling in front of his deep glazed eyes that were staring at her even as her husband stood in the room. Lily's chest began to heave as panic stuck her. What had she done? She lowered her eyes to the floor.

"Sirius?" James cried in demand as his rage blinded him, "What are you doing? What did you do to my - my wife?!"

He took long strides towards Sirius,

"I trusted you!" his booming voice echoed in the silent room.

Lily gasped, tears falling down her face as James seized the back of Sirius's robes and threw him across the room with all his might.

"I've been your brother," he yelled as Sirius crashed against the wall opposite Lily, "I've been through hell for you, and this is how you repay me? This is what you do when I am not at home?"

Sirius sank down the wall, shielding his face as James raised his wand angrily. James' breathing became ragged as he stared at his mutinous best friend lying on the floor in front of him pathetically. James glanced at Lily who was still cowering against the wall staring at James and Sirius. Her face was pale and her body trembled. Peter had moved closer to her in attempt to comfort her but she took no notice. He turned back to Sirius, a huge scowl curling off his lips,

"Get out of my house," James growled, "Before I hex you to death,"

He paused pulling Sirius to his feet, holding fast to his arm,

"I never want to see your face again, I thought you were better than this. I trusted you," he cried opening the front door and pushing Sirius out.

"James!" Sirius pleaded.

"Goodbye Mr. Black," James snarled slamming the door in his face.

Lily pushed her head back, resting it against the wall. Her body was becoming cramped, but she kept still. She could not believe what had just happened. If she only hadn't let Sirius kiss her. But she'd wanted it, just as much as he did. If he truly remembered their love, he'd be back she knew it. If he didn't come back, Lily wasn't sure what she'd do. She stared at James still facing the closed door, propping himself up by his arms and his head hanging low. She felt her heart lunge. She loved him as well.

"J-James," she whispered, her voice barely audible, "I am so sorry,"

He stood slowly, and turned to look at her, she noticed that tears were threatening to fall out of his red rimmed eyes.

"Oh Lily," he cried, "My Lily, don't apologize, I saw the way he had you pinned against the wall, I saw that you couldn't move," James stepped closer, "Did he hurt you Lily? Did he try anything else?" she watched his eyes dart quickly, taking in the rest of her body.

She simply shook her head unable to speak. He thought she was innocent. He thought Sirius had forced her. Relief fell over James's troubled face. He reached out touching her cheek tenderly. She closed her eyes and fresh tears slipped out. He caught them readily. He moved his hands to her shoulders, pulling her towards him. He peeled her from safe spot against the wall. He knees gave way, and the realization of everything that had just happened washed over her. She shook from head to toe as he wrapped his arms around her, supporting her. He rested his head on her shoulder as the married couple embraced. Lily found comfort in his warm embrace, as she sobbed onto his shoulder.

"James, Lily," Peter interrupted.

Lily pulled away from James letting herself fall limply onto the couch.

"I don't know if either of you noticed but Sirius has been acting very strange lately, you don't think," Peter paused his blue eyes growing large, "You don't think he could be working for the Dark Lord do you?"

"No, Sirius would never do that, I trust-"but James stopped putting forth Sirius's defense.

Lily watched James's face and realized that James was taking what Peter had said into consideration. If only she had've let Sirius go when she'd had the chance. If only she hadn't selfishly dreamt about him, if only she didn't have this curse of a gift.

"You trust him?" Peter pushed, "Prongs."

"No of course I don't," James said angrily, "And he's."

James paused in thought,

"Lily!" he cried, "Sirius is our secret keeper, he can't be, we can't trust him."

"James," Lily shook her head not liking the idea of switching secret keepers.

"Peter," James said rounding on him, "I know this is asking a lot of you but we really need you to be our secret keeper. Do you think you could do that? Remus isn't around and you are the only other friend I can trust."

Peter smiled up at James,

"Of course, it would be my honor, I will just go get Dumbledore," Peter cried.

Lily looked between James and Peter and knew that no matter what she said, this was happening. She owed this to James. She owed him everything.

"I can do it," She whispered, as they both paused to look at her, "I can do the charm,"

James smiled weakly; he walked over to the table by the arm chairs and pulled some paper and a quill out.

"I will just write a quick note to Sirius informing him of our little change," James explained.

Lily knew he was writing the note because he wanted to hurt Sirius. She knew that James knew that this would ensure the end of their friendship, which was something in all her dreams she had never foreseen. When James had finished jotting the two line note, he let out a chirp and the Potters owl flew through the open kitchen window and into the living room.

"Renian take this letter to Mr. Black," James muttered refusing to mention Sirius's first name.

He tied the small piece of parchment to Renian's leg tenderly, but when the bird gave him a reproachful look, cocking his head to one side James sighed,

"Take it to Sirius, Renian," he finished stroking the birds grey feathers affectionately.

Renian left through the kitchen window with a loud hoot.

"Now we shall begin," James said, turning back to Lily and Peter.

It took Lily all afternoon to complete the procedure. The Fidelius Charm was especially complicated, and having such a heavy heart didn't help the matter. Finally when their secret had entered Peter's soul, and Lily felt satisfied that it had worked, she fell into her armchair, feeling extremely tired. James comforted here, and Peter excused himself, saying he had to return to his job at the ministry.

"Shouldn't we tell Dumbledore?" Lily said breathlessly as James carried her to their bedroom, as they both needed to rest and little Harry was already napping.

James laid her on their bed gently, resting on top of her.

"He is still at the riot Lily, we can tell him tomorrow," James said watching Lily yawn.

"James, you know, I am really sorry about today, what a horrible way to celebrate our anniversary, I sw" but James cut her off with a finger to her lips,

"Let's not talk about that Lily, I love you that is all that matters."

"I love you to James," she replied closing her eyes.

Peter smiled slyly as he walked towards the same shack the Voldemort and the Death-Eaters were still residing in. Were James and Lily Potter really that daft? They'd been so bright in school. He clapped gleefully before entering, knowing his master was going to be pleased. He now could tell him everything he would need to know. By morning the Potter's would be dead, Peter would have his revenge and he would be second in command to Voldemort. Bellatrix Lestrange could kiss her place in Voldemort's circle goodbye. With the Potter's gone, Dumbledore and the order would be distraught and Voldemort would be free to rise to full power and overthrow the ministry.

'I know this is asking a lot of you Peter!' he mimicked James in his head.

To bad James didn't realize he'd just signed his own death papers, Peter thought as he rounded the corner to find Voldemort sitting in his chair stroking his Serpant Nagini.

"Ahh, Wormtail, I am very pleased, you walked in with James at the most opportune moment, excellent," Voldemort congradulated, but Peter felt himself being forced to move closer to the Dark Lord. "But did you get the job done?" Peter nodded with a cunning smile,

"I can't believe the Sirius Black didn't wake up while I was controlling his body," Voldemort snarled proudly, "Where are they?"

"They are in Godric's Hollow My Lord," Peter squeaked, and he felt as if something inside of him snapped.

He stepped back from Voldemort shaking all over. A sweat broke over his face, and he fell to his knees.

"What is it?" Voldemort cried.

"It's their secret!" Peter replied breathlessly.

Suddenly a large scream issued from Peter, but it was not his voice, Lily Potter's scream echoed through the shack, rousing all the Death- Eater's attention. James's agonized yell was next, and Peter fell on his back, as the secret he'd bound to his soul exited. Before it was over, Peter Pettigrew blacked out.

Lily carried Harry from his nursery out to the kitchen. She'd had a wonderful rest and was about to make super. Harry clutched merrily at her long red hair, nuzzling her cheek into hers. She kissed his forehead with the first real smile she'd had for a while. She'd had such a horrible day. Her thoughts kept resting on James and then Sirius. She placed Harry in a highchair that was magically floating and mentally summoned some baby food from the cupboard. Next a spoon and bowl came flying from a neighboring cupboard landing in front of Harry, who stared at the objects with his large curious green eyes. Lily laughed softly at his expression before pouring some food into the bowl and waving her wand, bewitching the spoon to feed him so she could turn her attention to supper. Making supper was quiet an easy job, but she paused as she heard James exit their bedroom, pad down the hall towards her and then through his arms around her from behind as he always did.

"Some wedding anniversary huh?" she asked as he spun her around.

"It may not have started off well," James whispered pulling her closer, "But it can end well can't it?"

She smirked at him, kissing his cheek lightly and brushing his messy bangs out of his face.

"I'm afraid your son has inherited your messy hair," she frowned.

James smiled softly at his wife, before sweeping her into one of the most wonderful kisses she'd ever shared with him.

"James," she whispered as he pulled away, feeling her heart warm up once more. It was amazing that two men could make her feel this way.


But a knock at the front door interrupted them. Lily frowned slightly, who would be calling at this time? Perhaps Sirius had received his letter and was back to defend his weak pride? Or perhaps he had returned to claim Lily as his.

"Just put dinner on the table, I will get it," James told her as she began to move towards the living room.

She placed two of her best plates full of food on the kitchen table, and light two candles with her wand while she listened to the door open, and James inquire,


"Well if it isn't Mr. Potter!" A terrible voice snarled.

A terrible coldness, colder than this morning settled in Lily's bones instantly as if freezing her to the spot.

"Lily take Harry and Go! It's Him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off -" James shouted, but Voldemort's high pitched cackle rose over James's voice.

Lily scrambled grabbing her precious child, holding him close to her chest as she ran towards the back of the house, going straight into her bedroom. She shut the door behind her, her heart was racing. She stood, rocking back and forth. Had Peter done this? She heard James's incantations and hexes, Voldemort's fleeting laugh, and malicious spells. She sank down to the floor, starring down at baby Harry, who looked frightened but remained silent. Flashes of different colored light, poured in through the cracks in the door frame in flashes.

As she sat there huddled on the floor clutching her baby to her chest, Lily decided to open her mind to Sirius. She watched herself enter the shadowy cloudly room. Sirius was sitting on the wooden chair with a blank look on his face. It had been so long since she'd willingly opened her mind. She reached out to touch him, but he looked up at her and became startled. For the first time he jumped out of his chair.

"Lily?" he questioned.

"Sirius, please you have to listen to me," she begged, "I know that you've remembered that we loved each other once."

He opened his mouth to respond but she cut him off,

"I want you to know that I have always loved you, even though I was with James, I never wanted to leave you in the cold hall, I never wanted to hurt you. I had to do it. Please understand I had to save Harry. I had to do all this to save the world. Please tell me you remember that day when you found me, crying, mourning my love for you. Please tell me you remembered how I kissed you that night, as the tears stung my eyes. After I had knocked you out, I slipped the promise ring you gave me off my finger, enlarged it and put in on your hand, hoping that maybe someday you would remember," she said quickly the tears slipping down her face, "Sirius, I love you so much, I always have, and even if I am gone after this night, I will always be with you in your heart. Please remember that all things happen for a reason. I know that James is mad at you right now, but he loves you to, and please Sirius take care of Harry, if I'm not here to do it, I never thought I'd have to say goodbye to you again," she gasped a sob, "I never thought I'd have to kiss your sweet face goodbye, but it's happened twice." She choked, reaching down and kissing his sweet lips.

She was surprised when he responded the way he did. It was as if he reached into her heart, and told her all the things she had needed to hear all through the years. She pulled away hastily.

"I don't want to loose you," he whispered.

"You never will," she whispered back, placing her forehead on his, "I love you,"

Lily had no choice but to sink back into the shadows of his mind before disappearing and she cried as she heard him calling out for her.

When she returned to reality, James's cries for survival rang in her ears. Harry's wails gave away her whereabouts.

"Harry," she whispered stroking the baby's sweaty head, "Oh Harry, shhh!"

And suddenly Lily's heart stopped beating for a split second as the room was filled with an unbearable green light. She knew this green light. She knew what it meant. She heard the thud of a body on the floor. She gasped raising a hand to her mouth. Footsteps came closer to her bedroom door, as Lily pushed herself further back into the darkest corner of the room, James.. The door creaked open slowly. A loud cackle filled the room, and Harry began to wail again.

"Ahh, Mrs. Potter, and this must be Harry?" Voldemort asked coldly as he entered the room.

The hairs on Lily's neck stood on end, as fear engulfed her. Was this really the end?

"James?" she whispered, a sob escaping from her throat.

"Dead," Voldemort said casually.

"No!" she cried, stifling her scream with her hand.

Voldemort threw his had back and laughed.

"Now if you would just step out of my way, and let me kill that boy, this can be all over," Voldemort said cruelly.

"No, I won't," Lily cried, remembering Dumbledore's advice, too keep Harry alive.

"You don't have to die, I don't have to kill you," he told her.

"I won't let you!" she screamed.

Flashes of light blinded her as she threw herself across the room, dodging his spells. She watched in horror as pictures fell, and dressers shattered into pieces as if they were glass. Pretty soon her whole room was upturned, and Lily was left, clothes torn, face smeared with dust and sweat, in the furthest corner of the room still clutching her baby. Voldemort closed in on her, raising his wand.

"Not Harry! Not Harry! Please, I'll do anything," she begged, she would do anything to save him, she loved her child, he must survive.

She wracked her brain, searching for some sort of spell she could use, but her heart sank as she remembered her wand on the kitchen counter. She could only do simple charms without magic. Charms, she thought hard. Her brain poured over thousands of charms that she had learned over the years but her mind rested on an essay she'd written for Professor Flitwick in her seventh year on ancient magic. Ancient magic. She couldn't do it without a wand she couldn't.

"Stand aside, stand aside you silly girl!" Voldemort cried. She shook her head,

"Please," she begged, as he raised his wand to chest level. She closed her eyes, saying the spell over in her head.

"Avada Kadavera!" he shouted, and Lily's world went blank.

She never heard Harry cry out as he fell to the floor as she slumped down the wall slowly, with blank eyes. She never saw her charm, which she'd preformed without a wand work, as Voldemort was reduced to nothing when his curse rebounded off of Harry. Lily Evans Potter was dead.

Millions of images of Lily floated through Sirius's mind. It was as if his mind was running a race, it stopped suddenly on an image of her frightened face, covered in sweat and dust. Her scream filled his mind. He sat up suddenly. His bed sheets stuck to his sweaty body, and he felt sore all over. He glanced at the clock. He'd slept until 5pm? Had the sleeping draught made him sleep for that long? He rubbed his eyes with his hands, as the light from the full moon bathed over him. He noticed an odd lump at the end of his bed He looked down to find Renian, James's owl sleeping at the end of his bed. Did James and Lily need him? He was suddenly wide awake as he read the piece of parchment he'd untied from Renian's leg.

Mr. Black, Due to certain circumstances, you are no longer our secret keeper. We have entrusted our lives to Peter Pettigrew, our faithful friend. The Potters.

Why was it so formal? Their faithful friend Peter? None of this made sense. Sirius rubbed his eyes again, re reading the short letter making sure he read it correctly. He began to pull himself out of bed, but suddenly pain rushed to his temples. He closed his eyes and was sucked into that familiar cloudy room. Lily stood in front of him. It had been a while since he'd been here. She reached out to touch him, looking more frightened then he'd ever seen her. He jumped up,

"Lily?" he questioned.

"Sirius you have to listen to me," she begged.

The things she said after that, made Sirius curl up inside. She explained it all, he felt his mind piece itself back together like a puzzle as she rolled out facts. She'd loved him, he'd loved her. They'd been together. He remembered now. The flying lessons, her visions, James's parents death, his suicide attempt, the promise ring. He reached down and stroked it. He remembered the way she'd been here for him. Suddenly his heart filled with such a love that he'd never felt before. Why had she left him? Why had she abandoned their love after she'd promised, to keep it alive. He remembered, her gift. She could read peoples minds, make predictions, enter others minds in physical form. That explained his dreams. The memories he'd forgotten. The night she'd said goodbye came flooding back to him. She had to save the wizarding world form Voldemort, her father. Sirius's breath caught, as what felt like his whole life came flooding back to him. She had to save her child. She hadn't wanted to leave him. She'd told him they would always be together. He thought about her pale face that night. The tears pooling in her green eyes. They're final kiss, and vows of love. She promised him, before she'd erased his memory. Sirius sat down. But why would they switch secret keepers? He thought of Lily's face as she drifted from his mind. She thought he had remembered before. Maybe she'd thought he'd remembered and didn't have any reaction. Maybe she thought he was angry. He needed to tell her he'd just remembered, he needed to show her he loved her. He needed to feel her touch, her lips. He threw his robes on quickly, ran down to his garage and took out his flying motorcycle. He needed to see Lily.

The flight to the Potters was a short one, and Sirius was so out of his mind, he'd forgotten to put the invisibility booster on. As he neared their house, he noticed the smoke rising through the trees and the amber glow that shone against the deep blue sky. He drove faster, and as he landed carelessly on their lawn, he gasped at what he saw. Parts of the Potters cottage in Godric's Hollow was in flame. He ran across the lawn, crying out for Lily. He through open the front door, and stared at dishevled living room. Amungst the rubble, James Potter, Sirius's best friend, and brother lay dead, the leather bound photo album lying open close to his side, to the picture of himself holding his newborn son. Sirius felt a sob rise in his throat.

"James?" He cried, kneeling down.

He stared at James's motionless face, his hazel eyes glazed over. Sirius let out a howl, much like that of when he was a shaggy dog, and cried into his dead friend's chest. He clutched onto his robes as he sobbed violently. A loud wail erupted from the back of the house that was beginning to fill with smoke.

"Harry!" Sirius choked, wiping his tears that blurred his vision.

He stumbled to the hallway, and he saw James and Lily's bedroom door, hanging open loosely on its hinges. Sirius entered carefully, glass crunching below his feet. He stopped dead. There on the floor, her head still resting against the wall was Lily. Her face was a pale as the night she'd said goodbye to him, Her normally sparkling green eyes, were dull. Her face was blank. Sirius's knees gave out as his heart tore for the second time in his life. He fell to the floor in shambles.

"Lily!" he screamed, as he pulled himself towards her, not noticing the glass from broken pictures slicing into his hands.

He pulled himself onto her body, and placed a bloody hand under her chin.

"Lily, I'm here," he whispered, with a sad smile, "Lily I've remembered,"

She didn't respond.

"You loved me!" he cried, "You promised me, we'd always be together,"

She still did not respond.

"Lily," he whispered, hope leaving his eyes, "Lily please wake up, please be alive,"

She didn't stir,

"Lily," his voice cracked, and his voice was replaced with sobbed, that echoed throughout the death ridden home.

He reached down to his hand, where her promise ring lay. He slipped it off his bloody fingers and pushed it onto her own stiffening hand.

"Did you miss you're ring Lily did you?" he whispered, tears streaming down his face.

"I love you," he begged her, "Please, come back!"

Harry let out another cry,

"'Arry," a booming voice questioned.

"Hagrid!" Sirius yelped, staring up at the Hogwarts Game Keeper from the dirty floor, "They are dead!"

Hagrid's eyes filled with tears.

"It's a shame, they were good people they were," Hagrid muttered wiping his eyes with his sleeve, "I've come for 'arry Sirius,"

"Hagrid, let me take him!" Sirius cried pulling himself to his feet, tears streaming down his gaunt face, "I'm his Godfather,"

"I've got me orders Sirius," Hagrid said reaching down to pick up Harry from the rubble.

Both men gapped at the large lightening bolt shape scar on the baby's head.

"Take my motorbike Hagrid," Sirius said staring out the window, "I won't be needing it anymore," he whispered thinking back to the letter that was lying on his bed.

Peter had been the Secret Keeper. Peter had betrayed his friends. Peter had killed the love of Sirius's life. Sirius ran from the house like a mad man. Not knowing he was going to find Peter and get framed. Not realizing the ministry officials would swoop down around him, listen to Peter yell that Sirius had betrayed the Potters, and then kill 13 muggles before faking his own death. When the ministry officials stepped forward with their wands raised, Sirius lost all control and threw his head back and laughed. He'd stopped laughing the moment he arrived at Azkaban Prison. The Dementors, soul sucking demons, there sucked every happy memory from him. But as he sat there on the dirty floor of his cell, watching numerous Death-Eaters pour through the jails. Sirius was left to think of his hatred, and Lily. He thought hard about his love for her, and as she began to be pulled from him mind by the dementors, as her face faded into the darkness, Sirius couldn't bear to looser her for the third time. He had to hold onto her like she'd held onto him. He swore to himself that one day he would get out of Azkaban and take care of Harry like he'd promised. He needed to be close to her, and Harry was the only way.

Across the world is Surrey, England, Professor Dumbledore was wearily laying a basket containing a baby named Harry and a letter on the doorstep of number 4 Privet drive.