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Chapter 10

Harry was awoken the next morning by Ginger, the young female house elf who had taken a liking to him. She reminded him that his "coming out" party was today and that he ought to get ready before evening. She informed him that she was going to Diagon Alley to get some necessary last- minute supplies for the party and was about the teleport away when Harry stopped her and said, "Ginger, why don't you give me the list of stuff to buy. I need to get out a little anyway. I haven't taken much time to myself lately, so maybe this will be a good opportunity to do so."

With that, Ginger wrote Harry up a list of necessary materials, gave a low bow, and teleported away. After she left, Harry got up and went through his daily workout routines. He practiced some more elemental magic and some other magics that he had been studying since the beginning of the summer.

After he was done with his closing meditation, he took a shower, dressed, and got ready to apparate to Diagon Alley (something he just recently learned to do). As he was the owner of Potter Mansion and the creator of the wards, he was easily able to bend the wards to allow himself to apparate in and out. With a light "pop," he was gone.

Harry went around Diagon Alley collecting all of the items and even had to go to Knockturn Alley in order to get some of the items. He was looking to see if the Weasleys were there but sensed in his mind that they weren't currently nearby. After a few more hours spent in the huge expanse of Diagon Alley, Harry noticed that a line seemed to be building in front of the Flourish & Blotts bookstore.

'Maybe I should go check this out,' Harry thought already having a slight inkling of what this was about from looking into his so-called friends' minds. He slipped into the store, up to the second floor landing, and stood on the empty balcony that looked down onto the main first floor area where Harry first met Gilderoy Lockhart in his second year.

He could see that some of the people in line were getting restless as they started pushing and shoving to get a view of what was in front, though there wasn't really a view to see. There were a few reporters from "the Daily Prophet" and other newspaper and magazine publishing companies such as "Witch Weekly," that were trying to push themselves to the front.

After a few minutes of the same shoving and pushing, there was a slight outcry of surprise from the side where a door had opened and Mr. Flourish and Mr. Blotts (both descendents of the original owners) came out with a familiar bushy-haired, wide-smiling Hermione Granger as well as a slightly-red-in-the-face, superior-looking Ronald Weasley. Once the passageway was clear again, the proud-looking parents of Hermione Granger and all of the Weasleys (except for Percy), and even Ginny came through.

Ginny, automatically sensing that Harry was there through their bond, looked up, gave him a sweet smile, winked, and got back to looking as if she hadn't done a thing.

To Harry's only slight surprise - though, once again, he didn't show it - Hermione and Ron sat at the main table and reporters began to ask them questions. By listening to the conversation, Harry found that it was exactly as he suspected. It seemed that Hermione had written an article worthy of attention by the press and the people, it seemed. She had written an article about how Arthur Weasley would be the best candidate for the new Minister of Magic.

It seemed that the entire Order of the Phoenix had a "foolproof" plan to get Mr. Weasley elected. After a little hustle and bustle, the reporters began to interview Arthur Weasley and asked him about his stands and viewpoints. They asked him what he was going to do about the He-who- must-not-be-named problem and what he was going to do for the safety of the wizarding world. All of his answers, Harry could tell, were pre-made by Albus Dumbledore.

After a little more questioning, the press turned their questions to Hermione.

"So," asked a little witch who had started competing with Rita Skeeter for the record for most fabricated stories, "is your boyfriend, Harry Potter, angry with you for siding with Mr. Weasley rather than siding with him in this race for the position of Minister of Magic, Ms. Granger?"

"Well, first of all," Hermione said in an important-sounding voice, "Harry is not my boyfriend, Ronald Weasley is. Second, Harry won't even be running in this race. That would be ridiculous, he's just a kid." Ginny gave Harry a worried glance. He just gave her a crooked smirk.

After this, the media went into a frenzy and one elderly-man asked, "Does Mr. Potter know of your relationship? And also, have you heard directly from him that he will not be taking place in this race?"

"Well . . . yes, Harry does know of our relationship. Why wouldn't he? He is our best friend after all . . ." she said a little hesitantly. "And no, I haven't heard from him directly that he won't be participating in this race, but I have talked to Professor Dumbledore personally and we both see eye-to-eye that we cannot allow Harry to run in this race. Once again, he is just a child," Hermione finished confidently.

'Hmmm . . .' Harry thought, 'last year, I would have been soooo pissed at her for saying something like that.' With that thought, he spoke up in a very loud voice, "Actually, I will be running in this election."

At the sound of his voice, everyone - with the exception of Ron and Hermione - turned to see the face of possibly the most handsome man ever. Hermione and Ron, however, turned slowly with looks of utter fear on their faces. Harry simply looked at everyone with a simple smile on his face, though Ginny could feel the scorn and contempt he was hiding from everyone else through their link.

She tried her best to comfort him and say that everything would be okay and she felt him relax and give her a real smile. She smiled back and reminded him through the connection that he was being watched.

He turned back to the press and said simply, "I will be running in this election. If you wish to learn my views or the actions that I will take as minister, simply come to my presentation on August 31st and you will hear all of my plans in my speech. Questions will be answered there and rumors will be put to rest." Once he said this, he waved and did something that no wizard his age had ever done: he wandlessly teleported (not apparated) back to Potter Mansion. Teleportation was different from apparition because teleportation required the wizard or witch to create a rip in the time/space continuum and travel through it by turning their body into an element (this part can only be done by certain elementals) and transferring that element to the final destination. The youngest person to be able to do this before Harry was a forty-seven-year-old man in the thirteenth century.

Once he was back, he gave the supplies to Ginger and began to get ready for his party. After nearly five hours, the party was due to begin. He whispered a few directions on how to greet the guests and to lead them to the Grand Hall to the house-elf who stood at the door. Then, he went and sat on the throne-seat in the Potter Mansion's Grand Hall. The decorations were all gold and red and matched the furniture and walls in the room. The furniture had red coushins with gold bordering on it. There were nine-hundred or so round tables (that's just how big the hall was), each able to seat ten people around it. And on the platform, where the staff table was located in the Hogwart's Great Hall, Harry sat proudly on his throne next to the empty, slightly-smaller throne he was saving for Ginny.

After nearly thirty minutes of waiting, the first guests started to appear. The house-elf near the door was escorting them in one by one as they walked into the Hall with expressions of awe all over their faces. Once a few of the women looked at him, they just kept staring at him as if thinking 'Is this really THE Harry Potter? I remember him as a scrawny little weak kid, not a sexy, muscular hunk!' while many men glared at him in jealousy. Harry gave a winning grin to all of the ladies that stared at him and glared down the jealous men who thought they were envious of his life. 'If only they knew,' Harry thought.

After a few thousand people were seated and all of the important people had arrived (including the Weasleys, the Grangers, Dumbledore, the Hogwarts staff, many Death Eaters, etc.), Harry got up and tapped his glass lightly in order to catch their attention.

Then, Harry spoke in a loud, confident voice, "I'm glad that most of you could make it today. I am also glad to announce that today is my 'coming-out' party. Now, without much further ado, let the party begin." And that is exactly what happened. Appetizers and drinks appeared from nearly every table, music started playing, and people started to chatter again.

Slowly, after dinner was over and Harry had cut the cake, young women around Harry's age from all across the world came to see him. Some were shy and blushed like lunatics when he greeted them, others were brave and tried to illicit a sexual response from him, while still others were trying to flirt with him in front of everyone else. One girl was even brave enough to try to lead him away from the hall into a nearby bedroom. Though he had to pry this girl off of his hand, Harry always tried to play along and pretend to enjoy their company. He was constantly entertaining a circle of at least twenty girls.

After a few dances with many random girls who wanted to win his heart, it was nearly time for him to announce which girl he would be going out with or whether or not there was going to be a girl that he would be going out with. This part of the "coming-out" party was purely custom as people in the past used to marry at very young ages. Once the room was quiet again, he looked over at Ginny, winked, and smiled softly as he saw her blush. 'She may be my girlfriend,' Harry mused proudly, 'but I can still make her blush like mad!'

"Once again," Harry said in a deep commanding voice, "thank you all for being here on this festive occasion and thank you, young ladies, for giving me the opportunity to get to know you all better . . ."

At this, Ginger popped in and interrupted by saying, "However, my master, Mr. Potter, is already taken by a lovely young lady."

After there were a few gasps of outrage and anger, Ginger ducked her head and began to apologize to Harry about butting in, but Harry simply smirked and whispered, "Thanks. I didn't really want to disappoint them." Ginger looked up happily and popped away; after all, she really liked Ms. Weasley. Their nicknames were even the same: Gin.

After some of the protests died down, Harry cleared his throat and said while daring a glance at Ginny who was giggling like a bloody maniac, "Forgive Ginger, she has a habit of sticking up for those she likes . . ."

He was once again interrupted by an incredibly sexy-looking, twenty- year-old, brown-haired witch who said in a seemingly bitter voice, "So, who is this 'lovely young lady,' Mr. Potter?"

"Well, she knows who she is," Harry said, leaving the crowd more pissed than before.

Then, out of the crowd, a tall, balding man that Harry knew to be a rich, second-degree Death Eater stood up and said, "So, Mr. Potter, you invite us to your home, ask us to celebrate with you, dance with our daughters, and then expect us to leave without you telling us who 'you' believe is better than 'my' daughter? I think not."

Harry sighed. 'Oh well,' he thought, 'might as well get it over with now. I've already given Ginny her powers and trained her. She can take care of herself.' Harry nodded towards the ceiling and slow, sweet music started playing. He got up and walked over to the Weasley's table, where, to his surprise, Hermione smiled sweetly and started to get up. That is until he walked right past her and gave his hand to Ginny. 'I can't believe Hermione could say she's going out with Ron and then expect me to ask her to dance,' Harry thought, 'What a conceited . . . Well, I guess I shouldn't think that of a "friend".'

In a soft voice that rang through the hall because of the silence, Harry said, "May I have this dance, Gin?"

"Absolutely," Ginny said while using his outstretched hand to pull herself up. She looked absolutely stunning. Her dress was the colored exactly opposite to Harry's in every way but it complimented it all the same. Once they started dancing, his black clashed with her cream but, nonetheless, they seemed to fuse into one another. Ginny's emerald earrings and necklace set brought out the greenish tinge in Harry's cloak and in his eyes while Harry's dark clothes brought out the dark chocolate in Ginny's eyes.

The song went on for a good eight to ten minutes and Harry and Ginny didn't look anywhere else except for at themselves. Ron, along with the rest of the crowd, seemed to be able to look at nothing but the couple. Mr. & Mrs. Weasley looked incredibly happy; Ron's face became more and more red by the second; Hermione looked really peeved and confused at the same time ('Bet that's the first time she's been confused,' Harry thought); Fred, George, Bill, and Charlie looked, surprisingly, proud; and, of course, most others looked on in outrage, disgust, or disbelief (though most of the guys looked even more jealously at Harry).

When the song was over, Harry led Ginny up to the two throne-like chairs and helped her into the "Queen" chair, as he had dubbed it. He stood in front of the crowd again and said with a light sigh, "Now . . . Thank you for coming and celebrating with me. I will be running for Minister of Magic and I will be holding an information session on the thirty-first of this month: that is in just a few days time. I am open to a debate with any opponents. Hopefully, I will be able to convey my message properly then.

After that, Harry sat back on his throne and music began once more. Slowly, people started to dance and after a few hours, the hall began to empty. Every once in a while, a few of the citizens under the British Ministry came and either thanked him for his efforts against Voldemort or asked for his autograph.

Lucius came up (with Draco alongside him) and sneered at Harry. "Look, Potter's had a growth spurt," Lucius said in a very sarcastic voice, "about time too, you little runt. What, you think this big castle and a big party is going to stop my master from killing you? Ha! You're still the same weakling that fell for the Dark Lord's plan last year."

'Ooooh . . . Low blow,' Harry thought, 'He just had to bring up Sirius. Oh well, I'll deal with him later.' Harry simply smiled and said, "Nice to see you too, Malfoy, however, you are over-staying your welcome. Excuse me if I don't want scum in my house for too long. I just invited you to see how you were doing and so that you can go tell your 'Lord' that I won't sit around anymore."

"Yes, Potter," Lucius said with his trademark sneer, "He'll be very scared of that."

"Good," Harry said being completely serious, "Now, leave." With that, the Malfoy's left.

After some more time, the only people in the hall were Harry, Ginny, the Weasleys, the Order members (including Remus and Tonks), Dumbledore, the Hogwarts Professors, and the Grangers (whom he'd invited because he actually liked them). Harry clicked his fingers and hundreds of tables disappeared leaving only the two throne chairs and a few tables for the remaining people. Then, the walls closed in so that the hall became a decent sized room.

After everyone was re-seated, he sat on the throne, gave Ginny a peck on the mouth, turned back to the waiting (some fuming) remainder of the party, and said, "I suppose you all stayed for a reason."

"Actually, yes, Harry," Albus Dumbledore said with a light smile playing on his lips, "First of all, I wanted to say 'Happy Birthday' personally. Second, I'm going to have to cancel your decision to run for Minister of Magic as . . ."

"However, you don't have the right," Harry cut in, "I am an orphan who has reached the age of sixteen. At the age of sixteen, an orphan is considered an adult. You, Professor, are just a tad late to stop me." Dumbledore was simply gaping now. 'Another first,' Harry thought.

"On the contrary," Harry said, "I would like to make some demands." At this, he looked over to Mr. Weasley and said, "I would like you to drop your position in this race and to convince Mrs. Bones to also drop her position. I understand that you may be interested in becoming Minister; however, we must look at what's best for the world right now. If you want, I'll step down after Voldemort's defeat and you can then run."

Arthur opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by Ron who stomped up in front of Harry and said, "So, Potter, decided to play hero, huh? Look what it did for Sirius. You just want all of the fame and money, don't you? I can't believe I was your friend. My dad will never drop from the race because he deserves it and he's a better leader than you. I can't believe the Order protects you from Voldemort. What can you do anyway? You're just one person and you're just a kid . . ."

Ron, however, was quieted when he saw a thin blade across his neck. "You're digging yourself deeper and deeper," Ginny said as she pressed the blunt end of her sword into her brother's neck and pushed slightly to make him fall off the platform. Ron looked absolutely stunned and incensed that his little sister had gotten the better of him.

Harry got up and said, "Funny that you should find it right to pick on me. I'm not the one who lied to his friend by joining the Order and not telling him. I'm not the one who lied about going out with my other best friend. I'm not the one who was an unfaithful friend. I'm not the one who is the kid! Never call me a kid again!" Now Harry was just screaming. "I've never had a childhood, you stupid jealous asshole! Therefore, I can't be a kid! Dumbledore's made sure of that! On the contrary, I can't believe I ever called you 'my' friend. Now, 'you' can get out of my house!"

"Look Harry," Dumbledore said, "the only reason Ron joined the Order was because I asked him to in order to keep an eye on you. You know how trouble seems to find you."

"Don't you mean, 'how you go looking for trouble,'" Harry said sarcastically, "look, Dumbledore, I put partial blame on you for everything bad that has happened in my life." As Harry said this, he saw his old Professor looking more and more weary by the moment. "However, I can forgive you. In your old age, it seems you've totally forgotten what childhood means. What did Ron or Hermione do to deserve positions in the Order? Did they do more than I did?"

"Did they defeat Voldemort without even trying at the age of one? Did they face Voldemort and defeat him when they were eleven? Did they save Ginny Weasley from Voldemort when they were only twelve? Did they kill a Basilisk with nothing more than a sword and a Phoenix? Did they learn how to summon a full Patronus at the age of thirteen? Did they duel face-to- face with Voldemort when they were only fourteen? Did they lose everyone that they ever loved or that ever loved them violently?"

"Tell me. Tell me one thing that they did more than me to deserve joining the Order. Tell me!"

Dumbledore just stared at him with a sullen expression. He couldn't say anything. He had nothing to say that wouldn't anger Harry farther. Hermione was silently crying. Ron was still angry as hell.

"Rest old man," Harry said soothingly startling everyone. "You grow wearier by the day and your beard doesn't seem to grow any longer," Harry said trying to add light humor to his wrinkled face. "Your judgement isn't as it once was. You are still strong, yes, but the time has come for a new generation. Let me carry your burden," Harry said in an even more soothing voice. "Rid yourself of it. Go and watch over the beloved students of Hogwarts. They need you. Allow me to rid the world of evil. Allow me to carry the weight of the world."

"But Harry," Dumbledore asked in a weak voice that no one had ever heard come from him, "you are still young. I don't want to burden you . . ."

"It's too late," Harry said in such an old voice that it seemed to everyone that Harry was the Professor and Dumbledore was the pupil. Dumbledore looked up with a wide smile that made him look a hundred years younger, ran up the four or five steps, and hugged Harry tightly. Everyone (with the exception of Ginny, who was smiling) gaped at the back of Albus Dumbledore.

After releasing Dumbledore from the hug, Harry turned back to Mr. Weasley and said, "Well, we are stronger united than divided. What is your decision? Will you quit and support me? Or will you continue being the Order's puppet?"

Arthur at once looked very happy and said, "Truth be told, Harry, I didn't want to run. I like my job as head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Department. I only agreed to run because there wasn't another stronger political figure in the Order. I'd be glad to step down and support you. And I'd be glad to try to talk Mrs. Bones into doing the same."

Harry smiled. Ron gaped and said, "But, Dad . . .!"

"No 'But's' Ron. I'm doing what's best for everyone," Mr. Weasley said. Ron looked like he was about to explode.

"Harry," Dumbledore said getting everyone's attention, "there will be a special Order meeting tomorrow. Hopefully, you will be able to attend, along with Ms. Weasley and her twin brothers."

"Sure," Harry said grimacing. 'He's going to ask us to join the Order now, after all of this,' Harry thought. "If that's all, then I bid you all a good night."

Everyone started to leave except for Ginny until Mrs. Weasley said, "Ginny dear, aren't you coming?"

"No, mum," Ginny answered confidently, "I'm staying with Harry tonight." Mrs. Weasley looked like she was about to faint but didn't say anything. She just gave Ginny a significant look and flooed away after everyone else.

"Ahhh . . . Mrs. Potter, we have the house to ourselves," Harry said. Ginny blushed and Harry asked "What, you're still blushing about being with me?"

"No, silly," Ginny said, "you called me 'Mrs. Potter.'" At this, Harry let down all of his facial masks and began to blush madly to. That was until he grabbed Ginny by the waist and started to tickle her relentlessly.

He carried her wriggling form up to the master bedroom and threw her onto the bed. They both began to kiss, almost hungrily, and started to rip each others clothes off.

After nearly tearing through every layer of cloth the other was wearing (except for undergarments) Harry began to rub his hands up and down her body making her moan when he touched a really sensitive spot on her body.

Ginny, on the other hand, took another approach. Instead of groping all over his body, she started to massage his lower sections. She could feel him stiffen sometimes, but she kept going because she knew she couldn't stop now even if she wanted to.

After a whole lot of experimenting and examining, they fell asleep entwined in the hands of the person they loved most.