Timeline: 3 weeks later

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Chapter 10: Precious

Lance smiled as Ash's eyes finally opened, showing hints of gold.

"Lance?" His voice sounded slightly rougher, but it was probably because he had not used it much.

"Yes, little one?"

"Where am I? This isn't Shadow Island or Ice Island or Silver Cave…" Ash looked around in puzzlement, before it clicked. "You brought me to the Plateau?"

Lance nodded.

"But what happened? I can't remember… everything's a total blank…"

"What is the last thing you remember?"

"I'm not sure…" Ash said, screwing up his eyes. "Something about a trade, maybe… memories for memories…"

"Can you remember from the lifetimes?"

Ash nodded. "Yes…its' strange. On the other hand…" He looked slightly panicked. "Did I turn in this life's experiences for the past?"

"You might have." Lance said thoughtfully.

Ash breathed deeply for a few minutes to calm down. "I must have been delirious, or perhaps…"
"I didn't want to remember. Life can be cruel."

Lance nodded silently.

Ash looked over the ice guardian before climbing into her lap with a smile. "Hold me?"
"Of course." The guardian said pleasantly.

Ash snuggled warmly and grinned.

He would give almost anything to be with her, and bitter memories were more than worth the trade-off.

The light afternoon sun glowed and sparked and warmed.

Inside the hidden caves, Charlotte slept, the protective bubble of vibrant red glowing around her slightly, protection as she surrendered to the sleep of death. For the guardians would not die. She could heal and wait to live another life.

The pokemon cards and spirits slept along with their mistress.

Elsewhere, the legendaries watched quietly.

"So they did work it out?" Pika-chan asked, even though she wasn't one.

Sabrina yawned as she stretched out her ruby-red wings. "I wonder if he remembers us?"

He is probably too busy at the moment. A random card said. Not so random. Pidgeot was one of Ash's favorites.

Maybe, and maybe not…

Yatta! Serebii, I won! Articuno cheered.

Serebii shot her semi-related family member a dirty look.


Quit gloating.

I'm not gloating! At least my Chosen has foiled your plots to keep them apart! Zapdos cackled from his perch.

DIE! Serebii screamed, running at him with a crazed look. Mewtwo calmly grabbed the back of her neck, before pulling out a jar and shoving her inside.

Moltres gave Mewtwo an odd look. And where did that come from?

My trade secret! The psychic cat said proudly.

Lugia sweatdropped. I'm glad I don't live here…

It wasn't a perfect situation. She was deceiving him, and yet, they really could not come to find a better course.

And so, the legendaries watched, as their Chosen lived and grew and matured.

Life was not an easy task to face.

But their trials only made them stronger, and he would have to face the past soon enough…

Better to let him have some peace now.

And in the end, perhaps, it would turn out the way it was meant to be, correctly and without interruptions.


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