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Title: A Change of Heart

Summary: What if Goku left instead of staying in the end? How would his family react to his decision? How will everyone be affected by his choice? Can he be forgiven? Does anyone want to forgive him?


".what a match ladies and gentlemen. Goku and Uub are well matched in this deciding factor on who moves on to the next round" the announcer yelled into his microphone as he, as well as a thousand others, watch the fight before them. Floating above the ring Goku smiled as he looked down at the young boy beneath him. He had dark colored skin with a black style Mohawk cut on top of his head. Prepared in his fighting stance, he glared up at Goku with a frown on his face. He didn't prepare to be pushed over the edge by this man he just met but his buttons were pushed as Goku taunted him with jokes about his family and living conditions.

"You're everything I expected but you can use some more work" Goku said as he slowly made his decent down to the ring floor. Standing in front of Uub, he chuckled lightly to himself.

"I didn't come here to talk. I came to fight and win the money for my family" Uub said as he glared at Goku, ready for any attack that may come his way.

"How about you and I leave here and I'll train you?" Goku asked as he folded his arms across his chest. Uub, for once, looked surprised at the offer presented in front of him.

"You want to train me? But what about the match?" he asked, curious to see what the answer would be.

"We can just leave. I see a lot of potential in you Uub and I'm sure with the right teacher you will become more then you are now or more then anyone could imagine. So what do you say?" Goku asked. Uub looked at him, not sure of what to say, but soon a smile flew across his face.

"You'll be my teacher? That will be great and I'll be as strong as you?" he asked. Goku nodded while laughing slightly.

"Its going to take a lot of work but in the end you'll be much stronger then you are now" Goku said. Uub laughed with a grin on his face, ready for the challenge ahead. The crowd seemed stunned as they watched the two have a conversation before their eyes but no more stunned then the few fighters watching from the side.

"What is he saying?" Cheena asked as she looked at her brother, and twin, Goten as he also watched the scene in front of him.

"I think dad is leaving to train Uub instead of fight him" he replied as he looked at Cheena. Staring at her brother, Cheena slowly turned her head towards her father. Watching his every move, she watched as he flew away from the ring and towards the sky box that held his family and friends. Turning around, Cheena walked towards the inside of the waiting area. Leaning against the wall, she closed her eyes slowly.

"Listen guys, while I'm gone I'm going to need you to look over things for me" Cheena heard her father say. Opening her eyes she watched as he stood before Trunks and Goten, giving them a few words.

"He can't be leaving" she said as she lifted off the wall and walked over to the three. Hearing faint cries, Cheena stopped as she watched her niece, Pan, come running over and into Goku's arms.

"You can't leave grandpa. You just can't" the young girl cried as she buried her face into her grandfather's gi. Smoothing his hand over her hair Goku spoke softly to her.

"It's going to be ok Pan. I'll come back to visit you every now and then" he said. Softening her cries, Pan looked up into her grandfather's dark but caring eyes.

"You promise grandpa?" she asked. Goku laughed but added a quick nod of his head.

"I promise Pan" he said as he set her down. With a smile on her face, Pan raised her small arms in the air and grabbed a small portion of Goku's gi into her hands.

"I promise grandpa that when you return I'll be much stronger. I'm going to train every day" she said. Goku nodded his head but soon looked to the side to see Cheena staring at him.

"So you're leaving us?" she asked. Turning towards her, Goku took in a deep breath before exhaling it out.

"Yes Che but I'll be back as soon as I can. You know I can't stay away from you and everyone else" he said. A small smile fell upon Cheena's face but it was hard to distinguish between that of a smile or frown.

"You promise to return to us soon? How soon?" she asked. Walking over to her, Goku placed his hand on her shoulder.

"I'll be back to see you in a month. I will return Cheena, sooner then you think. Tell your mother the same. I will not stay away from any of you longer then I have to. I promise" he said as he leaned forward and quickly placed a kiss upon his daughter's forehead. As he moved away, Cheena smiled, which this time was clearly seen.

"Ok dad. Good luck" she said as she winked and gave him a thumbs up.Returning her gesture, Goku quickly took to the air, landing back in the middle of the ring. Standing to the side, Risika growled as she watched Goku go.

"Where does he think he's going? I was hoping I'd get trained" she said. Cheena smiled as she looked at her.

"Don't worry about it. I can train you. I'm just as good as my dad" she said. Risika slightly nodded her head as she turned and focused her attention back on Goku.

"You ready Uub?" he asked as he looked at his new pupil. Nodding his head, Uub smiled, ready for his new training to begin. Goku nodded his head as he took a hold of the young boys hand and flew off into the sky.

~End Flashback~

July 12.


That was the last time I saw him. I can remember that day as if was yesterday and not four months ago. He promised me that he'd return in one month. After the tournament, we all discussed my father leaving us behind the way he did. My mother was permanently in shock. Nobody's words could have brought her back to reality. It pained me to see her in such conditions but I put a smile on my face. I spent the time after doing what I said I would do and that's train Risika. I did a pretty good job considering the only other person I helped train was Pan. After a while we started to play around so she went off to train with either Vegeta or Piccolo. Either way I wish her all the luck in the world. My father had promised me that he would return to me and everyone in a month. I didn't want him to leave but when I looked into his eyes I saw the determination and the desire to turn one kid into something more. I was only 17 at the time and at that time I was moving on with my life. I had both my parents, my brother Goten, all though being a pest at times, my best friend Miyuki and my boyfriend Trunks. Not much has changed since then. I am still 17 and I still have my brother, my boyfriend and my mother but I've lost my father. I sometimes catch myself staring out the window waiting for him to return. What am I? 7? Feels that way sometimes. I sit back and I try to think about when I was 7 and met him for the first time. We went through battling Buu together. I fought beside him and I got to know just how great a man he really was. I didn't know it at the time, or maybe I did, but I was growing attached to him. As I grew up I fount myself sticking by him. I'd do whatever I could to spend time with him. Not having a father for the first 7 years of your life can do that to a kid. I grew up as daddy's little girl, if that's not too hard to believe. Once Pan was born I no longer considered myself daddies little girl but a daughter. Someone that no longer needed him to hold my hand or needed him to tuck me in. I could do all that for myself but I still needed my father.

That day at the tournament, when he left my life, was the hardest day for me. I finally had a family, a mother and a father, and it was taken away from me in only a few short years. I never could get over the fact that he left of his own free will. There was no saving to do. There were no villains to defeat, no; he did this because he wanted to do it. He chose to leave his family and friends behind and for what? To train someone he never even knew. I've asked myself on numerous occasions if I should hate Uub. Goten a few times, maybe not in so many words, has even shown some hatred towards a boy we don't even know. I want to hate him, believe me I do, but what right do I have? I mean, if I was in his shoes and I got an offer to train with someone who has the caliber that my father has, well, I'd just jump at the chance and that is exactly what Uub did so I can't hate him. There just is no way I can do such a thing. I was raised better then that, guess I have my mother to thank for that.

It's been four months since the day he left us behind with nothing but promises. Surprisingly, I'm not angry with him. Why? I have faith in my father. He has never broken a promise to me and I know he never will. I won't give up on him. My mother isn't giving up hope and neither will I. He's going to return to us soon and when he does we'll all be here for him. He can't stay away from his family; he said that himself and I always hold people to their words. I've started writing down my thoughts so I wont' have them held up inside of me. I call these the Cheena Files. Stupid name? Maybe, but it's my journal where my thoughts are just written for the world to see. I'm sure my father will return to me. I will end my entry here with one final thought. I will never give up on my fathers return. He will be back soon. I know he will.

November 30

It's been awhile hasn't it? I guess so but so much as been going on since my last entry. School has been going well. In fact I'm doing much better then my other half. All he does is sleep in class. Maybe that's why his grades are what they are. Trunks and I are still together but I don't see him as much as I used to. He's been in training as of late. Bulma is hoping he can learn "the ropes" as she puts it and one day take over Capsule Corps as the new president. Trunks isn't sure about taking over the business that his grandfather and mother ran for so long but he's going for it. I tell him every now and then that he's doing fine. You know, just to boost his esteem on the situation. I've caught up with Risika and she's doing well.in that I mean she's still alive. Training with Vegeta and Piccolo isn't a joke but she's hanging in there. I'm sure she'll do just fine and if not, she can always come back to train with me.

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and it wasn't exactly the happiest time of me the year. I remember our Thanksgiving's past. Mom and Videl was in the kitchen fixing a big meal, bigger then they normally would, Dad, Goten, Gohan and Pan was in the living room doing what they thought guys should do which was watch football while I laid up in my room listening to various cd's and flipping through numerous motor magazines just to see what I wanted on my Christmas list. When it came time to eat, the table was overflowing with food. You just couldn't believe the hard work my mother and Videl put into making a great meal for all of us. I remember us all going around the table saying what we were thankful for. I was thankful for my family as was everyone else. I occasionally glanced over at my mother as she said what she was thankful for. She was thankful for her family but more importantly the chance to spend time with her husband, my father. When his turn came my dad said the same thing, except he was happy to be with his wife instead of husband. Once grace was said we all started to eat. I remember that day well. Well this year things just weren't the same without him.

Bulma invited us all over to Capsule Corps for a big thanksgiving party. Gohan took Videl and Pan over there and Goten and I were ready to go as well but our mom refused. She called Bulma and told her some story as to why we couldn't go but I knew the real reason why. She missed him. She missed my dad, her husband. Goten and I stayed with her and we all chipped in and helped in some way for this Thanksgiving Day. Goten went to the store and bought the food while my mother and I stayed in the kitchen and fixed the meal. In a few short hours we were done. The three of us sat down at the table and prepared to say our blessings. I don't even know why I said what I did, maybe because I didn't expect the reaction I got. Goten said his blessings then came my turn. I said what I felt I should say. I said I was thankful for my family, this meal and the return of my father who would probably be coming home at any time to be with his family, the family he promised to always be with. I guess I said the wrong thing because as I finished I looked over to see my mother's head buried in her hands. It pained me to see her in tears and just over a small speech. Goten and I looked at each other, not sure of what to say then Goten asked her if she was ok. She nodded her head and said she was but we knew she wasn't. She started into her blessings before stopping. She said she was thankful for her family and her husband and she just stopped. Goten and I watched as she excused herself from the table and ran upstairs.

Hearing the bedroom door close, I looked down at my plate. I didn't know what to do or even say. Should I have gone after her? Should I have given her some time alone? I was confused as I knew Goten was as well. He remained beside me, not moving an inch. Taking in a deep breath I exhaled it out and looked at him. I told him that maybe we should just eat what we could, I mean the food was made. We both ate in silence, I mean, you could have heard a pin drop from upstairs. The house was completely silent which left a chill up and down my spine. After dinner, Goten tended to putting away what was left over as well as the dishes. I decided to take my mother a plate of food which she first rejected. I wanted to talk to her but she shooed me away. I put the plate near her bed and left the room.

I hated seeing her like that, believe me I did. In my eyes my mother was always strong, no one could break her down to tears, never! It broke my heart to see tears fall down her face. The face of the same woman who stood up to even the likes of Vegeta if he did something she disapproved of. I couldn't take it and I still can't. It's been 3 days since that day. I've noticed some changes around the house. My mother is keeping to herself. She slowly walks around the house and barely speaks a word. She'll give you a one or two word response but that's it. I wish things were the same. I wish my mother was the same. Goten doesn't spend time home either. I can only guess the reason for that is to not see our mother the way she is so he's always off somewhere with his girlfriend Miyuki. I on the other hand stay confined to my room.

I find my room to be my sanctuary, a place where I can't be hurt by false words or promises. Do I consider my father's words to be false? No. No because I believe in him. He said he's going to come home and that's what he's going to do. Tomorrow, yes, that is the day I predict him walking through the door and into our arms. I know my dad would never go back on his word

*shake head and look towards the door*

I hear my mother crying again. That has to be the 2nd time today. I know where she is and what she's doing. She's looking in the family photo album and bringing up memories. I've tried hiding that book from her. I don't want her looking at it not if it's going to hurt her like this. I can't stand her in this much pain. I can handle the pain, the pain I'm in now, I can handle it. It's nothing. I'm more concerned about my mother then anything else and that includes me.

*look towards the window in thought*

Dad where are you? Come home, come back to us

*sigh and close journal*

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