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~*Chapter 17: Closing In *~

"Um…guys?" Kiseki asked as she slowly followed after her cousin's before her. She glanced around, unsure of her surroundings but knowing that they were all far from the place she knew as home. "Li? Alex?" she questioned as she continued to follow after them. Ahead of her, Li frowned as he glanced back at his cousin, a slight glare in his eyes. Alex, on the other hand, turned around and slowly stopped as he stared at Kiseki.

"What is it? We have to keep going" he said as he floated before her. Slowing down, Kiseki floated before Alex and sighed.

"But where are we going? We've been flying for a long time now and I'm tired" she said. Rubbing the back of his neck, Alex glanced around before staring at his cousin.

"We have to keep going. We have to find my dad before that other guy gets to him" he said. Turning around, Li frowned as he folded his arms across his chest.

"That's right so let's keep going" he said. Placing her hands on her hips Kiseki stared at Li, now a frown on her face.

"But we don't even know where we're going" she said. Growling under his breath, Li slowly floated before Kiseki, his black eyes staring into hers.

"Then go home, if you are so scared then go home" he said, his voice rising ever so slightly. Kiseki narrowed her eyes slightly then pushed herself away from him.

"Fine, I will" she said as she turned away, preparing to fly back towards her home. Li scoffed lightly as he looked at his brother.

"Let's keep going. We still have to find dad and grandpa Vegeta. They will help us" he said as he dropped his arms to his side. Alex nodded his head as he watched Kiseki fly slowly back from whence they came.

"What about her?" he asked as he continued to stare in Kiseki's direction. Li rolled his eyes as he glanced in her direction as well.

"What about her? We have to find dad. We need to go" he said as he reached out and grabbed his brother's shirt. Nodding his head, Alex turned around and looked at his brother.

"Let's go" he said as he took off. Smiling slightly, Li followed after his brother in search of his father, hoping to help out in any way he could.

The Lookout

"So, what do we do now?" Goten asked as he stood beside his niece. Pan shrugged her shoulders as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Why is all of this happening? We were fine before" she said as she looked straight ahead. Goten sighed as he tilted his head up towards the sky.

"When I get my hands on Castine I'll make him pay for what he's done" he said. Standing in his remaining spot, Trunks huffed slightly as he looked over in Goten's direction.

"Excuse me? When you get your hands on him? The only one who is going to fight Castine and gain any sort of payback is going to be me and me alone" he said. Dropping his head slowly Goten turned towards his friends direction.

"Trunks, this isn't the time to play hero and besides you are not in the right state of mind to go up against Castine" he said. Staring at Goten briefly, Trunks slowly turned on the ball of his feet, walking slowly towards his friend.

"And who's to say I'm not in the right state of mind? You?" he asked as he stood in front of Goten.

"Trunks, you just lost your wife. You cannot be thinking clearly" Goten replied. Smiling slightly, Trunks closed his eyes, gazing into the darkness of his own mind. Seeing his friend's reaction, Goten frowned as he shook his head from side to side. "You can't even be serious about this conversation we are having now. How can you be serious later on in a fight against Castine?" he asked.

"Do not worry about what I can do later on, Goten. It is not your concern anyhow" Trunks said as he slowly opened his eyes. Staring into his friend's dark eyes, Trunks smile slowly fell into a low frown. "All you need to be concern with is staying here and watching over those here, do you understand?" he asked.

"I understand…I understand that you have lost your mind. Trunks, you can't expect to do this on your own. No one is going to let you do that" Goten said as he shifted his eyes from side to side.

"Oh really…" Trunks said as he stood close to Goten, closing the slight gap between the two. "…and whose going to stop me? You? I don't think so" he said as his low frown slowly rose up into a smirk.

"Trunks, this isn't the time" Goku said as he glanced over at the two young men before him. Shifting his eyes to the side, Trunks scoffed as he turned back towards Goten to see the once frown on his face now turn into a smile. Growling slightly, Trunks casually turned himself around, facing Goku completely.

"The time for what? Revenge? Is it really not the time for that? That bastard killed my wife, he took her from me and you're telling me it's not the time for that? I'm sorry Goku but it is the time, the time is way past over due" he said.

"Trunks, we all know you are still upset over what happened to Cheena, we are all that way…" Goku started before he was interrupted by Vegeta.

"…speak for yourself Kakarot" he said.

"Besides Vegeta, we all feel the same way. She's gone Trunks and there is nothing we can do about that" Goku finished saying, briefly ignoring Vegeta's earlier comment.

"Maybe you can't do anything about but I know I can. I will not just sit here while my wife, my mate, remains a part of him. She doesn't belong there" Trunks said, his temper rising slowly.

"What about Krillin, 18 and Yamcha? Do they belong where they are? Goten asked as he glanced over at his fallen friends, lying still on the cold floor below. Trunks frowned as he dropped his head, casting his eyes downwards towards the ground. Feeling a hand on his shoulder, Trunks slowly raised his head, staring into Goku's dark yet consoling eyes.

"Listen Trunks, Castine will pay for what he's done. That's a fact, but what's also a fact is that we can't afford to loose anyone else to him. He's already taken so much from all of us. We won't let him take anything else" Goku said slowly. Nodding his head, Trunks smiled slightly as he took in a deep breath, exhaling it out.

"My dad's right. Castine will never forget what we have in store for him. We'll teach him not to mess with a Son member or any friend of ours" Goten said as he folded his arms across his chest. Trunks laughed slightly as he glanced over at his friend.

"Goten, as nice as that is and all, Cheena is a Briefs" he said.

"I know she is a Brief now but before she was a Son" Goten replied with a grin on his face. Trunks stared at him for a while then laughed, knowing that he wasn't going to win such a simple argument.

"When we get her back she say which one she is but then again, she will say that's both" he said. Goten nodded his head as he looked at Trunks.

"Right and no one messes with both our families" Goten said as he extended his right arm into the air. Trunks nodded his head as he raised his right arm as well, slapping hands with Goten.

"Or our friends" he said. Goku smiled as he placed his arm on Trunks shoulder as well as Goten's shoulder, standing in-between the two. Glaring at the three of them, Vegeta rolled his eyes as he turned his head away.

"Baka's…" he mumbled softly under his breath.

Son Household

"You know Blanca; it feels good to get back into my work. I'm so used to people doing this for me I forgot…" Castine said as he picked up a picture frame that lay on a nearby coffee table. "…just how much fun this all is" he said as he tossed the frame to the side, causing it to smash to the floor below. Blanca laughed as she glanced around the once quiet, tranquil home of the Son's.

"She should have just let us in" she said as she glanced over at Chi-Chi, who once was on her feet; now lay motionless on the floor by the kitchen door. Chuckling lightly to herself, Blanca glanced over at Bulma who lied a few feet away from Chi-Chi, her back pressed against the wall and her head dropped down low into her lap. She too was also motionless, just like Chi-Chi.

"Blanca, these women were just doing what they thought was best…how stupid of them" Castine said as he tilted his head back, a slight laughter escaping his lips.


Knocking on the door, Castine and Blanca awaited eagerly for someone to answer and thus allowing them to enter and take care of what they wanted to take care of. Hearing the locks on the door shift to an unlocked position, the two of them smiled as the door slowly cracked open and a young woman's head peaked out.

"May I help you?" she asked as she stared at the two before her. Clearing his throat, Castine smiled as he extended his hand out towards her.

"Hello, I am looking for someone by the name of Goku. Is he in?" he asked as he cleared his throat once more. Looking down at his hand, the young woman slowly opened the door wider, placing her hand on her hip.

"No he is not. May I ask who you are?" she asked, glancing over at the young woman with a slight piece of white hair in her face.

"I'm sorry, how rude of myself. My name is Gar and this is my friend Paris. Goku told us to stop by so we can begin training. Is this a bad time?" Castine asked as he glanced back at Blanca. She smiled instantly as she noticed the young woman staring at her. Brushing her hair out of her face, Blanca glanced down at the ground, feeling nervous about all the eyes on her.

"Well Gar…Paris, it's nice to meet you both but Goku isn't here. He also didn't say anything about you both stopping by. You can come back later on, he should return" the young woman said. Smiling politely, Castine dropped his arm to his side and stared at the door in front of him.

"May I ask what your name is? Just so I can tell Goku who the nice woman was who answered the door" Castine asked as he placed his right arm behind his back. Brushing her hair out of her face, the young woman smiled as she folded her arms across her chest.

"My name is Miyuki" she said as she brushed her green hair to the side. Castine smiled as he slowly narrowed his eyes in Miyuki's direction.

"Well Miyuki, can you at least do me one favor?" he asked as his smile slowly turned into a rather devious smirk. Slowly dropping her arms to her side, Miyuki, noticing the change in his face, placed both her hands on the door, ready to close it if need be.

"W-what can I do for you?" she asked, ready to move back quickly at the slightest change. Castine smiled as he brought his right arm forward, showing Miyuki his glowing hand.

"You can get the hell out of my way…Miyuki" he said, a laugh escaping his lips. Screaming slightly, Miyuki quickly did as she planned and closed the door in his face. Smiling, Castine glanced back at Blanca who had an ear-to-ear grin on her face as well. "You just have to love doing this the hard way" he said as he turned towards the door. Extending his arm out fully, he smiled as he a blue blast flew from his hand, destroying the door instantly.

"Shall we go in, sir?" Blanca asked as she chuckled lightly. Nodding his head, Castine stared inside the house, his grin growing with every second.

"Oh we shall…we shall" he said as he stepped inside, Blanca following close behind.

End Flashback

Blanca laughed as she glanced over at Miyuki, who lay motionless by the window. Walking towards her, she bent down and stared into Miyuki's face, her smile growing bigger.

"And to think, all she had to do was open the door" she said as she stood up. Scoffing a laugh, Castine turned towards the staircase and started towards it. He laughed as he noticed Videl lying on the first few steps, motionless like all the rest.

"Excuse me" he said as he stepped over her and continued up the stairs. Blanca laughed as she slowly followed after him, disappearing around the corner.

"So where exactly is this baby or whatever it is that we're suppose to be going after" she said as she continued after Castine. Keeping his focus in front of him, Castine pushed open a door and walked in to see a large bed but more importantly a crib by the wall.

"Here is where the baby is that we're looking for" he said as he walked over to the crib. Standing beside him, Blanca furrowed her brows as she glanced at the baby in the crib.

"This is what we've come for?" she asked as she glanced at Castine. Frowning, Castine quickly glared at her.

"Are you deaf or just plain stupid, Blanca? Yes this is what we have come for" he said as he took a step back. Spreading his arms out, he closed his eyes. Watching his every move, Blanca slowly moved away, ready to watch her master perform what he had so many times before.

The Lookout

"So what do we do now?" Goten asked as he stared at the ground. Sitting down beside his niece, he sighed as he took in a deep breath then exhaled it out.

"We can stop sitting up here and find Castine before he finds us" Pan said as she slowly stood up. Looking forward, Dende frowned as he casted his eyes downwards.

"It's too late" he said low but loud enough to be heard by those around him.

"Too late? What do you mean it's too late?" Goku asked as he slowly walked over to Dende. Exhaling slowly, Dende sighed as he looked up at Goku.

"Castine…he's at your house" he said slowly. Catching the attention of Vegeta, Trunks and Goten, Dende cleared his throat as the three of them slowly walked towards him.

"What did you say?" Vegeta asked as he stood beside Goku.

"Castine is at Goku's house…he's there for something" Dende slowly said, keeping his eyes off of Vegeta.

"What is he doing there? We have to go and we have to go now" Goten said as he stared at his father. Nodding his head, Goku quickly placed his fingers on his forehead.

"Let's go" he said as he glanced over in his son's direction. Nodding his head, Goten quickly placed his hand on his father's shoulder.

"Trunks, Vegeta, let's go. Don't just stand there" he said in a quickened voice. Placing his hand on Goten's shoulder, Trunks glanced over at his father who still remained standing in his same spot.

"Dad, we have to go. Mom was there when we left. She might be hurt" he said. Staring at his son, Vegeta frowned as he placed his hand on Goku's shoulder.

"Let's go Kakarot" he said. Nodding his head, Goku glanced over at Pan.

"Stay here and watch over Krillin, 18, Yamcha and Cheena, ok?" he asked. Nodding her head, Pan sat back down and watched as her grandfather and everyone disappeared towards the Son family home.

Son Household

Opening his eyes quickly, Castine frowned as he looked towards the bedroom door.

"Sir, what is it?" Blanca asked as she took a step towards him. Growling under his breath, Castine slowly turned away from the door and walked towards the window.

"Let's go" he said as he opened the window. Narrowing her eyes, Blanca frowned then sighed as she watched Castine fly out the window.

"B-but sir, what about…" she started as Castine glanced back towards her, a scowl now on his face.

"…NOW!!" he yelled as he took off as quick as he could. Clearing her throat, Blanca quickly followed after him, never looking back at the house they once occupied.

Flying over to a remote area filled with trees, shrubs and rocks, Castine slowly landed on the ground and growled.

"I don't believe this. I was so close. So damn close" he said clenched his fists at his side. Landing behind him, Blanca sighed as she watched him shake slightly.

"Sir, what is going on? I don't understand" she said, completely confused by his actions.

"They were coming to the house…they were coming back. We couldn't let them find us there" Castine said as he slowly turned towards her.

"Who are they, sir?" Blanca asked, still not fully comprehending what he was saying.

"Goku and the rest of those idiots. I could feel it; I could sense them coming back to the house. The last thing we need is for them to find us in there" Castine said.

"I understand sir, but what do we do now?" Blanca asked. Growling, Castine slowly turned away from her, anger still seething inside of him.

"Just shut up and allow me to think" he said as he took a few steps away from her. A few feet away, hidden by the trees all around, Li and Alex watched on as Castine and Blanca remained in their same spot.

"Who are they? Do you think he's the one that killed our mom?" Alex asked as he looked over at his brother. With a frown on his face, Li clenched his small hand into a tight fist as he glared at Castine.

"I know that's him…he said our grandpa Goku's name" Li said, never removing his eyes from his hopeful intended target. Staring at Castine and Blanca, Alex frowned as well as his eyes slowly narrowed.

"So what do we do now?" he asked, keeping his eyes on the two before him.

"I'm not sure but we have to save our mom" Li said. Looking over at his brother, Alex looked slightly puzzled as he scratched his head.

"But what about dad?" he asked. Li smiled as he looked at his brother.

"Dad will be happy that we tried to save mom" he said. Alex nodded his head as a smile appeared on his face.

"B-but what if we get in trouble?" a voice asked from behind them. Glancing at one another, Li and Alex both looked at each other then behind them to see Kiseki looking at them.

"What are you doing here?" Alex asked as he stared at her. Li frowned as he looked at Kiseki, turning away slightly.

"I wanted to help, remember" Kiseki said with a smile on her face. Rolling his eyes, Li turned towards Castine and Blanca, his mouth dropping open.

"But I thought you left?" Alex asked as he stared at Kiseki. Rubbing the back of her neck, Kiseki slowly dropped her head but soon raised it.

"I just wanted to help. That was my Aunt Cheena and I want to help fight that guy who hurt her" she said.

"You won't be doing that" Li said as he continued to stare ahead at the scene in front of him. Frowning, Kiseki placed her hands on her hips and stared at her other cousin.

"And why is that?" she asked, awaiting his answer.

"Because someone else is about to do it" Li said. Looking at one another, Alex and Kiseki looked over in Castine and Blanca's direction to see the same person who caught Li's attention previously.

"Uncle Gohan!?" they said simultaneously, both wondering what their uncle was doing or better yet, what he was planning on doing.

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