Jewel: Here it is!! For those of you who actually care, this is the SECOND story!!


LaShana: *Holds up applaud sign*

Jewel: Anyway, under suggestion of my two colleagues, Takaehiko9683 and PenPusherM, I have named this story "A Little More Involved" which you can clearly see by the title.

It's not named for nothin', people. Though this first one is extremely tame, I believe we eventually have a contest as to who can be the most-

LaShana: You are NOT telling them that.

Jewel: Fine, but you'll find out later!! So, read on!!

Rabid Lawyer 1: Ahem.

Jewel: You think they'd go away when I started a new story, but nooooooo..

Rabid Lawyer 2: We'll send Funny Bunny after you if you don't do the disclaimer.

Jewel: NOOOO!!! The horror!! The disgrace!! The pink bunnies!!!

Rabid Lawyer 3: You mean that threat actually worked?

Jewel: I have a phobia of pink bunnies, so sue me!!

Rabid Lawyer 3: Why?

Jewel: They're UNNATURAL beings that don't exist in nature!!!

Rabid Lawyer 1: Ahem.

Rabid Lawyer 2: That's all he can say, by the way.

Jewel: Whatever. I do not own Yu~Gi~Oh. I'm gonna go die in a spiky hole now.


I'm still stuck at boarding school. And I fooing hate it! I'm tearing my hair out, and it's only been about a month! This place is insane!! And I'm being dragged down with it!!

I would have been in the Battle City Tournament Finals!!! But my grandmother HAD to interfere!! I also had a wonderful (heavy, heavy emphasis on WONDERFUL) boyfriend. Why does grandma not understand us? (Me and my triplet sisters, Crystal and Jewel)

Grandma didn't approve of us being in the tournament. She hated that Crissy was dating Yugi Moto, her archenemy's grandson. She didn't like Seto, Jewel's boyfriend because he owned his own company and was therefore too independent. She really, really 'disapproved' of my boyfriend.

Malik is not the ideal 'nice young gentleman', I'll be the first to admit. He's an earring wearing, motorcycling, leather clad tattooed 'cool' guy. At least that's all my grandmother sees. I see the sweet, thoughtful guy who takes care of the recently rescued Taze and brings me chocolates for no reason. You can see my stand on this.

Now, we're all stuck in a stupid boarding school. We aren't even in the same dorm!!

This morning, I was walking to one of my classes, and who slams into me, but James. A dorky, perverted guy from my old school. He thought he'd be considered cool if he went out with me or one of my sisters.

He turned beet red and ran. He didn't even bother to pick up his notebooks. What a loser! I picked up my things and headed back to my room. I figure I'll skip a few classes, claim sick. Or something.

I got online, but Malik wasn't on. I grabbed the phone and dialed. I didn't really expect him to answer. He's not usually used tome skipping classes, but..


We talked for a while, or shall I say I complained. Malik listened patiently. It's so good to hear his voice!

I have to get back to class soon.

By why is James here? And when is our next holiday?

Aundaine Valentine

PS: I HATE BOARDING SCHOOL!!! GR!! $%^&*(&%*&%*&%^*($%&^$!!!!


A month. I've been stuck in this jail for a month. Why does Grandmother believe we actually DESERVE this torture? Sure, our b/f's weren't exactly up to par on the one night we met her, but that doesn't mean she ahs any right to separate us from them!

Oh yeah - apparently all of our teachers and even some of our senior roommates were told by Grandmother that they needed to report to her EVERTHING that we did. I only discovered this after I found one of my new roomies (the old two finally moved out) going through my emails and book marked chat sites Seto was continually on. I had to erase a couple; I accidentally walked unknowingly into 2 of his business meetings with the words of:

JValentine says:

Rescue the poor damsel in tears from the jailhouse that is boarding school, Seto! I want you HERE!

Twice. And then everyone in his business meeting types laughter. They also applauded me for taking Seto's mind off them and begged me to stay so he wouldn't be quite so...yeah. but after telling them I didn't really CARE what Seto did for/to them, I stayed to provide comments and encouragement. It was rather fun, after I got over the embarrassment of it.

Oh yeah, guess what? Since my old roomies moved out (both of them) I (oh, lucky, lucky me) got new ones. Well, the one I found searching my computer is named Shana (She's OK, now that I got her to no longer spy on me) but the other one is a complete horror.

Apparently Grandmother MET and LIKED Tea!! So she got Tea's parents to send her to boarding school and 'help me in my new world.'

Why must this world be so cruel?? Curse you, Grandmother Iris!!

I think I'll blast the music, and talk to Seto just to annoy Tea.

She's been a b**** ever since she got here! She destroys my homework, tells my teachers horrible rumors they say they don't believe because that's not proper for a lady but really do because everyone does or it wouldn't BE a rumor.

In other words: HELP!!!

Jewel Valentine


GRRRMM!! RRRRRGG!!! !@#$%!!!!!


And every single fooing teacher in the fooing building!!

My only comfort is the fact my dorm is completely covered in posters! YAY!!

CiCi and Kim have a slight problem. They say some new girl stole Kim's crush and master.

Some dude, she mumbled his name, something like Master Miqoweurhgaihg...yeah...

So, they asked me to help them devise a revenge plan. Is say "No problem!" I told them about Tea and the Stage House, so immediately they handed the reins to my capable and manicured hands.

But I needed to rally the troops. So after Kim and CiCi left for a bite to eat, I called up Daine, Jewel Seto, Yugi, Yami, and Malik.

We all talked for at least 3 hours. Then Mokuba, Alli, Alenka, and Joey with Serenity all got there. Now all we need are some GIRLSCOUT COOKIES!!

The plan was perfect. Not a single flaw. Daine was tired so she just suggested the basics, and then and then bade us goodnight. Malik left soon after she did.

We decided the most embarrassing thing that could happen to a girl in this school was running out of clean uniforms. (I know, what a lame deal!) So, we devised a to switch a boy's locker room clothes with the receiver of the prank. Her entire closet would be raided, but another touch would be a really small fart machine sewed into the boy's locker uniform. A thin line of glue on her shoes, inside AND outside, would add more embarrassment.

Then, a loosely stitched pair of extra underwear would come loose and fall out. Mokuba suggested a small spot of brown should be drawn on the underwear. Seto must be SO proud.

The torture didn't end there; I was to "spill" my milk on her head, Jewel was going to "trip" and "accidentally" drop her food on the poor unfortunate's lap.

And when the mail came, enclosed would be a letter, from Master Mumble. And it wouldn't be a love letter, that's for sure.

Finally, her dorm would be secretly booby-trapped with some honey, feathers, gloop, etc.

It's gonna be GREAT!

Crissy Valentine

PS: Sweet, sweet plannage!


OMG!! God bless weekends off!! Crissy's roommate had a problem with some other girl, so Crissy called immediate planning revenge meeting deal.

Everyone was called. And I mean everyone! Let me back up a tad. We got this weekend off, so we headed back to Mai's house to "Visit our relatives and show them how much we have all learned." What a load of BS. But we all got to see our b/f's!!!

I four Grandmother believed that this school would discourage us from our boyfriends.. we proved her wrong in our.. shall we say "enthusiastic?" greeting. Alenka started yelling at us to get a room.

Mai fled the house after seeing us plotting, but I can't really blame her.

Right off, I suggested the normal; use dye in the shampoo to turn her hair either green or blue, glue her notebooks shut, etc.

Well, that got the ball rolling, and the ideas got weirder and weirder. I decided to leave. It was a bit wild and crowded.

Malik followed me. I realized that I had just left my own dwellings, and thus had nowhere else to go, so I was outside looking at the stars when he walked up, bringing my jacket. What would I do without my boyfriend?

Malik broke the silence first. "I missed you."

Yeah, like I didn't know that! WE had been talking on this Instant Message thing Kaiba had set up like EVERY DAY!! Not that I'm complaining. It was probably the only thing that kept me sane. Still, I missed him too.

I was about to respond when I glanced over at Malik. He wasn't looking at the stars. Our eyes locked. I guess that was all the reply he needed because he leaned over and kissed me. Oh! Miss Verniele would be soooo angry!! But what do I care?

Malik broke away and smiled rather wolfishly. I shook a finger at him in mock anger. "Miss Verniele would be so very mad!" I pitched my voice higher, "Young ladies and fine gentlemen should not sit closer than 3 feet apart at any given time. Never shall they touch in the slightest way. When passing a napkin, watch closely so your fingers do not brush on another's."

Malik was reduced to rolling in the grass, laughing.

Well, we have to leave again tomorrow after supper.. so naturally I'm going out with Malik.. More later, though.

Aundaine Valentine


There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING that can get a Valentine feeling like her regular self like evil planning and seeing her b/f.

It was sooo great!! All sisters together w/b/f's planning!! We have..let's see here.glued folders...glued shoes..*Munches GirlScout cookie for brain trigger* replacement of clothing.

HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!! Having waaaaaay too much fun with the evil plans and Goldfish!! (The kind you eat, NOT to be confused with actual orange-gold living fish.)

OK.. I was told that I was doing this for Crissy's roommate, CiCi. Apparently someone (girl) "stole" CiCi's crush and "master".

What kind of girl calls ANYONE "Master" anymore?? Honestly!! What a sap!! I'm betting he doesn't even know who she is!! I'm betting this person who "stole" him has a LOT more claim to him than CiCi does! But as a loyal Valentine sister, I am sworn to *sigh* help with all evil plans...and devour more GirlScout cookies!! Not MY fault I was "dragged" into this plan..well...not really.

Oh yes..this Friday I was properly horrified (in fact, I fainted. Just like a lady should. I had a REALLY tight corset on..and I couldn't breathe in the perfumes.) because I saw JAMES in our hallway. SOMEONE COULD HAVE WARNED ME!!!

He walked by our charms class, saw the door was open, stuck his great big ugly head in, and smiled at me. Then blew me a kiss. I got so mad I couldn't breathe...and everything went black.

So, aside from being unconscious for 10 seconds, it was very, very, very good! Ms. Verniele raced out of the classroom, and took him into our classroom, lecturing him for 15 minutes on why he "should never, never, never, EVER flirt with a young lady in public, and certainly not while she is furthering her education or consumed in a task of any kind!!" It was soooooo funny!! He was then marched to the headmistress and is attending extra classes for the next 4 weeks. Every day! Oh, go me! And *coughpartlyMs.Vernieleandmaybetheheadmistresscough*

I, however, was allowed to go back to my room and "collect my emotions" only after being congratulated on "a flawless display of proper female etiquette in a vulgar situation." So, I spent the rest of the day talking to Seto on the phone and internet and com-link-dealie-thing.

Very very very goooooood day! Except for the fact that JAMES AND TEA ARE IN MY SCHOOL!!!

Jewel Valentine


Yay! Yay! YAY!! I LOVE WEEKENDS!! Not only were we able to leave that wretched place, but we got to see our dear b/f's. YAY!!

So we get off of the train, and of course they're waiting for us (they meaning all the b/f's, Joey, Alenka, Mr. Moto (I know, OMG!!), Alli, Mokuba, etc.).

My two sisters make a nice sweeping display of going dramatically down the steps and then gracefully into Seto/Malik's arms. My turn!!

I came sweeping down the train stairs, when a stupid bellboy sneezed behind me. It startled me, and I shrieked and fell. On my butt. And it didn't help that everyone (including my adoring sisters) burst in (quite loud) laughter.

Yami charged up and bent down next to me, and with a sly look on his oh-so-fine face, asked me if he could kiss my boo-boo. Everyone heard, (including Mr. Moto) and that sent them all into absolute hysterics. Thank you for your support.

So, after absolutely humiliating myself, ALL of us piled into Seto's helicopter and were back at Mai's/our house.

LET THE EVIL PLANNING BEGIN!!! After Mr. Moto congratulated me on my standing up to Grandma and not dumping Yugi (*shudder* don't say such terrible things!!) he left us.

Oh, the ideas! The possibilities! Malik and Daine fled the scene, most likely to make out.

Then Mai. She actually made it to the finals!! (She probably went to go make out, though).

Finally, Jewel and Seto and Mokuba left. The later most likely left Jewel and Seto so they could make out. Oh yeah, Alli went with Mokuba. I wonder if they're making out...?

Alenka and Joey said "Ciao" and most likely joined the most popular activity.

So we had the house to ourselves. We popped some popcorn, rented some good, scary movies, and we snuggled on the couch. I got quite scared at one point, so Yami HAD to start making out with me so I'd feel safe. That's plausible, right?


More later!

Crissy Valentine


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