Each day the same in and out, wake up, go to sleep, die, eventually i suppose.  If not sooner.  I look around the room; girl with a ribbon tied around her messy pony tail, she's whareing Abercrombie; same deal; same; boy with a mop top, he's wareing Abercrombie.  A few nerds, that chinese chick who doesn't speak english,  and a stoner or two.  "sigh i say again."  Diana turns around from her seat in front of me. "what's up?" "my furry green cock." "Alice that's disgusting." "I like to think so." I digress "I digress on a more serious note." she giggles, she's cute when she giggles. "iv decided that school is a waste of time." Diana looks at me in a flirtatiously pretentious way, one you'd   expect form a dike like myself.  "how deliciously observant of you."  "no my kitten- seriously, i was looking out the window looking at the drop outs smoking there pot, hallucinating about who knows what. -" She interrupts me with some gibberish. " of shoes and ships and sealing wax my dear." I shake my head as if to rid myself of this, its to familiar, my sister would say this to me when i would fall asleep each night before she died.  "Any ways- and Society says that they've fallen through some sort of a hole to some other world of delinquency, but no they've found a lue pole, not a hole." RING RING. Diana gets up and smiles "schools out."  She starts to walk away but turns back and says "oh and stop calling me 'kitten'- im not a cat." she leaves.  I turn and stare again to the window,  i can see myself in the glass.  Like a mirror, yet translucent.  As if iv been through the looking glass before.  I can see myself shimmering over them standing with them, except im invisible.

"OH MY GOD!Im late.  Oh FUCK im late im late, shit!"  I see Rabbit run by the room, I assume he's late for something.  But he always is late for something or another.  I was late too, that's why im still here in class, detention.  Rabbit is  not his real name, he's just a strange ADD boy who seems to always be jumping around nervously.   "Rabbit! uh RABBIT! WAIT UP,YOU NEED A RIDE?!"  I don't no why i ran after him, its not like i really wanted to give him a ride.  I just needed to run I suppose.  I run and  I run until i fall, i go tumbling down the stairs.  Rabbit is gone, the world is gone i just keep falling,  the stairs are gone its now just a hole.  I look up and i see Diana leaning over the balcony, she bites her lower bit and waves at me,  can see she's crying.  I yell after her "I LOVE YOU MY KITTEN!"  She smiles, and mouths (or says maybe im to faraway to hear now) "I love you too." I land at the foot of the stairs and i see the entrance to the school as i run towards it, the door shrinks  there is no longer a wall around it simply a doll sized door,  i kneel down in front of it and stare blankly at it behind the door i see my poor freshman Rabbit, he is no longer running, he stands above me, the literal personification of a rabbit, a dark rabbit on the other side of the mirror, his right eye bleeding (NOTE: yes i am bringing in Frank from Donnie Darko, go to hell i want to) I stand and reach out to touch him, he fades.  IN his place the door looms up in the center is a huge knocker depicting an old grizzled man, the face of Dr. Marco, our school principal.  "Would you like to exit little girl?" I feel defiantly terrified "yes i would sir." "What's that? SPEAK CLEARLY!" "YES I WOULD SIR!" The man grins maliciously. "well you cant.  Your Much too small."  This i no is not a problem. "Well why don't you simply change sizes again?"  The face on the knocker changes to my sister, my dead sister. "NO! You must." "but how?!"  Her arm reaches out and drops a small vial of acid,  on it are the words 'DRINK ME'.  I look at her shocked, she smirks and shrieks "LOOK WHAT MY DEATH HAVE DRIVEN YOU TOO! A VIAL FOR A VIAL CHILD!!"  I begin to cry. "Im sorry." i fall to my knees at the foot of the door.  I grab the glass and shakily rise it to my lips.