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Bedtime Musings
Chapter 1:
The gang traveled aimlessly along the packed dirt path. "Kagome do you have any candy?" A little Kitsune pounced Kagome's bag that was on her back.
"Hai, hai Shippo-chan." She stopped and set the pack on the ground, opening it up.
"Why'd we stop, again?" The annoyed hanyou spoke up.
"Here you go Shippo-chan." She smiled as she handed him a couple pieces of wrapped up chocolate. The boy grinned from ear to ear and rapidly tore the wrapper off, scarfing up the candy. Kagome hopped back on her bike and the group set off again. What Kagome didn't realize was that her bag hadn't clasped shut and a few pieces of candy dropped onto the ground.

Sesshoumaru and his companions were also making an endless journey to find the infamous beast, Naraku. Sesshoumaru wanted to kill that bastard because of the many mindless attempts to make him act like a trained retriever, always having to retrieve Rin. Naraku knew his weak spot for the little girl and used that twice to his advantage. The first time his minion, Kagura, stole her while in Jaken's watch, then when Suikotsu of the Shinchinintai abducted her at Mount Hakureisan(sp?). He had made Sesshoumaru go into a strong barrier to get her that time. 'Naraku I shall have your neck for making me, the Great Lord of the Western Lands, bend at your stupid whims.' That thought echoed day in and day out in his mind as they traveled, trying to catch his stench. It was dusk now and Rin became fussy. "Sesshoumaru-sama, Rin is hungry."
"Be quiet child. Do not disturb the Lord." Rin stuck out her tongue at the toad demon. As they traveled down the dirt path, Sesshoumaru's nose crinkled at a scent he caught. 'Inuyasha.' Rin stared down at the ground and up ahead she noticed something shiny. As she approached it, she picked it up and then there was another and another. In all she had found four shiny objects. She stuck them in her kimono.
"Rin is still hungry." She pouted. Sesshoumaru turned and nodded his head. They left the path and headed into the woods, stopping when they reached a stream. Rin knew the routine and she collected some rocks and made a ring, placing some stick in the middle. She lit a fire. Sesshoumaru headed down the stream and plucked a few fish out of the water. Holding them by the gills, he brought back his catch for the girl. "Arigato Sesshoumaru-sama! Rin will cook them now!" She set up a few branches above the now medium-sized fire and roasted the fish. Sesshoumaru just sat down and leaned against a tree watching her prepare her meal. When they were done, she took them off careful not to burn herself and set them on a leaf. Rin let them cool before taking a bite. The Lord closed his eyes listening to the fire crackle, leaning his head on the tree. After she was done she went to the river and washed her tiny hands. Then she remembered the shiny objects she had collected earlier. She peeked over at her master to see if he was looking, he wasn't. So, she carefully pulled out one. 'Hmmm.does it open?' She thought as she studied it with curiosity. Rin pulled at the seam of the paper and it unfolded. 'Wow!' She exclaimed in her mind. She held it in her hand; it was square and dark brown and smelled sweet. It started to melt in her hand. 'Ewww...sticky. What do you do with it?' Rin took her finger and touched the gooey substance, sticking in her mouth. "Mmm!" She outburst at the rich taste the chocolate gave her mouth. Rin looked over at the dog youkai to make he was still asleep, he was thankfully. She then preceeded to stick the whole thing in her mouth. It was the best taste she ever had experienced. Before she knew it she had eaten almost all of the chocolates. Sesshoumaru stirred to see Rin happily humming to herself as she took a stick and drew in the dirt. Like a stern father Sesshoumaru stated firmly:
"Rin go to bed." She looked up at him and smiled. He smelled something, something sweet, but he could quite place it. Rin always had a sweet scent about her, but this was different. A little concerned he got up and moved over to the little girl. "What have you been eating?"
"I found some of this on the path." She held out her hand and there was yet another chocolate wrapped in shiny paper. 'What is this? I hope it's not poison.' He took it and studied it. 'Harmless.' Rin started skipping around the fire ring, dancing and singing loudly. Sesshoumaru held his ears at her shrill singing. Normally he enjoyed her singing occationally, but this was too much.
"Rin! The Lord doesn't like it when you sing and you're hurting my ears!" Jaken complained.
"Rin desist!" He bellowed. She quickly stopped and sat down. "It's time for you to sleep."
"But Rin isn't sleepy! Rin wants to play!" This was not the normal Rin, she was overly lively and loud. Sesshoumaru saw this and blamed it on the shiny object she had consumed earlier. She ran over to him, grabbing and petting his fur. He yelped. His eyes narrowed and she backed away. "Did that hurt you, Sesshoumaru-sama?" She pulled again, making him let out another yelp. Rin was trying his patience and it was wearing thin.
"Rin! How dare you pull on the Lord's, the Lord's...what is that anyway?" Jaken questioned. Sesshoumaru took a stone and threw it at the demon, making him somersault into the stream. Rin pulled on him again, he held in the yelp this time and glared daggers at her. It didn't phase the girl one bit. 'Is she possessed? The Rin I know is obedient.' Taking her up in his arm aggressively he sat her on her blanket.
"Stay and behave. Go to sleep." He commanded. He turned his back to go and lean up against the tree again. He sat down and closed his eyes, hearing footsteps his eyes snapped open. She had gotten up and stopped as she saw the Lord open his eyes. She giggled and ran around aimlessly. "Rin! Didn't I tell you to go to sleep?!" He roared, his patience just about out. Jaken, who had crawled out of the river, drenched, watched the scene before him: Rin was running around as Sesshoumaru was yelling at her to go to bed. He cocked his head to the side taking it all in. 'This is a sight you don't see everyday.' He smirked. 'She has him wrapped around her little finger.'
"Rin will only go to sleep if you tell her a story." Rin sang as she danced around the fire again.
"Hai, My Lord?"
"Tell her a story to make her got to bed."
"Huh?!" Sesshoumaru glared at the toad and Jaken did as he was told. He walked up to the girl and grabbed her arm, making her sit on the blanket. "Okay, I'll tell you a story, will you then go to sleep?" He pleaded.
"Hai! If it's good." She added. He rolled his bug eyes and began:
"Once upon a time...."