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Brennan fought against Michael. He didn't fully comprehend what was happening – he just felt that he couldn't trust the situation. "Get off me!" he yelled at Michael.

"Brennan, I am trying to help you. You need to calm down. You're going to hurt yourself," Michael pleaded as he tried to keep Brennan from struggling.

"Leave him alone!" Jesse ordered. Jesse was finally beginning to come around and was moving across the floor towards Brennan and Michael.

Miranda just watched everything unfolding. "Stop it," Miranda yelled, "Just everyone stop!"

All three men turned to look at her. They noticed she was crying. Michael was first to speak. "Miranda, stay out of this. Go back to the kitchen and I will be out in a minute."

"No, Michael, you don't understand." Miranda continued.

"Miranda, I told you we would speak later and we will. Right now, I need to take care of some things."

Jesse took advantage of Michael's distracted state and moved over to Brennan. He wrenched him away from Michael. Michael was a bit startled by the move but released Brennan.

"It's ok," Jesse said trying to calm Brennan down. Brennan had pretty much stopped struggling but Jesse wanted him to know he was there. Jesse propped him up against himself in such a position as to protect him from Michael if it became necessary.

Michael got up off of the floor and moved over to Miranda. "What don't we understand?" he asked as he touched Miranda's face.

Miranda flinched away. She glared at Michael with anger and disgust. "Michael – I need to tell you something about Brennan and Jesse."

"Miranda, no," Jesse proclaimed from the center of the room. He felt completely helpless.

Miranda looked past Michael at Jesse. "It will be ok Jesse. Michael needs to know who you are and you need to know who Michael is."

Michael looked at Miranda. "You wouldn't."

"I have to!" she exclaimed as she moved past Michael and over to Brennan. For the first time since he arrived, Miranda touched Brennan's face. He responded with a smile. She looked at Jesse who was still holding Brennan. "It will be ok," she assured.

Miranda stood up and told Michael to help Brennan back into bed. "Don't struggle Brennan. Let him help you. He's on your side."

Everyone complied and once again, Brennan was helped back into his bed. When Michael was satisfied that he was once again stable and Jesse was certain Michael hadn't done anything to him, Miranda spoke.

"Alright, we are all going to sit in this room and I am going to exchange information about each of you to the other so everything will be out in the open and maybe Brennan will survive. OK?"

Michael and Jesse looked at one another. Miranda moved over and sat on the window seat by Brennan's bed so that he could hear what she was about to say. Michael moved by her and pulled up a chair while Jesse sat on the edge of the bed.

"I hope you know what you're doing," Michael warned as he took Miranda's hand. He knew Miranda was about to reveal everything about him and who he was. They knew about his previous wife having worked for Naxcom but they had no idea of who he was or why he happened to be in this nothing little town.

"We can trust them," Miranda reassured Michael.

"With what?" Jesse asked curiously. Brennan said nothing but was listening as well as he could.

"Brennan, do you remember the kind of welcome – or rather – no welcome you received when you arrived here 2 years ago?"

Michael looked at Miranda. He now believed he was about to hear something from his new wife that maybe he would rather not know about.

Brennan looked at Miranda. "Yeah," he responded under his breath. He really was exhausted but he needed to hear what was going on. His mind was spinning. He had learned about so many different plots in the past few days. He felt the only person in the world he could trust right now was Jesse.

"Well, there was a reason," Miranda continued. "You see, when you all came here and we were trapped in the dome. We all thought that the dome was in place because our fathers wanted to keep us safe from the outside world."

"Like Waco," Jesse interjected.

Miranda looked at him and continued. "As it turns out, we weren't really here in that capacity at all."

Brennan yelped slightly as he tried to sit more upright. He needed to hear this. Jesse helped get him settled.

"The dome was an experiment. We were all kidnapped - some from orphanages, some from laboratories. None of us was born here. We were being brainwashed by the magnetic field of the dome and kept here like prisoners."

"You weren't prisoners," Michael interjected.

"Yes we were, Michael. You know that. We were the subjects of some type of experiment involving mind control," Miranda continued.

"It wasn't mind control," Michael countered, "it was early hologram imaging. Naxcom was working on experimentation involving holographic images and hypnotism as a method of controlling cultures. Eventually, they wanted to turn it into a weapon. Violence didn't work in wars – maybe complacency would. Lock your enemy up in a biosphere, convince him that he is a farmer from the 19th century and watch how docile he becomes. That was the entire goal of the project that is until some type of super weapon took out the dome," Michael continued.

Jesse looked at Brennan's wide eyes. This was not a good story. "Mirada wait. How do you know all of this?" Jesse asked, "You didn't even know how to step foot outside the dome once it came down. How do you know about all of this?"

Michael was surprised at Jesse's comment. "You were here when the dome fell?" Michael asked.

"That is what I am getting at, Michael," Miranda continued. "Jesse, Brennan, Shalimar, and Emma brought down the dome with the help of Adam."

"Adam?' Michael asked. "You mean Cain?" He was thoroughly shocked.

"How do you know Adam?" Jesse interjected.

"I was a scientist at Naxcom as well as my wife," Michael confessed. "Miranda, I will take it from here. Yes. Naxcom was experimenting in this little town. We weren't hurting anyone and it was proving successful."

"How can you possibly say you weren't hurting anyone when you kidnapped them and kept them from the world?" Brennan slowly asked.

"We were looking for world peace."

"At the threat of freedom?" Jesse interjected.

"Suddenly some group brought down that dome and within a couple of weeks everyone began regaining their memories of their previous lives. It became chaos here and Naxcom needed to do damage control. That is why they sent me. I am the doctor from out there. I was able to convince most everyone that they had been experiencing some type of post-traumatic stress. I am what Adam Cain calls a psionic. I can control matter and minds." I met Miranda when I got here and we fell in love. Then Naxcom blew up and I have just been here. "

"Mike, tell them everything," Miranda interjected. She had already decided that if he didn't spill the beans, he was going to.

Jesse had heard enough.

"Someone is trying to get me," Michael continued.

"What do you mean by 'get you?'" Jesse asked.

"Some group named the Domican or Dominion has been trying to get to me. They want to control my powers. I've been hiding out with Miranda but I don't' know when they will find me. That is why I was worried about you two. Miranda, how well do you know them?"

Brennan began coughing at this time and interrupted the conversation. Jesse felt it was entirely on purpose but it kept Miranda from telling Michael about them. They needed to check out this story on their own without Michael.