By : Stacey Meyer  

Chapter Four  

Rated ~ R  for violence and swearing  

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Last time on Deception...

     "Bring it on, woman. The day you beat me is the day I become your slave."

       "Okay, let's make a little wager on it then.  If I do beat you, you will become my slave, just for a day.  And if you win,"

     "If I win, you have to do anything I tell you to do."


       "That's what I said, is it not? Anything I wish."

       "Fine, anything.  You're going to be groveling at my feet by the time I'm done with you Veggie-head."

       "Don't count on it, woman."  The two shook hands, completing the deal and making it official, then they both got into a fighting stance and started powering up.  This was going to be one hell of a fight.

  Chapter Four - The Fight

     Vegeta crouched down into a fighting stance and powered up to half of his full ki level.  Bulma copied the Prince, powering up to three quarters of her full power, and smiled maliciously.

       "Computer, 150 times Vegeta-sei's gravity."  A red light flashed, letting the two Saiya-jins know that the simulator was working.  "Let's see how you fight in this kind of gravity Veggie-head!"  Vegeta slumped forward slightly due to the pull in gravity and almost instantly a sheen of sweat appeared upon Vegeta's forehead.  *She's not even breaking a sweat! That stupid wench has been training without me!  I'll show her!.*

       "Gravity at 150 times Vegeta-sei's normal gravity, awaiting further instructions."  The computer replied in a monotone voice.

       "No further instruction, computer."  Bulma smirked playfully.  "What's the matter Veggie boy? Can't handle the heat?"  Vegeta returned gesture with a smirk of his own, telling Bulma silently that she would regret what she said.  And regret it she would.

       Without warning, Bulma charged Vegeta and tried for a roundhouse kick to his abdomen, but Vegeta anticipated the kick and grabbed her leg, spinning her in the air.  She landed on one knee and looked up in her crouched position.

       "I'm surprised Veggie, didn't think you could handle the gravity that well."  Vegeta growled in annoyment.

       "You're going to pay, wench."  Bulma got back up and charged again, this time launching a full fledged attack of kicks and punches.  Vegeta blocked all of them with little trouble.  He had noticed that Bulma used a specific pattern of attacks.  Uppercut, lower left jab, upper right jab, more uppercuts, a horde of various lower jabs, and several kicks thrown in randomly.  *The woman is getting sloppy with her fighting.  She's easier to read than a book.*  Vegeta halfheartedly threw in a few of his own punches and kicks, some connecting, others being deflected in-between Bulma's own attack towards him.

      The gap between her abdomen and her upper chest area was painfully noticeable when she threw the uppercuts and higher jabs and Vegeta, being the gentleman that he was, decided to teach Bulma not to have obvious patterns by sending her a bone-crushing roundhouse kick to the midsection.  The blow connected, sending Bulma flying back into the wall behind her and cracking a few of her precious ribs.  She tried getting up but stumbled back a little, settling back onto the white padded wall.  She shook her limbs and head, trying to clear the cobwebs.  *Shit! I guess in higher gravity the blows are a little bit more powerful.*

         "You're not ready for this.  You need more training before you become mine to do with as I please."

       "Fuck you Vegeta.  You're the one who started sweating the second the gravity came on."

       "That may be, but I'm not the dumbass who has specific patterns in their attacks.  That shit will get you killed in battle if you're not careful woman. You should be thanking me for stopping you while you still have breath in your lungs."  Bulma got up and stalked over to where Vegeta was standing.

       "What are you saying, Vegeta?  How dare you question my ability as a first-class!  I have more ki in my pinkie finger than your elites have in their whole life force and you sit here and scrutinize my fighting!"

       "You know exactly what I'm saying.  You're getting sloppy and it will not be tolerated in my squads.  Why the fuck do you think I sent you a kick that hard?  I did it to knock some sense into your thick skull." Vegeta got even closer to Bulma and started putting his finger in her face.  "And my men may be weaker than you, but they will stay alive in a fight because they know how to fucking fight!"  Taking in all of Vegeta's words, Bulma started to get more and more pissed off.  Her heavenly blue eyes turned a shade of gray and slanted into slits of pure anger.  She pulled back her fist, which was now glowing a light shade of blue, and slammed it into Vegeta's face as hard as she could.  A slight cracking sound could be heard and Bulma stormed out of the gravity room, the door closing with a swish.  All the prince could do was hold his jaw and smiled painfully.  She may have fractured his jaw from the punch, but he was delighted nonetheless.  He had finally found a student with formidable power.  And after a well earned trip to the med wing, he was going to hunt Bulma down and force her to train with him.  One hell of a fight it was, indeed.

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