New storee from CS, yall. Hope you'll like this one, it features Hagane Kotetsu and Kamizuki Izumo from the Chuunin exams. I heart them. Anyway- I had a really stupid idea after listening to a Junior Senior song. This will definitely continue past one chapter (unlike.. ahem. most everything else I write..) but probably not far past two. If at all. :3 Enjoi.
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What ya gonna do do after dark?

Hagane Kotetsu, age 24, and Kamizuki Izumo, age 24, have always been attached at the hip. Or so it seems to the residents of Konoha. Rarely has one been spotted without the other.

Bolder citizens had begun to call them by one name to save breath. KoIzumo, was it? Or IzuKo? Whatever the case may be, these two were together. A lot. Which led to much pointless speculation.

"Are they or aren't they"


"Nnnya'know. Those two. Ya think they, ah..." Genma, a Jounin, finished that thought by rapidly raising and lowering his eyebrows.

"Oh THEM. Who knows? Why are you even asking such things? They're still children, after all." a fellow Jounin, Raido, responded.

"Children? Nahh. They can't be younger than twentysomething. Besides, I heard that if you ARE- you know it at a very young age." Genma argued, chewing his trademark toothpick.

"They're probably just close friends. Leave them alone, everyone else says things behind their back anyway."



"Their backs, Raido. It's plural."

"Ah. Right."

"Saaaa... I'm so bored, Izu-chan." Kotetsu yawned. Chuunin examiners had no duties once the tests were over. Especially in a time of peace like this.

"You asked me if you could come over. So YOU think of something to do." Izumo said. "And don't call me that. It's disgusting."

"I can't call you Izu-chan? I thought you liked that."

"It's too intimate. Especially since I'm your equal and we're both ADULTS."

"Well I don't care about THAT. You can call me Tetsu-chan." He joked. "I like the intimacy."

Izumo laughed nervously. "Ah... you like... what?"

"I like what?" Kotetsu asked, oblivious. "Hey I know what we can do..."

Kotetsu led his friend out the door into the brisk, autumn twilight. They walked along the roads leading deeper downtown. The buildings grew larger and more elaborate as Izumo's trust in his companion's sanity diminished.

"Where are we going? And why won't you tell me?" He whined.

"I will tell you." Kotetsu's wild hair fell into his eyes as the breeze accelerated. "Chicks, dude."



"Chicks? What the hell are you talking about? Why would we want those?" Izumo asked.

Kotetsu scoffed. "Chicks! Females! Do you remember what those are? They go kinda like this..." he traced out a pair of curvy lines in front of his body, "Or can't you remember the last time you were with one of 'those'?"

"Hmph. How I am I supposed to remember something that never happened?" Izumo replied, all snotty, "... what NOW?"

"I didn't realize how vital the mission was... Come on, we need to go. now."

"I'm telling you this won't end well. I don't know why you're making me do this. I told you it doesn't bother me and I'm perfectly happy withOUT a- oh.. he-hello. Um. How are you, miss? Fine, thanks- just checking, actually! Hahaha.. ha."

"My friend, I'm afraid, is painfully shy and has informed me that he would love to buy you a drink." Kotetsu took over.

"I am NOT painfully shy and I don't FEEL like buying anything for a complete stranger." Izumo hissed between his teeth.

"Shut up, you'll thank me later." Kotetsu whispered back, pushing him along through the crowd.

"Stop. Stop right here." Izumo stopped towards a corner of the bar and whirled around to face his friend. "What exactly are you trying to do?"

"If you weren't so dense tonight, you'd realize that I am doing your virgin ass a FAVOR."

"Favor? I told you CLEARLY that i didn't want to come here. I hate this place and I hate these people!" Izumo wailed, arms akimbo.

"So you don't want to find a girl? What's wrong with you?"

"No, I don't want to find a girl. And there's... nothing wrong with me."

"So why are you still a virgin after 24 years? Hell, I'm a lot less attractive than you and even I've- what?" Kotetsu interrupted himself.

Izumo started quietly. "...I never said I was still a virgin."

"Yes you did, you said you've never been with a girl."

Izumo nodded slowly.

A gradual realization came over the denser of the two. He stared his friend square in face as the latter stared earnestly back.
"Think I won't be sleeping over tonight, Izu-cha-... Izumo."

WHO ya gonna do do after dark?

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