Hiii. New chapter finally. I actually had a portion of this written and unfinished. Mysterious because I don't remember ever doing it. Huh. Anyway sorry for the inconsistency in this story, my writing style's changed by leaps since I began this monstrocity. Regardless, enjoi.

Hey gay, get out of my way

"How long?"

"Long as I can remember."

"How... bad?"

"... What's THAT supposed to mean?"

"Just answer the question, sir."

"Sir? What is wrong with you.. it's not 'bad'. It's normal."

"... Polygraph says you're lying."

"Poly-... I'll Polygraph YOU! Damnit, Kotetsu. I thought you'd be able to HANDLE this..." Izumo said, becoming ever more frustrated with his friend's unsavory reaction.

"How could you expect me to handle this when I can't even ACCEPT it?" Kotetsu fired back.

Izumo was taken aback. He suddenly became tentative. "I... thought we were friends."

"We were. Until I learned you'd rather GO OUT with me than go out with me."

The mono-eyed one dropped his head into his hands. "I NEVER thought anything like that about you..."

"I'll bet you haven't." Kotetsu said. "What about that time in the forest when you were BEGGING me to take my clothes off and jump into a pond? Pretty creepy now that I think about it." he finished, scoffing.

Izumo looked up and stared at his friend square in the eyes. Pokerfaced, he raised a clenched fist to his lip. "Kotetsu."

The wild haired one suddenly became nervous. "Wha-what?"

"I, ah." Izumo cleared his throat. "I wanted you to jump in that pond because you stank. Like moose. We were in that forest for days. Every time you raised your arms I wished I was in Hell, where sulfur is the worst smelling thing. HELL was preferable to your stink. I just didn't want to tell you. Because I thought it might hurt you." he paused and stared his companion down. "Because you were my best friend and I would've never hurt you."

Kotetsu's mouth dropped open. Were? Would've? His brain chewed the words carefully. "But..." he began slowly. "You're still..." Izu-chan?

Day one after the split. Izumo did nothing all morning. Skipped breakfast. Skipped going outside to get the paper. He might run into his EX-best friend a step and a half away from his doorstep. So he sat around staring at random objects and appliances, willing them to sprout insanely sporadic spikes of black hair and bandages covering the bridges of their noses.

Alas, they wouldn't obey. Besides, nothing in his apartment even had a nose. "Sigh."

Same day, opposite party. Kotetsu woke up that morning glaring at the ceiling. It was laughing at him, that bastard ceiling. Telling him what an asshole he was telling off his best friend like that for some stupid reason! So what if his heterosexual life partner really wasn't heterosexual? It's no reason to stop being life partners... err.

"Damnit. Shut up!" he yelled at no one in particular. He definitely didn't swing THAT way. Nor would he ever. Ugh.

The more he thought about it, the worse he felt. "In fact, if maybe kissing Izumo ONCE reallyfast would make him forgive me... I- ...just said 'kissing Izumo'... eeeww." Kotetsu clamped a pillow over his face. How frustrating. Considering performing homosexual acts just to get his best friend back.


For the other, the rest of the day was spent idling about the apartment performing random chores and thinking of some way to make Kotetsu come crawling back.

"After all.. HE'S the one who was a jackass..." Izumo thought aloud. But the pains in his heart were undeniable.

Even if it wasn't in a romantic way, he loved his best friend with all his heart. It hurt more than anything even being apart from him. Izumo idly shook the crumbs out of his toaster as he dwelled on his soon-to-be forgotten relationship with the only person he really ever connected to.

"Maybe I could've been nicer... overall." he thought out loud. Truly Kotetsu was an idiot sometimes and Izumo tended to spare no expense in telling him so. But that was no reason for his friend to hate him forever! Izumo threw down the toaster and decided all at once to go and apologize to Kotetsu for anything he may have done. He couldn't take this anymore.

Kotetsu stared at himself in the mirror, eyebrows drawn together in concentration and brow furrowed in consternation. He practiced his lines seriously, diligently.

"Izumo, I'm sorry I got mad. I shouldn't have been so closed-minded and I want to show you that you being a homo doesn't mean that I don't want to be your best friend anymore." He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, leaned forward and touched his puckered lips against the cold glass.

"Ah. Glad to see I'm the only one festering in self-loathing." Izumo said, witnessing this touching display of affection between man and glass.

Kotetsu jumped away from the mirror, wide-eyed and sputtering an explanation. Izumo laughed.

"Listen. I came here to say that I don't want it to stay like this. I want you to forgive me for being different and at least try to- why are you... looking at me like- !" Kotetsu grabbed his friend by the shoulders and pressed his closed lips to Izumo's quickly. He pulled away and readied his apology.


Izumo stared at his best friend in horror, which slowly became confusion and eventually amusement. He smiled and shook his head. "If we can forget that ever happened, can we both agree to forgive each other and move on?"

"If- if we could, yes." Kotetsu said, relieved.

"Good." Izumo breathed a sigh of relief. "Come on, I'll buy you a drink."

"Cool." his friend said, motioning to leave. "Oh, um..." he began as they started out the door, "Izu-chan, let me buy the drinks okay?"

Hey straight, you're always too late