Hi, I'm back from the dead. I have also invariably brought with me a new plot rabbit (it grew up). This is a Harry Potter/Yu-Gi-Oh! crossover. This will be post-Hogwarts, Harry-tachi being 17 or so, and Yugi-tachi will be about 20. Since the series has not ended for YGO, the events in the past in this story are hazy. This whole series is based on the Memory Arc of the manga but since that arc has come to an end, the validity of the past shown is questionable. There will be spoilers from that manga arc. So all in all, this is another AU. Hope you enjoy.

Point of Origin
Prologue - Genesis
By Alecto Perdita
Rating: R
Warnings: None Yet
Posted: November 17, 2003
Revised: August 7, 2008
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Yu-Gi-Oh! are the intellectual property of J.K. Rowling and Kazuki Takahashi, and is being used in this fanfiction for fan purposes only. All situations, opinions and characters not belonging to J.K. Rowling and Kazuki Takahashi are the intellectual property of Alecto Perdita.

One must trace all evidence to a single point of origin in order to solve a crime.

Wednesday, 30th May 2001
7:51 PM, GMT +3:00
The Egyptian Antiquities Museum
Cairo, Egypt

Isis Ishtar stumbled back as the last of her sudden vision left her. It had been about four years since she had last had one. Even then, it had never been so vivid...so real... It didn't make any sense though. She no longer had the Millennium Torque. A pair of warm arms wrapped around her waist and straightened her. She tried to blink away the dark spots that clouded her vision.

"Isis, how do you feel?" The words were spoken with a proper London accent and full of concern.

She blinked. Her mouth felt strangely parched all of a sudden. She licked her lips and tried to find her voice once again.

"Isis, answer me."

"We have to leave," she rested a hand on his forearm. "Now. They'll be here soon."

Bill Weasley stared at the woman in his arms. "I don't understand," He felt her grip tighten. "Who's coming?"

"Now, Bill! There's no time!" She pulled him toward the door with uncharacteristic fervor.

The older man stumbled after the woman, but they never reached the door. The said piece of wood came flying off its hinges and nearly hit Isis. The two coughed and another strange word, filled with power, cleared the obscuring dust.

Bill glared at the offending yet familiar figure standing in the doorway. His brown eyes narrowed dangerously. "Lucius Malfoy." He snarled and immediately reached for his wand concealed in his coat pocket.


The spell was spoken in an easy drawl without much effort. Bill's wand flew through the air in a graceful arc and into Lucius's waiting hand. Lucius aimed his wand at Bill; his eyes never leaving the red-haired man. Two more unknown man flanked his side with their wands posed to attack.

Bill pushed Isis behind him. "What are you doing here, Malfoy?"

Lucius 's eyes never left Isis. "We only thought we were going to acquire the keeper of the museum," his gaze traveled over to Bill. "But what do we have here? A weasel."

Isis pushed Bill's protective arm aside. "What's going on here? Who are you people?" she moved back toward her desk. "If you don't leave now, I'm going to call security."


Isis shielded her head when the desk blew apart. Woodchips and fragments of official documents showered down. Bill moved forward, perhaps thinking he would try to take on Lucius without his wand.


Ropes materialized midair and snaked around their torsos and legs. They fell to the floor with ungraceful thuds.

Isis glared up at Lucius with pure loathing. "I don't care who you are but I promise you will regret this for the rest of eternity."

"I suggest you cease in your struggles, Miss Ishtar. The Dark Lord would like to see you in one piece." Lucius signaled to the two men at his side. They moved forward and grabbed the two captives. "And hold that temper before the Dark Lord. You may be useful but He will not hesitate to cut out your tongue for insolence."

Bill spat at the man who hauled him to his feet. "And what in bloody hell would He-Who-Cannot-be-Named want with a bloody muggle?"

Lucius chose to ignore the wizard, despite the blatant insult toward his master. He paced back and forth in front of Isis. "Who would have thought that muggles would have such sophisticated ideology toward magic? But you are still a muggle through and through. All your 'magic' is nothing more than fairy tales. My Lord has taken quite an interest in your fairy tales though. Every legend has some basis in truth I am told," he examined her carefully. "For your sake, I hope that it's true."

He waved his wand and an illusion appeared in the air. It showed a thick tome of some kind. The binding was set in wood with aged leather covers. The Wadjet Eye was plastered over the cover, along with strange twisting vines. The thick lock of padded gold looked unbreakable.

Isis gasped. "The Book of Millennium Magic! How do you know about it?"

Lucius smirked. "Is that what it's called? What a curious name. Looks like we won't have to kill you after all," he nodded toward the man holding Bill captive. "Dispose of the Weasley. He is of no use to us though."


"And why not?"

"If...if...if you do, you'll never get the secret of the Book from me. I mean, that's the only reason you want me, right? You need me to translate that book for your master. Why else would you be looking for me?"

"No, Isis! You can't give You-Know-Who what he wants! It could mean the end of the world!"

"I know what I'm doing, Bill! Now let me handle this!"

Lucius chuckled. "Smart girl. No wonder you're the Director of the Egyptian Antiquities Service (1) at your age. I don't see why you care about the man so much though."

"You heard me," she bit her lower lip. "Either he lives or the secret of the Book dies with the both of us. I don't think whoever your master is will be too happy with that."

A delicate scowl marred Lucius's aristocratic features. "You're correct. He wouldn't tolerate that."


"But...we have ways of making you do as we say, whether you like it or not." An evil grin crept across Lucius's thin lips.

The same self-assured smile slipped over her lips as well. "Mr...um...Malfoy, is that right? I am a descendant of the Tombkeepers. The Pharaoh has trusted the Ishtar family to guard their secrets and their dead for thousands of years now. I know what true magic is. The magic you've used here tonight is nothing more than parlor tricks compared to the powers found in that Book. You would not think that I would be raised in a clan like that without learning a few tricks of my own?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Isis, you crazy loon." Bill muttered under his breath. As dire as the situation was, he couldn't help but admire Isis's courage and decisiveness. Any lesser person would have been killed by now.

Cold fury blanketed Lucius's features. "Very well," he snarled. "The weasel lives - for now! Let's go!" He twirled around. His black cloak fluttered ominously.

Isis swallowed. What had she gotten herself into?


"No," she mumbled. "Not now, Rishid."

A tall bulky man appeared in the doorway, preventing Lucius's and his accomplice's escape. Rishid stared at the ruined room before him and the woman who was like family being held. "What are you doing?! Let go of Miss Isis now!"

"Get out of here, Rishid! Tell Malik! They have the Book!"

"What Book? Nevermind, unhand her now!"

"Shut up!"

A cuff and blood spilled from Isis's split lip.

"You son of a bitch!"

"Don't you dare touch her again, you filthy git!"

"Shut up! The both of you! All of you! Silencio!"

Rishid leaped forward and tackled Lucius to the ground.

"Stupid bloody muggle! I'll show you to mess with your betters."

"Rishid! Run!"


An eerie green glow gathered at the end of Lucius's wand and a sudden sense of dread welled up in Isis. Pain slammed into her body with the force of a sledgehammer and her vision went momentarily dark. In her mind's eyes though, she saw Rishid lying on his back, staring at the ceiling with dead eyes. She struggled once more against her bonds but in vain again.

"No! You harm even one hair on his head and I swear the secrets of the Book will go with me. There isn't another person on earth that can tell you what I can!"

Lucius growled. He was tempted to throw all caution to the wind and simply eliminate the unforseen obstacle in his presence. Voldemort would not be happy though. If what this Ishtar woman said earlier was true, she would take the secrets of these powers with her to the grave. It would be out of their reach and this war may never end.

"Stupefy! Stupefy!"

Rishid was sent flying back into the wall by bolts of blood red light. His head hit the wall with a sickening thud and slid to the floor. Blood trickled down the side of his forehead and his prone form did not move again.

"Rishid! Rishid! Wake up!" Isis screamed as she was dragged out the door. Tears streamed down her pale cheeks. "By Ra! Let go of me this instant! Rishid!"

The Beginning

(1) The Egyptian Antiquities Service was established in 1835 to protect government-owned artifacts and put an end to the raiding of archaeological sites. The 107 halls of the Egyptian Antiquities Museum, where the Service stores and displays their finds, was built in 1900 and opened in 1902. In this story, Isis is both the Director of the Service and the curator of the Antiquities Museum.

Chapter 1 - When the World Comes Crumbling Down
Harry Potter and his year's time at Hogwarts is coming to a fast close. What awaits him in the wizarding world beyond the castle? Most importantly, what will happen now that Voldemort has turned his newfound knowledge of ancient Egyptian magic on the unsuspecting populace of Hogwarts?
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