A/N:  I swear I should rename myself to Crossover King.  This was co authored with Hilderbrant (sketcher25@hotmail.com) who helped me with some parts as a fellow Transformers fan.  The below list is who each character will be paired with respectively.  For the story behind Dark Prime see my Transformer story 'Secondary Protocol'

Dark Prime : Shinji

Grimlock (and other Dinobots) : Rei

Tracks : Misato

Megatron : Kensuke

Soundwave : Kaji

Hot Rod : Toji

Arcee : Hikari

Starscream : Asuka

Tracks : Misato


Misato was perusing the used car ads in the Sunday paper: her old car wasn't cutting it anymore and she needed a new one.  She'd been searching for hours but none of the right cars were anywhere near her price range and those that were in her price range were just shit.

"Oh this sucks" she moaned and went to the last part of the car ads

Then she saw it: an advert for an old Corvette, 4 seats with next to no miles on the clock and was in immaculate condition and all the owner wanted for it was another car, a plain old trade.  She saw a number and quickly dialed it.  The phone rang three times before an elderly man answered

"Hello?" he said

"Hi, I'm ringing about the car you have for trade" Misato said excitedly

"Oh yes, may I have your name please?" the man asked

"Misato Katsuragi" she replied

"Ah thank you, come around in two hours to discuss the trade please" the man instructed

"Okay, thank you, bye" Misato said and hung up

"YEEES" she cried out and grabbed a beer


Across town, said corvette was being serviced for its impending change of ownership

"Okay, you have all the usual stuff: stun beams, rockets, pulse guns and all that.  We've done a real number on you suspension and brakes, this woman is a mad driver" Ratchet said as he checked Tracks out for his new owner

"Well maybe Hot Rod should go with her then" he complained

"No he's going to one of the other kids, so button down and get used to it" the medic/mechanic snapped

"Man this is degrading" Tracks grumbled

"Button it you wannabe flyer, at least the one you got was sane" Starscream grouched as he read Asuka's personality profile that had been 'borrowed' from Nerv's archives

"Starscream shut up, if you break silence on this mission, I will personally hand you over to Optimus and Dark Prime" Megatron warned

"All you has to do though is sit in a hanger all day and night, with a good chance of having the Aerialbots as company" Megatron added

"Even so, it's boring" the seeker complained

"At least you're not being delivered as a prize for subscribing to Military Mania Magazine, like someone we know" Hot Rod chortled

"I'm warning you Hot Rod" Megatron began to advance menacingly

"Calm down please you two" Arcee said and intervened

Megatron snorted and sat back down, grumbling to himself and resumed reading his own ward's file

Grimlock and the Dinobots sat in a corner trying to get used to the synthetic skin that Wheeljack made them so their initial disguise as animatronics for a dinosaur exhibit in the local museum.  They were of course whining

"Wheeljack, this stuff hot and sticky, we no like it.  We take it off now?" Grimlock asked

"No you may not.  Get used to it guys, until you can sneak out and be taken to the other base in the city near your ward, it stays" he stated firmly

"Oh, but we hate it" Swoop grumbled and pouted as best a giant Pteranodon can

"Look we'll try and have you out of there in a couple of days, okay" Ratchet tried to placate them

"Hmm, we guess that okay" Grimlock said

"Good, now you five work on memorizing the file on the girl you're guarding" Wheeljack advised

"Okay, we do that" Sludge said

With those words, the five Dinobots sat down and began reading a dossier on a rather mysterious youth.  It came with a picture which each Dinobot committed to memory.

"Wow, she pretty" Sludge said

"For a human anyway" Snarl added, looking at his brother funny

"Shush you two" Grimlock chided

Just then Rewind came dashing into the room and shouted

"The woman is here, that major from Nerv" he cried

"Shit.  Okay, Tracks is ready, get him up there quick" Hound said and went about creating his holograms to complete the allusion of the whole thing being legit

Tracks was quietly placed under a car cover and put on the ground above the cloaked base.  Hound then created a house and the elderly man that had answered the phone call from Misato

"Okay, show time" he muttered


Elsewhere in the city a figure who existed on another plane of matter watched a young man go about his daily routine or trying to relax despite his mean roommate.  Dark Prime was a creature of unknown origins in the Transformers ranks; all they knew was that he shared a bond of sorts with the Autobot leader Optimus Prime and that he had a great many powers: which made him perfect for watching the two other pilots while they were at home.

[Hmm, I wish there was at least something interesting on television] he thought drearily and sat down beside Shinji

Normally this would cause the couch Shinji was on to just flip up, but as Dark Prime was phased, it was as if he was not there, allowing him to just float around the apartment with ease.  He covered his sensitive audio sensors as the German one screeched out another demand of the poor boy

[I know you both had crappy childhoods but damn I wish she wasn't such a bitch] he grumbled about Asuka's attitude towards Shinji

Meanwhile, Shinji, oblivious to his guest and guardian simply went about doing his roommate's bidding so she'd leave him alone to enjoy his Sunday with no homework or tests at home relaxing.

"Alright Asuka, its coming" he called out as he finished making the small stir fry Asuka wanted.

"Thank you" she snapped, not really thankful at all

He handed her the tray from her doorway and watched as she inspected it again and gave it her approval and then demanded that Shinji leave her alone to be in peace.  Shinji had no problems with that arrangement at all and nearly skipped back into the living room and just flopped on the couch and was about to snooze.  The screeching of tires however stopped him

"Ah that will be Misato with her new car" Shinji muttered

[That'll be Tracks] Dark Prime surmised as he heard the car

Soon after, indeed Misato came bounding through the door all happy and excited that she'd traded her old heap for a practically new corvette with all the mod cons and luxury items.

"Oh I am so pleased with myself.  I can't believe I got to it before anyone else did though" she said and drank a beer while tossing Shinji a soda pop

"You look exhausted, Shinji" Misato observed

[Well I wonder why?] Dark Prime thought sarcastically

"I feel tired too, I just want to crash on the couch, it seems more comfy than bed now" Shinji groaned

"I understand, that old couch has seen me through a few nights of the same too" she said

Misato's voice fell upon deaf ears as Shinji was asleep now, his unopened soda on the carpet beside the couch.  She smiled and walked over to the couch and sat down by Shinji's head.  Misato reached out and stroked Shinji's hair in a motherly fashion, putting her feet up on a footrest she relaxed with the boy she considered her son

"You'll be in my heart, from this day on.  Now and forever more.  You'll be in my heart" Misato sang along to the song on the radio in the background

[At least her care is genuine] Dark Prime sighed and went down to the garage to talk to Tracks


On a highway heading towards the museum of Tokyo 3 was a large red Mac Truck with a grey trailer.  It moved quickly but carefully along the narrow road to the loading bay of the museum do deliver its order: five electronic dinosaurs.  They were unloaded quickly and the truck drove away, while its driver stopped at a nearby pawn shop and dropped off a cassette recorder and tapes.

[There goes Soundwave and his cassettes] Optimus Prime ticked them and the Dinobots off his list

He then drove to a wash facility and had himself look like one of the delivery trucks that delivers to Nerv Central and unobtrusively made his way to the company yards and made sure he was a regular assigned to delivering things to Nerv.

[Once we all get into position; those kids will be much safer] Prime thought, he'd seen the sloppy security around those kids and he hated it.


Back at Misato's apartment complex, Dark Prime and Tracks were talking.  Dark Prime chuckled when the car formed Autobot asked if he was still alive after his first experience with Misato style driving

"I tell you that woman is a maniac, she drives like she's being chased by an enemy" Tracks gasped

"Well, I'll tell you this: that young boy gets treated like crap by his roommate.  I hope Starscream straightens her out a bit" Dark Prime said

"What about the woman I'm guarding, does she treat him bad?" Tracks asked

"No they're good to one another; it's only the German one that irks my circuits" Dark Prime growled, his glyphs glowing

Not for the first time Tracks felt a little scared of the unknown transformer beside him.  He had several mannerisms that were highly frightening, not the least of which was that thing with the ancient symbols all over his body that he was doing right now.  And the huge broadsword on his back gave most of the others a feeling he wasn't big on guns which kind of scared them more.

"You know what gets me: that the earth governments allow what goes on here, I mean, not even we put bots as equivalently young as these kids on the front lines like this" Dark Prime griped

"Well, from what I read they don't have much of a choice, and humans will always neglect others if it means survival for them" Tracks added airily

"Hmm, perhaps but still, it seems very wrong what's happening here" Dark Prime growled

Tracks had learnt early on during the Autobot/Decepticon Alliance (or ADA) that Dark Prime may be mysterious, but his temper and powers are anything but secret as he tended to display them whenever an excuse presented itself which was probably why when it came down to crunch time, Optimus and Megatron had appointed him Field Marshal of the Army.  The Alliance itself had been dreamed up between Optimus Prime, Megatron, Soundwave and Ultra Magnus for a long time and soon fate threw these four together and they sat down, and started talking, came out with a full treaty in hand.  Then with the return of Unicron, it had gone from being a simple treaty organised peace to a full blown Alliance.  It had stayed that way ever since.

"I'll head over to the other one's house.  Here, this little baby will let you listen in on them till I get back" Dark Prime said and placed a small mic in Tracks' body


Kaji drove past many shops in search of something; a tape recorder.  A contact had said a certain pawn shop had a certain tape recorder and tapes with it: those tapes held useful data for Kaji to examine and share with his other contacts at his leisure.  He stopped when he saw the sign corresponding with the name he was given.  He got out another piece of paper and read the description of the item on it: a purple and black with an odd marking on the tape cover.

"Not much of a description is it" he said to himself and entered the shop

A young man in a t-shirt and jeans with a nose piercing asked him if he could help him.  Kaji just brushed him off and said he was just looking around.  The assistant shrugged and went back to his previous task.  Kaji smiled as he perused the various tape players, finding none that matched his description.  He was about to leave when the assistant put a tape player matching his exact description in the showcase.  Kaji stared at it for a second and asked if any tapes came with it

"Oddly enough there were some tapes, I can get them if you want them sir" the attendant said

"Yes please" Kaji said and got his wallet out to pay for them

"Okay, that will be, 6600 Yen" the assistant said

Kaji stopped and looked at the assistant as if he'd grown a second head.  6600 Yen for this piece of junk: Kaji knew that it had important info on it but he wasn't going to pay that obscene price for a second hand and old tape player.  Meanwhile, someone else was making an observation on the situation

"This guy'd put Swindle to shame" Frenzy said in regards to the pawnshop owner who was trying to sell off Soundwave and the rest of the cassettes

[Silence Frenzy.  This mission requires stealth.  Recommend silence from you] Soundwave, thought, to his young charge

"Sorry Soundwave" Frenzy whispered back and went silent

Kaji in the meantime was arguing with the man who would give aforementioned Decepticon con artist a run for his money: he still refused to pay this outrageous price for the tape player; that was in fact his bodyguards to be.  He had eventually haggled it down to 5, 500 and Kaji paid for it, took the cassettes and player to his car, fuming as he walked.

"I still don't believe I paid that price for this thing.  It better have the phone sex confessions of Gendo Ikari for that price" he growled as he chewed tarmac

Soundwave couldn't help but smirk at the human man's disposition to being parted with his money for them.  If he knew the extra services he and his cohorts would be serving for the man, he'd of paid triple the original price and then some

[He is a man of many faces and lives] Soundwave observed as he went over Kaji's file again, this was one compiled by the Transformers

Kaji had served with the Japanese military for a time as a SpecOps comm-tech but was still well versed in his combat training.  He was now a spy, although there was a great deal of both evidence and speculation about which side he worked for; Nerv or the Japanese Internal Security Agency: he was a spy with many enemies.  Which is why Soundwave, a master of spying and spies was partnered with Kaji.  He knew how the man thought and how he would operate.

[This will require all skills of stealth and covert operating] Soundwave said to himself as he was taken inside Kaji's apartment

"Man, this guy lives like a slob" Rumble observed as he looked through the many cameras on Soundwave's body at Kaji's apartment

Kaji sat them down and pulled out a pen and paper and turned Soundwave on: the spy Transformer quickly pulled up some conversations Commander Ikari had with members of Seele, nothing incredible but enough to interest the spy

"This could be handy later on, but not right now.  Oh well, at least I got a walkman out of it" Kaji said and put Soundwave on his desk and decided to have a nap before work

As Kaji napped, Soundwave sent out Rumble and Ravage to look around the place and case it for cameras and things like that.  Being extra careful, the two small Transformers crept around the room and soon Rumble returned with three camera positions and eighteen microphone placements in mind.  Ravage also found a few in the bathroom as well as some of the most pornographic magazines to grace the surface of the earth

"Put those back, he'll miss 'em" Rumble hissed at the panther

"Grrrrr" Ravage growled as he trotted back to the bathroom to deposit the porno where he found them

"Dirty man" Rumble sighed and jumped back into Soundwave; Ravage joined him a few seconds later

Soundwave spent the next twenty minutes analysing the info his charge's little scouting mission, minus the fact that Kaji had a porn collection to rival the life's work of Larry Flint, this room was impressively bugged and wired up for recording, fortunately Rumble and Ravage had a stealth coating that reflected light in such a way it made them invisible to cameras.

[That was a most useful addition to their abilities.  Wheeljack is to be commended] Soundwave thought as he powered himself to standby mode.


In the Nerv airbase, a delivery of several planes was being made, 2 F-15's, 1 F-4 Phantom; 1 Harrier; 1 F-16 and a specially refitted Concorde of Commander Ikari's personal use as a transport.  This was Starscream and the Aerialbots being delivered to their place of hiding so they could watch Nerv, and for Starscream more accurately Asuka.  Although Starscream was a little confused.

"How can I protect her if she doesn't spend any time here?" he asked on a bandwidth only Transformers could hear

"I don't know, but you were matched to suit her personality and besides, maybe when she fights you're supposed to go and help her" Air Raid suggested

"Don't worry; Dark Prime watches them most of the time.  And the other one has the Dinobots watching her night and day, well, she will in two days time" Fire Flight pointed out

"True, but still, something about Dark Prime makes my conduits tighten; he scares all hell out of me" Starscream said

"There are only three kinds of Transformers that don't fear Dark Prime, the dead ones, the stupid ones and the ones that haven't met him" Silverbolt said

"Thanks, I think" Starscream muttered and tried to get some sleep before those obnoxious humans came and decided to test fly him


Rei Ayanami sat on her bed, curled up in a ball to escape the cold that permeated her room from the broken heating unit.  Rei was dreaming about something that she would never think she would dream about: dinosaurs.  Big lumbering brutes of animals that crashed around making lots of noise were rolling around in her head.  Rei woke with a start.

"What was that all about?" she wondered: rubbing her head from a migraine

Rei went and had a shower to try and clear her head of the more than odd dreams.  Dreaming itself was odd for Rei but to be dreaming about dinosaurs was something that was to be considered most unusual, unheard of even.  Rei mused over the strange dream she had just had as she got dressed

"Most unusual" she said to her self as she walked to school

Rei took her place in the classroom as she had done many times before, and looked out of the window as she did all the time.  Slowly the class filled up with students; most of them only casting a passing glance at her or just totally ignored her.  Shinji and Asuka entered the classroom a little before class time; Shinji had a small bruise on his cheek.  Rei's eyes narrowed and she thought not for the first time that Asuka should be taught some respect and common decency.

[She has no respect for anyone, not even herself] Rei thought; she looked up; she felt as if she was being watched

Outside, beyond the fence of the school, Dark Prime sat in a tree watching the three children; his keen red optics tracked them like a hawk its prey.  He had scanned the school three times and so far found no evidence of any recording devices, but there were a few cameras posted in strategic positions around the place.  Presumably for the safety of students

[Heh, this lot are full of shit.  If that's for anything, then it's for them to spy on the kids] he thought

If he were visible, Dark Prime would look a lot like the comic character of Batman: his jet black figure and a flowing cape behind him flapping in the wind and his sword gleaming like silver in the sun.  His broad sword clung to his back: the sword was a relic of Cybertron, named 'Matrexcalibur'.  Its power was greater than any firearm in existence, the handle was black with guard shaped like a demon with its wings out stretched.

"VEHICLE APPROACHING" Dark Prime's internal computer brought an alert to him.

Dark Prime growled and turned his head towards the direction of the car, no, van that was coming towards the school.  A jet black van with no markings other than the kind that gave away what company made it: he shook his head at the lack of creativity of its owners.

[They may as well of painted 'Government Agents' on the side of it] he said and watched it park.

5 guys in black suits climbed out and started making really stupid movements.  Dark Prime watched them with a simple thought on his mind.

[What the fuck are they doing?], he wondered

The agents were looking around as if securing the area; they kept touching their ears and whispering into their sleeves.  They generally looked like a bunch of wankers.  Then they started walking into the school.  Dark Prime changed his vision to x-ray and tracked the agents

"Lets play follow the fuck wits" Dark Prime muttered as he followed them

They were going to the main office of the building, presumably to speak to the principal.  He raised an eyebrow when one of them pulled a gun on the man.  Sighing; Dark Prime got out the only firearm he consented to carry, a sniper rifle.  Taking care to load it with antimatter ammo, he took aim with the multi scope: it locked onto the 5 men quickly and Dark Prime just pulled the trigger five times.

Inside, a very frightened man was staring down the barrel of a silenced .45.  The men were demanded he send for the Evangelion pilots.  He didn't know why and he really didn't care: it was plain to see these men wanted to hurt them.  He was about to give in when five loud bangs ripped through the air, and each man in black in the office dropped dead.  He passed out a minute later.


Night fell on Tokyo 3 that night with an eerie calm not usually seen in the darkness of this loud city.  In the dark and abandoned streets a single car of nondescript nature glided through the night towards a large building in the city: Tokyo 3 Natural History Museum.  The car slowed to a stop and sat for a minute as if its headlights were eyes.  After he was sure that no one was around; the car then began to change.  Bumblebee looked around again to make sure that no one was around and made his move.

"Oh well, at least I get to break something" he said and gently kicked the loading bay doors open

The Dinobots were waiting for him as planned and they slowly and quietly trundled towards the exit, ripping of the rubber skin Wheeljack had made them wear.  They all looked really relieved to be out of those rubber coffins.

"Ah, it feel good to be in the air again" Swoop said as he did a small barrel roll in the air

"Knock it off you" Bumblebee said and asked the Dinobots to listen to him for a second.

"Okay. I have temporary cloaking devices for you: they will last 24 hours, so go to the base under her apartment, and stay there until the time is right, and I'd like to introduce two new team members" he said and gestured behind him.

Two small transformers walked out of the darkness; one of them stood about two meters tall, the other one only about a meter.  They were both black while the taller one had red highlights and the smaller one had green.  They transformed into their respective forms: the taller one became a dinosaur known as a Velociraptor: a deadly predator and faster than most of them, aside from Swoop.  The smaller one became a smaller still dinosaur called a Compsognathus, he stood only 70 cm tall in dino mode.

"Hi, I'm Raid" the smaller one said

"Death Strike" the taller one introduced himself

"Me Grimlock, leader of Dinobots" Grimlock wasn't going to be stared down by this small rank amateur

"I am Swoop" the flying Dinobot introduced himself.

"Slag" the Triceratops growled

"Snarl" the loner Dinobot said in his monotone

"Me Sludge" Sludge smiled at the newcomers: only Raid smiled back

"Knock that off, you'll get us busted" Bumblebee hissed

All the other transformers aside from Death Strike went silent, he continued to hiss and dart his head around as if hunting something: which he most likely was.  Once Bumblebee handed out the temporary cloaking devices to the Dinobots and their two new recruits; he gave them the directions to the apartment block and the codes to the underground base; Death Strike was the only one that could remember them long enough though.

"Now get going or both Megatron and Optimus Prime will have you're hides" he said and sped off into the night

With little else to say to each other; the Dinobots and Deceptisaurs (the two new recruits were in fact from the Decepticon ranks) donned their devices, except Death Strike who refused to use one.

"It's an insult to my ability as a stealthy hunter" he snarled and began running in the darkness, his obsidian skin blending in nearly perfectly with the night

Shrugging, the others cloaked and followed him in the air.  It took barely twenty minutes for them to arrive at the assigned area; Death Strike was waiting for them by the hidden entrance to the base with a smug look on his face.  The others ignored it and went inside, except Raid.  It was his job to watch her while she was in her home, and he could handle almost any threat that walked through the door.

"Okay, off I go" he said and dashed upstairs.


Shinji woke up from a much disrupted sleep: he kept thinking that someone was pacing around in his room but whenever he opened his eyes, there was nothing.  Groaning from his sleep deprived state, Shinji got up and went to the kitchen to try and make breakfast for his 3 roommates who appreciated him at different levels, Pen-Pen thought he was God because he cooked good food, Misato thought him a hero for doing the laundry and other household chores and Asuka barely tolerated him because he did all the work around the house.

[I wish she'd just treat me better, or at least ignore me; that is preferable to being beaten up all the time] he thought

Shinji cracked some eggs for omelettes: a cheese and onion with curry powder for Misato, bacon and shallots with pepper for Asuka, tuna a mackerel for Pen-Pen and a mushroom one for himself that fine morning.  Dark Prime watched his every move with razor attention; at least that it is what it seemed, but Dark Prime was watching a movie in the corner of one optic.

[Go Conner] he thought, the film was The Boondock Saints

His attention was drawn from his favourite flick of the two Irish avenging Angels with the arrival of the screeching red head who made Shinji's life hell.  He also tracked her but with a different intent; he was monitoring her brain chemistry.  Powerful and advanced sensors in his eyes allowed Dark Prime to observe even the changing chemical balance in the brains of humans: what he saw in Asuka's brain was less than good.  The levels were so far out of whack it was scary.

[She needs fucking help man] he thought and resumed watching his movie

The morning went as normal for the Ikari/Katsuragi/Soryu household: Misato slugged beer, Asuka ranted at Shinji and Shinji took it all in his stride and ignored it, but the same sensors in Dark Prime's eyes saw that Shinji's adrenaline levels were working overtime during this time.  He wanted to rant and scream and throw punches at things.

[He needs to let off steam more often] the Transformer thought.

As before, Dark Prime followed Shinji and Asuka to school, likewise following Rei once they met at an intersection.  Dark Prime radioed Grimlock to see how things were going at the base underneath Rei's apartment block.

"It okay, we a bit board though" he said

"I'll send you a copy of my movie collection; that should fix that" he said, becoming almost animated: the Dinobots were the only others that shared his love of movies

"Thank you" Grimlock replied

"How are Death Strike and Raid going?" Dark Prime asked, getting back to business

"Okay I guess: Raid like to play with us but Death Strike is always working, he no fun" Grimlock lamented.

"Well just leave him be then, he's a solitary guy, it's just his way" Dark Prime responded and signed off.


At Nerv in Gendo Ikari's office, a discussion was taking place: it involved the 5 bodies in the Nerv morgue with no bullet wounds but was reported to have died of gunshot wounds.  They had been identified as agents of Seele: but Gendo didn't tell Misato that.

"What do we do about them, obviously Section 2 are inadequate to protect the Children if these 5 got into the school" Misato said

"Section 2 are more than capable of protecting them, but it appears that these men were masquerading as Nerv personnel" Kouzou said and brandished a fake Nerv ID badge at Misato

"Do we know what killed them yet?" Misato asked

"No.  All I can tell is that something hit them and practically vaporised their brains, I don't know what yet.  Some weird stuff that was" Ritsuko lit up a cigarette

"I see" she said and retreated to thought.

"The fact remains we have people after our three single most precious personnel and we must stop them" Kouzou said

"I am aware of that; I will give it some thought.  You are all dismissed" Gendo said and waved them out, even his Second

Gendo sat and thought for a long while: he needed the pilots if his mission was to succeed and although he didn't want to do it, he needed to give them some time to unwind and relax and act like kids, and to get them away from the Seele men.  So he came to the displeasing conclusion that he would have to send them on holiday somewhere.  After studying a map of the surrounding area of Tokyo 3, he found a small beach area a few miles away.  It had a nice hotel and other amenities that would be acceptable: theme park, movie theatre etc.

[The main problem is that Rei needs to go to keep up the appearance of equal treatment] he wasn't pleased about that part

He took a breath and made a few phone calls to the relevant people at the hotels and at a bank to set up a temporary account of a few million yen each so that they could have some spending money, again to make it look like he was giving them a vacation.

Gendo wasn't the only one to get wind of this; sitting in his office in the darkest part of his office, lying almost flush with the roof was Laserbeak.  He had been sent by Soundwave to spy on the Nerv commander.  Getting him in there had been a task and a half on its own: he'd shifted him over to Dark Prime, who'd switched Laserbeak with one of Shinji's SDAT tapes, and then waited for Shinji to have a sync test and then he'd left, cloaked himself and hid in Gendo's office since then, transmitting all he saw and heard on a subspace band to Soundwave and through him to ADA Headquarters.

[This is important information] Laserbeak thought as he transmitted the data under a Priority 1 heading.


In ADA HQ, on the dark side of the Moon; Ultra Magnus received the info on the trip.  As he read it, a small grin appeared on his face.  Cyclonus saw the grin and asked him what he was thinking.  Magnus just chuckled and said

"I think we owe the Seacons and Seaspray a vacation don't we?" he said and called the appropriate Transformers

"Is that a good idea; I mean they have guardians already" he said

"Yeah, but only one of them can actually go with them" Magnus pointed out

"Hmm, true.  Isn't a bit odd to partner the least warrior like of those children with our finest warrior?" Springer asked from his console

"No, they're designed to compliment each other: Rei is overly logical, the Dinobots are all about fun, Asuka is arrogant and Starscream is there to, hopefully, teach her some humility" Cyclonus explained

"Still; why Dark Prime and Shinji?" Springer asked again

"I was hoping maybe he'd inspire the boy into having confidence" Magnus said

"Any of us could do that, what do you want Shinji to inspire in Dark Prime?" Perceptor interjected from his own seat

"I was hoping maybe Shinji could teach him…" Magnus trailed off

"What?" Cyclonus pressed

"Love" Magnus finally finished.