It's All In The Blood

This is inspired by a story called 'stars not in heaven' by Water Mage.(which you should all go read when you've read this if you haven't already!!) The basic idea is the same, and the second I read the first chapter of that story, I just had my own version following through my head- I had to write it. So thanx, W.M, for letting me use your idea, and giving me the inspiration in the first place. The first chapter, I have to admit, is very similar to Water Mage's, but then it will be totally different.

Disclaimer: I don't own either of them. Wish I did, but that's life.

Time frame: Begins in the summer after book five of Harry Potter, and S3 of Buffy.

I spent ages trying to think of a title for this, and had to ask all the people on my school coach for ideas. I had one person telling me to call it 'Buffy, could she be any sadder' who I promptly threatened, one coming up with great names that had nothing to do with anything, one person (who will remain nameless, but U NO WHO U ARE!!) who SED she would help, but ended up reading a Kiera Knightly interview in MY magazine instead!! SO, after much stress, here it is.

I hope you guys like it.

Chapter 1

"James- I can't…" Lily sobbed, looking down at her newborn child.

            "Lily, darling, we have to. We're still at school! You're seventeen years old, Lil…"

            "I know, I know. Of course I can't keep her. I just wish life was simpler, I mean, maybe if Voldemort wasn't so powerful and we were older…"

            "I know Lil." He kissed the top of her head, putting an arm around her. Lily held her daughter tight, and a tear fell from her own cheek onto that of the baby.

            "Know that we love you, baby." She said, "We will always love you. Maybe one day we will be reunited again." James nodded, and the woman from the adoption agency stepped forwards,

            "I have to ask you to sign here." She told them handing the young parents the form. She wished she didn't have to do this kind of thing so often. The love in the young couples eyes almost broke her heart.

            "Will she keep our name?" Lily asked.

            "That will be up to her new parents." The woman said.

            "So she might only be Anne Lily Potter for a few weeks?" James said. The woman nodded,

            "Yes. That's just how it works." She shrugged. They nodded, Lily caressing her daughters cheek one last time.

            "I love you my darling daughter." She whispered. "Be strong. Be safe. By Merlin's beard I pray nothing ever happens to you." Although the phrase was strange to the adoption agent, she felt how much this meant to the teenagers. "Make sure she goes to a loving home. Please take care of my baby." Lily said through her tears.

            "Of course." The woman replied. Then she turned to James, lowering her voice, "Take care of her, ok? Mothers tend to take this hard." James nodded. "If you need any help or information, my name is Sarah Connors."

            "Thank you." James said, his voice empty. Lily handed her child to Sarah, and buried her face in James shoulder as her daughter was taken away.

Eighteen years later, Buffy Summers sat on her bed, huddling close to her best friends, Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris.

            "I just can't believe it." She said quietly. "After everything… Faith, the mayor, Angel leaving… how can she have just died?"

            "I'm so sorry Buffy." Willow said for the thousandth time.

            "Buff, if there is anything we can do…" Xander began.

            "You guys have done enough. What would I do without you?" Tears began to spill again, and the slayer broke into sobs once more. It was the day of her mother's funeral. She had died almost a week ago from a brain tumour no one even knew was there until it was too late. Buffy wiped her eyes a few minutes later, and sighed, "I'm gonna have to go through her stuff, aren't I?" She said with a grimace.

            "You don't have to do that now Buffy." Willow said.

            "I gotta do something." Buffy replied. She felt that if she didn't do something now then she might never move again. Her friends followed her into the next room- her mother's room. Buffy headed for the dresser, choosing a random starting place. She opened the top drawer, and found various cosmetics, including a lipstick she'd borrowed countless times. Buffy held it for a moment, before slamming the drawer closed, and moving on to the next one. The next drawer held all sorts of paper, neatly ordered and filed, bank statements, gallery information, and… oh, me. Buffy thought. She pulled out the file labelled 'Buffy'. Inside she found school reports from years back, a birthday card she'd made for her mother when she was about five, a birth certificate… Buffy paused. This was her file; all stuff about her, so why did this birth certificate say 'Anne Lily Potter'? Buffy kept going through, frowning, until she came across another couple of official looking documents- the first was the paper work for a name change from Anne Lily Potter to Buffy Anne Summers. The slayers heart began to race. She turned her eyes to the other piece of paper, wanting to look and wanting to run at the same time. Willow and Xander saw her eyes widen in shock as she read. When she turned her eyes to them, they both saw fear and pain even worse than before within them.

            "Buff, what is it?" Xander asked as Buffy slid to the ground, her back against the dresser. Willow took the piece of paper from her, and read it.

            "Buffy… this isn't you…" She said, confused. Buffy handed her the name change paper, and Willow's eyes went wide.

            "What!?" Xander demanded, grabbing the papers. "Holy googly-moogleys." He said. It was an adoption certificate for Anne Lily Potter.

            "Why did my mom never tell me?" Buffy asked, shaken. "How did she never tell me?" Buffy looked at the birth certificate again- according to this, her parents' names were James Potter and Lily Evans, and she had been born in London, in England. Buffy snorted an empty laugh, "I'm English." She said.


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