Hi everyone,

I wasn't sure how best to reach all the people who have sent me messages asking whether the sequel to 'It's all in the blood' would ever actually happen, so I figured I would add this teaser to the end of the story so that anyone with it in their favourites should get a memo.

It may have taken me four years to get myself in gear, and it really isn't my fault as I have been at uni and havn't really had time to write (and so shouldn't be writing this right now!!), and after writing one chapter I got a bit of a block on it I'm afraid... but still better late than never, right? For some reason (probably has something to do with my mind coming up with any way possible to procrastinate from my dissertation) I've had a bit of a spark recently and I have written a bit more of the sequel, so I thought I should give you a bit.

However, I must stress that I cannot guarantee that I will be able to keep writing. I will not promise that this story will keep coming or be anything compared to its prequel, but I will say that I will try!

So, here we go, this is just a tiny snippet, to whet your appetite, from the very beginning of the sequel... which I haven't actually come up with a name for yet so any ideas are very very welcome! The quicker I have a name the sooner I can post the first chapter!


In a darkened room, only a sliver of moonlight illuminating the place with an eerie glow, a quill scratches rapidly over crisp parchment. Small, neat writing is left in its wake, and the girl's eyes never leave the page as she writes. Her thick dark hair is pulled back tight in a vain attempt to tame it. The robes she wears are all black, matching all other fabric in the room, from the floor to ceiling, curtains to the carpet beneath her modest shoes. She swallows nervously, glancing quickly at a huge old clock against one wall. She writes faster. She must finish. Time is running out… oh lord if she isn't finished when he returns… a cold sweat beads on her brow as fear flows in her veins. She hears footsteps in the hall. He's coming. No… A key turns in the lock. Oh lord. The door swings open…

When I say tiny I mean it! Sorry. Chapter one to follow soon!

Please review with any comment, obviously there isn't really much TO review, but this will give me some idea whether there is actually still any interest in this happening!