Deep In His River

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Chapter One: Mortal Sin

Nothing in the world angers the gods more than human pride. Given the chance, almost everyone

could get away with everything else, if the gods and godesses liked us well enough. But, we often

take that for granted and abuse the powers (not the magical ones mind you) that the gods have given

us. You would be an imbacile, if you compared or thought yourself higher than the gods. It's like

jumping to your own death, which leads us to my story...

I suppose I should start with my name, afterall since I am one of the main characters, it is

only right that I should tell you of my name.

I am Chihiro Ogino. Daughter of Emperor Akio and Empress Yuuko Ogino of the Tochinochi Kingdom.

This story that you are reading right now is actually my most favorite story of all time, but

I've never read it, unlike you who is currently doing so. Many of my descendants know of my story and

have told it to plenty of others, but I bet you anything that none have ever heard the story from

my lips before. And, I think this is better because now you'd be able to hear the story the way it

exactly happen. From the start till the end.

This story is as real as you or I are. You may not believe me, but that's alright for I do not

control how you think. My story is not sad, it may have sad beggining but trust me, all will be well.

After all this is my story, and I hold its future.

So close your eyes and whisper my name, Chihiro, Chihiro, Chihiro...

Imagine the vast warmth of spring, hear the grass slowly swaying with the wind. As we go back

to the very beggining of my story.

Chihiro, Chihiro, Chihiro...


I really don't know what provoked my father to say such things, but I suppose his happiness gave

way to his pride. And, now that I think about it, it wasn't his fault. We are mortals only. But, I'm

rushing into things too quickly, though I admit I am excited. I've never told my lifes story before.

My fathers kingdom is a vast domain, it reaches endless mountains and tremendous forests. Though

one thing separates our kingdom among others, one thing that makes it special, makes it worth visiting,

the jewel of our kingdom if I may say.

The Kohaku River...

The rich, clear body of water that surrounds Tochinochi like a crown on a kings head. The river

is so beautiful that it glitters like gold in the sun. Healthy Koi fishes swim around freely along with

other fishes. The river welcomes all, young and old. It was my favorite place in the whole wide world.

There were legends about the god who guards the river, some say he is a creature, some say he is a man.

Though they were never clear, for I doubt that anyone has seen him before.

My father is a proud man, and it has been his doings that has started my story. For as long as I know

my father was not without his pride. Especially the day when I was born, when the seer had prophesied

that I was to be wed to an immortal. Oh was my father proud (he is a proud man I tell you!) of my would-

be-accomplishments. As his only daughter, the only way I could bring honor to the family was to get

married, have children and be happy with it.

And so, my father and mother began their search for the perfect husband on my sixteenth birthday.

Knowing fully well of the prophecy, my mother still insisted that they find a suitable prince, just

incase the prophecy was a lie. I had a few suitors, which surprised my parents. They had given a huge

amount of dowry, but none came to claim my hand for marriage. I was happy, I didn't want to get married

to some filthy lecher who wanted me only because of the dowry I brought.

My mother, who was soft-spoken and timid, had not liked the prophecy. She thought that I might end

up marrying a monster. That brought fear into my heart, what if I did marry a monster? would my father

still be proud of me? would he still love me? and recognize me as his daughter? I had asked my father

this once, and he said my mother was being silly and afraid. "The gods had better not dare marry you off

to some horrible monster. If they do, they shall pay for it."

My father was known for always testing the gods patience, "He'll get what he deserves someday." the

seers would say. I feared for my father, a gods wrath is not something to be ignored. I was scared.

And I had the right to be, for my fathers pride would soon lead to our downfall.


"Come, Chihiro and join your father in his hunt. The wild boars are waiting for us." my father

barked to me. I smiled and nodded, even if I was a daughter and not the prized son most would have wanted

he would still take me with him in his hunts. At an early age my father had taught me how to ride a horse

in which appalled my mother. "A girl was not born to ride a horse, it is unlady-like!" she spoke. Shock

evident in her face. I didn't care, I enjoyed the wind on my face and I was not about to let a little

something like ettiquet stop me from it.

So, the hunt began. I don't really hunt, it was not in my nature to kill animals. I would just

accompany my father and maybe stroll along, watching other animals. Maybe, even drop by the river for a

little relaxation. I heard the men (my fathers friends) talk about politics and such. Soon, they were

hushed by my father, this meant they have found the target. A male boar, gigantic and healthy. I watched

them, and though I said I was not into hunting animals, it had intrigued me. I steadied my horse, and

watched them silently, unmoving.

Whoosh! my fathers arrow flew to the boar, straight to his heart. I closed my eyes, blood had

repulsed me. The men cheered at my fathers accomplishment, I smiled as well, knowing that would make him

happy. He lifted the boar from the ground and swung it in his arms, not caring about the blood that

flowed freely from the boar. Steadily, he twirled the boar in his arms his face a happy (proud) one.

"I have succeeded!" he barked triumphantly.

His friends and I clapped, as he showed the men the size of the boar. Which was really humongous,

it was unbelievable how my father could triumph over something twice his height.

"I am strong," he started and I felt another brag from him coming.

"Stronger, than any man in here," some nodded in agreement.

"Stronger, than any man in my family," he stated. "Father, maybe you should stop." I whispered

to him urgently. Since when had the skies turn dark?...

"Stronger, than any man in this kingdom." Darker...

"Stronger, than any king," The wind blew stronger, doesn't he notice this?

"Stronger, than the river god Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi." he roared. The men silenced, timid and

afraid. Time stood still, as soon as those words left my fathers mouth.

The earth buckled underneath us, and I heard the Kohaku River splash violently. My father stood

still too, and for once he appeared afraid.

Oh father, what have you done?...


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