Deep In His River

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Chapter Six: The Midnight Hour Part One: Mistakes

//...//= conscience speaking

By six o'clock in the morning, my heart was hammering in my chest. I was sure that I was about to

make one of the biggest mistake in my whole life, and yet I ignored that thought. Finding the truth was

more important to me right now.

Besides everyone's still sleeping right now, I doubt that anyone would find out about this.

It's just a peek, nothing more. But if so, why am I so nervous?

//Because you're betraying him...//

Great. My conscience speaking, just what I need.


//Kohaku! You idiot. He trusts you, a mere human you may be, but he trusts you.//

If he trusted me, why wouldn't he tell me what's inside that door?!

//Maybe because it not the time to do so yet...//

Leave me alone...

//Fine, but you're making a big mistake here. Don't you understand me?//

I am you.

//Why do you want to see what's inside that door anyway?//

Because I want to find out what he's hiding from me...

//Or maybe because you're jealous that some girl like Haruna knows what's inside it. You're afraid

that Kohaku trusts her more that he does with you...//

Of course not! Why would I be jealous of some tramp?

//Hmm... and yet here you are calling her a tramp when you barely know her. The thing is, she doesn't even

exist, Rin said so herself. You're jealous of a girl that doesn't even exist... Hah! Here in a dark hallway

sneaking around like a fool. And you say you're not jealous, silly girl. I am you, you are me. I know how you


No... Do not taunt me with your words. Haruna might exist you know, this realm is different than ours.

Everything is possible here. Haruna was there, I saw her. And, I'm not jealous of her...

//Yes you do, admit it. You like him... No, it's beyond like, it's love...//


//Don't do this. You're not only betraying him, but you're also going to hurt yourself...//

Excuse me...?

//What do you think will Kohaku do if he finds out what you did?//

I paused midstep in the hallway, she has a point. Or rather I have a point. Did I really love Kohaku?

Or was it some crazy infatuation? He is a god after all, for all I know I could be just one of those admirers,

all I could be feeling might just be pure adoration for a god.

And my conscience was wrong, he wasn't going to find out.

Not now... not ever.



I continued my way in the hallway, my heart beating louder than my footsteps. Should I really do this?

Do I need to do this? Part of me wanted to say no, but the other... wanted to say yes; and I did.

Soon I found my hand holding the knob of the door, cool and smooth. Unlike my insides, which felt ready

to explode. I've had my share of mistakes in the past, I still do. Like all, I want to go back and fix them all.

But, that's not the way the life is, it was never meant to be easy. All we can do is face the facts and deal with

it. How I want to go back to this day and tell myself not to do it, I still regret it to this day.

"It's now or never." I whispered.

I turned the knob open, the door creaking as I quietly opened it.

You know, I expected a mighty gust of wind, maybe some kind of white flash or at least a golden light. Or

something... just to let me know that I opened the right door. The door that seemed so magical and beautiful, the

door that seemed to hold some kind of powerful aura, the emerald door. The emerald door.

Instead I was welcomed by damp air, cobwebs and dust. As if no one had cleaned this room for ages, centuries

even. The whole room needed some renovating, the room was so dirty that critters started living in it. Bats and

insects, tiny birds had made their home in this dark enclave.

I coughed the dust was thick and suffocating. What exactly was in this room that Kohaku wanted to hide from

here? I scarcely believe that anyone would actually use this room to hide something. One could barely find their

way around this room.

There was a corner in the room that was spacious, dusty, but spacious. I made my way there, I stopped short,

I didn't notice the chest in the corner. I suppose all that dirt covered what once might have been golden chest.

I bent down and wiped the dust off the chest with sleeve of my kimono.

It was gold with sapphires as a decoration...

I stared at it for a while and imagined what might be inside it. A jewel perhaps, gold maybe, magical

accesories or... I paused and thought about how when I first opened the emerald door I expected a magical wind of

some sort, but all I got was damp, dusty air. So, maybe there was nothing inside this chest, maybe that's why it

was put in this room because it was worthless. I frowned, I'll open it anyway.

Ironically, it was locked. This just keeps getting better and better doesn't it?

I looked around the room for the key, but the room was to dirty to find anything and soon enough I smacked

the chest in annoyance. And odd enough, the lock latched open.

I slowly opened it with baited breath... and as expected there was nothing in i-

Oh wait! My eyes saw a rock in the middle of it, a very big rock. As big as my head I gather. I lifted the

rock off the chest and held it near the light.

Correction it was not a rock, but rather a diamond. The diamond resembling the one in the mural, was this

it? Was this what Kohaku hid from me? A diamond... Did he hide it from me thinking that I would steal it? I held

closer into the light...

The diamond was dull, I take it back, it did not resemble the the one in the mural. It was the size that

could only compare to it...

Dull was the diamond, but did he really have to hide it from me? Why? Is it because that I'm a human with

human faults that he hid it from me, thinking I would steal it?

My heart broke... and the words of my conscience hunted me...

//Don't do this. You're not only betraying him, but you're also going to hurt yourself...//

//... hurt yourself...//

//... betraying him...//

//... hurt yourself...//

//... admit it. You like him... No, it's beyond like, it's love...//

//... hurt yourself...//

//... hurt yourself...//

//... it's love...//

I started to cry, cry because of what I thought of him, cry because of him, cry because I fell inlove with

him, cry because I did this to myself.

I kicked the diamond away from me, watching it roll across the room from me, watch it get picked up by a

hand. The hair on my back stood up...

"Awww is the stupid human heartbroken..." the voice taunted. Haruna's sneer bacame clear as she got closer,

she cradled the diamond in her arms. I glared at her, what the hell is she doing here?!

"Go the hell away!" I spat at her, she crinkled her nose in disgust. "I see you took my advice, though I

must say, you did more than a peek." she laughed as she held the diamond in her arms. Her eyes glinting like a


"I did not take your advice..." I bitterly replied.

"Oh yes you did." she said, batting her eye lashes, smirking happily at my predicament. She ran her hands

down the smooth surface of the diamond... "I haven't seen you for quite a while now..." she murmured.

"Excuse me?" I asked, why is she talking to the diamond?

She locked her eyes into mine and I noticed that her eyes weren't maroon at all.

They were...

They were...

Oh kami-sama, they were crimson red...

Just like the one I saw when Kohaku fed me...

My eyes widened in realization, but Haruna ignored it. She snorted, "You're just a stupid mortal caught in

the realm of the gods. Nothing more." Her words clawed at my heart.

"Who are you?" I asked.

She laughed and then I noticed a fog surrounding her. The fog rose and covered her, I stood up quickly and

ran for the door to alert Kohaku. It was locked.

Damn, I cursed. I tried to turn the knob open, but it wouldn't.

"Who am I you ask?" A voice that belonged to neither Haruna or mine boomed around the room. The voice was

from a male. My eyes focused on the fog and I saw the souls of the dead. Their hollow, sunken eyes; their

rotting skin barely hanging on their bones; their unhinged jaws opened to a silent scream; some still had their

clothes on but stained with blood.

My scream was stuck to my throat and all my eyes could focus on were the dead. The foul stench of the dead

flowed around the room. If this is what death looks like I don't want to die at all, I thought.

And then I saw a face... but it wasn't clear. The fog was still covering him or it.

It was mocking me, then I recognized the eyes.

The eyes that were as red as the blood on the dead...

I thought I saw death when I was to be sacrificed to Kohaku, but that... that... was nothing compared to

what was right infront of my eyes.

The fog was clearing up and I suddenly wished it hadn't for now I could see the face. Clearly, even though

the room was dark as night itself.

Haruna vanished, in her place was a man...

He was tall, maybe a few inches taller than Kohaku. I figured him to be a few years older than Kohaku, but

then again... age didn't matter here. He brought on with him an aura of evil and greed.

He was pale, so deathly pale. His hair was dark, like coal and his eyes, (well, you already know what color

they are...), were crimson red. There was cocky sneer in his face, it was directed at me.

He stepped towards me and I shrunk back. "So, you want to know who I am mortal?"

"I am Seiliez, a dragon demon..."

He bent to my height and caressed my cheek, I shivered in fear as he dragged his cold nails on my skin. I

bit my lip to keep myself from screaming. His other hand searched through his robes for something... A silver

glint caught my eye. It was a dagger... He was going to kill me!

How I wished that I didn't come to this room in the first place...

"Foolish human, you are too easy. All I have to do is mention the name Kohaku and you'll do anything I say,

like puppy following her master."

I glared at him, "I hate you..."

He ignored my words, "Although I have to thank you Chi-hi-ro," he dragged my name distastefully, "After all,

you were the one who reunited me with my dream."

"What do you mean?"

"This diamond holds the key to my unfulfilled dream. Once I have sucked it's magic, I have full control of

the gods. Every single one of them, even your precious Kohaku is too weak to stand against me. So thank you, dear

Chihiro, too bad I have to kill you."

I felt the sharp sting of the dagger against my neck, his cold merciless eyes mocking every fiber of my

being. I was weak against him, I knew nothing of defending myself against a god.

So this was what my father felt when he knew he was going to lose me...

I closed my eyes... I'm sorry Kohaku.


I opened my eyes, the sadness in her eyes kept appearing everytime I closed my eyes to slumber.


I stood up and slightly opened the windows, letting the sunlight pour in my chamber. "Gooday sunlight, no

one ever needs to hide from you, maybe from me, but never from you." I bitterly murmured.

Usually at six o'clock, I'd be out by my river doing my duties. But today held me still in my room, today

promised nothing for me. A single white rose petal appeared in my palm, pure and innocent.

Just like Chihiro...

Although last night her smile was empty, I can see through her smile, the differences between them and her

real ones. She hid herself from me all throughout the day, even Rin thought she acted strange ever since her trip

to the gardens. Did she see something? Perhaps it was the red eyes she saw from the other day, but I knew not of

any creature that resides in the gardens with red eyes. Unless of course she was seeing things and was really

tired. If so, why do I feel like blaming myself?

Women are complicated...

I decided to visit Chihiro in her chambers to apologize, for whatever I did. I just need to see her smile I

need her to smile and tell me everything will be okay.

I softly tapped her door. No one was answering, she must still be sleeping. With a wave of my hand, the door

opened to my will, I peered at her bed.

I surpressed a gasp, she wasn't there. She was missing.

Alright, she must be in the kitchen... probably talking to Rin.

I left her room and headed for the kitchen.

"Rin, is Chihiro here?" Rin popped her head from one of the cabinets, she seemed to pause to think for a

moment. "Um... no. No that I know of." she replied.

I was beggining to worry, what if she left?! No, she couldn't have, she knew not of the ways out of my realm.

Unless of course she is in the...

No... she wouldn't...

Would she?

No, I made her promise and she did.

//You forget she's a human with human faults.//

She maybe human, but she is special in my eyes. She wouldn't dare.

//Oh, but you never know...//

She promised, the Chihiro I know wouldn't break her promise.

//Chihiro is a human no matter what you think of her. After all, she is the daughter of that mongrel father

of hers. The girl is capable of making mistakes like all humans.//

She is different...

//Do you remember why the immortals like you, no longer showed their faces to mortals?//

Yes, but...

//Because mortals abused their rights, their powers. We were driven away because of their curiousity and

their greed. I wonder why you still stay here with those humans...//

I stay because of her...

//Then you won't be staying for so long...//

Leave me be... Do not taint Chihiro with those words. Still... I need to check that cursed room just incase.

I shook my head, clearing my head.

I trust Chihiro with all my heart.

I quickly made my way up the stairs to second floor. The emerald door glared at me. Why did the gods ask me

to be incharge of that diamond? I frowned knowing what it was for.

Well, nothing seemed to be different. The door was closed as always, I sighed in relief. Chihiro did not

betray me, Chihiro will never betray-

"This diamond holds the key to my unfulfilled dream. Once I have sucked it's magic, I have full control of

the gods. Every single one of them, even your precious Kohaku is too weak to stand against me. So thank you, dear

Chihiro, too bad I have to kill you."

Chihiro? Kill you?

In a flash I was in my other form once more and rammed the door open. My eyes widened in anger at the sight

that greeted me.

It was dragon demon holding a dagger ready to decapitate Chihiro and in his other hand was the diamond.

No, this was not happening... no... the only way that demon could have held that diamond would be through a

human. Human meaning Chihiro... No... Why?

But first...


Smash! The door flung open revealing the a white scaled dragon. Kohaku!, my mind screamed, but my happiness

was short lived for in his eyes held a disappointed look.

I've seen those looks before, mostly from my mother, whenever I went hunting with my father or when I refused

to meet any of my suitors. I was use to it, but this time it was different. It was as if he depended on me to do

something. Something good. Instead of getting myself into trouble, instead of betraying him.

I've never felt so ashamed in my entire life...

Nor heartbroken...

//What do you think will Kohaku do if he finds out what you did?//

God, I'm so stupid... I hate this... I hate myself.

I hate Haruna or Seiliez, whatever his name is...

Kohaku turned to his man form, his eyes never looking at me. Only at Seiliez and the diamond. Seiliez lifted

the dagger off my neck.

"Well, well, well... If it isn't Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi. Come to visit your beloved mortal? Is she even

still your beloved mortal? I can tell from the look in your eyes that she's no longer considered 'beloved'."

His words pierced my heart, there are other ways to hurt someone without the use of a dagger.

"Seiliez." Kohaku breathed.

Seiliez chuckled, "Your human here, gave me a little gift. I'm just here to thank her." His smile was bitter

and malicious.

"She's not my human. Not anymore." Kohaku replied non-chalantly. No! He didn't mean that. He couldn't.

"Put the diamond down." Kohaku ordered, his voice in full authority.

"You mean this?" Seiliez lightly patted the diamond. Was this it then? Why Seiliez was here? A diamond? A

dull looking diamond? Then again, sometimes the big things can come from the most unexpected thing.

"Yes, that diamond." Kohakus eyes never leaving Seiliez's.

"I don't think so." He never gave Kohaku time to reply, in seconds he launched the dagger straight to Kohakus

arm, piercing his arm. Blood slowly seeping through his clothes. I screamed. I ran to him, "Kohaku, you're hurt!"

"I'm fine." He motioned for me to leave him alone. He hates me now, I'm sure of it.

"You're not much of a challenge Kohaku, it was a foolish of me to think that you were strong. I suppose the

stories are just lies then, you're no god." He laughed. His voice impish and mocking. Kohaku mumbled a spell and I

saw vines growing under Seiliez wrapping themselves in his legs tight, holding him in place.

Although the vines seemed tight, it could only hold on for so long. Kohaku was weakened by the injury, sure

enough the vines were slowly disappearing. "Hah! Tree roots?! You make me laugh River God. I expected something

better. You disappoint me." Seiliez taunted.

"Me too..." Kohaku whispered, his eyes locked in mine. I couldn't take it anymore, I grabbed a chair and

hurled it at Seiliez's head, just when I was starting to have hope, he raised his hand; his palm facing the chair,

burning it in a single snap.

"This has been most pleasurable, I should do this more often. Unfortunately, I've got other plans. Sayonara,

Kohaku and... human. Thanks for your help." He vanished in a mist. Leaving me and Kohaku.

"Kohaku... I'm sorry..." I begged to him. "Please don't do this, I care about you. I'm sorry."

"Leave me..." he grunted in pain, his wound was affecting everything of him and this world. I learned later

that whatever happens to Kohaku, affects the his realm. I hear the thunder clash outside.

"I didn't mean to... I was only going to take a peek..."

"I'm sure you did..." he murmured angrily.

"Hear me out... I was... I was..." Jealous? jealous of a girl who never existed in the first place?

"You were what?" he asked. I was jealous, because I'm... inlove with you?

Was I really? I stared at him in response, should I tell him? No, he'll probably threw my feelings away, he

doesn't care for me anymore.

"You disappointed me Chihiro, I put my hopes and dreams in you. I wanted so bad to believe that somewhere out

there in mortal realm there is still someone good and pure. A mortal deserving to live among with the gods... a

mortal that could prove to us immortals that there is still hope for them..."

He paused for a moment.

"When you first came into this world as a baby, you have amazed most of the gods. You were good and pure,

untainted of evil and lies, that most humans were to learn when they grow up. As you grew up, we kept watch over

you, still you amazed us even more. You were honest, you were both complicated and simple. Something that is rare

to find these days."

"Sure you made mistakes, but you were smart and good enough to learn from them and never repeat them again.

You were our hope Chihiro, my hope. I wanted to prove to the gods that not all humans are as bad as they seem, that

we could learn to love them as individuals. Soon enough, I fell inlove with you..."

What did he say? I opened my mouth to speak...

"Don't speak. By the time you turned sixteen, I began to watch over you, but not because it was my duty but

because I grew to be affectionate over you. I didn't just favor you, I also loved you. I wanted you to be the one

that I could spend my entire life with. So I asked the higher gods to grant me a wish. A wish to be with you. But,

unfortunately, they could not grant it. They knew the consequences of meddling with matters of the heart. Worse,

I then found out that your parents were offering your hand in marriage to a suitable prince. They offered a dowry

of gold and jewels, everything. I was mad, no, furious at the thought that someone else was going to have you and

it's not me. So, I used all my magic to prevent suitors from coming to your palace..."

That was him all along, no wonder no one came to ask my hand for marriage...

"I did everything I knew to prevent them from coming, I flooded the entrances to your kingdom. I made the

earth quake just to scare them. I did everything, I didn't care about them, all I cared about was you."

His voice was becoming hoarse.

"I planted all my hopes, dreams and my love in you; but I guess it'll just remain to be a dream..."

"I suppose it's time I woke up and face the truth."

I was speechless... No, it can't end this way... It just can't...

"You disappointed me Chihiro..." he murmured.


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