Chapter 1:

"Oh, James, you are such a charmer," she said, green eyes twinkling mischievously.

James grinned his charming smile, that had enraptured so many girls back in school. "You're not too bad yourself," he said.

She let out a silvery, flirtatious laugh, and placed her arms behind his neck.

"You are such a dashing fellow…" she said. "I could lose myself in your eyes forever."

"Me too…" James said. He traced a line down one soft, smooth cheek, around her jaw and finally coming to a resting point on her neck.

"You've got a gorgeous neck," he said. "Know that?"

"Only you would ever call it that."

"Truth is," James said, now tracing circles on her neck. "I've been quite in love with you for some time."

"Oh, James!" she cried, her emerald green eyes glittering. "Really?"

"Really," James said. "And…and I think it's time I – "

"Ahem…" a voice broke through his words. He looked in annoyance at the girl who had broken his proposal.

"I'm sorry," Lily Evans said sarcastically. "I didn't mean to interrupt. But I had to point out something."

"I'm sure you did," James said through gritted teeth.

"Don't get me wrong," Lily continued. "I didn't want to disturb you."

She threw a disgusted glance at the girl in James' arms.

"Nor did I mind that you were drawing pictures on her body," Lily continued.

James rolled his eyes.

"It's just that it's seven thirty and you promised Haro you'd go to her house for Sameer's surprise birthday party. Remember?" Lily said.

James' mouth formed an O.

"Not that it matters. I could easily tell Sameer and Haro that you would rather spend your evening drawing your little pictures on her neck," Lily said sarcastically. "Are you coming or no?"

James sighed.

"I'm sorry Emily," he said softly, twirling a lock of her raven black hair in between his fingers. "Maybe tomorrow?"

"Okay," Emily agreed. "Good night."

James watched her go.

"Shall we make a move on it or will you be waiting all night?" Lily said impatiently.

James rolled his eyes.


« ¿ • ? »

"Couldn't you have waited a few minutes longer! I was going to propose!" James complained to Lily.

Lily kept her eyes on the road. "Look, I'd been waiting for fifteen minutes, and I was getting impatient."

"WHAT?!" James yelped. "You were watching us?"

"Not the whole episode. Thank God."

"Where did you come in?" James demanded.

Lily rolled her eyes.

"Oh James, you are such a charmer, please come to me and hold my sorry little a-"

"Shut up," James said dismissively.

"It was accurate though," Lily said, keeping her hands on the steering wheel.

"Whatever," James said.

There was an awkward pause.

"Couldn't you have picked better?" Lily asked.

James looked at her. "Pardon?"

"No, I meant that there are so many girls roaming England. Couldn't you have picked one with beauty and brains?"

"Beauty and brains…where do you find beauty and brains?" James asked sarcastically.

"Ha ha."

Another pause.

"Were you seriously going to propose to Emily?" Lily asked, a hint of laughter coming to her voice.

James reddened.

"Yeah. So?"

Lily suppressed a snort of laughter.

"You were seriously considering spending your life…with her?"

"What's wrong with that?"

"She's a complete ditz," Lily said coolly.

"At least she has a life."

Another pause, yet this one was murderous rather than awkward.

"At least I've got some self-respect," Lily said.

"Really? How so?" James asked.

Lily flared up.

"Well, for one thing, I don't walk around the streets at night half-naked! That too, with some guy-"

"Hey," James said. "Hold on. You used to be crazy about me."

"Before you left me," Lily pointed out.

"But still," James persisted. "You were a lot nicer back then."

"I was seventeen!" Lily said, exasperated. "And an airhead too," she muttered.

"What was that?"


"You know, three years of Auror-training must have really got to you."

She paused. "How did you know?"

James shrugged. "You always told me you wanted to be an Auror."

Another pause.

"How much further is Haro's house anyway?" James demanded.

"You're not the one driving! And please don't do that; it's real black leather, and I don't want it ruined."

"This is a Muggle car," James looked around.

"I'm Muggle-born. Remember?" She chanced a sideways glance at him. "Or have you lost yourself staring into Emily's grass-green eyes?"

James didn't answer.

"Hey, how are you going to get your parents to agree with Emily. Didn't they always say they wanted someone respectable? A word, which, by the way, is not ascribed to Emily in any way, shape, or form."

"Very funny. You would think that my parents would try to get me engaged with you."

Lily's mouth dropped. "I never said that!"

"Yeah. Only you would consider yourself respectable."

"Haro's respectable."

"But you'd kill me if I went for her. She's Sameer's, remember?"

"I wasn't talking about – oh, never mind. Hey look, there's Haro's house!"

She pulled into Haro's driveway.

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