På min Elskers Vinger

By Rymsie


The moment he again laid eyes on her, he knew.

That particular sensation as it coursed through his aura, disturbing his chi ever so slightly by calming the moment, and yet familiar in its independence, such a feeling was only ever caused by one person. It was like a window being opened to daylight, the sights, sounds, and smells of freedom and life pouring into a room of black and white. Emotion so strong, that he had specifically let go out in his life, crashed in him, the softly changing tide suddenly impacted onto the shore and dock. It nearly knocked him over and all she'd done was pass him on the street. One particular human miko he'd thought long since dead.

The girl must have felt his eyes on her, for she turned meeting his gaze boldly given the menacing image in which he cast himself. A group of other young ladies, college girls really, all in their twenties, moved on down the busy street completely oblivious to their friend.

She didn't move for a matter of moments, but in that time he felt again as he had all those centuries ago. Anger, amazement, fear, bravado, power, weakness, love.

The instant broke when a sizable group of out-of-towners rushed between them into the store she stood in front of. Their eyes lost contact and when the way cleared again she was no longer there.

Panic welled; he searched about the area, cursing humanity in its vast quantities while his eyes scanned the faces and forms of those about him. A soft touch to his arm and he spun to face her.

The gaze she leveled on him was no longer bold, but vulnerable and pleading. His superior senses told him she was the one, the same girl who'd stood against him in his father's tomb, who'd fought to the end at his half-brother's side, and who disappeared like magic one spring without so much as a good-bye. She'd given the hanyou a good-bye kiss, cried over the separation from the kitsune and youkai hunter, slapped the monk in good nature and clung to the old miko from InuYasha's Village, but to him there was nothing.

"Good-byes are forever," she had said then turned and leapt into the dry well.

But the question in her gaze became doubt, then a form of hopelessness he'd never imagined seeing in her. "I'm sorry," she mumbled, her gaze sliding sideways then to the ground. "I thought you were someone else."

The hand on him began to fall away and he captured it, drawing her close and placing their hands on his chest, over his heart. "This SesshouMaru is the same as he's always been," he whispered.

Kagome shivered and he drew her into his arms, the embrace desperate and tender. And the rest of humanity continued to walk by.