Here some thing I haven't worked with; a William POV. This is the last chapter *cries* L


Long Island Beach
5:46 a.m.
Three weeks later

The gentle sensation of sea foam finding its way in-between my toes sooth me as I look into a red sunrise. I knew I shouldn't be out here, and if Mom and Dad found out… well, who knows what might happen. A lecture? A guilt trip? Grounding for a month?
But I needed to think.
So much was on my mind. Fears plagued my nightmares and my daydreams. I was so scared of one thing. Not the bullies that ruined the childhood my mother hoped for me. Not the even the death that I had to face every day. It was just the fear- just that thought- of never ever seeing Virginia again.
"It's your birthday, William, be happy. You're thirteen." I reminded myself aloud. But, that meant it was Virginia's birthday, too. Why can't I get her out of my mind? It was just a little crush… nothing more.
But why do I still care?
She understood me like no one else could. She was one the one person in this entire world I can trust.
And how miles away are Washington again?
I backed away from the waves gently lapping the coast and sat down in the sand. 'You shouldn't keep beating yourself up about this, Will.' Virginia's sweet, far-off voice echoed from the corners of my mind. 'You've finally got the family you've been dreaming of since before we even met. I have, too.'
She was absolutely right. I had gone through the Van de Kemps to the Feys to the Kerrigates to here and this was the one he knew was the greatest family he could possibly ask for plus more.
A shadowy figure appeared on the edge of the horizon, dressed in a beautiful flowing silk dress. Her hair was long and dark brown and resting on the wind. Virginia? 'You've got to let go William; I won't be there for you anymore. We've both are best to move on.'
'I'll never forget you.'
'As will I.'
'Goodbye, Virginia.'
"William?" Dad asked, I was suddenly back in my room, in my bed and Dad was standing in the doorway. "You were… screaming."
"Screaming in my sleep?"
"Yeah, is something bothering you?"
I turned my head to the window. A few crimson rays from the sunrise fell onto his bed and… something… flew outside his window. A hawk? A seagull? An angel?
"No," I smiled, "not today."

The End


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