Title- Downfall of Redemption

Author- Stacie

Rating- R

Summery- AU: Both Buffy and Faith were committed to jail for the murder of Alan Finch, four years ago.

Disclaimer- Not mine, don't own, don't even want. Joss owns all.

Distribution- You got my fics already, take. Others, ask and ye shall receive.

Timeline- Faith came to Sunnydale the first week of September, '99. The girls (Buffy and Faith) killed Alan Finch, the mayors lackey at the end of October '99. Buffy and Faith managed to hide the truth for about two and a half months, before forensics were able to get DNA off of the body, and before Faith cracked under the pressure, and turned herself in. Buffy went in with Faith. Before that, though, 'Amends' happened. The episode went through the same way in this story. But, right after the New Years, Buffy and Angel got into a huge, huge fight. It even came to blows. Buffy had been pulling herself away from Angel, shutting him out. Everyone could see something was wrong. She shut herself down and just wasn't herself. She didn't talk to him, or anyone else for the matter, before she turned herself in.

Author's Notes- I was watching 'Salvage' today and I thought of Faith in jail because of murder. So, I'm thinking, why isn't Buffy in jail too? I mean, Faith was there because she killed the mayor's lackey, right? Buffy was there too. She was an accessory, she saw, she deserved to be committed too. And, that's what this is about. The year is 2003, Buffy and Faith have been in jail since 1999, about two months after they killed the guy... (Let's just say both girls stabbed the guy and then they both dumped the body)They were put in the Stockton Women's Facility, for murder two, 25 to life. Angel never left Sunnydale. With the two Slayers gone, someone had to watch over the hellmouth. He's driven up to visit them each first Saturday of each month, but Buffy refuses to see him. Buffy's 'friends' had visited her twice after she was committed and she hasn't seen since then. (In present day, everything that is happening in LA, is happening in Sunnydale, in the fic.) Now, here we go.

(Small side note before you go on. I started this months ago, like the week after 'Salvage' aired. I didn't watch Season 6 for Buffy or 2 and the first part of 3 for Angel. Forgive any mistake. I also don't think I watched the first few episodes of Season 7 for Buffy. Mistakes are mine and I own up to them. Ok, enjoy!)


Part One-

Stockton, California

Northern California Women's Correctional Facility

You could hear yelling, talking, music, and the sounds of weights. The wind blew out humid air and the sun beamed down with punishing heat. Depression breeds in parts like these, with anger, hatred, and a longing to be free. For some, that was nothing but a dream, a memory of times wasted and taken for granted. A brunette waited while the guards searched her and took of her cuffs. From outside she could hear the guard yelling into his little phone.

"430019! Coming out!"

The door buzzed open and she stepped out, looking up slowly at the mass of convicts and into the cruel, taunting sun. She slightly moved her head, pushing her long dark hair away from her face. Her eyes were dark and haunted, her face pale and emotionless. She gazed the grounds for her one and only friend in this damned place, but couldn't see the blonde. She was still probably inside.

Oh well, she thought, B would find her soon.

She walked to the back of the caged grounds, not really noticing how everyone moved out of her way. They were afraid of her. And, of B. No one could beat them down. They'd be stupid to even try. She went to the bar and started to do pull-ups, turning her back on everyone. In the distance, she could hear the guard yelling.

"430020! Coming out!"

She didn't even have to turn to see that Buffy was coming out. Her eyes squinted against the harsh sun. She sometimes wondered if she sun burned B as it did her. As if it was punishing them. Her. Faith took a deep breath and pulled her self up. She cried at night. Every night, silent tears would roll down her cheeks as she wondered how she managed to screw not just hers, but Buffy's life up too. She felt a tingle go down her back and knew someone threatening was behind her. She waited until the tingle became a painful shock and spun around on the bar, grabbing the persons arms with her legs. Faith kicked out, hard, and the person fell to the ground. It was Debbie, a bandana on her head, with badly cut mullet to top it off. Faith spun up and flipped over, spinning in the air as she landed on the ground. Debbie grabbed her fallen knife and circled her.

"Ok, you got my attention. What's your beef, Deb?" Faith asked, her voice hard and tired.

Buffy shoved her way through the crowd and the two met eyes. Buffy silently asked if she needed help. Faith shook her head slightly and turned her attention to her attacker. Debbie was on her feet and swinging the knife for all it was worth.

"You really outta think twice…" Faith advised, sighing inwardly.

Faith blocked a punch and pushed Deb down. Buffy stood ready to jump in, if need be.

The crowd yelled and 'oohh-ed' as Deb got back up and rushed for Faith.

"Or not…" Faith murmured, rolling her eyes.

"Nothin' personal…" Deb snarled, her eyes wild and her stance sloppy.

She rushed at Faith, swinging and Faith broke her wrist, snapping it then punching Deb in the face. She blocked a punch coming her way and shoved the woman to the ground.

"I need the money!" Deb growled as Faith grabbed a barbell and rammed it into the woman's' face, busting her nose.

"For the nose job?" Faith smirked, and reared back as Eddie, the guard, broke in.

"Come on, get back!" He yelled, shoving the prisoners out of the way. He wisely left Buffy alone, where she was.

"Hey, hey, hey! Self-defense, Eddie, she attacked me first!" Faith exclaimed, holding up her hands.

"Saw the whole thing." Eddie said, then to the other guards who were grabbing Debbie, "Take her up to the infirmary." He ordered.

"W-wait, you saw?" Faith demanded.

"Yeah, took us by surprise. I mean, who'd be crazy to take you on…?" He then looked at Buffy, "Either of you." He asked, picking up the knife and looking at it, then walking away.

Buffy leaned against then fence, her lips pursed. "Council?" She asked, her eyes old looking.

"Don't know." Faith shrugged, standing by her sister slayer.

The Council had been trying to off the two of them for years, so another Slayer would be called. Stupid bastards.

Buffy looked up into the dry sky, squinting slightly.

Damn this place.

Damn everything.

"B, one day at a time." Faith said, trying to sooth her friend.

"Yeah…" Buffy murmured, "One day."


After the fight, everyone was put back into their cells. Buffy and Faith had cells to themselves, across from one another. The warden, knowing about the supernatural, decided to give them a tiny break and let them be alone rather than stay with the real soulless killers. Faith flopped on her cot and watched as Buffy paced the length of her ten foot cell, with a slight limp. She could see each step was painful and knew this was her sister-slayer's way of punishing herself.

"What happened?" Faith asked, meeting the blondes sad eyes.

"Fight." Buffy shrugged, sitting down stiffly, "Dona had her girls try and jump me while we were doing dishes. Whacked me with the damn stool." Buffy cursed, cradling her side which was obviously in pain.

"What happened?" Faith asked, anger evident in her voice.

Why wouldn't these idiots leave them alone? They didn't want to be bothered, they didn't cause trouble. All they wanted, was to be free again. To be forgiven.

"I didn't hit back. Just shoved her into the water. Then Eddie came and broke it up." Buffy answered, gazing out her small, barred window.

"Yo, Summers! Faith!" A voice called.

Both Slayers looked out into the corridor to see who was calling them.

It was Charlie, one of the other guards.

"Charlie baby," Faith smirked, "Lookin' good."

"Shaddup." He drawled, "You got visitors."

"Who?" Buffy asked as they unlocked their cells and cuffed them.

"You're lawyers."


Both girls walked into the visiting room and stopped to see the people the least expected to see. Wesley sat in one booth and Giles in the other. Faith took her seat in front of Wes and Buffy in front of Giles.

"They told me my lawyer was here to see me." Faith comment eyeing Wes, "You my lawyer now, Wes?"

"Hello, Faith." Wesley said gruffly, "How are you?"

"Still alive. Never thought I'd live long enough to see you here, visiting me. I mean, Buffy? Yeah, but me?" Se asked with a wry chuckle.

"A lot's happened." He answered.

"Whatever it is, suits you. You're looking...good." She commented appreciatively.

"You know what's going on in Sunnydale?" He asked point blank.

"Seen the news." She said, "It's the end of the world."


Buffy sat in front of her surrogate father and looked him in he eye. Giles sat there, his heart breaking at the sight of his slayer in the prison attire. Her eyes were narrowed and drawn. A jagged, rough line split her pale lips apart, going diagonally. It was pink and raw looking, so it had to be fairly new. It hadn't been there the last time her saw her, about a month ago. She met his eyes slowly, a small smile forming on her scarred lips.

"Giles." She said in a warm, quiet voice, "How are you?"

"Fine, Buffy, fine. How are you?" He asked in a fatherly voice.

"Living, which is hard to do in a place like this." She sighed, "I get the feeling this isn't just a social call. What's going on?"

"Sunnydale is under never-ending midnight, demons and vampires are taking over the town. Darling…we need you and Faith." He explained.

"Like hell you do." She snapped tiredly, "You've got Angel and everybody else to help. Besides, Faith and I, we're a little bit busy being charged for murder and all. Why don't you come back in about twenty years? Might be off the hook by then."

"Angel cannot beat this alone. We need the Slayers. We need you." Giles pleaded, his voice firm.

"B…" Faith murmured, looking at her friend, standing up slowly. "We got too."

"Damn it." Buffy swore, then said to Giles, "Get outta the way."


Giles and Wesley both stood up fast, their chairs crashing to the floor. Faith came crashing through her window first, the shattering glass making everyone jump. Buffy came through next, tumbling to the ground, into the glass. She swore under her breath and scrambled up, throwing the barreling guard against the wall, grabbing Giles, and hurling herself out the window, making sure she landed first. Faith was out right after, holding on to Wesley. Buffy groaned softly as she limped/ran to the car, her bruised side throbbing painfully.

"You alright, Wes?" Faith asked as she hopped into his car.

"Five by five." He answered.

And, the girls shared a wry smile.