As we turn the pages of life
You stay in the shadows
You become a stranger
I don't know you
You don't know me
You left me on a ditch to fend for my self
My memory faded
So did you
Well hello stranger
You try and return
But you can stay a stranger
You say you are my father
You left me
I had know one
I learnt more than you could teach me
I have my friends
Who would you choose stranger
Your friends or a stranger
You think you can stride on to the seen
Like you were there all along
But you cant
Hello stranger
I can't stay
I wouldn't stay
A stranger is nothing to me
I have no father!!!
Good by stranger
You aren't welcome in my life
I don't need you
I need my friends
Good by stranger
You won't return in my life
I prefer you were a stranger
Good by stranger and farewell forever .