Chapter Ten: Life's Greatest Value

"One person caring about another represents life's greatest value." Him Rohn

"Let me go!" Sarah cried, struggling to be let free. "I have to save him! I need to help him!" Jamylia shook her head, as she locked the door of the chamber. Ludo held tight to Sarah, while Hoggle rocked Krystal. "You don't understand the damage Jason can do. Jareth thinks he is so strong and he is, but if he makes one mistake, Jason will make it count."

"Sarah, please calm down," the fairy told her. "Jareth is the Goblin King. He knows how to watch out for himself. Just relax and let the men battle it out."

Pouting, Sarah gave up for the time being. She crossed her arms over her chest and sat down. Ludo went to restrain her, but Jamylia held up one delicate hand, signaling to leave the Williams girl alone. Moving to another side of the room, Sarah began to think of a way to get out of here. Then it hit her.

"I have to go to the bathroom," she said.

Jamylia, too concerned about Krystal, motioned for Sir Didymus to take her out.

Grinning, Sarah went out, only waiting a couple moments before taking a detour, behind Sir Didymus' back, to the ballroom.

            "What do you want Sarah for?" Jareth asked his opponent. "You don't even love her?"

            "Why should I love her?" Jason questioned him back with a snarl. "What is there to love?"

            "What isn't there?"

            Then it was war. The fighting opened up and all hell broke loose. Jareth landed the first punch, hitting Jason on the jaw. The mortal swiveled backwards, hand on the new wound. Jareth conjured a crystal, intending to send him back to the Bog. He threw it as Jason, but the human ducked out of the way, and instead of hitting him, the crystal made one of the main beams of the room vanish.

            The ceiling wavered, leaning more on the other three base beams. Jason, though still holding his jaw, grinned wolfishly. Jareth glared back. Parts of the ceiling started to drop, creating yet another distraction. If he wasn't careful, his entire castle would need some serious remodeling. He sent more crystals out, hoping to strike the abusive husband. Jason ducked them all.

Walls crumbled all around him. Smoke filled the room, creating a major distraction. His beautiful ballroom was falling to pieces. Just as he was about to clear the air, a fist hit him in the gut. He crumbled forward, clutching his stomach. He coughed roughly, a small trail of blood running down from his lips. Growling, he forced himself to stand. Another fist came flying out, knocking him to the ground. It was then that he heard Sarah scream out his name.


He snapped his attention to where she stood. The smoke cleared and he saw everything. Jason was standing over him, a knife in his hand, and there, across the room, Sarah stood, her eyes wide with fear.

"Don't hurt him!" she screamed at her husband.

"Why not?"

She bit her bottom lip, slowly coming over to him, while Jason made his way to Jareth as well. "I'll come home with you if you leave him alone and let Krystal stay here," she offered.

"Honestly?" he asked.

"Yes," she nodded, a tear falling from her eye.

"Sarah, no," Jareth shook his head, not wanting to see her be hurt again.

"I have to do this," she whispered, choking out all the words. "I'll leave with Krystal with you, because out of everyone you will be the greatest parent to her and you will succeed where I failed."

"No," he shook his head more, attempting to get to his feet, but found that his ribs ached too badly for him to rise.

Sarah knew this was the only way. If she didn't do this, Jason would go on hurting her daughter, and she couldn't let him kill the only man she loved. Jareth had tried his hardest and it had been a good fight, but now, she had to take her own stand, even if that meant sacrificing her happiness for her child. Thinking of Krystal, she walked the remaining distance to Jason's side, placing her hand in his.

The Labyrinth had a will of is own. The game was finished and Sarah had forfeited. She returned to the Aboveground with Jason. They were back in the middle of their living room, floor littered with glass fragments and the smell of alcohol soaking into the carpet filling the air. She dropped her head, feeling all the power of her recent choice drained from her. She had taken her stand, now she was going to pay for defying her husband.

Just as she thought about the consequences of her actions, a hand slapped her across the face, sending her to the floor. She landed on a large shard of glass, cutting her forearm open. Blood oozed from the wound, splattering the floor in an array of crimson.

"Filthy bitch," Jason hissed, looming above her.

As his torture continued, she closed her eyes, trying to dismiss the thoughts of pain and only focus on her daughter, who was safe down in the Underground.

            Jareth was pacing in his room, Krystal in his arms. Flying around by his shoulder, above the child's head, was Jamylia. Sir Didymus, Ludo, and Hoggle were standing off to the side, heads hung down in shame.

            "I should have known better, should have told her not to go, should have stopped her from leaving," the fairy ranted on, blaming herself.

            "No," Jareth sighed, "It was my own fault. I couldn't fight my own battle and she came to save me. She loved me so much. I can see that now more than ever. She gave the ultimate sacrifice for both me and her daughter. I want to go after, you have no idea how much I want to steal her back, but I'm bound by my magic as well as my position in the Underground. My hands are tied until someone makes a wish."

 "Why don't I wish for her to return?" she asked, hopefully.

"It doesn't work that way. I can only take an Aboveground being that has been wished away by another Aboveground being. It's complicated," he mumbled.

"Miss Sarah," the great orange beast groaned.

"Yes, I agree Sir Ludo," Didymus piped up.

"Would you both shut up?" Hoggle snapped, arms crossed over his chest. He had never been so ashamed before. Sarah was gone and if she wasn't dead from the beatings of that Jason fellow, he had no doubt that she was in a great deal of pain.

"Mama!" Krystal cooed, pursing her lips together in a pouty face. "Want Mama!"

Jareth stared at the child in his arms. Had she just spoke a full sentence? The Underground magic had already started its work on her. He listened, waiting for her to say something else.

"Mama!" she cried, finally springing into tears. "Want Mama!" She bit her bottom lip, looking every inch just like her mother. Then she said the most surprising thing ever. "Wish goblins would bring Mama!"

At first, Jareth could only gape at her. He was shocked that she had been able to repeat the words her mother had muttered only 48 hours before. "Krystal," he whispered. "Who do you want? Do you want Sarah back?" She nodded.

That was all it took. Unlike Jamylia, Krystal had been born out of the Underground. She was still techniqually from the Aboveground, therefore her wish was valid. In the next second, she was in the arms of Hoggle and Jareth was making a reappearance in Sarah's home.

 He found her on the floor, covered with blood. Her clothes were torn and she was unconscious. Jason was sitting in a chair nearby, a bottle of beer in his hand. His glazed eyes looked over at Jareth, then he smirked. "You can't take her back. She can't wish herself away again."

"That's right, Sarah can't wish herself away again, but Sarah didn't wish herself away, her daughter did."

"WHAT?!?!" fumed the angry mortal. Jareth reached down, lifting her up gently. Small pieces of glass fell from her hair and clothes. "That bitch! She tricked me!" Jason stormed forward, intent on killing them both, but Jareth stopped him.

"If you ever threaten her or Krystal again, I'll make sure you live many long years in a grueling death bed. Don't make my temper come forth." With that, he stepped backwards, fading from the room, back into the Underground.

            Three days later, Sarah awoke. Surrounding her bed were faces she had grown to love. The first one she saw was the smiling face of her daughter. "Krystal," she whispered. The child leapt out of Jareth's arms, crawling across the bed to her mother's awaiting arms. "Oh Krystal," she smiled, hugging her daughter tightly. It felt so good to be able to hold her again.

            She looked around, seeing the smiling faces of all her friends. Ludo stood there, holding up Sir Didymus so the small dog could see her. Hoggle gave her a little wave, to which she returned the gesture. She saw Jamylia as well, fluttering above them all, shoots of pixie dust falling from her feet. Then she turned to Jareth.

"Is this a dream?" she asked.

            "No," he told her, brushing a strand of hair from her face. "It's all over now."

            "No," she answered, kissing him lightly, "It's just started."

            A/N: That's it! That's the end! It was fairly predictable, but it had to have a happy ending. I think I put Sarah through enough for one story. Thank you to all who stuck with me and supported this fic. I couldn't have done it without you! The reviewers make it what it is! I will still be working on my other two Laby fics: "Someone True" & "Reality Behind the Movie" even though this one is now finished. Thank you again! Neveada Sierriana