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Author's Notes: This one does not, I repeat, does not have anything to do with Zephyr what-so ever. Also, this may be slightly borderline PG-13 and R rating, but I promise you that it will stay clean and I won't do anything nasty. Although I can't vouch for Squall and his hormones…

Summary: Squall Leonheart and Yuffie Kisagari hate each other passionately. But due to Cupid's nasty sense of humor, they find themselves madly in love. This matter of the heart proves to be more of a menace than the toughest of Heartless.


The ninja Yuffie was roused from the first actual sleep she had in days when someone shook her bed violently. Vaguely, she heard a gruff voice demand, "Move over."

          The last thing she wanted to do was to get up and move somewhere, and she voiced her opinion to the pair of black boots that she found herself at eye-level with. Unfortunately, her groggy, half-sleeping state caused the words to slur and it came out, "Idun wan' getup…" She rolled onto her back, able to make out the shape of Squall standing over her and peering down at her through those dark blue eyes. He was looking at her as if she was insane.

          "What?" He asked. This time, Yuffie was able to speak coherently and tried again.

          "I said I don't wanna get up. You can either step across or physically move me," she told him. She rolled back over to go back to sleep, thinking that he would leave her be now. But a second later, she felt herself being lifted up, moved to the other side of the bed, and dropped a foot and hitting the mattress with a soft "thump." She lifted her head to look in Squall's direction.

          He had taken his boots off and cast the Gunblade aside so that he could get some rest. She watched him out of the corner of her eye. She noticed that he looked tired… probably due to fighting the Heatless all day. Despite having located the Keyblade Master, the monsters still roamed the permanently dark streets of Traverse Town, and they were getting stronger as the days went by. This had been the cause of Aerith demanding that Yuffie begin rooming with Squall. She thought that her friend needed protecting, but it was common knowledge that the young ninja could hold her own easily against the monsters. Nonetheless, she had grudgingly obliged and now shared a room with Squall Leonheart.

          Actually, she never really minded rooming with him in the first place. In truth, the idea sent her into hidden excitement, and she didn't know why. No, she knew why, she just didn't want to admit it to anyone, let alone the object of her mixed-up affections. She closed her eyes fully again, thinking of him. He was always so mean to her, even when they barely knew one another in Hollow Bastion—she assumed because he always thought of her as an obnoxious little kid.

          I hate him, she thought absently. He drives me crazy and he never smiles. I wish I could room with Aerith again but this was the only way I could get her to shut up. She hurt all over, too, from the events of the last few days. She groaned as her muscles screamed in protest when she rolled over onto her side.

          "Lay still," she heard Squall growl. He was certainly in a grouchy mood. Then again, he had been out for a few hours longer than she had, fending the Heartless away from the First District, which was a safe haven in the cold, dark down. Outside, various Heartless roamed the deserted streets. She tossed in bed again; Squall hissed at her to lay still. Growling, she bounced hard just out of spite, and hogged all the blankets for good measure.

          Take that, she thought. There was a tug on the blankets as Squall pulled them back.

          "Brat," he whispered.

          Time passed; Yuffie didn't know really how much time had passed, but it must have been a lot, because Squall had fallen fast asleep, but she was still awake, although she was very tired. But she couldn't grasp sleep. Instead, she kept thinking of him. He always called her a brat, or some other unappealing name like that. She was laying on her stomach and staring at him, watching his too-long bangs ruffle as he breathed evenly. He looked at peace in his sleep—probably the only time he was ever at peace was in his sleep, though. Yuffie reached and gently brushed the coarse brown locks from his face so she could see him more clearly, but the tickle of her fingers on his face made him twist and turn away.

          Why was she thinking like this? She couldn't stand the way he acted—always so stoic and emotionless. Never once had she seen him smile; never once did he offer her an encouraging word, although he was as gentle as a lamb when Aerith was about.

          He knows just as well as I do that Aerith loves Cloud—and she always will love him. Wherever he is now, she thought miserably, fighting back sudden and painful tears. So much had happened in the last few years that it was making her heart and her head ache. Not the least of which was Squall… he drove her crazy. Mad, insane, completely and totally berserk. So why did she have such mixed feelings when he was so near, like now, when he was sleeping and completely at peace?

          Yuffie rubbed her temples. She felt a headache coming and thought it best to leave her thoughts for one night. Perhaps, once morning came, she could track down Aerith and catch her alone so that she could talk to her about it. Aerith was good with these kinds of problems—it was likely that she could help. Even so, was she sure she wanted to admit this to her? After all, she wasn't entirely sure. She told herself over and over and over again that she couldn't say that she was in love with someone just because he was attractive and made her swoon when he got near her. And besides that—Aerith was none too good with secrets.

          Morning—wait 'til morning, she thought. I'll know then.


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