ROBOTECH: Departures

The decisions we make forever affects our future no matter how small. The future has many paths, could a few small choices save humanity from destruction?


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Author pre notes:         

This story is a divergent fic separating from the story line approximately during "wedding bells." There are a couple changes that happen before this chapter. But I'll explain why later. One last thing; there will be extensive use of military type acronyms, and some other technical jargon, both real and made up, so I'll be providing a glossary at the end of each chapter to make it easier for y'all to understand.

Anyways on with the show!

ROBOTECH: Departures         Volume 1:         the first terran space war.

Episode 1:        Wedding bells part 1

            A tired lone Lieutenant Commander walked into room 303 of macross city general hospital to check up on a comatose pilot.

'Still no change.' mentally sighed the person; 'I don't know how often I will have to come here cuz it is really draining on me.'

"Hi big brother," quietly utters Rick hunter as he sat down at the chair set bedside to Roy, "here I am again to check up on you."

'The chair must have been recently moved…' Rick finally realizes since it is close to Roy's bed, 'Claudia must have dropped by a little bit earlier.'

He spoke up again, and began like so many times in his recent memory "I don't know how many times I've said it but it's strange seeing you here stuck in a hospital, now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that you were a careless pilot or anything, I'm just saying it's strange that's all…actually Roy I have been wondering endlessly at how you did it…I mean filling your shoes as CAG has been a big job, but it's really been the weight of being responsible for all those pilots. It wasn't like before when a fellow pilot died, oh I dunno what I'm trying to get at." Finally giving up at trying to express his sorrow, Rick slumped into his chair, and slowly drifted off into sleep.



An intense shaking was forced upon his right shoulder

"Rick wake up!"

Finally recognizing the thick Russian accent of the man trying to awaken him, the young lieutenant commander quickly snapped awake stiff in his seat.

"Captain Gloval, sir!"

"At ease Rick, I'm off duty right now"

The young Hunter instantly relaxed, "thank you sir."

"So has there been any change in commander Fokker's condition?" asks the captain with his ever-present briar pipe in his mouth.

"No captain," again Rick replies in a very somber tone, "he's still in a coma, but his wounds have fully healed."

Silence again permeates the room

"I see" and with that, the captain slowly heads towards the door to the room.

"Umm captain?"

"Yes Rick," answers Gloval, back turned away from Rick and Roy.

"Ummm captain, I've been CAG for a while now, and I dunno, but if you don't mind my asking…how do you deal with the pain coming from when we lose one of our comrades under your command…you don't have to answer sir, but it's…just been…"

"Hard for you to deal with it?" Rick nods silently.

"Well," the captain began, "that is one question every good military commander has asked himself. And no I don't mind you asking that question; Roy here had asked me this same question a long time ago. I'll tell you what I told him: live, lead and command in a way that would have made them be proud to be under your command. But more so never forget them or their sacrifice and why they sacrificed their lives.

"These are not easy words to live by as a commander, and these words are very difficult for me still…the deaths of those under my command often keep me awake at night, but those words and the ultimate reason we fight gives me the will to go on."

"Thank you captain for sharing that with me." Rick replies more uplifted than he was when he entered the room.

"No problem Rick," silently under Rick's gaze the captain of the SDF 1 silently leaves the room containing 2 friends closer than siblings. Yet as Gloval leaves the room 2 thoughts are at the front of his mind, 'Rick I hope you realize that it's the fight for peace and our loved ones that allows all good veteran commanders to bear the titanic pressure of command. It's the only reason I can give for all the hardships we face…"

Exiting into the hallway of the hospital, the Captain's thoughts continued, 'I know it would scare you if I told you, but it was under my orders you were made CAG, and promoted to Lieutenant Commander. I can see that you will are becoming a great commanding officer. I see your care for those under your command, and the respect they give you because of it. I pray that will never change in you Rick.'

After watching the captain leave, Rick's thoughts moved to more temporal concerns, 'I wonder how Max's date went? I'm supposed to meet him today…what time is it?' he glanced at his watch, urgency washed over him… "Shit! It's 1617! I've been here almost 2 and a half hours!"

Jumping out of his seat and speed walking towards the door he mumbles loudly "sorry Roy I gotta run! I'm supposed to meet Max on the observation deck in 10 minutes, but I'll drop by again in a couple days kay?" but no answer is heard by his ears. Leaving what amounts to being his only family in the care of the medical staff, Rick rushes out to meet Max.


            Unlike the fast pace which Rick Hunter raced to meet his compatriot on some important meeting, the weekly meeting of the United Earth Defense Council droned on. "So next up on the agenda is the matter of Captain Gloval granting asylum to several Zentraedi defectors."

"Indeed it is Senator Russo," admiral Donald 'don' Hayes finally decided speak up at this exhaustive meeting, "I believe Captain Gloval's decision was a very prudent one, which I believe we agreed on last meeting. In addition to providing medical reports supporting that Zentraedi and humans are basically the same genetically, the captain included information from debriefing sessions from the defectors. And first and foremost in the details of this report is the number of fully active warships in the Zentraedi Starfleet.

"As you may know," the admiral continued, "the current fleet of Zentraedi capital ships near the moon numbers in excess of 1 million. Like all of you I was astounded that this many ships were active in their fleet, but what I have to tell you now is even more astonishing and frightening at the same time."

After taking a sip from his glass of water, he continued, "Commanders Hunter and Hayes' report of estimating Zentraedi capital ship strength at around 5 million is inaccurate, in fact this number grossly underestimated the full Zentraedi fleet strength. From the debriefings of the Zentraedi defectors, we have in fact learnt that there are in fact several fleets within the entire Zentraedi armada. 5 million is actually the approximate amount of warships under the direct command of a sector fleet commander named Dolza, and this number constitutes fully active capital warships. Moreover, according to the defectors, their history contains warnings to stay away from micronian races, and failing that, to destroy that world"

Admiral Hayes let it sink into the heads of his fellow council members, it was the same reaction if not worse than the one on his face when he read the report in Lisa's presence.


"WHAT?? There's another REPORT??!!" exclaimed admiral Hayes in shock at his daughter's revelation.

Finally calming down he continued "Ok, is it ok for me to see it now?"

Sitting in the couch of her father's quarters Lisa was a little freaked out by the reaction her admiral father made. "Here it is sir." Lisa handed it to the admiral.

"Lisa! We're both off duty and we're family, I beg of you NOT to call me sir!"

This lightening of mood was what they needed, so sitting down on the couch beside Lisa, he opened the report.

Lisa watched as her father's mouth dropped open in fear and amazement, it was a wonder to her that he could even utter "Oh fuckin shit!" from learning such petrifying information. But Don Hayes, Earth defense council member read on.

'Did I see him break out in cold sweat?' Lisa thought as he neared the end of the document.

"Lisa… you were right," don dropped his head in defeat, "we can't defeat a force that big using this monstrosity of a geo thermal weapon."

"Lisa, I'm going to let you be privy on some very sensitive council information, I trust you will keep it a secret?" she nodded. "Lisa," the admiral continued, "Ever since before the disappearance of the SDF 1, I have realized that the majority of those on the council are greedy power hungry men. I have been more or less the only voice of reason until Marshall Zhukav lost his son about a year ago in a terrorist incident.

"Russo has been trying at every point since the SDF 1 returned to space, to captain the ship and command the entire RDF space fleet from space. I'm certain he's trying to get rid of me."

"But father how does Zhukav fit into this?" Lisa inquired totally astonished at the council's greed.

"Well between the 2 of us, we have promoted loyal smart officers in key positions, general Theroux is one of them. But now I can't stop the greed, because we need to protect the earth from outside conflict more than internal conflict, and it's a conflict I doubt we can win."

**End flashback**

"So fellow council members, what shall we do about this situation?" admiral Hayes spoke firmly.

Russo was the first to shake off the shock, seeing an opportunity to rid himself of a perpetual thorn in his political side, "I propose that we send one of us on the council to the SDF 1 so that we can initiate peace talks with these Zentraedi. However we also need someone to prepare for possible conflict, which will most likely be held in space. So I suggest that admiral Hayes be placed in command of our strategic space forces as CINCCOS.

'Just as I thought, Russo really wants to get rid of me' speaking up admiral Hayes countered, "I would accept this position of course upon the council's decision, however I will need to be able to have full command of the grand cannon and all earth based anti space weapon systems. I will also need the council's permission to negotiate on its behalf."

Russo was totally livid at these requests. "WHAT?!?! Isn't that a bit MUCH?" Russo was now on his feet totally astounded that he was politically outmaneuvered.

"These are reasonable considering we're asking the good admiral to possibly fight a war against nearly impossible odds" Zhukav defended his military colleague

"Relax," don continued for his ally in the council, "all earth based missile systems will be under regional control normally, it will only be in the case that the whole Zentraedi fleet moves to attack earth that I request having control of those weapon systems. So do I have the council's approval?"

Grudgingly, three fourths of the council agreed.

"I suggest that we convene for today and continue tomorrow" admiral Hayes nudged to the council, "it has been a long grueling meeting and we would be better to relax than be cooped up in these chambers"

"Agreed" that came from an annoyed Russo.

One by one the council agreed to convene for the day and filed out of the chamber, leaving only admiral Hayes and Marshall Zhukav both seated.

"Thank you Anatoliy Petrovich,"

"Anytime Don my friend" was the reply, albeit in a Russian accent many times thicker than Gloval's

Nothing more needed to be said between them and both silently left the council chambers

Lisa saw all the other council members leave the council chambers, and was perplexed that her father was still in their after that marathon session.

'I hope it all worked out' commander Hayes thought as she continued to wait patiently. 'At Last!' Lisa saw the last 2 council members, who happened to be the most senior RDF commanders. "Admiral!" she exclaimed.

Her father now out of the chamber came up to join her silently leading her toward their quarters. "I hope it went well sir?" Lisa asked, remembering they were both on duty.

"Not completely as I wanted but well commander. But we'll talk about it in my office." Her father replied.

The pair continued in silence until having to turn into another corridor. "so Lisa what have you been up to here on base since you're still considered a special envoy from captain Gloval?" questioned Lisa's father, breaking the awkward silence with small talk.

"Well sir, I actually was requested by general Theroux to help with training one of their newer flight operations controllers. He knew I had a lot of downtime, and thought my experience could be put to good use."

"Really? That's good" observed the elder Hayes, prompting his daughter to continue.

"Anyways, 2 days ago I was supposed to meet a Lieutenant Chase in one of the air operations training rooms, but guess who this lieutenant Chase turned out to be… Helena one of my friends at the academy! When I told you a bout her I always referred to her as Helen."

The joy in Lisa's was evident to Admiral Hayes, 'I remember Helen, she was in a younger class but she and Lisa were bunked together at the academy if my sources were correct.'

"Well Helen, was just recently transferred here," continued Lisa, "and her last assignment was a staff tour in Asia. So I've spent quite a bit of time with her catching up outside of training her, and today we only had a partial training session because I was supposed to meet with a certain defense council member on the final verdict so I can advise captain Gloval via transmission." With that last statement Lisa smirked knowing full well that her father would mentally laugh at her harmless comment on his position.

Indeed he smiled at her comment, as they continued through the base to their shared quarters, "well if you're training her she probably will be capable of filling the post that would have been yours if you were transferred permanently here…that's right Lisa I went out of my way to keep you safe here at Alaska base when I found out you were en route. But after what reading that document I have a feeling we'll be needing our best officers, crewman and pilots in space."

What was just revealed to her astounded Lisa. The part about her father preparing a position for her on the base came as no surprise, but him acknowledging that her position was on the SDF 1 Bridge, and no less that she was one of the best officers in the RDF?? That was totally unexpected. Luckily for her, they had arrived at his staff office: RDF PACCOM, pacific command. Passing through his staff office, they entered his personal office; on the door were 2 plates with the words "RDF CINCPAC" "Admiral Donald L. Hayes."

The admiral offered to his daughter that they sit on the couch; since it was just the two of them it could be a more of a family conversation rather than a conversation between a superior and subordinate. "Now where was I? Oh yes I remember," the admiral continued, "the council didn't say a word on the subject, but since you are still assigned as XO I believe that they'll send you back to the SDF 1 with me."

 Before Lisa could express her opinion, her father continued, "That's right Lisa, the council decided that we need both a UEDC council member to negotiate with the Zentraedi as well as a fleet commander to command all our starships; since I'm both, they picked me. And like expected, Russo tried to use this situation to his advantage, but I thwarted his plans completely."

"Father it seems you take joy in pissing off senator Russo," commented Lisa.

"Indeed I do," the admiral admitted, "The main thing is that the whole council gave me free reign and support. So now I can properly equip the rest of our space fleet with some weapons that were developed but kept under lock and key. This is good news for captain Gloval as well; it means he'll have some backup in fighting off those attacks…. Call it selfish of me but I just wish I could keep you safe, and not have you be sent to space"

            "Father I know you want to keep me safe, but you've always told me that we have to do our duty whether we like it or not, and it's my duty being the XO of the SDF 1. it just so happens I love being there as well…I think you'll see when we get there. More than that, if the whole Zentraedi fleet comes to attack earth then there's no safe haven on our world. But above all, when I joined the RDF, I swore an oath to protect humanity, and our planet to the best of my ability. It's true I can serve my fellow humans working on this base, but I would not be doing so to my full ability, when my station has been on the bridge of the battle fortress."

'Besides,' she added quietly, 'Rick is on the SDF 1.'

His daughter brought up some valid points, amazing points actually, and being an admiral meant he had to know how to pick battles he could win, and this was most certainly a lost battle. "Okay Lisa, I think you made your point. I admit defeat on this argument. But now we should get work, I have to find a replacement to take over as CINCPAC and choose my ground liaison to the council for COSCOM, which until now has been under HQ's direct authority.

"And you, my dear daughter, have a communiqué to send to the captain of the SDF 1 regarding the council's decision. So we both better get a move on, because I don't want to pull a late night in the office. You can use my aide's office to work in; he caught a nasty cold from when we waited for your shuttle and the doctors ordered he have 2 weeks medical leave."

No more words needed to be spoken between the two Hayes family members as both set off to their tasks at hand.


Unlike the two offices in which Commander and Admiral Hayes were working dutifully, the portside observation deck was a scene of conversation and relaxation. Despite rushing and making it to the portside observation area 10 minutes late, Rick still had seen no sign of Max, and that was 30 minutes ago. He even noticed Kim, Sammie and Vanessa, otherwise known as the terrible trio were spending their breaks here with the three original Zentraedi spies. It was no secret that the bridge crew frequented this lounge; it was situated nearby the bridge, and naturally only RDF personnel were allowed here. But there were exceptions to the rule; being a Zentraedi defector, or being in a relationship with RDF personnel were two of those exceptions.

"So do you think Lisa was able to convince her father?" Rick recognized that voice as belonging to Sammie, not that he was being a snoop, he was sitting 5 tables away. It was just that the Terrible Trio was being louder than usual that day.

'Lisa…' Rick's mind wandered off at the thought of her, zoning out the conversation the 3 bridge bunnies and the 3 spies were having on possibly returning back to earth not to mention the other people in the lounge. 'My dinner date with her would have been tonight if she hadn't gone to earth.' He quickly swatted that thought down. It was strange for Rick; ever since she left for Earth, his mind often wandered to Lisa even though they were just friends and coworkers.

His friendship with Commander Hayes was just another burden on top of his already exhausting load of flight duty, being commander of the battle fortress's air group, and his complex love life. Or did Lisa fit under the love life section, further complicating a part of his life that was crazy enough with his relationship with Minmei. He took another sip of coffee and waited for his wing mate to arrive…he wanted details of Max's date. 'I hope Max has better success at love than I do…it'll be a welcome distraction to my own relationship problems.'

"Just the man I wanted to see!" After a tiring wait, Max finally made his presence known to Rick.

What took you so long Max? I'm anxious to find out how the date went!!!"

"Well…ummm about the date Rick…" stammered Max, who normally never stuttered.

"SPIT IT OUT MAX!!" to say Rick was annoyed with Max for making him wait was a gross understatement.

"About the date last night," Max began once more, " well…I think I'm going to get married."

Rick suddenly choked on his coffee, and sprayed it out in utter astonishment.

Recomposing himself from the surprise of his life, Rick queried, " how on Earth can you think you're getting married, it's either you are or you're not. besides, that was just ONE date. But honestly though, why don't you guys take your time? I mean we all live on the same ship, so neither of you can go anywhere."

But Max was adamant in his position bringing up the ultimate defense to Rick's badgering, "we're in love!"

Rick was taken aback by his wingman's comments, he was about to open his mouth and try to reason with his friend, but Max continued on, "commander, this isn't one of the reasons I asked to talk to ya…it's well…umm…she's a Zentraedi"

"WHAT??? SHE'S A ZENTRAEDI!!!" bellowed Rick shocked even more than by Max's now pending nuptials.


All the occupants turned in the direction of Rick, who was now sprawled across the floor. They all had heard his hollering about Max marrying a female Zentraedi.

The bridge bunnies along with Konda, Rico, and Bron, who were sitting several tables away, were most interested in this development. They were well aware that all the defectors on the SDF 1 were all male. Rico spoke up for them, while their little assembled group watched Rick get up from falling out of his chair, "I'm curious to find out which meltran ace defected. They're the only ones gutsy enough to pull a stunt like this."

"Well if we're gonna find out who it is," whispered Sammie, "we should at least look like we're having a conversation, and not LOOK like we're listening."

The rest of them nodded, and returned to having small talk, but were kept watch at the proceedings at Rick and Max's table.

It took a couple of minutes for Rick to get off the floor and back into his seat; all the while he grumbled on how the chair was substandard crap. The whole time, however, Max did his best from laughing at his friend's predicament. Finally resettling into his chair, Rick spoke up in a more serious tone that hinted a little bit of skepticism, "ok so she's a Zentraedi defector…I thought all the defectors were male? But that really isn't the point. How could you just fall in love with her? I mean I know you were chasing her all around macross city, but I mean wasn't that just plain ol' infatuation?"

"I love her with my whole heart. How I fell in love with her doesn't matter to me, nor does the fact that she's a Zentraedi, Rick. The two of us are in love and there ain't a thing that love can't solve!" Finished Max, completely adamant about his position.

'You got a lot to learn about love, buddy.' was all that was on Rick's mind as his comrade finished speaking. Rick just simply couldn't understand how everyone could be so blind about how complicated love really is. His own love life was testament to his way of thinking. On one hand, Rick had what seemed to be an undying affection for Minmei; on the other was his pseudo friendship/love interest/annoyance Lisa. The 2 girls had him totally confused to what to do that he wished for divine intervention to aid him.

"I dunno about love solving everything, it's given quite a lot of problems and pain as well," commented Rick, trying to be diplomatic to his friend. "I can tell you're attracted to her Max, but what's so different about her and all the other girls you've had a crush on before?" he discreetly nodded his head in the direction of the bridge bunnies, remembering how Max had a crush on each of them one after the other for a 3 month period.

"She's special." Were the only words uttered from Max's mouth.

"Then Max, if your mind's made up about marrying her, even though she's a Zentraedi, why did you wanna meet me for?"

Max saw Rick was perplexed at his reasons. "Well skull leader," Max replied with a smirk, "I wancha to meet her."

At that moment, as if getting a silent signal, a young woman sitting at the other end of the lounge, and watching the proceedings got up and walked up to the 2 command pilots of skull squadron. Max quickly stood up, "Hey Mir, we were just talking about you! Rick, I'd like you to meet Miriya."

For the third time in less than 15 minutes, Rick was astonished. What he was expecting was definitely not what his eyes saw. Miriya was just drop dead gorgeous, something Rick would have done had he not been sitting down. She was wearing a full length dark navy jean skirt with a cream coloured turtleneck sweater; her long deep green mane of hair was elegantly draped across her left shoulder.

"It's nice to meet you Rick, you're exactly how Maximillian described you to me"

Back at the table where Kim, Sammie, Vanessa, Konda, Rico, and Bron were sitting, amazement was the word that described their mood. The bridge bunnies were told by the defectors stories of the Zentraedi ace of aces: miriya. But what shocked them was that it was this very ace that defected and her appearance was this stunning. In fact, the 3 young ladies were doing their best to keep Konda's, Rico's and Bron's lower jaws from dropping any further.

Meanwhile, Rick shook her hand very slowly, still trying to recover from the third near heart attack given to him by his friend and wing mate, Max. "Max," Rick spoke, " I understand…she is striking! You're both lucky to have each other. And Max, forget what I said earlier

Miriya couldn't help but smile as Rick talked of how lucky she and Max were. Since the beginning of the day, she didn't feel at all like a great Zentraedi warrior, nor did she care; all she could feel was this overwhelming joy in her heart, which no battle, no triumph could even begin to compare with.

Max quietly thanked himself for taking miriya shopping earlier today. Judging by Rick's reactions, which were ones that one did not give to an enemy, it was a prudent choice.

"Maximillian," begun miriya, "are those three males sitting over there, Konda Rico, and Bron by any chance?"

"Well maybe the two of you should go over there and find out," suggested Rick. "The bridge bunnies are there as well, and I'm certain that you'll become fast friends with them."

"What about you Rick?" asked Max.

"Well we have another political asylum situation on our hands, so I'll talk to the captain for the two of you." replied Rick; "I'll talk to you guys later though ok?"

The three of them parted ways, Max and his fiancé moved towards the table where the bridge officers were seated; Rick left the lounge to meet with the captain.

tsu zu ku. (to be continued)

-+-+-+-+- end of Wedding Bells part 1 -+-+-+-+-


next time on ROBOTECH: Departures

Preparations begin on the SDF 1 for what promises to be the Greatest wedding ever.  But preparations are not only limited to the Battle Fortress. In Alaska base, arrangements are made for the imminent departure of Admiral Hayes to the SDF 1. But what of the Zentraedi? Silence means there's trouble brewing in the giants' enormous fleet. Preparation and planning come to the foreground on Wedding Bells Part 2, the next chapter of ROBOTECH: Departures

Glossary of terms:

CAG:                           Commander air group. Commander of all aircraft/spacecraft on a warship

CINCCOS:                  Commander in Chief Cosmos. Commander of all military forces in space

CINCPAC:                  Commander in chief Pacific. Commander of all military forces in the pacific region

CO:                              Commanding officer

COSCOM:                  Space command

PACCOM:                  Pacific command

Oberth destroyers:        Some of the first warships made by Robotechnology, check out the Robotech reference guide for some details  

XO:                              Executive Officer, the second in command

RDF:                            Robotech Defense Forces

Author ramblings:

so what the heck is going on in this fic!!?!?!? Roy's alive, But in a coma; Captain Gloval seems to even have a paternal friendship with Rick; the Zentraedi fleet is not a total of 5 million warships but more like 15-20 million warships; what the heck is Helena Chase (from robotech battlecry) doing here?! Sooo if you're asking yourself "WHERE'S THE AUTHOR PRE NOTE EXPLAINING THE CHANGES???" then too bad! You gotta read on to find out what happened to cause all the changes. What can I say except that flashbacks are a great literary device!(don't I always tell people that when I review) There's a couple of spots I want y'all to think about, like Roy's room number and the advice Gloval gave to Rick. (can you spot where they originally from?)

So the big question is…is this a Rick / Lisa fic?? I only have 1 mysterious answer for that: the original Macross anime was a love triangle romance in a war story setting, I am going to be as faithful to that idea as possible. So hopefully I'll do my best to not bash any characters. (bumping and light bruising is exempt…heheheheh)

For those wondering where on earth I got the idea for this fic…well in the first chapter of book 4 of the robotech books, there was a pre chapter quote about senator Russo thinking he could get admiral Hayes to be captain of the Sdf 1. Then to add to that; I wondered what would happen if Lisa was able to return to the SDF 1 prior to 'force of arms'. So throwing those two main ideas, a bunch of stuff from the macross compendium, a dash of DYRL stuff, several helpings of shock therapy, a couple ounces of robotech: battlecry, another bunch of military etiquette/acronyms, and of course pounds of my own personal ideas, and this is what you get!

For any of you who were wondering, I was originally post 1 episode as 1 chapter. But, it would have been extremely long chapters, and very long waiting time between updates. I personally love long chapters, but one can only go so far right? (I mean this episode is  less than halfway done, and I'm at about 5000 words already!) AND I PLAN TO FINISH THIS STORY! I AM NOT GONNA LEAVE IT UNFINISHED!

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