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ROBOTECH: Departures         Volume 1:         the first terran space war.

Episode 1:        Wedding bells part 2

Rick found himself in Captain Gloval's quarters along with Claudia, later that evening. Having met the captain in his office earlier about Max and Miriya, Rick was slightly confused as to why he was here. 'I thought Gloval was fine with giving asylum to Miriya? It's the only thing that comes to mind with all that has happened today'

"Claudia, Rick, make yourselves comfortable." said captain Gloval in a relaxed tone as he poured himself a drink.

Commander Hunter's mind continued to churn; 'the captain seems to be in a good mood, so it can't be bad news he wishes to share with us…'

The two subordinates both opted to sit down on the couch. Being more comfortable around the captain, Claudia was the first to speak up, "So captain what is it you wished to talk to us about?"

"Since you are both very close to Max, I wondering what perhaps be the best way in notifying him that his wedding will be made into a major event," began the captain, as he took a seat in his favorite lounging chair.

"As you both very well know," Gloval continued, "He is a very humble person, and would most likely not want to make this a big deal."

"I guess I get to return the favor you gave me earlier captain," commented Rick, and a light chuckle was shared between the two males in the room.

"Well," continued Rick in a thoughtful manner, "my suggestion sir is that you make it almost like a surprise…maybe tell him he has to postpone his wedding a few days cuz a special mission, and that preparations will be required. He'll definitely want to butt in since he wants to marry Miriya as soon as he has a day off, however you can cut him off and continue sir.

"He'll eventually resign himself to whatever the mission is, and ask for details. Then you can spring it on him that his mission is to have the First interspecies wedding, and that it being the first wedding in space makes it that much more important. I assume that cost is of no matter, so that will make him even happier. But that's the long and short of my idea sir, besides, I think he needs to have a little bit of the limelight shine on him."

"Hmmm," was captain Gloval's only reply, and in a tone that represented deep thought; "Claudia what do you think?"

"Well captain, I like it! And from what I heard from Kim and Sammie, Miriya is a nice person, I am anxious to meet her."

The captain stood up. "Could the two of you be present during the proceedings?" both Rick and Claudia nodded, "it's settled then. We are going to play a prank on lieutenant sterling…but we'll do it my way, so both of you be ready to ad lib a lot. now, Commander Hunter would you do the honors of calling lieutenant sterling and getting him and Miriya to come here?"

"Yes sir."

Rick Got up and picked up the phone on the Captain's desk.

"Hey max! Is Miriya there with you? Good.

"Look I'm here with the captain right now, and he's requested yours and Miriya's presence in his quarters ASAP!"

The captain watched amusedly as Rick quickly jerked the handset away from his ear, while they heard max ranting and shouting through the earpiece.

Slowly putting the phone set back to his ear, Rick continued, "Ya I know I told you that he OK'd her and granted her asylum. Look, the granting asylum bit got a bit more complicated ok? Just get the both of you here as soon as possible ok? I don't wanna have to pull rank and order you over here. I'll see you in a few minutes"

Hanging up the phone, he heaved a great big sigh, and formed a great big grin. "Well captain he's on his way and is thinking the worst possible scenario has happened."

"Well I think we should all have a somewhat grievous face on, it'll make this even funnier!" commented Claudia.

All three conspirators nodded assent. It was quietly decided that commander hunter answer the door and let the soon to be married couple in. what amazed Rick the most was that the captain was willing to play a small practical joke on one of his crew members.

A few minutes past anxiously amongst them until KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK was heard on the door.

The trio put on their game faces; Rick opened the door and ushered the lieutenant and his bride to be into the room.

Claudia, and captain Gloval stood behind the captain's desk; Rick, however, ushered max and Miriya to face directly toward the captain, and then stood to the side near his own subordinate.

'Max and Miriya look like they're about to face a firing squad!' smirked Rick internally; 'I can't wait to see their faces when the good news is broken to them!'

"Lieutenant sterling, Miss Parino, thank you for coming," began Captain Gloval, in a grave tone, "the reason I have requested the both of you here due to complications in miss Parino's request for asylum."

"But sir, I thought you Ok'd it!" butt in max.

"I WAS NOT FINISHED LIEUTENANT!" flared the captain.

Everyone else in the room returned to silence, not wishing to be on the receiving end of Gloval's fury.

'That was really freaky, it's a good thing I know that the captain is only acting, or I'd be fearing for my life right now.' Thought a slightly shaken Rick.

Quickly calming down the Captain continued, "As I was saying, There are complication with Miss Parino's request for asylum. The first complication is that of locating quarters for Miss Parino. What were you planning to do, Lieutenant?"

"Well umm, I was hoping she could stay with me."

"Max, you're my friend but that won't work," this time Rick answered, " any quarters on the Daedelus, or on the Prometheus are only for combat pilots and crew of those vessels. And no one, short of the Flag officers at Alaska base can change those rules. Besides, that room is only big enough for one occupant. I'd offer my room above the White Dragon, but Miriya's a defector, so we need a bit of military secrecy for her at least for the time being"

Rick finished by taking in Miriya's gaze. It was one of confusion, and fear, it was obvious to him she wondered how he could suddenly start playing devils advocate.

"Captain, Max, Miriya, Rick," this time Claudia started up, "If I may interject, but is it possible she could stay at my place for now? It's not on either of the 2 carriers, and it's in officer's country, so no civilians from macross can stumble by. Besides don't you think she needs a little bit of advice on the female aspects of micronian life? Is that ok Miriya?"

All that Miriya could manage was a nod.

The captain could sense the fear emanating from Max and Miriya…it was obvious she was worried she might not be able to marry Max, and for some reason, she appeared to dread that outcome more than death itself.

"With that settled, we can go on with the rest of the complications;" spoke the captain, "please understand, Miss Parino that I am not denying you your asylum, I just wish to clarify all the complications. But before I continue, may I call you Miriya? Saying 'Miss Parino' is getting a bit tiring."

Miriya naturally felt relieved. Allowing a serene smile to creep onto her face, she replied, "Yes captain, you may."

"From talking to Lieutenant Commander Hunter and Lieutenant Sammie Porter prior to your arrival," captain Gloval continued, "I have learnt that you, unlike the other defectors, are a high ranking Zentraedi officer…currently, our intelligence on the Zentraedi is grossly lacking. We have debriefed all the other defectors, but the information they were able to provide was very little, probably due to their being of fairly low rank. So I ask, would you be able to provide us with as much information as you know? I'm not asking you to turn your back on your race, it's just that we need as much possible information so that we can attempt to make a truce with your people."

"Yes captain, I accept your request. I've come to realize that your culture has so much to offer, and I certainly do not wish to see it destroyed." Answered Miriya, the whole time staring in to Max's eyes, which were trained on her.

"There is one final complication to this whole thing;" the captain's tone became as cold as ice while letting every word sink in to the couple in the middle of the room.

"I take it that you two plan on marrying each other?" both Max and Miriya nodded.

             "Now Lieutenant Sterling, I am going to be blunt here;" continued Gloval once more with a poker face on his visage, "your planning to marry each other IS the MAIN complication. Do you realize that yours marriage could result in discrimination towards the both of you from your respective races? Not to mention that you ARE a combat pilot for this ship."

Fear entered Max and Miriya. in the short time their love had to blossom, it was evident that they feared losing each other. But Rick could clearly see that his wing mate was channeling that fear into anger.

"SIR! I don't WANT nor NEED your blessing to marry Miriya. I LOVE her with my whole being, and no one Will Keep US APART!" fumed Max, totally disregarding Gloval's rank. " And if you plan to order me to not marry her, then I RESIGN!"

"Captain Gloval," Miriya continued for max, picking up where he left off; "I have no wish to leave Maximillian's side. I can't bear to ever be without him. I would rather fight my own people than leave him."

Gloval and Claudia were totally taken aback by how deep the emotions of the two were for each other. All they could do was stay silent as they watched Rick come up between the engaged couple. 'At least he knows how far the game can be taken' thought Gloval, 'this tension borne out of a prank can't last much longer.' Putting his arms over both Max and Miriya's shoulders, Rick spoke up with a smirk on his face, "Max, miriya, all I have to say is….your wedding is going to be the biggest wedding celebration ever!"

Both max and Miriya face faulted.

"Look you two," Captain Gloval spoke up once more, "I have decided that the first wedding in space should have a great celebration. Not to mention the first marriage between 2 different species."

"So Both of you Relax!" this time Claudia addressed the soon to be married couple; "there's no way we're going to let 2 people so completely in love with each other NOT marry. I Sammie's already in a frenzy about the wedding!"

"Besides," Rick finished for Claudia, and Captain Gloval, "our good captain here is going to make sure your wedding will put a royal wedding to shame…and Max, there's no way of getting out of it. Any questions buddy?"

"Only one, Rick. WHY??"

"You two deserve it." The captain commented, beating Rick to the punch. "Mr. Sterling you're our best pilot, and from what I've heard, miriya is considered the Ace of aces within Zentraedi ranks. Not to mention, you're always so humble of your accomplishments. So enjoy the limelight just this once. And that's an order."

Max became totally relieved that he couldn't help but smile and reply, "Yes sir"

Standing up, the captain went to his liquor cabinet, "now if you all don't mind, I propose that we all relax from our duties and toast to this joyous occasion."

The 5 people in the captain's quarters took the reprieve from their duties that night and shared each others company before the storm of wedding preparations began.


Later that night, Rick lied in bed reflecting on the day's events. Watching the obvious love between his Max and his fiancé, one thing came to mind to the CAG of the SDF 1; 'maybe love isn't that complicated after all.' Rick noticed the attachment forming between the bridge bunnies, and the original Zentraedi spies while he waited for max earlier that day. 'I guess it's just my situation that's complicated.'

He weighed his two current relationships; he was wholly devoted to Minmei ever since they were stuck in the bowels of the battle-fortress. He was pretty certain that Minmei wanted to go out with him; God knows that she had used every hint and signal short of actually telling him. True, it had been stagnating recently, but he chalked that up to both of them recently having busy schedules. The most ironic thing was that they both encouraged each other into their current roles. Minmei had helped him see his worth as a combat pilot; likewise, he had given her the self-esteem boost she needed prior to the miss macross pageant.

Everything about her up until the appearance of her cousin had made him want to date her more. But the only time he was ready to officially ask her out, she had been thrust into superstardom, while he was stuck in some part of the galaxy…a prisoner of the Zentraedi along with Ben, Max, and Lisa.

Lisa Hayes what did he think of when it came to her? The two of them had initially been at each other's necks since launching day. But ever since their capture by the Zentraedi, and their posthumous return, something akin to friendship had bloomed between himself and Lisa. They still had tiffs over one procedure here or there, but when it came down to it, he valued whatever kind of friendship he had with her very much. Especially ever since Roy went into a coma, she had become someone to lean on.


Rick had been sitting in front of the fountain, lost in his own thoughts. The past couple of weeks had been especially hard on him. First, his big brother, roy, gets seriously injured and fell into a coma; second, he got promoted to CAG and is assigned skull one as his plane; then word comes about that the civilians will be allowed to disembark in Ontario; next, upon entering the Ontario quadrant, the Zentraedi attack and overload the new omni-directional barrier, wiping out a population center, and killing Ben Dixon, forcing the SDF 1 to leave earth. Furthermore, because of Minmei's pop idol status, he wasn't able to even contact her, let alone talk to her about his troubles. The most ironic thing of all was that this was practically the same spot he met her before his first mission.

"Rick? It's strange to see you out here at such a late hour." Lisa's voice disturbed the silence around him; however, her words did not convey a sound of animosity, but of genuine concern.

"Oh, hi Lisa." He was so occupied in his thoughts that he didn't realize she had approached until she had spoken.

"I just needed a place to think. My room wasn't doing it for me." Continued Rick.

An awkward pause was shared between the two of them, however Lisa decided to break the silence; "you know, almost every other week I come down here and reflect what all of us have been through."

Rick continued to remain silent. "Rick, I know the past few weeks must have been hell for you. For what it's worth, if you need someone to talk to, I'm willing to listen."

A single tear rolled down his cheek, "thanks Lisa, I appreciate it."

******End flashback**************************************

After that evening, their friendship had deepened. Rick occasionally confided in her his doubts, and she understood and empathized in a way that Minmei never could. Occasionally, Lisa would let a barrier down and confide him


"Tell me the truth then," he said not facing her. "You left the theatre for the same reason I did. You couldn't stand to see the person you're in love with kissing someone else?"

Lisa nodded.

            "What a joke," Rick continued. "Both of us running out of the theater at the same time. But how could you fall in love with that guy? He's against everything you stand for."

            "He looks exactly like a man I was in love with. He had to go away, and then he died before we had the chance…" She began to cry despite trying to hold back the well of tears. "Sometimes when I see Kyle, Karl's face comes back to haunt me and… and I just cant bear it…"

******End flashback**************************************

            It was ironic that that night the two of them saw their respective crushes arm in arm. But Rick remembered that he and Lisa had a good time in each others company just relaxing at a coffee shop. In subsequent off shifts, they met up occasionally, normally over coffee or an intermittent lunch or dinner. Rick always thought of Lisa as a cold fish, but in those couple of weeks before her mission to Alaska base, he had learnt otherwise. One time, they were both amazed at their shared affinity for movies. He even found out that 90% of the story for TOP GUN was a true story, and that one of her childhood best friends was the son of the namesakes of the 2 lead characters.

            Work did affect those off meetings, like meeting to discuss pilot patrol schedules, going over performance reviews of pilots and other administrative things. Almost every other week it seemed, they would get into an argument over the TAC NET and he and Lisa would not speak to each other outside of work. But always within a couple of days the two of them would apologize to each other. Rick knew that they both wouldn't let something as minor as their TAC NET spats get in the way of their friendship.

'Her friendship has meant so much to me in these past weeks,' Rick thought. 'Losing that friendship would almost be as bad as losing Roy completely. Maybe it'd be best if we'd just be friends.' Rick closed his eyes, but his mind churned more, 'minmei, when will you ever return my affections? I hope you know that I'm here waiting for you. Oh well, it takes too much energy thinking this through.' Clearing his thoughts of relationships, he fell into a dreamless slumber.


Almost overnight, macross city worked itself up into a frenzy of wedding planning; indeed, the wedding became the talk of the town and for some, their whole lives. In the eyes of mayor Tommy Luan, the wedding helped give life and hope to a city that had constantly been bombarded by despair and hardship. Food was chosen for the reception, colour schemes were picked; even the resident costume and fashion designers even competed for having the honor of designing Miriya's wedding dress. Captain Gloval even ordered that vermilion squadron, Rick and Max's old squadron, to be an escort honour guard.

For Max, all these preparation meant he was temporarily removed from the active pilot roster and was made a temporary VF simulator instructor for new recruits. Miriya's days were filled with debriefings and impromptu RDF training. Her staunch willingness to fight alongside Max for their love prompted captain Gloval to give her a commission in the RDF. VF training, naturally, would be held off until after the wedding; however, many suspected she would quickly become as good as Max. Many would think that with their duties, there would be no time for the couple to prepare for the wedding. Luckily for the 2 lovebirds, their duties were given in such a way that they only had plenty of time for wedding preparations, and even recreation.

"So what do you guys think about our colour scheme??" asked Miriya. an hour and a half of discussing wedding plans had not tired her one bit.

Claudia and Rick were still uncertain how they got pulled into helping plan the wedding of the century to even pay attention to Max and Miriya's fervor in preparations. "Claudia, Rick! WAKE UP! You two are supposed to be our maid of honor and Best man, so help us out in this!" ranted Max. ironically this impromptu wedding planning session was occurring in Claudia's quarters, so she had no escape; she knew that letting miriya stay there until the wedding would mean things like this would occur.

"Max, Miriya, the colour scheme is wonderful. Now can we go do something other than planning your wedding? I mean practically half of macross city is doing that for you!" replied Claudia.

Finally hearing someone other than the 'soon to be married' couple, Rick finally zoned back in. "Claudia's right you know. I mean you literally have an army of people working on making your wedding better than a royal one. So why don't we all go out and relax? And I mean like going out somewhere to eat or just going for coffee even. Nothing big at all"

"Do you think we could get Kim Sammie and Vanessa to come as well?" asked Miriya.

"I don't see why not," replied Claudia, "they're off duty by now."

20 minutes later, and a change out of uniform and into casual wear, Claudia, the bridge bunnies, Rick, and the soon to be married couple of max and Miriya all headed to starlight lounge. It was a slightly busy, but because the manager recognized the soon to be married couple, the group was quickly ushered to a large circular booth. The starlight lounge was the best mid-scale casual dining establishment in all of macross city; the food was great, and not too hard on the pocketbook either. Having to act at least a tiny bit of a gentleman, it ended up that Rick got stuck on one entrance beside Sammie, while Max and Miriya got stuck on the other. After everyone had decided what to order, the terrible trio opened up conversation for everyone at the table. Sammie somehow got the conversation on to work. "Speaking of which, hey Rick, I have to thank you for all the help you've given me while I fill in for Lisa's spot. If it weren't for you I'd probably have gone insane!"

"No problem Sammie. That's what friends are for right?" responded Rick.

"Of course!" beamed Sammie. "Hey max, I heard you finally got to finally test the super veritech!"

"Ya Max, tell us what you think of it!" added Rick.

Being friends with the main bridge crew had its advantages for the two pilots of skull squadron; they weren't jealous of Rick and max for flying the latest veritechs. "Uh, uhm…well, do you think they could put those upgrades on my veritech?" stammered max. "I mean they're just add-ons to the regular VF's right. All that speed, agility and firepower just makes it that much better a veritech."

"Rick what about you? You are the only one to fly it in combat." Asked Claudia.

"I agree with max to a point. Y'see it is a lot faster and more agile, not to mention that it has more missiles than our normal valkyries. But both valkyries can run out of ammo. Remember when we had to enter macross city to destroy all those pods? I ran out of ammo and used my gun pod as a club." Everyone remembered that chaotic day in hell.  "I think dr. Lang will make the super veritech type 2 with my little recommendation." Finished off skull leader.

"So the scuttlebutt is true!!"

"How can you not like the super veritech?!!"

"You talked to Dr. Lang about it?"

"A better super veritech? Is that even possible?"

Questions bombarded Rick at near light speed, and from everyone at the table as well. Luckily for him though, their waiter arrived with the appetizers they ordered temporarily halting the barrage of questions. As soon the waiter left the group to their own devices, it seemed that the inundation of questions would begin anew.

"I think I speak for everyone," began Claudia, halting the impending flood of questions; " in asking for the details about your little suggestions to doctor Lang."

Rick made sure that he had a buffalo wing in his mouth in a feeble attempt to stall from answering. But he realized that unless he answered Claudia, thee terrible trio of Sammie, Kim and Vanessa would barrage him with so many questions, he'd be Swiss cheese.

"Ok, ok, I'll tell you, since I'm never gonna hear the end of this otherwise." replied Rick.

"The day after I got to use the super veritech, doctor Lang actually called me in to talk about the real battle performance of the craft. I basically told him what I told

you guys; it's 10 times better than our regular fighters, but I let him know that I wished it could have an extra cannon or something to replace one of the missile launcher pods on the back. Remember that I was in his lab, so he immediately went to a computer terminal, and in like less than 15 minutes he came up with a schematic: the super veritech type 2, which he dubbed as the strike veritech" Rick grabbed another hot wing and dipped it in blue cheese sauce.

"So what did it look like and what's its capabilities gonna be?" asked a curious max; practically reading his fiancé's mind.

"Well," Rick answered with food in his mouth, "it looked almost like a super veritech, but one missile pod is replaced with a dual energy cannon. It's basically like a super veritech…but more or less half as many missiles…. Oh and the missiles on the arms are gonna be changed with a special cluster missile they're basically the missile version of a shotgun. The best thing is that cuz the only difference between this strike veritech and the super veritech is the cannon pod, the wait for this craft to go into production will only be something like days after the super is in full production. I can't wait to try it out!"

It was visible that both miriya and max couldn't wait as well to pilot one.

Soon after, finishing their appetizers, everyone's meals arrived; the conversation that occurred between bites of food was spirited, and full of good humour among the group. But just as Rick finished his meal, the waiter returned with a phone-bot in tow. "Excuse me," interrupted the waiter, "is one you named Rick hunter by any chance?"

"Ya, I'm Rick hunter."

"My apologies for interrupting your meal sir, but you have a call."

"Thank you I'll take it here," the bot rolls up beside him and Rick picks up the phone. "Hunter here…. What? Really? Ok." Everyone including Claudia was curious to whom Rick was talking to. "I'll meet you there right away" said Rick before hanging up the telephone.

"Sorry," Rick announced to the group, "but I gotta leave right away. An old friend of mine is having some problems wanted to talk. I'll see all of you later k?" and with a chorus of goodbyes and see you laters, Rick left the restaurant.


Like her friends on the SDF 1, Lisa is also taking a break from the stress of preparations to return to the battle fortress and being a training instructor for her friend from the academy, Helena Chase. "So is that pilot what's his name…Archer! Is he giving you more trouble?" inquired Lisa; she and Helena were relaxing in an officer's lounge, taking a nice relaxed coffee break.

"Don't get me started Lisa!" exclaimed lieutenant Chase. "That man is just soo arrogant, he seems to instinctively know how to get under my skin! But the most annoying part is he's one of the best pilots on the base! And more often than not I have to agree that he did a good job, despite despising his character. Do you know what I mean Lisa?"

"I know exactly what you mean;" replied Lisa, " and the worst part is it's cuz of personal experience. Do you guys argue over the comm.?" Helena shook her head. "Then you're lucky," Lisa continued, "on the trip back from Pluto, myself and a newly enlisted pilot by the name of rick hunter got into at least one argument over the tac-net every other day! He was such a loose cannon… one time, even captain gloval had to reprimand us because of what he termed as our **newlywed quarrel** had gotten out of hand." Lisa let a little chuckle at that particular memory.

"So what happened to this Hunter fellow? Were you two dating or something?" asked Helena with apt attention on Lisa.

Lisa was stunned for a moment by the question. Their friendship went way back, and on the base, Helena amounted to her only true friend and deserved to know the truth; she shook her head, "no we weren't dating at the time. He now is CAG for the SDF 1, and a natural leader. The most ironic thing is since we've returned to earth; you could say we've become very close friends. We still had some heated arguments over the net every other week, but the quarrels aren't as bad, because we want to keep our friendship with each other."

A pregnant silence formed between them, as Lisa sipped her coffee unaware of the blush that had appeared as she spoke. Helena wasn't surprised that Lisa had similar experiences of rowdy pilots, but one that was originally her bane and was now a very close friend? This shocked her; moreover, by lisa's blush, she was certain that she wanted to be more than friends.

"I think you're LYING Lisa! I think you've fallen head over heels for him." declared Helena.

"Helena, that's ludicrous!" denied Lisa, but her eyes and facial expressions betrayed her true feelings

Helena was about to reply, but the base P.A. system cut her off, with a message that Lisa Hayes' presence was requested by in admiral Hayes' office.

"I gotta go Helen, maybe I'll meet you when you're off duty?" asked Lisa

"Sure! Now get going!" taking another sip from her coffee, Helena, 'Helen' Chase pondered Lisa's love life as she watched her friend go off to an impromptu meeting.


It had taken Rick about 20 minutes to get up to the park overlooking macross city. But this was a place he remembered well. The last time he was here there were only a few sparsely planted trees, almost a year and a half ago; now it had become a beautiful area to sit and think. There was a park bench, and railing to prevent people from falling from the ledge; it was arguably more beautiful than macross central park. There was no one else around, save for one person sitting down on the bench, admiring the view. He walked up and sat beside the person on the park bench, and emulating his the denizen seated beside him, Rick whispered,

"I came as fast as I could. It has become more beautiful than when we were up hear last…minmei."

"Yes it has." replied minmei, in an almost seductive whisper, still looking at the city.

"So minmei, what was so urgent that you needed to see me?" asked Rick, as he took a look at her outfit. She was wearing a pair of dirty denim, hip-hugger jeans, and a powder pink 3/4-sleeve shirt. To top it all off, her normally full-bodied hair was straightened, and tied back and pink tinted sunglasses adorned her face…if he didn't they hadn't planned on meeting at this spot, he wouldn't have recognized her at all.

"Being a star has been so draining on me. I really just needed to get away from all of that for a bit, and do something a normal teen would do for a change…like a date," answered the pop princess, fluttering her eyes at Rick.

Rick's heartstrings were tugged in all sorts of directions, so that he was almost at a loss of words to speak. 'Maybe minmei has realized how much I love her?' he pondered. "Sure…you're normally told to do this and that right? So tonight, you take the lead and I'll follow you at your side."  And with Minmei's nod, he took her hand in his, and they went off to paint the town red.


"Commander Hayes reporting as ordered sir." saluted Lisa, towards her on duty father.

"Relax Lisa, and close the door behind you." replied the admiral, just giving her a quick glance to acknowledge her, and returning to what seemed to be unending piles of paperwork.

Lisa complied with her father's request, realizing that this was going to be another informal meeting. Taking a seat in one of the guest chairs in front of her father's desk, she began, "so father, is there anything I can help you with? the CINCPAC office is like a kicked over ant hill."

"Yes there is. While most of my current staff has been prepping for the change of command, I've been selecting my Alaska base office staff." Donald Hayes let out an exhaustion filled sigh. Leaning back into his custom made, leather chair and removing his eyes from the stacks of paperwork, and focusing on Lisa, he continued  "I need your help in picking a good command staff from the personnel on the SDF 1. and don't even think of mentioning either Caruthers or Maistroff as being part of my staff! I hate those 2 rigid suck ups!"

            "Well father, no one likes those 2 colonels on the battle fortress…at least among those who get the work done. Well I do have one name off the top of my head that you'd want as your commander for all fleet wide fighter operations."

This caught the admiral's attention, thinking his daughter might be bucking for promotion " who would that be? You perhaps?"

"No sir," she replied, "I'm suggesting one of the best command pilots we have: Roy Fokker. The only thing is he's in a coma."

"He's a good man, and definitely the perfect fit for the job. Lets hope he gets better by the time we arrive." Donald Hayes surmised. "Well I have the most recent files for the command staff for the battle fortress, if we go through them together, you be able to help me get a feel of each person so I know who to add to my staff.

"Sure Admiral." Replied Lisa, a little bit more formally than needed.

And so both father and daughter delved into the command crew files of the SDF 1, searching for the right men and women to serve on the admiral's staff while he was on board.

Tsu zu ku

-+-+-+-+- end of wedding bells part 3 -+-+-+-+-


next time on Robotech departures

the wedding plans have been made, and romantic decisions are seemingly written in stone. Nothing has been heard from the Zentraedi yet, but they carry a big stick in the form of their fleet, and do not need to utter many words. But could the one to be most wary of is captain gloval himself? Could making the wedding bigger than a royal wedding be a political tactic aimed at the Zentraedi? They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, and that love conquers all. The mother of all weddings, and the climactic clash between the pen and the sword occur in Wedding Bells part 3

Glossary of terms

CAG:                                       commander air group. commander of all aircraft/spacecraft on a warship

Chaff:                                       a countermeasure

CINCCOS:                              Commander in Chief Cosmos. Commander of all military forces in space

CINCPAC:                              Commander in chief Pacific. Commander of all military forces in the  pacific region

CO:                                          Commanding officer

COSCOM:                              Space command

PACCOM:                              Pacific command

Oberth destroyers:                    Some of the first warships made by robotechnology, check out the robotech reference guide for some details    

TAC NET:                               tactical communications network. This is the communications network between VF pilots and  the bridge

XO:                                          Executive Officer, the second in command

RDF:                                        Robotech Defense Forces

VF:                                          Abbreviation for veritech fighter.

Veritech:                                   transformarble fighter craft used by the RDF to combat the zentraedi

valkyrie:                                    the first type of veritech produced. Fighter plane designator code is VF 1

Author notes

What??? Rick and minmei on a date? I know Carla is gonna be pissed at me for the rick/minmei date thing and rick's mid chapter soliloquy about only being friends with Lisa, *hides from other rabid rick/lisa fans* but the macross saga is supposed to be a love triangle romance between rick, lisa and minmei right?  So before anyone shoots me, I want everyone to take a look at when rick thinks about minmei then goes to sleep. Ain't it interesting how I worded it?? (hint hint)  maybe something similar will happen later… and it just might point the direction who rick will end up with. I hope you guys at least give me consolation that rick and lisa are good friends and not seriously at each others throats.*prays no one attempts to strangle me*

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On the topic of characters, I'm a big fan of fair character treatment. Aren't the greatest antagonists of literature the ones that you can be compellingly sympathetic to? Simply put, I'm not gonna bash any characters…and as much as I want to bash minmei for being annoying, I think minmei has potential of developing into a well rounded character. She's supposed to be one of the 3 main character, so shouldn't she at least grow as much as rick and lisa?

For those who think that the veritech mark 2 / strike veritech is the strike valkyrie from macross, do you remember love movie, well you are right, it is!! It was just such a butt kicking design from that movie, I couldn't pass up the chance of adding it to the RDF arsenal

Speaking of scenes from the do you remember love movie, did you catch the other ones? (restaurant *cough**cough*)

On the topic of movies, I couldn't resist somehow adding top gun into my story! It's one of my all time favorite movies! Fighters, and romance all rolled into one!

If anyone wonders about why "colour" and "honour" are not spelt "color" and "honor", well I must let you know that they're not!!! it just so happens that I AM CANADIAN! And proud of it. The way I spelt those two words just so happens to be the Canadian spelling of those words.

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