For the story to make sense, I have to do some name changes and stuff...

Yami Yugi-Yami Motou
Ryou Bakura-Ryou (No last name)
Yami Bakura-Bakura (No last name)
Yami Malik-Marik Ishtar (Hate that name, but what else is there?)

Yami-Yugi's older brother
Bakura-Ryou's twin brother
Marik-Malik's cousin

Gettin' Down Wit da Bad Boys
Chapter One: Gangs of Domino

What am I doing here?

I don't belong here, Anzu thought as she looked around the arcade where all her friends were.

They've never truly needed me.

So why am I just standing here?

I should be somewhere else.

I don't belong here. She ran, oblivious to the boy calling her name.

"Anzu!" Called the boy with the tri-colored, spiky hair. "Wait!"

She was too far off to hear him.

Anzu ran, down streets and over sidewalks. Passing people, wiping away what could have been tears.

She leaned against a red brick wall to catch her breath. The wall was covered with graffiti and various rude words. Next to her, a few feet down, was an alleyway.

And there were voices. That was never good.

Anzu decided to try and walk past, without looking in. That usually worked.

"Hey..." Someone whistled. "Good looker comin' by."

She blushed a little. That was a mistake, because they knew she was listening. Five older boys came out of the alley, and followed her down the pavement for a while.

Finally, one of them put a hand on Anzu' shoulder, stopping her. "I know who you are." The other four were all ears. Anzu tensed.

He spoke to the boys behind him. "She's Yugi's girl."

She whirled around, seeing the same tri-colored hair, but with a set of cool crimson eyes. It was Yami, Yugi's older brother. He was clad in a lot of leather and buckles.

And the others must be the rest of the gang he always ran around with.
There was a tanned kid with platinum-blond hair and violet eyes. He was wearing a hooded sleeveless shirt, and really tight leather pants. There was a gold knife hanging from his belt.

A guy with weird spiked-up-light-blond-hair, resembling a giant split radish, dressed in a white muscle shirt and camouflage pants.

One with a sadistic grin on his pale face. His hair was a rather abnormal white, and his narrowed eyes a chocolate brown. He had on a black long-sleeved shirt and pants.

And the last one... he didn't seem to belong... Identical to the white haired guy, but with a more innocent expression, shorter, and sort of hiding behind him. He wore a white sweater with jeans.

But she knew who he was: Ryou, from school.

"Is there a problem, Yami?" She asked.

"No, of course not." He smiled. "But tell me, where are you going?"

"Nowhere." Anzu brushed his hand away. "And Yami, don't try to score with me."

Radish snorted. Yami glared at him.

"Where you... perhaps running from something?"

Anzu groaned inwardly. Yami had always been able to guess right. He knew it too.

"So come with us. I'm sure you don't have anything else to do right now." He motioned to the others. All five turned back in the direction they'd come.

She stood her ground. "What makes you think I'll come?"

Yami shrugged. "Do what you like." They walked away.

Anzu sighed. She followed the gang.

"So why aren't you with Yugi and his pals?" Yami asked. They'd seated Anzu on an upturned crate in the alley. The rest of the boys were either sitting on boxes and crates, or the ground.

Anzu shrugged.

"Well you must have a reason."

She shrugged again. "I just didn't think I really belonged with them."

Sadistic put his arm around her. "And you think you belong here with us?"

Radish and Knife sniggered.

Anzu didn't answer, but cursed at them mentally. "Ah, well, as long as you're here, you may as well get to know the others," Yami said, waving a hand carelessly at the four boys. He pointed to Knife. "That's Malik Ishtar. He's originally from Egypt." Radish. "Marik, Malik's cousin." Ryou. "Ryou... forgot his last name," Sadistic. "Bakura, Ryou's twin brother."

He addressed his gang. "Guys, this is Anzu."

Bakura leered at Anzu, his arm still around her shoulders. Marik wound his arm around her waist, while Malik glared kitchen knives and daggers at his cousin. Ryou just stared at his sneakers.

Anzu was bit curious, though she didn't like the various hands and arms on her. "So... what exactly do you guys do here...?" She asked.

"Do?" Yami repeated. "Tell her, boys."

"We run around at night, get drunk, get in fights with other gangs, win..." Malik droned, now looking at Anzu.

She remembered once when she, Jounouchi, Honda, and Shizuka were at Yugi's house. Late at night, the front door had opened, and Yami had come in, with a split lip, and a whole lot of bruises.

And then, there was the time, when he'd practically fainted after ringing the doorbell.

Suddenly, staying here didn't seem like such a great option...

"I have to run." Anzu stood up.

"Don't want to be with us anymore?" Bakura teased, he had also gotten up, had his hands on her again, and was boldly nuzzling her cheek. Anzu kicked him in the...

...Well, you know where.

Bakura grimaced, and doubled over. Malik held out a hand to Anzu. They high-fived.

"That's my kinda woman," he said, as she strode away.

*** *** *** ***

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