Epilogue 2:

Marriage and other disasters

Gift fic by Enna Everbright

His majesty, King Arislan of Hyrd, abdicated, looked around slightly nervous. After all that had happened these last weeks he wouldn't put it beyond fate to come up with one last plot to destroy his new found happiness. And he had to admit that he didn't trust both his sons to not come up with some kind of prank. A quick look to his side to check on his youngest revealed a suspiciously innocent-looking Devon.

That was the moment the music started. And Arislan was waiting for the great entrance doors to open and both grooms to enter as planned. But it was only Wufei who stepped through the gate.

Nervously, Arislan glanced across the altar where his son's best man returned his look, unconcerned. Only his son's soon-to-be husband best man looked a bit worried.

Unaffected by this obvious break of plan Wufei walk along the aisle. Arislan couldn't help but admire his soon to be son-in-law's calm appearance and, after a second look, congratulated his son on his choice. Wufei looked great in his traditional Chinese attire with the black pants and over the long red jacket a shorter black one he had been given as a wedding present. The back of the traditional style jacket was elaborately embroidered with a golden Chinese dragon that was curled protectively around Duo's personal crest of Hyrd. The symbolic meaning wasn't lost on Wufei who had gladly accepted his role as a lifelong protector to the man he loved more than life. But where was Duo? Arislan wondered when Wufei stopped at the altar and bowed in respect to the priest.

Arislan sighed softly. The old priest had been delighted to hear that the young prince he had once baptised had been found and had agreed gladly to arrange the marriage. Both men had had an amusing trip down memory lane, remembering the christening two decades before. Little Devon had endured the cold water silently but his brother had protested and struggled that much, that he had ended up in the font to everyone's shock. Though having splashed everyone around him thoroughly seemed to work wonders to the little one's mood and little Duo had started to laugh happily. Obviously, mischief came naturally to his eldest.

Said son chose this moment to enter and Arislan gasped in shock. And he wasn't the only one to suddenly be in need of some additional oxygen. He should have been more suspicious when Duo had given in to wear a traditional royal Hyrd outfit that fast.

Duo strolled down the aisle in tight black leather pants. Arislan didn't know how his son had gotten rid of the slacks on the way from the palace to the church, though Devon's suppressed snickers revealed Duo's helper. The half open white shirt with the frills at the front and the cravat hanging around the young mans neck loosely gave Duo the outlook of some rakish pirate on the hunt. The bright red military style jacket slung carelessly over one shoulder just added to that effect. Arislan doubted that there was a woman or man in the church not having to pick up their jaws from the ground.

Into the devout silence, the sudden clearing of a throat had the same effect like a fox breaking into a chicken-house. Everyone started to whisper when Duo walked by, his eyes glued to the young man at the altar. Like his fiancé and soon-to-be husband he bowed respectfully at the priest.

Straightening, the old priest only smiled at the young man. "I remember your last attendance in this church."

Silent snickering was among some of the older nobles who obviously remembered Duo's performance and subsequent showering.

"It ended with you in the font and your parents, your godparents and me getting soaked. I do hope that this time you will spare us the cold water shower. Even though it had us laughing."

Duo blushed deeply and nodded meekly. Hastily he put on the jacket while Wufei buttoned his shirt and straightend the cravat. Finally looking a lot more like a prince, he beamed at the priest.

"Can I get married now? I'm certained I heard someones stomach growl on my way here."

Prince Clayton Rutherford, abdicated crown prince, also known as Duo Maxwell aka Shinigami, the god of death, didn't need to splash everyone with holy water to prove that mischief still followed him around where ever he went.

Abridgment of The Royal Hyrd News

A royal wedding is supposed to be an event of pomp and grandeur, women in beautiful and expensive robes and men in gala uniform or tailored suits. Everyone suspected the wedding of Prince Rutherford to be no exeption to this rule. But the young prince managed to put his personal stamp on this wedding to make it unforgetable. Never before at a royal marriage did the audience laugh, both during and after the ceremony. Prince Rutherford managed to turn this regal event into a happening of fun and joy. But whoever attended his christening might have anticipated that this wedding would be anything but ordinary.

The reception at the ancestral seat was just as remarkable. Not only nobles attended it to give their best wishes to the newly weds. Both of them had invited friends and collegues which resulted in an interesting mixture of visitors. That in itself was enough to result in a more partylike festivity.

Who would have guessed that Lord Harold of Fasion knew how to juggle? Cathrine Bloom, a gifted circus performer, seemed to have a lot of fun.

Who would have guessed that Lady Elvira of Tard could belly dance? Her partner, Rashid of the Maguanacs, seemed to be deeply impressed by her performance.

Who would have guessed that Countess Marcina of Romar had entertainer qualities?

Who would have expected Duke Sebastian of Neeples sharing cookie recipes with Lady Une?

The newlyweds attended the reception only for a short time and suddenly vanished without a trace. Though judging from the conspiratorial smiles on the faces of their closest friends, it doesn't take much to imagine why and where they left. We wish them luck and all the happiness in the world.

The next four pages showed lots and lots of pictures of the wedding, the reception and the party. There is one picture of an elderly woman dancing with a giant Arabic looking man, another of a grim looking man in uniform absorbed in a chat with Lady Une who was taking notes and many more pictures featuring nobles and other visitors alike.

It might be interesting to know that this issue of the The Royal Hyrd News became the most sought after issue and that the newlyweds had to agree to an autograph session.

"Longingly he looked at the beauty at his side as they walked upstairs, licking his lips in anticipation. They had left their wedding celebration as soon as possible after making certain that no one would notice their early departure. And now they were heading towards what was to become their first night together as a married couple.

He could hardly wait to undress that svelte body at his side, to worship every inch of silken skin he had longed to kiss for so long now. The heated kisses they had shared so far only helped to fuel his imagination of what else they would share tonight. Grasping a slender hand in his own more tightly, he picked up the pace. Eagerly, his love followed his lead. If the flushed face was any indication his beloved was driven by the same desirous thoughts as he was.

Closing the door to their soon-to-be lovers-nest he had to release his dear to lock the door. No one should be able to disturbe them tonight, not even by accident. When he turned around his breath caught in his throat.

Standing infront of the spacious four poster bed was a ravashing beauty. His love had taken the time he had taken to lock the door to start unbuttoning his shirt. It revealed a strong muscular chest with just a glimpse of a little round nipple. Nearly unconsciously he reached out to brush the shirt away to have a better look but that wasn't enough for his hungry eyes. His strong hands tugged the fluttery material to remove it completly. Oh yes, as lovely as the shirt had looked as his beloved, it looked even better on the floor.

With a catlike grace the covetable figure of his husband turned around, crawled on the bed throwing him an alluring look over a strong shoulder. All he could do not to pounce on that daring creature that had tempted him for so long. But pounce he did.

Soon his strong, skilled hands had removed all parts of remaining clothes and his hungry eyes roamed over the lithe body of his beloved. But drinking in the sight of this beauty wasn't enough, he longed to touch the soft skin, longed to hear his love moan and groan in pleasure, longed to bury himself deep, deep inside this strong body, longed to join them in a passionate dance of love and pleasure."


"Hearing his husband's voice begging for his undevided attention he left the bed to remove his own clothes in a hurry. His eyes were fixed on his loves beautiful orbs that were dark with lust and he could see his hunger burning in them, too. Reveling in the thought that he was the one that had put the hunger in them he could feel his heart beat faster."


"He was ready, more than ready and yearning to complete their comittment and consumate their marriage."

"Chang Wufei Maxwell, drop that book and get here at once!"

Wufei looked up from the love novel he was reading and looked amused at his husband. Duo was sitting on the bed naked as on the day he was born, glaring daggers at him. It was obvious that the story had affected his husband a lot, judging from his flushed face and the elevated breathing. The hard arousal that stood at attention in a bed of soft curls was a fairly good indication as well.

"Where did you find that booklet anyway?"

Wufei snickered. "It is Lady Une's wedding gift, my beloved."

Disbelievingly, Duo looked at him.

"And..", Wufei rose from his chair and slowly stalked to their bed, "believe it or not, she not only gave us this book but an one year subscription, as well." He unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it. "From today on we will recive an issue every two weeks."

His pants were removed just as fast. "And I intend to read them to you." He reached the bed naked. "Do you mind?"

The only answer he got was a weak whimper.

"And then…" Hot lips brushed over a tantalizing mouth. "We will..." Wandering down the chin, "start writing…" Along a slender neck, "our own stories." To reach a pert nipple and started sucking on it.


Discreetly, we leave the newlyweds to themselves. It shouldn't be much of a surprise that roughly a year later the author of the new series 'The Fairytales of Love' made it to the top list of the most sold romance novels.

At the same time a new author of children books appeared on the market as well and his books too and his "Sleep time Stories" became just as famous.

"And they lived happily ever after."

Tucking his little daughter into bed, King Duo of Hyrd smiled lovingly at his sunshine. Her violet blinked sleepily at him when she returned his smile.

"And what happened then?"

Curiously her forked eyebrows; a trademark of the regal family along with the eye color; lifted.

"Oh, they did live happily ever after, my dear. Duo started some charity programs and his husband Wufei was always there to support him."

"Did they have children?"

"No, my little bird, they had no children. But his brother married a year later and he had a lot of children. And they all loved their Uncle Duo and Uncle Wufei a lot."

"Did they read stories to them, too?"

Chuckling slightly, King Duo brushed a stray lock of blond hair from his daughter's face.

"I'll tell you a secret, those sleep time stories I read to you were written by them. And now you have to close your eyes and sleep. Maybe they will visit you in your dreams."

Yawning, the little princess nodded and snuggled close to her plush dragon. Leaving the room her father switched of the bed lamp. The soft light of the night light near the bed immersed the room in a soft glow.

He smiled remembering when his father had told him about Uncle Duo and Uncle Wufei and that they were real persons who had lived long ago. He had felt so proud when he started to learn about his namesake and had done his best to do justice to his famous relative. As every night he went to the portrait hall to walk along the pictures of long dead forefathers and stopped in front of his namesake's picture. The smiling young man sat in a chair with his husband standing behind him, their hands clasped together. Below both of them their crest took up half of the picture. The young king knew the inscription by heart since the first day he had been able to read it.

"Protect what you love and love what you protect."


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