"This goes here, that goes there, how in the world did that get here?" said Miu as she tried to help Ayane get organized.

"i told you once that i didn't want you to mess with my stuff," Ayane said softly, "and where did you put my coat?" At about the same time, Miu, who was so busily

picking up, knocked the bell off Ayane's laptop. Ayane froze. All she saw were streaks of color. She wasn't sure what she was seeing, but right at that moment,

it all stopped. .............Nothing. After a few moments she heard something. Cling....cling... Gradually, it got louder. Cling....cling... Then she saw it. It was

her bell, but why would she be seeing it? It seemed like just before, she couldn't see anything. Then it was over. She awoke.

"It was only a dream?" Ayane said, confused, "but what could it mean?"

Beep--beep--beep. Ayane's cell phone was ringing. She rushed to answer the phone, but when she answered it, all she heard was static.

"What in the world?" she thought.



"Invader in Sector C, I repeat, Invader in Sector C," cried the computer.

"Ayane, there is an Invader in Miu's and your sector. See if you can get ahold of Miu, and tell her to be ready," said the boss.

"Right. But why did you stick her in my sector?" asked Ayane. But it was too late. He hung up.

"Well, better go get Miu," Ayane said in a sarcastic voice.


The telephone rang, and range, but Miu wasn't there.

"Miu! You had better be alive when I get there!" cried Ayane.


"Gate Open!" cried Miu. "I thought I was gone for sure this time..." she thought to herself as she hung from a sign.

Only seconds later, Ayane arrived.

"Miu, are you okay?" screamed Ayane.

"I'm okay, but I'm stuck," stated Miu.

"Let go and you won't be!" Ayane said sarcastically. "So you didn't need me to coach you. You really do know how to use your gate. Well, at least a little better."

As she was talking, she let go of the sign, and hit the ground sceraming.

"Ahhhh! Ayane!! BEHIND YOU!!" screamed Miu in terror.

Just then Ayane opened her jacket and....


A/N: This concludes part one. This is my very first fanfic and I was wondering if I should continue on this story or just stop while I'm still ahead. Opinions?