Okay, guess I must start a new fiction!!

It's chobits It may not be perfect, I'm warning you now. And I may show bias!!! But that all cool!

Now to the long awaited fiction.

T.J. Infinate


Crash Course

Chapter 1: "Play Mate"

Chii plopped down really hard next to Hideki on the couch. She looked up into his face as he looked up from his work.

"What's up?" Hideki asked his robot. "Chii wants to 'take out the trash'" she responded. "Huh?" Hideki asked as he looked over at the trashcan, which was empty, by the way.

"But there is no trash, Chii, at least right now any way." Chii looked at the trash can from where she sat, and then she stared at the stack of paper that was just sitting out on the table. (Oh yeah, it's blank) Chii grabbed all of the paper and walked to the can. Hideki watched in horror as she threw it down into the can and started to tie the bag.

"Hey," yelled Hideki as he jumped up, "That's mine!!!" He ran after Chii as she walked out into the rain and went around the apartment building. Hideki didn't even have time to grab his coat.

As Hideki got around the corner with Chii just coming into site! But there was something wrong. Chii was just standing there with the bag full of paper sitting there, collecting water. 'There is no way I can save those papers now!' Hideki thought.

But that was before he looked into the big dumpster. Lying right in a pile of white in black garbage bags was a boy. I believe I should describe him as Hideki saw him. The boy was sleeping, regardless of the rain that was pouring on him.

Hideki walked up to the heap of human and picked him up. He was extremely heavy and was breathing. Chii saw her moment to help and walked up to Hideki. Hideki noticed something stick out of the boy's afro-like hair. It was turquoise in color and was triangular like the thing on the sides of Chii's head.

His skin was a bit rough, and his thick eyebrows helped with the expression of deep content on his face. He suddenly opened his eyes wide and stared into Hideki's face. "Kari." He said.

"What?" Hideki asked as he dropped him. He got to his feet shakily. "Kari ri hika ka hiri?" the boy said. "What are you trying to tell me?" asked Hideki.

"Hikari" the boy said. Hideki stared. Chii came up beside Hideki. "Chii thinks to take him to Shinobi." She said.

"Yeah," Hideki began, "he'll know what to do." Later

Shinobi stared into the eyes of the strange boy. He looked at his back, touched his head and walked around him. The whole while he stared.

"He's a persecom, all right." Shinobi confirmed. Hideki looked at the triangular shapes sticking out of the boy's head. "His name is Hikari" Shinobi continued. "His appearance is about 17 but his condition leads towards 4. I wonder if he has in OS." Hideki looked towards Shinobi.

"How will we find out?" he asked. Later

Hideki walked out of the door with Chii and Hikari following him. Shinobi stood at the door. "Sorry about your persecom." Hideki apologized. Shinobi held the small form of Summono in his hand. "I'll fix her," Shinobi said.

Hideki walked to his apartment. "Dang." He said to himself. "2 persecoms without OS's. 1 male 1 female. I'm going to have a hard time studying

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Is Hikari like Chii? Is he a Chobit? Is Chii a Chobit? Will Hideki ever be able to study? Will Shinobi fix Summono?

Find out next chapter, next time, on Crash Course!