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I will change the romance after a while if enough people ask and agree on the same thing. Plus, the EXAMPLES on chapter 4 were NOT the only choices! For example Freya/Thomas was a choice to. I'm currently setting it on that.

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Crash Course: Will he survive between 2 persecoms?

Chapter 5: "Persecom Nightmare"

I changed the title!!

Oh... Yeah. The chapter starts as a flash back in Thomas' (Not Hikari's) nightmare......


Thomas sat down on his blue covered bed in a white shirt and off white jeans as he pushed his glasses up on his face. As he stared at his blue room wall, he fumed.

'How could they do this to me!' he thought hurriedly while he thought back on what had happened.

'They........' he began.


Silence...... 'Killed my friends.........' He broke into tears. There were a few sounds when his parents walked by the door.

His mom passed by without a second glance. But the father stopped at the door....

"Are you okay, son?" he asked.

The younger one just sat there, wanting to answer but not finding the words. Tears started to fall down his face when he let out an evil laugh.

He got up and rushed out of the door, crashing right past his dad. The father almost fell over the smooth wood railing as the laughing boy jumped.

He fell.

5 yards.

Straight onto his.


The man ran down the spiral staircase after seeing his son smash his head open. He picked up the cracked glasses and green headphones. Then the sobbing started.

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"IIIIIIIIIIIIIEEE!!!!" Hikari yelled as he sat up quickly.

Hideki rubbed his head for the 17th time this week. He slowly climbed out of the bed, making a foot course to where Hikari sat. The outlet was connected to the power intake (Where ever that is...) He sat there in a seizure-like state. His bodily shaking almost had his cord out of the wall.

Chi walked in through the bedroom doorway. She looked towards Hikari's screaming form.

"You killed them!" he yelled as he squeezed his eyelids hard. Then he opened them in a red blur. The irises were red and the outer lens was a light orange. His vision focused on Hideki and Chi.


And with that, Hikari launched himself at Hideki, who yelped and dived out of the way. But not before getting his leg caught in a roughly skinned hand.

"I'll kill you!" Hikari whispered before he mounted Hideki's chest and lifted his fist high.

'We've got to do something.' Thought Freya, during which she floated around in Chi's head. 'But what?' asked Elda, standing in the light circle.

"Let me see." She exclaimed when she pushed Elda out of the circle and stood in it.


Hideki watched in slow motion while the fist came down towards his head.

1 foot

8 inches

5 centimeters

He closed his eyes in anticipation of the hard blow.

He never received it. The darkness flooded in as he opened his eyes to nothing other than Hikari and Chi, both dealing very good blows.

Chi sat on Hikari's chest as she started to punch him in the face. Hikari laughed that deep evil laugh while the punches came on his face. Chi was saying something too. The skinny hands weren't built for repeated blows like this.

"It doesn't have to be like this..." she exclaimed. She watched the orange- red eyes go back to their original color, emerald green. She kept punching, even though the punches kept tearing at her soul (remember folks, Freya.).

"Stop." Hikari muttered after a punch. " It's all good. I'm fine."

They sat there, in that position. Hikari looked a bit hurt. And Freya was trying to figure out why the punches hurt her also.

Hikari started to flinch, signaling that he needed Chi off of him.

"Sorry." Chi stated as she rolled off.

Shinbo kicked down the front door and rushed in. He knelt beside Hideki.

"what happened?: he asked.

"You're ALL late." Hideki stated before falling into unconscious ness.

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