Daisuke, Mastah of Smoooooth

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Warning: This is shounen-ai. Don't like, don't read. :P

Note:This is from MSN's page, where they do their happy little 'news' bits. Ten worst pick-up lines ever... this was number ten, so it wasn't the -worst-... and I, personally, think it's cute. Along with the little note the writer of the article attached, it makes a cute set-up for Daisukex?

10. "Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?"
A personal favorite, this one takes a certain amount of arrogance as well as delusion, to pull off.

And what does Rae's brain want to come up with in the next forty-five minutes? Well, we'll see, won't we? Daiken, because I need to get in the mood for Every Day.

Note the second: I'm too lazy to go back and rewatch the Christmas eps for accuracy, so, um... ^___^ Suffer with the inconsistency? Call it an AU version of how Christams could have gone.


Christmas, set mid-season 02...

Ken brushed his hair back from his cheek and bit back the urge to sigh. By all rights, he should have been at home in his apartment working on the assignment for school he'd been given that day. Instead, he was standing in line to purchase a gift for a... a friend.

It seemed odd to say it still, though Daisuke had been making a consistent effort to get Ken to open up to the idea. Barely a day, and never more than one, elapsed before Ken could hear the phone ring and expect it to be the auburn-haired boy.

He and Daisuke had spent a day the week before shopping for gifts for the others. Ken had asked Daisuke for gift ideas and instead of a list, he'd received a visit from the boy. While shopping, they had stopped by a media store, where they had movies, games, and accessories for both. Daisuke had pointed out a game he would have loved to have, and then had shrugged rather dejectedly when he shared with Ken that he lacked the money to buy it.

Now it was close to Christmas and Ken was taking a chance on buying that very thing. It was possible Daisuke's parents had already purchased it for him, but Ken knew even if he had to return it later, Daisuke would appreciate it.

I wish he was here, Ken's thought, feeling lonely as everyone else in line to pay seemed to have someone to share the shopping experience with. Waiting wouldn't be nearly so dull and exhausting.

"Here I am, what's your second wish?" a familiar voice said, breaking Ken's train of thougth as he turned and stared in surprise at the speaker. Daisuke? "Hey, dude, don't look at me like that. It's a pick-up line, you know? Uh-" Daisuke stopped and shook his head. The words hadn't come out like he'd meant them to, obviously. "I mean, hi. What's up?"

Ken smiled and tucked the hand with the game in it behind his back. "Nothing much. What are you doing here?" He looked down at Daisuke's hand in time to see a thin, rectangular box before it was hidden from view behind Daisuke's back. It had been enough, though. Ken's smile dimmed. "You're buying that game?" he asked, trying to keep from feeling disappointed.

"It's-" Daisuke frowned. "It's a gift... for, my- uh, cousin! Yeah. For Christmas." As he spoke, Daisuke's cheeks were infused in a pink color, and Ken's brain quickly but Daisuke's embarrassment, the game, and the lame and obvious excuse together.

Who would have thought we'd buy each other the same thing? Ken's smile returned, tinged with his normal shyness. "That's nice," he said softly in reply to Daisuke's stuttered answer. He stepped out of line. "I have to go get something else. I'll see you later?"

"Yeah!" Daisuke's excited response and nod made Ken's stomach flutter and he turned around quickly before he was tempted to stand by the other boy until he left. Being in Daisuke's presence was an addiction Ken was falling into quickly and willingly. Despite the history between them, he felt more comfortable with Daisuke than he did with any other persone he knew. Wormmon was excluded from that statement, of course.

It migth have been Daisuke's quick forgiveness which allowed Ken to feel at ease with him, but Takaishi had been nearly as fast in offering his own friendship to Ken, and he was more delicate about the way in which he did so. Daisuke's tactless comments at times caught Ken unguarded, leaving the genius pained at the blurred memories of things he had done.

However, despite the energy and excitement that seemed to drive the rest of Daisuke's friends to the brink of their sanity, Ken found himself basking in Daisuke's warmth and friendship. Ken was thankful Daisuke seemed determined to share his time and affection with him. It went beyond needing him in the digital world, beyond their Jogress, if such a thing were possible.

Ken put the game back and left the store. Daisuke waved at him as he passed and Ken returned the gesture. He thought about waiting for his friend, but if he was right (and he was pretty sure he was) Daisuke wouldn't want him to see what he had bought. That thought in mind, Ken went to the nearest electronics store and looked through the disappointingly small collection of namebrand accessories for his computer.

"Can I take your picture? I want Santa to know exactly what I want for Christmas." Ken froze for second, caught off-guard once again. Then he turned to Daisuke, who was grinning smugly and holding onto his bag from the movie and game store.

"Another bad line?" Ken asked, meeting Daisuke's grin with a smile of his own. At Daisuke's slightly embarrassed but determined affirmation, Ken felt heat growing in his own cheeks. "Why- what are you doing now?"

Daisuke shrugged, disappointment flashing across his face so quickly Ken almost didn't catch it. "Nothing much. Thought I'd hang around with my best friend while he shopped."

Ken nodded. "Ah." There didn't seem to be much else he could say. He's so difficult to understand. Sometimes, I think he's putting himself out there for real and others, like just now, I think he's joking only to find out later he -was- being serious. At least, partially so.

"So, what are we doing?" Daisuke asked, eyes clear and direct once more.

"Well," Ken started, "I was thinking I might treat my best friend to something to eat at the food court. Anything he wants."

"Ooh!" Daisuke's eyes widened, and then he winked at Ken and the smile turned into something that bordered on brash and flirty. "Like a date?"

Third time. Would he get discouraged if I didn't get that one, too? Ken smiled. "If you like."

"Really?" There was no mistaking the shock on Daisuke's face, or the hope and happiness as the first emotion slowly faded.

Knowing full well he was blushing and he should probably let Daisuke make the next step, too, Ken held his hand out in offering. "Really." The gesture was accepted and he laughed as Daisuke led him off to find food, talking about dates and boyfriends the entire time.